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Multiplayer Guide

Halo 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Multiplayer Guide

his section of the guide will give you more information about Halo 4's intensive multiplayer section.

Spartan Rank

Like any game's multiplayer feature, you need to increase your rank or level to unlock more items or features you can use. The better you perform in multiplayer (MP), the faster your progression will be. Your progress with the game's other modes, like the Spartan Ops or War Games are linked so playing in those modes as well will help increase your rank. There will also be daily, weekly or monthly challenges you can take to further increase your rank. Halo 4's loadouts are locked by default and you need to increase your Spartan Rank to unlock them. Aside from loadouts, you can unlock more armor and emblem options automatically as your rank increases. Once you've reached LV50, you'll also unlock a new specialization.

Spartan Points
Increasing your rank will earn you Spartan Points. SP is used to unlock new weapons. Every gun has different SP costs so you have to be careful of your weapon of choice.

Progression Unlockables
This section will discuss the unlockables as your level increases.

Armor Ability:     3
Tactical Package: 7
Support Upgrade: 12
Loadout 1: Default
Loadout 2: 6
Loadout 3: 14
Loadout 4: 26
Loadout 5: 41

Primary Weapons (SR,SP)           
DMR (1,0)
Assault Rifle (1,0)
Battle Rifle (2,1)
Storm Rifle (5,2)
Covenant Carbine (5,2)
Suppressor (22,2)
LightRifle (22,2)

Secondary Weapons (SR,SP)   
Magnum (1,0)
Plasma Pistol (8,2)
Boltshot (18,2)

Grenades (SR,SP)       
Frag Grenade (-,0)
Plasma Grenade (8,2)
Pulse Grenade (18,2)

Armor Ability
If you have played the campaign first (or preceding recent Halo titles in that matter), then you should already know what each armor ability does. Here's a list of the armor abilities you can unlock and use in multiplayer.

Promethean Vision
SR: 1 SP: 0
Allows you to see enemy signatures through walls and other obstacles. A useful skill which helps in planning ambushes and flanking maneuvers.

Thruster Pack
SR: 1 SP: 0
Gives a sudden burst of movement, useful for evading attacks or closing the distance between the player and the target.

SR: 1 SP: 3
Deploys an exact copy of the player which also appears as a blip on the radar. This is a great tactical ability which is primarily used for scouting or checking the area for possible enemy positions before moving in.

Jet Pack
SR: 1 SP: 3
Gives the player the ability to thrust vertically for a short period, allowing access to elevated areas. You can also use the jet pack to break a long, fatal fall.

Hardlight Shield
SR: 1 SP: 3
Generates a forward shield that stops most enemy fire and explosives. The player however is still vulnerable on his sides and back.

Active Camoflage
SR: 1 SP: 3
Temporarily allows the user to blend in with the surroundings and become almost invisible.

SR: 16 SP: 3
Deploys an autonomous sentry that can be used to defend the player or hold a key battlefield position. The sentry can be destroyed by enemy players.

Regeneration Field
SR: 16 SP: 3
Allows the player to deploy an small-range field that heals any nearby player.

Tactical Packages


In a way, these are considered as perks, which you can select to complement your playstyle.

SR: 1 SP: 0
Grants the player unlimited sprint

SR: 1 SP: 0
Increases the player's shield recharge rate

SR: 14 SP: 1
Enables the player to recover grenades from fallen allies or enemies.

AA Efficiency
SR: 14 SP: 1
Increases the recharge rate of the player's armor abilities

SR: 24 SP: 1
Increases the player's grenade capacity

SR: 24 SP: 1
Enables the player to use another primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot.

Fast Track (Pioneer)
SR: 50 SP: 1
Allows faster rank advancement

Requisition (Tracker)
SR: 50 SP: 1
Allows the player to request new choices once an ordnance has been granted

Wheelman (Operator)
SR: 50 SP: 1
Increases the vehicle's durability and stability against EMP charges

Support Upgrades


SR: 1 SP: 0
Increases reload speed and faster weapon switching animation

SR: 1 SP: 1
Players get an extra clip upon respawn.

SR: 20 SP: 1
Increases the motion tracker's range

SR: 20 SP: 1
Motion tracker is retained while scoped

SR: 26 SP: 1
Increases the grenade strength and decreases grenade damage to the user

Ordinance Priority
SR: 26 SP: 1
Personal Ordnance thershold reduced

Drop Recon (Engineer)
SR: 50 SP: 1
Incoming ordnance will be indicated in the HUD

Gunner (Pathfinder)
SR: 50 SP: 1
Decreased Turret Cooldown, Increased mobility while carrying it.

Nemesis (Stalker)
SR: 50 SP: 1
Allows the player to mark and track down the previous attacker/s by highlighting them in the default sensors

Stability (Rogue)
SR: 50 SP: 1
Reduced flinching when shot while scoped

Stealth (Wetwork)
SR: 50 SP: 1
Faster assassinations, quieter footsteps, reduced visibility vs promethean vision

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Jan 30th 2013 Guest
next to some of the support and tactical packages you have the specialization that to get it, or use it? I'm using engineer right now but i have fast track seleted(shown as pathfinder on here)


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Dec 31st 2012 Guest
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