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Maple Treeway (SC)

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Maple Treeway (Star Cup)

Maple Treeway


Let me explain something right off:
- The first pink line is a shortcut.
- You land on the green line
- After the green line and the corner, you are on the other pink line
- After the next two corners, you're on the grey line.

Now, navigation aside...
1) A shortcut. You'll see a break in the fence. Take it.
2) A cannon will shoot you up to point 3
3) See 2
4) Drift boost around the bend
5) Hug the corner and drift boost
6) Beware the Wigglers. You can wheelie past them.
7) Drift boost onto the branch and use the pads to propel you to point 8
8) Use the trick pads to do a trick and get another boost
9) This path is pretty straight forward, so just do some wheelies till point 10
10) On this swaying rope bridge, you can trick every time it throws you into the air. You can usually get 3-4 boosts in.
11) There are three paths here: Left and right are the same and take you up to a ramp that you can trick off of. The center has some roots that you can trick off of as well. Wheelie to point 1.

A very hard map to draw points on (as you can see), but very tranquil and easy overall. A medium kart or bike will probably fair best.

Point 1: Shortcut

Point 10: Trick when it throws you

Point 11: Take the left or right path

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Mario Kart Wii

Comments for Maple Treeway (SC)

7 comments, latest first.
Apr 2nd 2013 Guest
i saw this glitch on youtube,the sign pointing left before the swaying rope bridge: the glitch was that they clipped to the sign then fell and landed on the out of bounds area but didnt die and regenerate on the track, they stayed in the out of bounds area, the water area still could kill them though
ID #269940
Feb 12th 2013 Guest
i like this but do you know another one?
ID #253458
Jan 16th 2013 Guest
i already knew the shortcut at
ID #243150
Aug 9th 2011 Guest
This is so useful! thanks for all the help!
Smile Smile Smile Smile
ID #65486
Jun 20th 2011 Guest
Braek in the fence hhmmmmmmm...Thats new for me.MK King
ID #50773
Mar 27th 2011 AeroShot
good shortcut on point 1 and 11 and yes point 10 you can do tricks on the ropes also the maple leaves patches maybe has mushrooms and bananas and often some stars even when in 1st place
ID #34540
Aug 18th 2010 Guest
I love the shortcut in this course. You get on it in a Grand Prix, fall to 11th or 12th, pick up a strong item, and you're back in first. It's really great.
ID #9428