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L.A. Noire Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire Complete Game Gude with Videos
L.A. Noire Guide
Takes you through all the investigations in the game and how to pick up the achievements and trophies along the way. Questions answered and clues ar..

We have 14 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for L.A. Noire please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Switch

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Red Dead Redemption Easter Egg

There is a reference to Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption buried in L.A. Noire.
During the 'Silk Stock Murder' mission, having investigated the blood trail going up to the roof, search the body and locate all the clues. Before heading back to your car, turn round
In the "Silk Stock Murder" case, after you investigate the long blood trail leading onto the roof, examine the body and find all the clues. Once back at your car, turn around and go down the alley. You should see John Marston's cowboy hat from Red Dead in a dustbin!

Gold Film Reel Locations

Check out the videos below to find the locations to the Gold Film Reels. There are 12 Gold Film Reels in the Hollywood area, 12 Gold Film Reels in the Wilshire area, 10 Gold Film Reels in the west side of the Central area, and 16 Gold Film Reels in the east side of the Central area.
Gold Film Reels 1-12

Unlock Alternate Costumes

Complete the following task to unlock the corresponding costume for Cole.
Beat Cop Uniform:
Complete the Cop missions.
Golden Boy:
Reach Traffic Desk.
Sword of Justice:
Reach rank 3.
Sunset Strip:
Reach rank 8.
The Outsider:
Reach rank 13.
Reach rank 18.
Chicago Lighting:
Link your game and account to Rockstar's 'Social' Club. This costume enhances your accuracy with the BAR, Thompson, and shotgun.

Newspaper Locations

The following newspapers can be found at the indicated location.
Upon Reflection:
At the first crime scene on the right wall of the alley.
The Driver's Seat:
On the dining table inside the Black's residence.
A Marriage Made In Heaven:
On the bar inside Ray's Cafe.
A Different Kind of War:
On the front counter.
The Fallen Idol:
On the workbench in the storage area of Silver Screen props.
Manifest Destiny:
Near the downed shooter at the alley of Haskell's Finest Men's.
A Walk in the Elysian Fields:
Search near the right corner of the Morelli's house's lawn.
A Polite Invitation:
On Leland's Monro..

Badge Pursuit Challenge Locations:

Below are the locations for the 20 hidden shield locations (if you have the Badge Pursuit Challenge DLC) in LA Noire, earning you the Button Man outfit. See the video for further instructions:
Grauman's Theater: While looking straight at the theater, find the badge on the left-hand red carpet.
Hotel Roosevelt: By the foyer on the street.
Max Factor Building: Get into the fenced off area to see the badge by the dumpster.
Musso and Franks: At the back in the car park beneath the green awning.
Crossroads to the World: While facing the central attraction, go straight ahead and you should find a path to the opposite side. The badge is on this path.
West Lake Tar Pits: Locate the white ..

Autosaving for Interviews

Interviews in L.A. Noire are important to get right, because the way you handle each one can affect your game. It is therefore a good idea to save before each one. For most interviews, you can get up and walk around. If you leave the building the game autosaves. You can then go back and do the interview, but if you make any bad choices, you can restart your game to try again.

Hidden Vehicle Locations Guide

Check out the videos below for the locations of the hidden vehicles.
Part 1

Part 2

List of Landmarks

There are 30 landmarks to find in L.A Noire. Below is a list of them - go to the location to activate them - get them all for the achievement.
National Biscuit Company
6th Street Viaduct
4th Street Viaduct
L.A. Cold Storage Company
Union Station
El Pueblo de Los Angeles
Hall of Records
The Bradbury Building
Angels Flight
Pershing Square
L.A. Public Library
Main Street Terminal
RKO Theater
Los Angeles Examiner
Christ Crown of Thorns
Intolerance Set
The Mayfair Hotel
The Good Samaritan Hospital
MacArthur Park
Park Plaza
L.A. County Art Museum
Westlake Tar Pits
Bullocks Wilshire
Brown Derby
Crossroads of the World
Musso and Franks
Max Fa..

Unlock Pre-Order Costumes

The following costumes become available when you either pre-order the game from the indicated store and completing the corresponding task.
Unlock The Broderick Costume:
Pre-Order bonus from Amazon.
Unlock The Sharpshooter Costume:
Pre-Order bonus from Best Buy and Zavvi.
Unlock Button Man Costume:
Collecting ALL 20 hidden shields to complete the Badge Pursuit Challenge. This costume gives ALL weapons extra ammunition. This costume was a pre-order bonus in the USA, Canada, and Australia from GameStop/EB Games, and GAME in the UK. The pre-order bonus also came with 'The Naked City' downloadable content.

The City Of The Angels Achivenment

In order to reach 100% You Must Complete...
21 Assigned Cases
40 Street Crimes
30 Landmarks
Collect 95 Vehicles
Collect 13 News Papers
Collect 50 Film Reels

Ignoring certain clues

Do not waste time on things like cigarette butts, liquor bottles, and other similar items, as they are solely meant to throw you off as you investigate a crime scene.

The Moose achievements

Best way to do this it just stay behind cars and walls and don't use cover at all or go incognito and you will earn this achievement

Easy chase scenes

When chasing a suspect on foot or in a vehicle, hold B to keep an eye on them. This makes chase scenes much easier.
When you get near a suspect on foot, press A repeatedly to tackle them.
In a car chase, pull up alongside to have your partner fire at him. If he shoots a tire, the car will slow down. A quicker way to take out a driver is to slam into a rear wheel, spinning the car out of control.

Stab-Rite Achievement

At Ray's Cafe, find the bloodstained knife on your first sweep of the crime scene.

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