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Glossary of Terms

Medal of Honor Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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AP-A: Appendix Alpha -- Glossary of Terms

Some of the terms that I use in this WT are common shorthand that I pretty much use without thinking about it  -- if you encounter that and do not know what it means, you will find the definition here.

AAR: After-Action Report

AG: Assistant Gunner

Airmobile: Helicopter-borne infantry

AK-47: Soviet-manufactured Kalashnikov semi-automatic and fully automatic combat assault rifle, chambered for 7.62-mm ammunition.

Blooper: the M-79 grenade launcher. A 40-millimeter, shotgun-like weapon that shoots spin-armed grenades.

Carbine: a short-barreled, lightweight automatic or semiautomatic rifle

CAS: Close Air Support

Choke-point: A narrow area like a door, alley, or narrow spot in a trail where action may be forced.

Connex: A watertight metal container used to store weapons supplies; resupply case.

Diddy-Bopping: Walking carelessly.

DT's: Defensive Targets

FAC: Forward Air Controller; a person who coordinates air strikes and/or designates targets using laser illumination.

Fast Mover: An A-10 Warthog

Gun / The Gun: M60

Gunship: Armed helicopter

Hammer & Anvil: The tactic of surrounding a target and then using another unit or element to drive them out and into your prepared fire lines.

Hercules: A C-130.

Jody: The civilian puke back home screwing your girlfriend, driving your car, watching your TV, and smacking your kid around.

Local: Native Enemy Soldier.

LZ: Landing Zone -- usually a small area secured temporarily for the landing of helicopters.

MMG: Mounted Machine Gun.

Net: Radio frequency; Communication Network.

Open Sheaf: A term used for calling in artillery/air support with the rounds spread along a line.

Pogue: Rear echelon support personnel (derogatory).  Orig. Irish, literal translation: Ass Cheek.
RBF: Reconnaissance by Fire.

Tango: Enemy Unit / Target.

Technical:  Pickup truck with improvised light armor and an MMG.

TOE: Table of Organization and Equipment.

Tourist: Non-local Insurgent.

Yankee: Friendly Forces / Units/ Soldiers.

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