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Welcome To Shanghai

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Welcome To Shanghai

If the shaky camera is getting on your nerves (or you're experiencing motion sickness), you can enable a Steadycam mode in the options menu. To do so, pause the game, enter Options and highlight the Controls section. Then, press the A/X button to enter controls and select the Steadycam option. Use the Left Stick to enable this option and then press the A/X button again to confirm.

At the start of the level, move up to the gate straight ahead and then head up the stairs to your right. Kick down the door at the top of the stairs by pressing the X/Square button when prompted. The man flees, giving you no choice but to chase after him. Don't waste any bullets on Brady because you can't catch him. Just keep after him as he moves through the level.

Follow Brady through the bead curtain, into the kitchen and then out of his apartment. He'll fire at you as soon as you step onto the walkway outside, so take cover by the railing until he ceases fire and breaks away.

Don't waste any bullets on Brady. You can't catch him.

When Brady enters the apartment on the other side of the walkway, sprint to the other end of the walkway (you can sprint by holding the LB/L1 button while moving) and kick down the door there. Enter the living room through the doorway straight ahead and proceed through the doorway at the far end of the room. Head up the stairs beyond the doorway to spot Brady.

Approach the gate Brady closes and kick down the door on the left to enter the apartment there. Head into the kitchen and kick down the door at the other end to reach another walkway. Some goons will arrive to help out Brady here, so take cover behind the railing across from the doorway and move over to the right. Both enemies are armed with a pistol and are hiding behind cover; aim your weapon with LT/L1 and take them with headshots when they pop out from cover to fire.

Brady will take off once you've killed his two allies. Start after him and follow him through the open gate at the other end of the walkway. Sprint across the rooftops and cross the curved bridge you come to. Head up the steps beyond the bridge and then take cover behind the railing at the top. You'll need to vault over this cover to continue your pursuit. To vault over cover, push up on the Left Stick and press the A/X button while covering. With that, vault over the second piece of cover and then drop down to street level. Don't worry about fall damage, as any you do take will be minimal.

Continue after Brady once you're back on the street. When a car brakes in your path, move past it and head down the stairs on the right. Sprint past the wall of monitors and continue through the curtain up ahead. Through the curtains and down the steps, turn left and then immediately take cover behind the display counter on the left side of the alley. Three more goons will confront you here -- one armed with a submachine gun. Dispatch these enemies from behind cover and then pick up the submachine gun one of them drops. You can press down on the D-pad to locate the submachine gun if you're having trouble finding it.

Press down on the D-pad to locate weapons.

When the way is clear, move toward the distance marker on screen to continue following Brady. Head to the end of the alley and take cover behind one of the display counters at the top of the steps. Pick off the enemies that engage you here before continuing your pursuit.

You'll encounter another batch of goons as soon as you turn the corner, so have your submachine gun equipped and use it to take down a couple of them before you're forced to take cover. One of these enemies is wielding a shotgun, so be careful. Shotguns are very effective in Kane and Lynch 2, so you'll definitely want to pick this weapon up once you've dealt with the enemies here. Press down on the D-pad if you're having trouble locating the shotgun once the alley is clear. Pistols are quite effective at long range if you're adept at scoring headshots, so it's best to hold on to your pistol and trade your submachine gun for the shotgun instead.

Follow Brady through the next alley and down some steps. You'll come to a fish market. Take cover behind the table at the bottom of the steps, as there are more goons here. As you clear the market, vault over cover to get closer to the remaining enemies as you make your way to the other end of the market.

Throw and shoot fuel cans and other explosives to blow away enemies.

Once you've managed to fight your way to the other end of the market, move past the parked van, past the stacked ice blocks and enter the freezer to your right. Make your way to the other end of the freezer and take cover behind the counter there. The game will prompt you to pick up and throw one of the fuel cans behind your cover, but there's already a canister up ahead you can target with gunfire to kill the two goons there.

Shoot the yellow canister behind the counter across from your cover to blow away the two enemies there. With that, press the X/Square button to pick up one of the fuel cans behind your cover and then press X/Square again to throw it over the counter. Lynch will drop the can if you attempt to vault over cover while holding it, so you'll need to throw it over before vaulting so you can use it to kill the last batch of enemies that appears.

With that, vault over your cover, pick up the fuel can and immediately take cover behind the counter up ahead. Two cars full of goons will brake in front of your cover. When the enemies pile out, throw the fuel can at them and shoot the can to set it off. With any luck, you'll have taken out most if not all of the enemies. If there are any enemies remaining, blindfire with your shotgun to take them down. You can blindfire by pressing RT/R1 while covering without holding LT/L1 to aim.

When the way is clear, leave cover and follow the distance marker to confront Brady.

Catching Brady

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