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GCN DK Mountain (LiC)

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - GCN DK Mountain (Lightning Cup)

GCN DK Mountain


1) If you have a mushroom, you can cut the corner here.
2) Drift boost around the bend.
3) This cannon will shoot you to point 4.
4) See 3.
5) Drift boost around the bend. Wheelie down the next section, tricking off the ramps.
6) Again, I think I missed a number somewhere...
7) Drift boost around the corner.
8) Hug the left corner and drift boost around.
9) Hug the inside and drift boost around.
10) Drift boost around.
11) Cut left, then quickly back right, building up a drift boost as you head to the pit. Use the boost to jump the gap and land near point 12.
12) Wheelie back to point 1.

It's almost an exact copy of DK Summit (well, actually vise-versa since this one came first) only without the snow. The shortcut as point 11 is hard to get used to, but it will save you a ton of time.

Point 11: Jump the gap with a boost

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Comments for GCN DK Mountain (LiC)

11 comments, latest first.
Aug 1st 2014 Guest
2:28.673 6 seconds faster than world champion Smile
ID #429076
Nov 24th 2013 Guest
There's also a MASSIVE shortcut. Near the place where rocks fall, there is a boost ramp next to a fence. You have to turn into the fence right where the end of the boot ramp is. At the EXACT moment, use a mushroom and you might fly off, landing near point 11... It is very hard.
ID #321719
Mar 15th 2013 Guest
dk mountain is cool
ID #263890
Feb 27th 2013 Guest
The shortcut in GCN DK Mountain is harder than the shortcut in DK Snowboard Cross (DK Summit)
ID #259099
Oct 8th 2012 Guest
DK MOUNTAIN makes me think of the song I'm REAL by Jennifer Lopez (feat. Ja Rule).
ID #193775
Oct 7th 2012 Guest
i will be world champion if i submit my record but i dont have internet on mine
ID #193267
Aug 7th 2012 Guest
ID #173421
Jul 22nd 2012 Guest
Hey. How come I am the only one commenting about DK MOUNTAIN?
ID #167281
May 25th 2012 Guest
What the hell? How did he do that without falling?
ID #145370
Apr 3rd 2012 Guest
I can't stand the look on the volcano! It scares me! Ugh!
ID #129112
Aug 21st 2015 Guest
ID #600596