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Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

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Walkthrough for Gears 5

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Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy for Gears 5

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter that is the sixth installment of the Gears of War series. Gears 5 begins directly after the events of its pedecessor and focuses on Kait Diaz, an Outsider of Locust descent as she embarks on a journey to uncover the origins of her family and what her connection is to the Locust Horde and The Swarm which has corrupted the Coalition's robot army and is descending upon human cities on the planet Sera. JD Fenix, Delmont Walker and Marcus Fenix also return. Check out our walkthrough, guide, strategy page to get help in your battle to save humanity from extinction from this alien invasion.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

Weapon Slots

Aside from a grenade slot you have three weapon slots, there's one for light one-handed weapons and two for heavier weapons that require your non-trigger hand for support. Make sure that the asenal you choose to fill these slots with is a mix of long ranged weapons with accuracy and powerful less accurate weapons that are ideal for close quarter combat. There is no way to predict what combination of enemies you will encounter next so it is important you have an arsenal for every range so you can deal with whatever you encounter.

Taking Down Enemies

Gears 5 has several new types of enemies to contend with. These include the man-made robot soldiers know as DeeBees which the Swarm have figured out to possess and the Stump, a DeeBee-Swarm hybrid. Most of your weapons and grenades will take down both types with no problem but you may experience difficulty taking down the stump due to its long-range accuracy and how often it moves, making its weak organic areas hard to target. Some enemies on the other hand move slowly and can be easily taken down with Longshot headshots while others, particularly bosses tend to have bright weak points you should target.

Save Ammo

The key to surviving longer is to save ammunition wherever possible, the best way to do that is through melee kills using your knife which will take out Juvies and ex-humans with a single knife swipe.

Take Advantage of the Environment

In Gears 5 you will have to contend with extreme weather conditions as well as the enemy. Whether it's the freezing cold of Act II and the sand storms of Act III, these harsh weather conditions come with hazards that you can take advantage of to defeat the enemy. In Act II a single ammo round into the ice can take down a foe that would normally require multiple magazines to kill and in Act III a well-timed shot can send a hardened sand column to come crashing down on enemies. You will also find man-made components scattered everywhere, things such as steam generators, explosive pipes, and containers which you can use to create traps.

Find Jack's Components

Jack is a hovering robot that accompanies Delta Squad on all its missions, he remains cloaked in invisibility during battle and appears only when needed. Jack can be upgraded and customised to suit your play style and can be a game changer if you gather the Components, which are scattered throughout the game, hidden in various nooks and crannies that are needed to upgrade his abilities.

Use Jack Constantly

Take advantage of Jack whenever you can, do not wait for the edges of your screen to get red before you start to use him. Use Jack proactively before you find yourself in a precarious position by turning on the protective Barrier or Stim at the start of a firefight, this will allow you a moment to assess the situation and prioritise your targets. Jack's zapping and stun abilities are particularly useful for pulling enemies out of cover to help move the fight along when you are faced with enemies are tactful and patient with their use of cover.

Opening Doors

Make sure before Jack has to open a tightly-sealed door you know your surroundings and where the extra guns and ammo are for the inevitable firefight that will begin the moment it opens with Locust and Swarm storming to your location.

Explore the Open-World

Unlike other Gears of War games this latest installment in the series has an open-world with chapters that have a main objective and optional missions. Take your time and explore these lands in your skiff before movng onto the next chapter, pay particlar attention to man made areas, particularly the small spots like lone structures and wreckage as you are liable to find some kind of collectable there.

Find the Collectibles

Scattered throughout Gears 5 there are a ton of collectibles to find, each one gives you a little more backstory on the events since the last game and the world around you. Almost all the collectables are found in areas that are in line with the game's environmental storytelling, you just need to keep an eye out for them. Remember to look behind you every time you pass a doorway as a lot of collectibles tend to be near those passages.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

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