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Porth Llaffan

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Porth Llaffan

Jona Needs Daddy

Porth Llaffan Item Shop
Medicinal Herb - Restore 30 HP to 1 ally - 8G
Antidotal Herb - Heals poison from 1 ally - 10G
Moonwort Bulb - Cures Paralysis - 30G
Chimaera Wing -  Teleporter to towns you've been to - 25G
Evac-U-Bell - Instantly escape tower, cave or dungeon - 28G
Holy Water - Keep weaker monsters away - 40G
Angel Bell - Cures Confusion - 90G
Magic Water - Restore 50 MP to 1 ally - 500G
Bunny Tail - Agi 5 - 240G
Slime Earrings - Def 4 - 400G
Gold Bracer - Def 3 - 350G
Gold Ring - Def 2 - 220G

Porth Llaffan Weapon/Armour Shop
Iron Axe - Att 30 - 1800G
Sledgehammer - Att 28 - 1300G
Boomerang - Att 13 - 750G
Short Bow - Att 20 - 1150G
Iron Shield - Def 10, Blc 1.0% - 900G
Iron Helmet - Def 11 - 1100G
Feathered Cap - Def 7, MagMig 5, MagMen 5 - 620G
Silver Tiara - Def 6, MagMig 8 - 670G
Iron Armour - Def 18 - 1200G
Tortoiseshell - Def 22 - 1550G
Cloak of Evasion - Def 13, Evas 3.0% - 1000G
Dancer's Costume - Def 13 - 740G
Iron Gauntlets - Def 5 - 450G
Rubber Gloves - Dfs 23 - 270G
Boomer Briefs - Def 8, MagMig 4, MagMen 4 - 420G
Pop Socks - Def 7 - 680G
Iron Sabatons - Def 7 - 580G
Wellington Boots - Def 5 - 330G

They don't really give you a place to specifically go so let's head to the port at the bottom of the map and see what is going on there. When you enter town head immediately down to the beach and talk to the woman at the bottom right. The villagers will tell you to back off so just move a bit away from here and watch the scene. After that head to the Inn and rest till evening. Let's go talk to Jona and see what's going on. Her house is the TINY little shack in the bottom right. She'll get taken to see the Mayor so let's find out what he wants. His house is the big one on the top left. After that conversation you'll automatically go to sleep for the night. When you wake up its time for business. Head to the exit above the Mayor's house to the upper left. His son will let you know his dad took Jona to Tywill Cave.


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u can get a chest with about 1k in it ][]
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