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1-4: Dorothy's A Bitch

Medal of Honor Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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1-4: Dorothy's A Bitch (Day 1)

Do Fear the Reaper

Mission Intro

Push into the snow-capped peaks of the Shahikot on foot, take out Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters in close quarters battles, eliminate AAA Positions with he support of AC-130 gunship Reaper 31 all on the way to Dorothy, your final OP.

Mission Start

This is another one of the missions you play as Rabbit - and it starts with a brief CS in which you take out an not-so-innocent goat herder.  Sure, he did not have a weapon, but he did have a radio...  Follow the team up the hill, where you will encounter a patrol.  Hunker down and wait for the go-ahead, then take out two of the Tangos with one combined head shot, while your buddies take out the third. 

Ahead you will encounter another patrol above you -- wait them out and then track them to their base camp, where you will do a combined ambush to kill all seven Tangos.  After that, proceed to the objective, Point Dorothy.  On the way you observe the air cover that has the natives all stirred up, and you take on a defensive position full of enemy soldiers.

Once you clear out the final enemy, place a demo charge on the anti-aircraft gun here, get a safe distance away, and blow it.  Follow the team for a boost, then move along the trail until you encounter a convoy of trucks stopped ahead of you.  Use the laser designator to light them up for an air-run, and then enjoy the fireworks!  If you are wondering, yes, those were the trucks that we marked earlier!

While the fireworks are on, take a quick look over your left shoulder at the Hercules -- is it me or is that thing hovering in the air like ET's favorite ride? 

Ambush City

Ahead of you there is a small cut through which a fairly large patrol is moving -- while you will eventually obtain assistance from the Hercules you really need to handle the advance elements of this patrol yourself, so hunker down and let them bunch-up on the trial nearby, then take them out. 

Once you have taken out the advance elements you then engage the larger main body of the enemy troops -- but as you do you need to maintain your situational awareness here -- a few of the hostiles have pretty good pitching arms and a supply of grenades -- I am guessing that they are the first-string pitchers for Al Qaeda's baseball team...  Just kidding -- but mind the grenades anyway.

That Herc actually delivers very effective fire and will take out most of the foot mobiles save for the ones that have taken cover in the lee of that rock formation -- use your sniper rifle to help them on their way to meeting Alah, why don't you?  There should be a few left for you to mop-up -- hard to believe that any could have survived that attack, but there you have it.

As you move into the camp you get attacked -- and saved -- and then you move through a building and cave to discover that there is a camp nearby that was missed during the air recon.   You call in a Herc attack but there is only time for one pass -- so make sure that you get it right, right?  Take out the guards in the camp below then follow the team to the cut -- if you get lost or separated and cannot figure out which way to go, remember that up on the D-Pad is your SitRep Button -- that will show you where your bud's are, and thus where you need to be!

When you reach the bluff above you need to use the designator to become FAC and take out the targets below.  You do not have a lot of time here -- the Herc can only make one pass -- so walk the attack through the base logically.  If you do this properly you will unlock the Achievement "Fear the Reaper" BEFORE you get the message that the Hercules is going to fire its final rounds.  If you get that message and fail to take out the rest of the base below, you will fail the mission.

Targeting Hints: You are not really targeting the people, but rather the base, so make sure that you give priority to the fixed fun positions below, as well as the anti-aircraft gun, and the net-covered shelters.  Really you only need to hit the three guns and the three shelters to officially take out the base, but hey, sending rounds into the groups of Tangos is part of the fun for this mission, right?  So enjoy!

Once the base is destroyed, follow your bud into the cave and cover his back, and as you work your way out of the other end of the cave everything goes to hell all at once!

You need to support the other element of your team -- including the Herc -- which means running forward and picking up that RPG launcher, and then taking out the clusters of Tangos on the other side of the valley from you!  Be quick -- if you are slow you will fail this part of the mission, which means cause the Herc to be destroyed.  We cannot have that, now can we?

Pick up the RPG and target the pile of anti-aircraft ammunition stacked up near the hooch across from you.  It makes a really nice primary explosion, followed by some spectacular secondary boom-booms!  Don't you just love your job? 

Saving the Herc ends the mission and unlocks the Achievement "Unexpected Guests" for completing Dorthy's a Bitch.

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Comments for 1-4: Dorothy's A Bitch

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Jan 11th 2015 CMBF
#308929 When you make nasty attacks like this the only defense you have is being right. So why would you do such a thing when you can so easily be proven wrong?

If you need to satisfy yourself as to the veracity of that attack, head over to Xbox LIVE and log in, then pull up the player record for Recnef - that would be me, the person who wrote the guide who you are accusing of never having played the game.

The Achievements for MOH include the dates unlocked - we believe in full transparency here, and we don't write guide for games we did not play. We also speak English fluently. And French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Thai.

We also have a word to describe people like you.
ID #499651
Dec 29th 2014 Guest
Any help on getting up the cliff? All three troops got the the cliff quick and nothing I do helps me climb up.
ID #492471
Sep 9th 2013 Guest
Doe's any1 ere speak English? Cant u just go thru each level as if you'd actually played the game....
ID #308929
Dec 7th 2010 wasalousa
Same here, the only thing I can do is put a demo charge on the AA gun but can not detonate, only stuck with the remote in my hand. Also can not change weapon or do any thing but just run around. Please help
ID #20494
Oct 31st 2010 phil grills
hi i dont have a plane above or a laser designator to blow the base up
seems like my game has some thing mising just stuck up the mouintain with nothing to do

ID #16888