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Vice Desk II
The Set Up

L.A. Noire Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Vice Desk II -- The Set Up

-- Special Notes for this Case --
Newspaper #8 -- On the table inside the stadium locker room.

The level begins with another informative war flashback -- and then transitions to a boxing match in which Roy has placed a wager...  Considering the fact that a baloney sandwich costs a dime, fifty bucks was a lot of money back in the day!

You know the long CS's that a lot of gamers complain about online?  Well, this is one of them, as the start of this case is a series of CS's chained together...

You head back to the locker room where there are two guys who are banging on the door -- it turns out that it is the manager and trainer, and the fighter that won was supposed to take a dive, and everybody is a tad bit upset.  You kick in the door and discover that the guy ducked out the window, and Ray puts out an APB on him, to save him from the angry mob that is sure to be after him...

Before you do anything else talk over the table and read Newspaper #8, watch the CS, and then search the lockers to find a clue:

-- Bookmakers' Odds: in Hammond's locker

Use the phone to trace the number for the bookie through R&I -- but first you have a brief encounter with Mickey Cohen!  Once you get the address, head over to the Hotel El Mar.


Searching Hammond's Room


-- Hotel El Mar --

When you arrive the deskman gives you a hard time but lets you look at the register -- there are a lot of suspicious names but most of them have checked out -- Winston Churchill is in, so what do you say we go have a chat with him in Room 207?

When you get there the door is unlocked, and you find the following clues:

-- A Telegram: in the trash can by the window

-- Movie Ticket Stub: on the dresser by the candy

-- Bookmakers' Payouts: check the nightstand

-- Check the Ashtray: on the table is a lipstick smeared butt

-- Magazine Coupon: the magazine on the table

-- Check the Open Window: You know why he is not here now

You find the filled out coupon and that leads you to the girlfriend...


Searching Candy's Room


-- Candy Edwards' Hotel --

Head inside and get the address from the desk then head outside and up, where you hear an argument and, after you kick in the door, you fight a thug who is interrogating the Candy...

There are clues to be had here, so check the following:

-- Search the Thug: Book in his pocket with names

-- Switchblade Knife: in his other pocket

-- Bus Ticket: on the dresser

-- Cunard Ad Card: on the dresser

-- Packed Bag: on the bed

After you find all of the clues, Candy wakes up...  You need to question her -- the correct answers are below if you need them:

-- Whereabouts of Hammond: Lie / Magazine Coupon

-- List of Odds Recovered: Lie / Bookmakers' Odds

-- Plans to Leave Town: Doubt

-- The Following Afternoon --

At four in the afternoon Candy leaves her hotel room -- which you and Ray have staked out -- and Ray takes the car while you follow on foot.  Your objective is to not get spotted by Candy, so you know, don't get spotted?

What you need to do is follow from a discrete distance but, if you want the Achievement for this one, you need to NOT go into cover -- you can hide by walking behind things like the truck but you cannot use the cover button, got it?


Unlocking the Achievement The Moose


Tail her down the street until she goes into the liquor store, and you will unlock the Achievement "The Moose" (15 GP) for following her without being detected AND without using cover or incognito except when starting or picking up the tail.

This is actually a pretty challenging Achievement to unlock -- basically she is cagey and will stop and look around at certain points -- if you get seen no Achievement, so do not get seen!  If you are having trouble with this, watch the video!

When she goes into the store Ray pulls up -- you get in his car and wait but after too long you go inside and learn that she collected, made a phone call, and left via the back door!  Go to the phone and shade in the pad there to learn the next destination, and then head back to the car -- but be sure that YOU drive so that you get the message from Dispatch...

Head to the Drug Store now, and you will find a similar story -- check the phone table:

-- Yellow Cab Card: the table by the phone

Call the Cab Company to get the number of the cab that picked her up -- talk to the bookie then head to the next destination -- then tail Cab 179!

When she gets out at the Bus Station you follow her in and, when she goes into the bathroom approach the door to hear a shot and her scream -- smash your way in to find her dying in a stall, the money gone.


-- Handgun: on the floor is a .32 Caliber Pistol

-- Purse: Inside is a movie ticket


Resolving the case


Head to the movie theater where as you arrive you learn that the events at the bus station were not exactly as you thought they were!  The gangster likley killed her, not her boyfriend -- and you are just in time at the movies for a gunfight with the mafia -- note that one of them has the Thompson SMG we need to use to kill someone for the Achievement, so try to do that, right?

That wraps up this odd case -- hopefully you managed to get the Achievement for following Candy -- if not you can play the case again to get it in the Case Menu!

You give Hammond his walking papers, and piss Ray off, then the Captain briefs you, and the case ends.

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The Set Up


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