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Halo 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Once in control, check the wreckage to resupply your ammo and grenades. Follow the dirt trail leading to crevice. Follow the passage until you make it outside.

Follow the trail until you reach a part of the ship. You'll find two intact Warthogs here. There's also a weapon cabinet inside that contains a Battle Rifle. You can exchange your pistol for it if you want. Ride the Warthog and follow the straightforward path until you reach a Covenant landing spot. Engage and kill all enemies there. There's a Ghost there that you can hijack. Just kill the driver and use it against them.

Continue clearing the enemy positions here then enter the ridge ahead. Follow the path until you reach a covenant structure. Clear the enemies and make your way there. Kill all enemies, including the one with the plasma blade so it drops his Active Camo. Pick it up to equip it. You know have the ability to use camouflage for a limited time. Head inside the structure.

Head to the console far ahead then activate the cartographer. After a short while it will go offline so you'll have to reactivate it by activating the fluctuating cores marked in your hud. After activating the first one, covenant forces will start congregating in the floor below. Take them out then activate the second core. Fight your way to the cartographer again and activate it.

After the scene, exit and take the lift down to the bridge. Kill the enemies then fight your way to the end of the bridge. You'll encounter two flying banshees ahead. You can attempt to take it down using the rocket launcher or plasma cannon found near its patrol zone or you can just simply pilot the parked banshee near the edge of the bridge.

Continue inside the gate to exit to the next area. There are more enemies waiting there so find cover and engage them. You can hijack one of the Ghosts here or make your way to one of the mounted plasma cannons to help you take out the enemies faster.

Head inside the structure and go up the ramp on foot. There's an elite in the upper level so be careful not to let it get up close with its plasma blade. Continue forth and you can take either the left or right paths. They both have a ramp leading to the upper entrance and will be guarded by the same number of enemies. Once you've reached the upper entrance, you'll find two heavy covenants. Stay away from them and don't let their cannons hit you. There are lots of plasma grenades on the nearby ramps leading to the upper entrance; use them to soften the targets. There's also a Fuel Rod cannon in the weapon cache in the middle. After clearing the entrance, head inside. Before going forth, download the terminal behind the ramp. Access the lift ahead for a scene and to complete the mission.


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