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Gun Club: Hand Gun Challenges

Latest update by CMBF on Sep 29th 2013
The challenges for this set allow the use of the standard Pistol, Combat Pistol, and AP Pistol. To put this in perspective for you, the first two are standard semi-automatic pistols that will shoot as fast as you pull the trigger. The AP -- or AutoPistol -- is an automatic which will spray bullets when you pull the trigger.

For purposes of unlocking the Gold Medals in the three challenges below, for the first challenge you will find that using the semi-automatic pistols will obtain the best results, but for the second and third challenges the AP works very very well...

What we recommend is that you repeat the first challenge until you get the Gold Medal and then move on, completing the second and third challenges with whatever your best result is, then change to the AP in order to go for the Gold Medal on the second and third, as you will easily find it a lot easier to manage with that.

Bonus Building
One of the tricks to getting good scores is NOT to miss. Ever. Missing resets the bonus levels. As long as you hit the target you will not reset the bonus. Shooting and hitting anything but the target and obtaining a score constitutes missing.

Challenge 1: Multiple Static Targets.
To obtain a Gold Medal you must score 2800 or more. For a Silver Medal you must score 2000 or more. To obtain a Bronze Medal you must score 1400 or more.

Even though there is a timer, and even though that puts pressure on you, you are better off taking your time and aiming for and hitting the center of the target since you need those hits and the related bonus to get the Gold Medal. If you try to make your aiming smoothing and you do not pause you should not find this to be all that difficult.

Challenge 2: Multiple Moving Targets.
To access Challenge 2 you must first rank at least a Bronze Medal in Challenge 1.

To obtain a Gold Medal you must score 20,000 or more. For a Silver Medal you must score 10,000 or more. To obtain a Bronze Medal you must score 2,000 or more.

The targets in the second challenge move -- the targets drop down and then move either towards the shooter or away from the shooter, and unlike the first challenge the player is meant to keep shooting the targets until they cannot shoot them (they disappear).

Bearing in mind that it is important to not miss when shooting at the targets as that will reset the bonus level, using the AP pistol on this challenge offers far higher scores than the limited score ability of the regular semi-automatic pistols, who also have smaller clips.

Getting Gold here is just a matter of keeping the AP targeted on the center and empty a clip into each of the targets completely. As long as you can get a full clip into each even if you miss the center and hit some lesser point rings you should still easily be able to unlock the Gold Medal.

Challenge 3: One Moving Target.
To access Challenge 3 you must first rank at least a Bronze Medal in Challenge 2.

To obtain a Gold Medal you must score 15,000 or more. For a Silver Medal you must score 3,000 or more. To obtain a Bronze Medal you must score 650 or more.

For this challenge the target moves left and right, and each time it reaches the far end of its path it turns around to show the player the blank side (which they cannot shoot for score), then it turns the target towards the player and begins moving again.

While you can easily attain Bronze or even Silver with the regular semi-automatic handguns, getting Gold with anything other than the AP is not likely.

Getting Gold on this means keeping the target in the center for the AP -- this may take more than just a few tries for you to get the hang of how to slightly lead the target but, once you get the hang of it and assuming you can engage and empty a clip with each travel, you should not have any difficulty making the Gold Medal using the AP.
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