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Easter Eggs

Latest update by CMBF on Oct 1st 2013
Inserting Easter Eggs is something of a tradition in the GTA series. They can take many forms, from direct references, homages, and nods to outright duplicates of content from TV, movies, or other games.

GTA V has a plethora of Easter Eggs, way more than we have found so far -- so helping to expand this list would be a really great thing to do and share with the SC community!

Alien Easter Eggs

There are quite a large number of them -- and not just the actors who are dressed in alien costumes at the film studio -- including:

(1) A Painting on the wall of the Cable Car Station at the top of Mt. Chilliad that depicts an overlay that, when applied to the game map appears to revel locations with alien artifacts and where alien ships can be seen under the right conditions.

(2) Beneath the platform at the top of Mt. Chilliad is another painting that includes a very important hint, telling the player to return when they have completed the game (100%). When the player comes back if it is raining and at night they will see a UFO hovering over the mountain.

(3) Fort Zancudo UFO: After you 100% the game you can see a flying saucer hovering over the fort.

(4) Sandy Shores UFO Cult: After you 100% the game you can witness a UFO hovering over the UFO Cult in Sandy Shores.

(5) Vinewood Sign UFO: After you 100% the game you can see a UFO flying across the sky from the communications facility above the Vinewood Sign.


During the mission in which you play as Micheal and are helping to hunt down and kill the three brothers who are after Trevor when you engage the heat scope on the rifle in the back of the copter as you search for the targets you will get a brief glimpse of Bigfoot!

And that is not the last of your encounter with that big hairy fella! Once you have gained 100% game completion there is a mission you can obtain randomly to hunt that legend down.

Breaking Bad

It has been widely noted that Trevor's meth business shares certain elements with the Breaking Bad story -- but if you listen during the mission in which Trevor takes on the bikie gang you will actually hear him talking about meth labs in motor homes, which is a direct reference to the show.

Dead Rising

If you listen to the commercials on the radio you will hear one in which the subject is drug use in Los Santos. One of the abused drugs that is mentioned is Zombix -- the drug from Dead Rising was called Zombrex.

Friendly Zombie

Just down the road to to west of the Cinema Doppler property in Vinewood you will spot a blue dot on the map and, when you stop and approach it, you will have you an encounter with the Vinewood Zombie!

This is one of those interesting conversations you can have and is worth the stop...


On Mt. Gordo to the north of the lighthouse between 11:00 at night and Midnight you can see the ghost of a woman named Jolene Cranley-Evans. She is the murdered wife of the bloke who is presently running for Governor -- Jock Cranley -- and the evidence appears to suggest that he killed her by pushing her off of the mountain.

Her husband's name is written in blood near where she appears - but do not get too close to her because if you do, she will vanish.

GTA Series Easter Eggs

A movie that you can watch in movie cinemas features the beating heart inside the Statue of Liberty (the Heart of the City) from GTA IV.

Sometimes when Trevor runs down a pedestrian he will yell out “10 Points!” -- a reference to the scoring system from the original two games in the series.

The freighter Octopus can be spotted in the game at the docks -- it was also in GTA IV and it is the sister ship to the freighter Platypus from GTA IV and is almost identical.

During the drug buy quest that takes you to Grove Street if you pay attention as you approach you will see CJ and his two road dogs riding their bikes down the street away from Grove Street - an homage to the mission in which the three characters raced on BMX in San Andreas.

Heat (Movie)

The Fed Mission where you take down the armored car with the tow truck is a direct homage to the opening scene in Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro's movie Heat.

Lethal Weapon 2 (Movie)

The mission in which Michael and Franklin use a cable and truck to pull down the deck of a house is direct homage to the movie Lethal Weapon 2.

Lost Hatch

On the east coast in a line almost directly east of the runway for the airport near Trevor's safehouse you can find the hatch from Lost -- but be aware that while you can get close enough to see it, it is too deep to actually reach via Scuba...

No Country for Old Men

A drug deal that goes bad is the setting of one of the random missions in the game that is an homage to the Cormac McCarthy novel that became the movie.

Playboy Mansion

What is the use of being a rockstar if you cannot get invited to one of Hef's legendary movie nights? Check out the Playboy Mansion in Vinewood -- an almost exact replica of the real deal!

You can find it on the road to the top-left of the Los Santos Golf Club.

Pee Wee Herman

During the 420 mission Trevor gets from Barry (the guy who is trying to get pot legalized) Trevor takes on psycho clowns -- the music that is playing during that part of the mission is the song from the clown scene in Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure movie.

Red Dead Redemption Easter Eggs

On a shelf in Franklin's Vinewood Hills home is a book with a red leather cover whose title is “Red Dead” and whose author is J. Marston, the protagonist from the game. In that game Marston actually mentioned his intentions of writing this book.

In GTA Online you have the option of having your character be a descendant of Jack Marston from teh Red Dead game.

On TV and at the movies commercials and scenes appear that were shot in the Red Dead game.

South of the prison in Sandy Shores you can find the Marson Farm from the game in almost perfect duplication.

Right Whale Skeleton

Just off of the west coast not too far from Ammunation 8/9 on the bottom you can find what is left of a whale after the whalers got done with it.

UFO Crash Site

Off of the north coast to the right of the spit of land that sticks out you will find a UFO crash site under water.

It is a crashed flying saucer that is an homage to Stephen Coonts Saucer book series, being the second saucer that crashed off the coast after the battle on the moon.

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