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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Falling From Heaven Is NOT Just A One Time Deal

Map of the Wormwood Area

1 - Wormwood Creek
2 - Hope Springs
3 - The Bowhole

Wormwood Creek

Wormwood Creek Item Shop
Medicinal Herb - Restore 30 HP to 1 ally - 8G
Strong Medicine - Restore 40 HP to 1 ally - 36G
Antidotal Herb - Heals poison from 1 ally - 10G
Strong Antidote - Heals poison and 40 HP - 38G
Moonwort Bulb - Cures Paralysis - 30G
Chimaera Wing -  Teleporter to towns you've been to - 25G
Evac-U-Bell - Instantly escape tower, cave or dungeon - 28G
Holy Water - Keep weaker monsters away - 40G
Angel Bell - Cures Confusion - 90G
Magic Water - Restore 50 MP to 1 ally - 500G
Coagulant - Gives enemy paralysis - 90G
Tangleweb - Slows enemy - 35G

Wormwood Creek Weapon Shop
Valkyrie Sword - Att 64 - 7700G
Dragonsbane - Att 73 - 10000G
Sandstorm Spear - Att 54 - 6600G
Halberd - Att 75 - 6600G
Icicle Dirk - Att 62 - 9600G
Rune Staff - Att 45 MPA 6.5% MagMig 8 - 12400G
Dragontail Whip - Att 50 - 14000G
Mistick - Att 82 - 16500G
Handrills - Att 61 - 7600G
Dragon Claws - Att 78 - 14500G
Battle-Axe - Att 52 - 3900G
Moon Axe - Att 65 - 8800G
War Hammer - Att 55 - 4600G
Giant Wrench - Att 64 - 7900G
Razor-Wing Boomerang - Att 38 - 9100G
Swallowtail - Att 48 - 9600G
Potshot Bow - Att 70 - 9200G
Blowy Bow - Att 77 - 12000G

Wormwood Creek Armour Shop
Warrior's Shield - Def 21 Blk 3.5% - 6700G
Dragon Shield - Def 24 Blk 3.5% - 9800G
Raging Bull Helm - Def 22 - 10400G
Thinking Cap - Def 18 MagMig 12 MagMen 12 - 12500G
Cavalier Hat - Def 16 MagMig 21 - 7100G
Hermetic Hat - Def 14 MagMen 22 - 4000G
Dragon Mail - Def 44 - 11500G
Shipmate's Shirt - Def 25 - 5980G
Dragon Top - Def 39 - 11200G
Flowing Dress - Def 25 MagMig 18 MagMen 18 - 18000G
Bruiser's Bracers - Def 12 - 2250G
Metallic Mitts - Def 16 - 3500G
Mental Mittens - Dft 50 - 1550G
Dragon Trousers - Def 16 - 5600G
Kiltlet - Def 15 MagMig 11 - 4200G
Sorcerer's Slacks - Def 22 MagMig 14 - 2100G
Payback Pumps - Def 14 - 2950G
Safety Shoes - Def 9 Evas 2.0% - 2700G

How many times are we going to wake up in a small town? Rest until evening at the local Inn and then attend the meeting at the Church.

After that leave the town and head north along the road to the lake. There is a small cave on the bottom right. Instead you'll talk to Wallace and then leave and talk to the ghost you've seen many times. Now back to Wormwood for find Serena lost item. Search the statue near the weapon shop. Its not there so head to the church and look at the tombstone on the right. Get Serene Necklace and take it back to Serena at Hope Spings. Shes going to help you get into Bowhole which is pretty far to the east. Just follow the road.


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Comments for Wormwood

11 comments, latest first.
Jul 8th 2014 Leels
Why do they call me a foreigner I know they consider it a bad thing but I wonder what happened to the village and does anybody know why they hate us? Pls reply and thx a bunch
ID #414394
Jan 18th 2013 Guest
I want to kill the metal slimes and to do that i need the wizard wond what is the recipet
ID #243947
Nov 6th 2012 Guest
I went to the Springs first without knowing that I had to follow a set of events, now I cannot get anything to work. There is no meeting and I have gone back to the Springs place no kid, nothing. I am wondering if there is anything I can do without starting all over? Boo Hoo.
ID #206031
Aug 11th 2012 Guest
u need 2 get all of the figs i just realised thanks about the part of falling from the sky i remember now
ID #174797
Sep 2nd 2011 Guest
I go to the church and I can't get the women to move so I can't the necklace. Been to the cave and when Back and women still there. Help
ID #72056
Mar 25th 2011 Guest
ive spoken to wallace his dad gave him into trouble what next
ID #34119
Mar 15th 2011 Guest
you have to go into the church and on the right side there's a statue type thing. Examine it, and you will find a necklace. Go to the ghost girl and give it to her. It will go to a cutscene. Yay! You've beat that part.
ID #32753
Dec 23rd 2010 Guest
I already went there an I didn't fall out the sky, I found it on my boat and I got the Lucida shard and there was no ghost and I already went to the Observatory and I don't know what to there all they say is "we're counting on you to bring those fyggs back any idea what I have to do now???
ID #22124
Nov 17th 2010 Guest
I did what you said and it's not working and i keep on doing it and it still doesn't work!!! So i do not know if it is broken or not but can you help me i am just a kid?
ID #18488
Oct 15th 2010 Guest
The people wont talk... They call me a foreigner any help with that?
ID #15194
Sep 25th 2010 Guest
i need to find the item in the cave that ladie wants can anyone help me please thanks a bunch
ID #13549