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Halo 4 Cheats and Tips

We have 10 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Halo 4 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Halo 4 Questions & Answers page.

All Halo 4 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Exile Tank

On the multiplayer map named Exile, the tank will always spawn 2:55 from the time it was last destroyed. The same is true for the Gauss Hog.

Specialization Unlocks

Reach the following Specialization Ranks to unlock the corresponding item.

1st Set of Armour:

Reach Specialization Ranks 2-4 to unlock the entire 1st set.

2nd Set of Armour:

Reach Specialization Ranks 7-9 to unlock the entire 2nd set.

Weapon with Alternate Skin:

Reach Specialization Rank 5.

Specialization Visor:

Reach Specialization Rank 6.

Specialization Package Mod:

Reach Specialization Rank 10.

Unlock Specializations

You can unlock some specializations for your Spartan while playing Halo 4. You need to reach level 50, at which point you will be able to pick one. You can level the specializations up to Level 10.

DEW XP Codes

Get double XP by entering the following redemption codes. To find out more about these redemption codes go to and .




The codes above may no longer work, check the website in the link for full instructions, you may have to purchase specially-marked Mountain Dew & Doritos products for your own individual codes.

Doritos XP Codes

Enter the following redemption codes to get double XP. To find out more about these redemption codes go to and .




Unlock Raider Armour

Complete the first episode of Spartan Ops to get this armour.

Watch the video

Waypoint Glyph Codes

Select the 'Halo: Waypoint' option at the 'Main' menu to download it to your X360. Start 'Halo: Waypoint' and enter the 'Classified' menu by pressing X, then press X again to access the code input screen. Now enter one of the following secret glyph codes from the image below to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: you must first find ALL 7 terminals in Campaign missions to use the 'Oni' and 'Wiseguy' codes.

Raider 1:

Raider Torso Armour and 500 XP.

Raider 2:

Raider Shoulder Armour and 500 XP.

Raider 3 (Raider Helmet):

Raider Helmet, Spartan IV Armor: Raider (Artwork), Avatar Award: Raider Helmet and Raider Spartan Emblem, and 500 XP.

Oni 1:

Oni Emblem, Halo 4 Concept Art, and 5,000 XP.


Wiseguy Emblem, Domain Terminals Artwork, and 2,000 XP.

Legendary Completion Unlockables

When you complete the Single Player or Co-Op Campaign on the Legendary difficulty setting the following bonus features will become available to use in Infinity.

'117' Emblem:

Beat the Campaign on Legendary.

Legendary Visor:

Beat the Campaign on Legendary.

Mark VI Armour:

Beat the Campaign on Legendary.

Unlock Alternate Ending

Complete the game on the Legendary difficulty to view a secret ending after the credits end. This ending will include Master Chief being unmasked.

Avatar Awards

When you complete the tasks you will earn the corresponding Avatar Award.

Knight Helmet:

Unlock the 'Knight in White Assassination' Achievement.

Platinum Mark VI Helmet:

Unlock the 'Wake Up, John' Achievement.

UNSC Infinity Hoodie:

Unlock the 'Not Some Recruit Anymore' Achievement.

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