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One Way Ticket

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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One Way Ticket

Head up the steps and take cover behind the unit at the top. Your goal here is to make it to the maintenance tunnel outside the airport terminal. There are a handful of armed security guards between here and there. Play your cards right and you can run past these guards without taking too much damage.

Start by killing the guard standing in front of your cover. This should cause any guards patrolling nearby to scurry for cover. At this point, sprint over to the fence to your left and continue sprinting alongside it. Take cover behind one of the units along the way if you're taking noticeable damage. Follow the fence to the runway and then move into the trench to find the maintenance tunnel entrance.

Getting to the maintenance tunnel

Be very careful as you move through the tunnel, as there are several guards stationed inside. Follow the arrows on the green signs on the walls to find your way out. Be sure to pick up the weapons and ammo dropped by any guards you put down.

Up the ladder, sprint to the hangar in the distance and head inside. There's nothing in the first hangar, so move on to the next one. Take cover behind the red tool box across from the doorway and start gunning down the guards in the area. There are a couple of acetylene tanks in the trench next to the plane you can use to make short work of them.

Open the door at the other end of the hangar once you've cleared the area of enemies. Outside, sprint down the road and kick down the door you come to. Kick down the door at the other end of this walkway and then the door at the other end of the corridor. Through the door, pick up the fire extinguisher on the wall to your right and take cover behind the conveyor belt.

When the area is relatively clear, vault over the luggage scanner by the door you used to enter the area and climb the stairs up ahead to reach the upper walkway. You can fire down at the remaining guards from here. When the last enemy falls, scour the area for weapons and ammo (be sure to pick up one of the shotguns dropped by the guards) and then open the door at the other end of the area to move on.

Be ready with a shotgun when approaching the exit to this area.

Kick down the door in front of you and turn right. Take cover behind one of the machines here and battle the guards on the ground floor. Take down the guards as they pop out from cover to fire and then approach the yellow door on the right. Be extremely careful when approaching the exit, as two guards -- one armed with a machine gun -- will kick down the door and immediately open fire. Take aim with your shotgun, slowly move toward the door and open fire as soon as they appear. Press down on the D-pad and look for a Buqiang 300BP shotgun before moving through the doorway. Be sure to pick up the machine gun as well.

Continue to the end of the corridor and kick down the door there. Pick up the fire extinguisher on the second machine along the wall to your left and then take cover by the corner of the conveyor belt. Throw the fire extinguisher at the two patrolling guards up ahead and shoot it to take them out.

The guards behind the signs on the upper walkway at the other end of the area are the biggest threats here. The Buqiang 300BP boasts incredible range for a shotgun, so if you picked one up in the previous area, you can easily take out the guards on the walkway with headshots when they pop up to fire. Headshot the guard covering behind the sign in front of you and then move left to the end of the conveyer belt. You should be able to take down another of the soldiers on the walkway from here.

Move under the conveyor belt ramp, take cover behind the table beyond it and start picking off the guards on the other side. You can blindfire by pressing RT/R1 while behind cover without holding LT/L1. Start moving right toward the end of the row of tables and glance back at the walkway to see if there are any more guards there you can eliminate. If there are, move down to the pillar at the end of the row of tables; you'll be able to dispatch them from here.

Catch the plane before it takes off!

When the area is clear of enemies, open the door at the other end of the area to proceed. Kick open the door at the end of the walkway and head outside. There's a commercial airliner visible in the distance. That's your ticket out of Shanghai. Fortunately, there isn't a whole lot standing in your way. There are several guards between here and there, but you can make it past most of them without getting your hands dirty.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and sprint to the end of this line of cargo containers. When you reach the end of the line, continue sprinting to the containers up ahead. Sprint along this line of containers and continue following it until the road becomes blocked, at which point turn right. Be ready to gun down a guard around the corner.

Make a beeline for the airliner once you're through the maze of containers. When you hear dogs barking, immediately turn around and fight off the two incoming dogs. You can easily kill these dogs with auto-aim, so don't aim with LT/L1; just use the Right Stick to tilt the camera toward the dogs and then press RT/R1 to fire.

Once you've dealt with both dogs, reach the plane to trigger a cutscene and win the game!

Catching the plane

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May 8th 2011 Guest
Ok how do I get to walk on the stairs cause I either miss the
Plane or the stairs kill me while moving..??? Please Help

Ravasa Sullivan
ID #42055