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A Thousand Cuts

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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A Thousand Cuts

You have about 90 seconds to find Kane before he dies. Start by moving through the open gate directly in front of you. Once through the gate, turn right and head up the steps there. Through the doorway, head through the doorway to your left and then turn through the doorway to your right. Proceed through the doorway at the other end of this room, then turn right and make your way to the other end of this corridor. Finally head through the doorway to your right and look for Kane and Shangsi in the next room.

Find Kane before he bleeds out.

After the cutscene, return to the corridor and lift the door at the other end. Outside, turn right and head up the stairs there. Your next task is to escape this parking lot. There are a handful of patrolling guards in the area and since you don't have any weapons, you're going to have to use stealth to make it through this.

Step onto the scaffolding up ahead and move down the two ramps to get to street level. Once you're down the stairs and past the fence, turn right and walk behind the row of buses there. When you reach the last bus in line, turn left and move toward the toll booth by the wall in the distance. Wait behind the booth and a patrolling enemy will pass by. When he appears, move in and press the B/Circle button to take him as a human shield to get his pistol. Press the B/Circle button again to execute the enemy and then take cover behind the booth. Some enemies will run up and confront you here, so gun them down before moving out. One of these enemies will have been carrying a shotgun, so press down on the D-pad to locate it and then pick it up.

Once you've dealt with the enemies, peek around the corner to ensure there aren't any other enemies nearby. When the way seems to be clear, sprint around the buses on the right side of the parking lot and escape through the alley at the other end. Sprint to the end of the alley and lift the door there to escape.

Escaping the parking lot

Through the door, click the Left Stick to crouch and then move toward the two police officers standing on the sidewalk. Take aim with your shotgun, shoot both cops in the head and then cover behind the pickup truck on the left side of the street. Fight your way to the other end of the street and take cover by the wall there. Blast the officer here and pick up the shotgun he was carrying.

When the way is clear, start toward the bike shop on the left and shoot the gas canister inside to kill any officers who may be hiding there. Take cover by the doorway at the other end of the shop and pick off the cops that are around the seating area outside. Move up and take cover behind one of the tables when the way is clear and then push to the print shop entrance at the other end of the patio.

Head through the doorway at the other end of the print shop to enter the mall. Turn left and then right at the split. Sprint to the TV shop at the other end and lift the door there to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, exit the TV shop and take cover behind the vehicle outside. You now must push through the burger joint up ahead and make it past the police barricade outside to escape. There is a ton of officers here, so you'd best exercise caution.

Fight your way to the burger joint.

Make sure there aren't any enemies outside the burger joint before moving forward. There are a few police officers inside to start, so take cover behind one of the booths and dispatch them from afar. There is a police dog among them, so shoot it dead as it makes a beeline for you. Ensure the seating area is clear of enemies before moving in.

Once you're inside the restaurant, look for a door on the right. Kick down this door and then kick down the second door across from it. Pick up the fire extinguisher next to the third door before kicking it down and sprinting back into the restaurant. Then, sprint over to the pillar closest to the entrance and take cover behind it. A mess of officers will soon appear outside. Hurl the fire extinguisher at them as they near and shoot it to set it off. With that, pick up the fire extinguisher next to the pillar you're covering behind and throw it as well to hopefully kill off one or two more.

As soon as you've thrown and detonated both fire extinguishers, click the Left Stick to crouch and keep an eye on your right, as any surviving officers may be gathered there. If there's an officer really close to your cover, you can blindfire by pressing RT/R1 while behind cover without holding LT/L1 to aim. Kill any officers that are to your right before falling back to the pillar behind you. There's another fire extinguisher next to this pillar, so pick it up and use it to kill one or more of the officers still outside.

Use the fire extinguishers in the restaurant to clear out the officers outside.

The assault rifles used by these officers are quite powerful, so pick one up if your shotgun or second weapon is out of ammo.

Once there are no longer any officers inside the burger joint or near the entrance, head outside and take cover by the police cruiser there. Gun down the remaining enemies and then move past the police truck to escape.

Escaping the burger joint

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