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Western Stornway

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Western Stornway

Map of Stornway

1 - Coagulant
2 - Fisticup
3 - Seashell

Monsters in this area
012 - Winkster
013 - Hammerhood
014 - She-Slime
015 - Funghoul
016 - Bubble Slime

Stornway is the big castle in the middle. There are more items to get but since you can't alcemize them yet it serves no purpose. If you really want them check the map for their locations. You can find Coagulant, Fisticup, and Seashell. It's a good idea to try out all the new enemies in the area to get them into your Battle Records and also to gain a few levels. You can also head into the Hexagon from the the Western Stornway side and get yourself a Suit of Scale Armour. I was at 8 when I got to Stornway with not much time really put into battling.


Stornway Item Shop
Medicinal Herb - Restore 30 HP to 1 ally - 8G
Antidotal Herb - Heals poison from 1 ally - 10G
Chimaera Wing -  Teleporter to towns you've been to - 25G
Evac-U-Bell - Instantly escape tower, cave or dungeon - 28G
Holy Water - Keep weaker monsters away - 40G
Gold Ring - Def 2 - 220G

Stornway Weapon Shop
Copper Sword - Att 7 - 150G
Soldier's Sword - Att 13 - 240G
Rapier - Att 19 - 480G
Bamboo Lance - Att 6 - 85G
Iron Lance - Att 17 - 450G
Paring Knife - Att 4 - 70G
Bronze Knife - Att 10 - 200G
Divine Dagger - Att 18- 640G
Oak Staff - Att 3, MPA 1.0% - 120G
Wizard's Staff - Att 7, MPA 1.5% - 840G
Leather Whip - Att 4 - 95G
Thorn Whip - Att 11 - 350G
Laundry Pole - Att 5 - 40G
Carrying Pole - Att 15 - 530G
Stone Claws - Att 7 - 100G
Iron Claws - Att 17 - 620G
Feather Fan - Att 9 - 110G
Iron Fan - Att 14 - 300G

Stornway Armour Shop
Leather Shield - Def 3 - 90G
Scale Shield - Def 5 - 150G
Bandana - Def 1, MagMen 2 - 45G
Hairband - Def 2, MagMen 2 - 60G
Leather Hat - Def 3, MagMen 2 - 65G
Wayfarer's Clothes - Def 4 - 70G
Leather Armour - Def 6 - 180G
Scale Armour - Def 9 - 350G
Chain Mail - Def 11 - 540G
Leather Dress - Def 6, MagMen 3 - 290G
Training Top - Def 7 - 250G
Silk Robe - Def 3, MagMig 3 - 210G
Leather Gauntlets - Def 2 - 60G
Cotton Gloves - Dfs 5 - 50G
Cotton Trousers - Def 2 - 80G
Training Trousers - Def 4 - 170G
Leather Shoes - Evas 1.0% - 40G
High Heels - Evas 1.0% - 220G

Head first to the Inn and talk to Erinn and Patty. They will give you the rundown on the Inn and how things are going. Then you need to leave. Head to the center of town and read the message board. This will tell you the King is in need of some Hero type help. As long as it's daytime we can head into the Castle. Talk to the guard on the right.

Quick note that there are a TON of optional sides quests in this game that are quick and easy. These are called Challenge Quests. The first ones you can do area in Stornway Castle. I'm not going to run over all of these in the main walkthrough but they are noted on the map if you want to check them out. We also have a full extra section to this guide that only covers Challenge Quests.

When you are ready head to the second floor and talk to the King. He seems to be having a little trouble with a fellow called the Wight Knight. We agree to help him out and it's off to more adventure. The King's daughter will stop and have a little chat with you as you leave.

Next stop back at the Inn. It's time to grow this party. You have the option of adding 3 pre-defined characters or making your own. It's up to you. I just took the 3 pre-made because I am MAJORLY lazy. Priest, Mage & Martial Artist. More direct damage, some spells, and some healing. Sounded fine to me. Choose whatever want.




Note that they all do start on level 1 so spend some time on the enemies around the Castle to level them up to 8 or so because the Wight Knight is right in the next area.

When you feel ready and have saves at the Church and bought any weapons, armor and whatnot that you want lets get the Wight Knight.

You get to the Zere region by heading North from Western Stornway. Then it's directy to the right as you enter the region. I mean right in front of you.

BOSS: Wight Knight

Map of Zere

1 - Chimera Wing
2 - Cowpat
3 - Antidotal Herb

BOSS: White Knight

Quick cutscene and you're into it.

Basic boss strategy from on out is to have your Mage (you have one don't you?) cast Sap the first 2 rounds to weaken them up and then an Accelerate to give you initiative advantage. It really helps to make sure your Healer casts first.

The Wight Knight has 3 basic attacks he'll try to use on you. First is a straight on attack for pretty good damage to one character. Second he has an AOE attack that hits everyone in the party but it's just for a few HP each. Finally he'll heal for 40 HP. This is the best for you since your party should easily outpace 40 HP in a single round.

Once the battle is over you'll get his Iron Gauntlets.


Wight Knight


Another scene where you learn he's not that bad a dude. Quick trip the the Castle and the King tells us to learn some more. The Princess will stop you again after your conversation with the King and she wants you to follow her to her room. There is 4 of us but if that's what shes into the ok. She lets you know that a former employee of hers is in Zere which is where we just were so time to go back.

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Hello:I had Found a little island A little bit to the east How Do you get
There?I need to know how to get there. it keep bugging me.When first saw
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Make a cheat how to get there.
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what does AOE mean
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Helllo : I recently sent a small notice about Western Storn Way not being able to be viewed ? I believe it has been corrected or i did not notice it ,it is situated farther down the same colllumn not in it's normal spot at the top! I'am still wondering if there is going to be a list with instruction's on acactly how to reach treasure spot on the map ,a mini treasure hunt and at the end of each dungon plus boss battle you receive a new quest! I believe there a lot of them ,they can be found under the item's list (Treasure Maps) !The map's are vague and not very clear ,the discription that is given is abit misleading with one area looking simillar to another in some instances! My problem is not being able to highlight [Diamond Crypt of Fear LV.78 ] it's near Boomingdale ( Dourbridge) ,i might be in the wrong area or there is a programming errror?? Thank You [email protected] Ihope to hear from someone !!
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