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TP Industries Arms Race (10 G)

Latest update by CMBF on Oct 1st 2013
TP Industries Arms Race (10 G) Purchase McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.

This can be a bit on the frustrating side for many players, especially the flying missions since they require a bit of finesse. The following tips will help you make this easier...

If you want to finish these quickly you can do each type then instant save and reload your game to reset the two vehicles, then just rinse and repeat.

Flight Run 1 -- This is dead easy as it is sort of the introduction to the quest -- just make sure you flow straight and level and drop your packages inside the target area.

Flight Run 2 -- Instead of doing the drops in the most obvious order, starting with the one directly ahead after you take off, the easier method is to immediately turn hard to the left and cross the water than follow the highway to the first drop in that direction.

After making that drop you are basically lined up to make the other two in a shallow arc that, once you drop third package, perfectly lines you up to head in to the airport and land.

If you do it the other way landing is a little more difficult because there is more in the way to a low approach.

Flight Run 3 -- This time around because the Azteccas have been giving you so much trouble your partner has armed the plane with bombs! Your job is to take out the four targets on the ground and to do that you have to hit the much smaller red target zones -- which fortunately are marked by smoke flares.

You have an extra two bombs if you miss badly but, assuming you are a steady hand at the stick and considering that Trevor's Flying Skill should be capped, but even so if you do not make the approach low and level you will miss -- and you can only miss twice before you pretty much can't miss again or you fail...

Bear in mind that these are sort-of smart bombs, so when you get the animation of the bomb dropping you actually can control where it lands up to a point, or perhaps influence where it lands is a better way to describe it. As long as you drop the bomb inside of the red target area, you should be able to hit the target by controlling the bomb.

Once you take out the final target head back to land at the base.

Flight Run 4 -- This mission has you bombing two enemy supply targets -- at train and a group of boats. As with the previous mission the ability to control the bombs means that as long as you drop inside the designated zone you can easily control the bomb to hit the target close enough to destroy it.

Once you take out the train you have to take out a group of boats -- be aware that if you drop the too high the bomb has a long fall, and the enemy soldiers in the boats have a chance to shoot the bomb out of the air, blowing it up harmlessly in the air. So you want to try to drop it at a medium altitude to reduce the chances of that happening.

Once the boats have been dealt with you just need to fly the plane back to the base and part in the hanger to complete the mission.

Flight Run 5 -- This time around you are doing a different type of bomb run -- Carpet Bombing -- and due to that it is very important that you properly line up each bombing run to match the line of targets since you don't have control over the bombs like before.

The visual mini-CS for this is really cool -- you get to see each string of bombs drop and their airfoils open, then they float down on the target in a reasonably realistic portrayal of this type of bomb run.

The targets are planes, copters, and trucks -- basically the infrastructure of the enemy transportation system.

Probably don't have to tell you to try not to miss -- you only have one extra string of bombs so if you miss more than once you have to do the mission over.

Considering that the enemy druggies are using YOUR airfield, well, Trevor gets a tad irritated...

There is a strange bug here in that when the enemy starts shooting at you they can end up blowing up their own trucks because they shoot them while aiming at you. So if a truck blows up on the ground before you drop your bombs on it, that is why.

After all of the groups of ground targets are destroyed you need to head back to the field and land, then park the plane in the hanger.

Ground Run 1 -- Like the first Flight Run this one is a bit easy, the only restriction being you are supposed to stay off of the main roads. When you arrive at the package you trip a trap that was laid for you by the competition.

As there are two of them here, you are better off just running for home as if you do so quickly you will easily lose them just as you reach near the airport. Bring your buggy back to the designated spot and you complete the mission.

Ground Run 2 -- This one is a but more difficult as the enemy is aware of the drop and is actually on their way to take it from you. If you jump on the road that they are on and go fast you can catch up and, rather than let them get to the drop and grab it, you should shoot the passenger in the truck first in order to reduce the bullets coming your way, then shoot one or both of his tyres to slow him down.

Once you do that, execute the driver then go and pick up the package and return to the air field.

Ground Run 3 -- This one is a timed run and you have to get to the package before the timer expires, so what you want to do is take the most direct route to it that you can!

Once you have the package the easiest way to lose the two enemy trucks that show up is to go down into the dry river bed and use that to exit the area. Just before the highway do a hard right up the mountain and over, then down into the farms, taking the dirt road that cuts between then and putting the hammer down, which will allow you to easily lose them.

Once you do, just head to the marker and part your buggy to complete the mission! Easy-Peasey Lemon-Squeezy!

Ground Run 4 -- This one is so far away and the terrain you have to cross so full of impediments that you are not going to beat the enemy to it. Instead head north keeping the package icon to your left to the road that the enemy takes to escape east, and ambush them.

You are better off killing the passenger first and then the driver, then grab the package and take off. On your way back a second enemy truck will go after you and you need to lose them prior to returning to base.

The easy way to do that is go where they cannot -- your buggy will climb steep hills really well, so climb away and wait out the timer to lose them, then return to base. Not really easy-peasy but not super hard either.

Ground Run 5 -- This is the hardest mission -- because the drop zone is in the National Park which is a good distance away and it has a very short timer...

The best tactic is to head on the main roads along the near edge of the lake and then cut inland directly for the marker -- even though he says stay off the main roads. You will have plenty of time if you do that to be there when the package actually arrives and thus have it drop right on you.

Once that happens though several enemy trucks will chase you -- again use the main road to get to a farm (dirt) road and race away until you lose them. At which point an armed copter will then attack. Wait till it does a run on you and shoots past you then hit the brakes, and use your machine gun to shoot it down (you have to shoot it down to “escape”).

With the copter down head back to base and bam! You completed the last ground mission for the Achievement!
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