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Coconut Mall (FC)

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Mario Kart Wii Guide - Coconut Mall (Flower Cup)

Coconut Mall


1) Start with a wheelie right up the escalator
2) Here are the escalators. Watch them carefully and take the one that goes up (it changes from lap to lap).
3,4,5) There are three different courses here:
    3) The upper path (left or right of the escalator). The best path if you don't have a    
    4) Down the escalator. Slow path. It's easy, but it is slow.
    5) The shortcut. You'll see an open store front on the right. Use a mushroom to boost
        through it and out the other side. Even without a mushroom, it's still pretty fast.
6) There is a fountain here that you can trick off of to get an item.
7) More escalators. Choose the up one and continue.
8) Hug the corner and drift boost.
9) Trick off the plant ledges to get mini boosts.
10) Drift boost around
11,12) another split.
    11) The lower path. Arguably faster, but not as fun.
    12) The upper path. Drift boost around the bend, then use the pads to get a boost and
           trick off the edge.  
13) Either way, you land here. Do a trick off the ramp.
14) Drift boost
15) Watch for the Mii drivers. The boost pads wont do you any good if you hit a car.
16) Drift boost and start a wheelie.

There are many different courses to take, and many depend on your race style and the kart you're using, so play around with it and find which one you like best.

Point 2: The person points to the right escalator

Point 4: The store front shortcut

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Mario Kart Wii

Comments for Coconut Mall (FC)

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Dec 13th 2014 Guest
ID #484225
Aug 6th 2013 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] Cool
ID #303095
Dec 23rd 2012 Travi10
3,4,5) There are three different courses here. Not actually different courses, just different paths
ID #227242
Nov 8th 2012 Guest
cocunut mall is my favorite
ID #206603
Nov 6th 2012 Guest
This track is my fav!! I did my first race here and I can't remember too well but I know I finished top 3 and won my in my second or third race here
ID #206162
Sep 14th 2012 Guest
Coconut Mall makes think of the song Love In An Elevator by aerosmith 1:37 - 3:44, right when I am going through the 1st tunnel.
ID #186011
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
After the first two escalators there is another one. Go on the right railing of the escalator and there is a white mark. Stop on the very top of the make hold accelerate and brake then turn to the right. There will be a brown pole. Be about one inch to the left from that pole. Use a mushroom strait forward after getting the allinment correct. Then you may get stuck in a fence and land on some ground on the other side. I'll leave you to find the boundaries of this glitch. You may die for some weird reasons.
ID #160089
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
Here my FC is 0561 9067 1448. What's yours?
ID #160083
Jun 4th 2012 Guest
Could i have someones FC? It would be nice if you had a atleast 8800vr and 6000br. I know people will probably get angry with meh (DSmile for posting something that isnt at all about Coconut Mall on this page. Just tell me your FC, and ill put it in mah Wii Smile. Put it down on this page.
ID #148668
May 26th 2012 Guest
Lousy cars! Get the hell out of my way! Jesus Christ!
ID #145679
May 13th 2012 Guest
And i always go down the escalator but its says its the slowest one... Thats why i hate this track :P
ID #141726
May 13th 2012 Guest
Lol this game owns[color=red][/color]
ID #141725
May 2nd 2012 Guest
I think I counted the tunnels wrong. There's three, not two.
ID #138856
Apr 24th 2012 Guest
The 1 thing I like the most about coconut mall is the two tunnels that you can take a shortcut through.
ID #136628
Jun 21st 2015 Guest
What tunnels it would help me to kno
ID #573579
Apr 17th 2012 Guest
Although I like some of the other tracks, coconut mall is my #1 favorite!
ID #134524