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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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Check out our cheats to find out how to get past the tall fence in Kakariko village without a cucco, sign reconstruction, secret holes and getting more bottles. We also have an unlimited sword glitch.

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Ocarina Of Time Cheats

Hold L + R and attack to stab things.
First Boss Password
Hit the enemies in the following order in the room before the first Boss: 2,
3, 1. In Master Quest use the following order: 3, 1, 2.
Defeating the First Boss:
Fire at her eye when it turns red. Her babies will attack you if you donĀ¹t.
Angry Man:
Fire at the left window in the castle garden as a man will throw a bomb at
you from there.

Get Epona the horse

You can get her only when your an adult. First ask for a ride then get on Epona.
She is the one with the white fur or just play her song and she will come to you then get on her and talk to the gay man and he will say 'want to race', say yes then beat him and he will say it again but this time if you can beat him you can keep her.
When you race him again get in front of him and he will slow down and you can speed up and when you beat him he will get annoyed and lock you in. Just go to the far side and ride to the gate at full speed and you will jump over it.

Big Poes

To get the last Bottle, you have to find all 10 Big Poes in Hyrule Field as an Adult. Ride Epona and when a Poe appears, hit it with 2 Arrows to destroy it, then get off Epona, approach the yellow flame and put it in a Bottle. Take the Big Poes to the guy in that room before you enter Hyrule Castle's Market; here's the locations of the 10 Big Poes...
1) Near the stream to the back left of Hyrule Castle.
2) Just outside Hyrule Castle by the sign that leads you to Lon Lon Ranch.
3) Under the ledge near the entrance to Kakariko Village.
4) By the tree right outside Lon Lon Ranch.
5) Where the stone wall turns.
6) At the tree below the ledge near Gerudo Valley.
7) Next to the wall between Gerudo Valley and Lake Hylia.
8) By the boulder between Lon Lon ..

OK, so I know of an alternate way to beat Bongo ..

OK, so I know of an alternate way to beat Bongo Bongo other than incapacitating both hands and shooting the moving eye. The method goes like this:

Equip the Ice Arrows (previously thought to be useless) and fire them at one of the hands, much like a Longshot or regular arrow. The Ice Arrow, however, freezes the hand. The other hand now tries to break the first hand out of the ice. Now, take the Lens of Truth and turn it on, then find the eye which became visible to the Lens when the hand got frozen. Shoot it with the Longshot (or Arrow), then, if you got a good angle (sometimes you wind up behind Bongo Bongo when you do this), stab him like normal. The eye doesn't even move towards you using this method.

Din's Fire, Farore's Wind & Nayru's Love

Din's Fire: In Hyrule Castle as a Kid, from the Market, past the gate is a rock in the far corner - blow it up with a Bomb and crawl in the hole to get to the Great Fairy's Fountain; now play Zelda's Lullaby on the symbol and the Great Fairy will appear to give you Din's Fire.
Farore's Wind: In Zora's Fountain as a Kid, from Zora's Domain, go to the right of Jabu Jabu, through the water and over to the shore at the other side; in the lower right hand corner of the map, Bomb the wall to reveal the Great Fairy's Fountain - go inside and play Zelda's Lullaby to get Farore's Wind.
Nayru's Love: In Desert Collosus as an Adult, from Haunted Wasteland, there's a crack in the wall between some trees along the right side; Bomb it to reveal another Fairy Fountain, play Zelda'..

More Bottles!!!

If you want more Bottles, here's what you do:
In order to get more Bottles, you're going to have to sacrafice Items, so I suggest using your depleted Magic Beans and you Biggoron's Sword Claim Check.
Go to a place where you can Bottle Fish, swing a Bottle at the Fish and immediately after hitting the C Button for Link to swing the Bottle, HIT START and switch the Bottle Item for the Item that you want to make a Bottle (like the Magic Beans or Claim Check) and voila - another Bottle!!!

How to beat every boss

There are ten bosses in all this is how you beat them.
Child bosses
to beat the boss of the big tree level shoot it in the eye with your sling shot. then jump attack it as many times as you can. then it will crawl up the wall. then lay eggs. when it starts to lay eggs it's eye opens. shoot the eye to stop the egg laying and then jump attack it. repeat this process till killed.(if a egg is layed slash it before it hatches).
to beat the boss near Goron city throw a bomb in his mouth. then jump attack him. repeat till he is kill.
the third boss is the hardest to beat as a child. first throw your bomorang at it then hurt in any way (shoot, slash, or throw bomorang at) the jelly fish. this will have to hapen two times. after the second time hit her ..

Entering the Dark Dungeon

To enter the dugeon, you must first get the magic spell of fire. (Where you can hit mutiple enemies with a fire blast.) To get this magic spell you must blow up the big gray rock, at the entrance of Hyrule Castle. Then the farie will grant you this power. Now go to the dungeon, it will be faster with the Ocrina, now use the spell in the middle of all those tourches. They should all light up at ounce. Now the big door will open. So you can enter the dungeon.

Selling the Masks

Go to the Happy Mask Shop, the building in the Market near the entrance to the Temple of Time. Inside, you'll be able to join and sell Masks. Sell the first 4 Masks there to get the Mask of Truth, the Goron Mask, the Zora Mask and the Gerudo Mask.
Keaton Mask - sell it to the Kakariko Guard by the gate/entrance to Death Mountain.
Skull Mask - sell it to the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods on the left when entering from Kokiri Forest. Also, if you want a Deku Stick upgrade (to hold 30), go to that Special Room in the Lost Woods, there are a couple Deku Scrubs in the room and a Magic Bean location. Near the Butterflies in the grass is a hole, find the hole, put on the Skull Mask inside the hole and walk forward to get the upgrade!
Spooky Mask - sell it to the boy in the Gr..

Heart Piece Locations

Format: (#). (Location); (Age of Link); (Item(s) Required) - (Description).
1. Lost Woods; Young Link; Saria’s Song - After entering the Lost Woods, turn left and jump on the Stump; talk to the Skull Kid and play Saria's Song to get this Heart Piece.
2. Lost Woods; Young Link; Ocarina, Pen & Paper - After entering the Lost Woods, turn right, jump down and onto the stump; play a song with the two Skull Kids - write the Notes down as you go to get this Piece of Heart.
3. Lon Lon Ranch; Young Link; None - Go into Lon Lon Ranch and run to the back; go inside the Shed and move the boxes around until you see the crawlspace - enter it to get to this Piece.
4. Hyrule Market; Young Link; None - At night, look for a White Dog in the back alley; take it to the Woman in one of th..

Getting Epona

Go to Lon Lon Ranch, talk to Ingo and pay 10 Rupees to ride a horse. Now play Epona's Song and ride the horse that comes to you. Get on and just ride around and practice until the time runs out. Next, do it again, but this time talk to Ingo from on the horse using Z and he'll challenge you to a race. Once you beat him, beat him again and he'll give you Epona - sort of. Ingo'll trap you inside the Ranch, but as long as you have Epona - just build up some speed and jump the gate!!!
Plus, now that you have a horse, when you're in Hyrule Field, just play Epona's Song to summon her and you'll have a vehicle, a mode of tranportation that's much faster than you running everywhere all of the time lol...

Hidden Holes in the ground

Yet another way of getting heart pieces. Okay so first you have to either have bombs or know the Song of the Storms. Then find a circle of stones then stand in the middle and play the song of the storms and there should be a hole that appears! You can also do this by putting a bomb in the middle, but it never works for me.

Easy rupees

To do this you must be adult link. Then you go to the lost woods. Find a skull kid and wait until they atack you, then go and kill them to get 200 rupees.
NOTE: If you use a ranged weapon they will dissapear before they get hit.

Bottle Locations

There are 4 Bottles:
1) As a Kid, in Kakariko Village - find the 7 Cuccos for the Cucco Lady.
2) As a Kid, enter Lon Lon Ranch from Hyrule Field - take the first door on the left and beat Talon's Cucco Game.
3) As a Kid, in Lake Hylia by the tunnel that leads to Zora's Domain - dive down to get Princess Ruto's Letter (you'll need the Silver Scale to get it).
4) As an Adult, find the 10 Big Poes in Hyrule Field - ride Epona and when a Poe appears, hit it with 2 Arrows to destroy it, then get off Epona, approach the yellow flame and put it in a Bottle; take the Big Poes to the guy in that room before you enter Hyrule Castle's Market.

The Fishing Pond

- Sinking Lure -
Once you've obtained the Gold Scale, you can find the Sinking Lure. As an Adult, go to the Fishing Pond and the Lure will be either in the little creek at the back, in the grass around the outter edge or on the log coming out of the water in the center of the Pond. Once you get the Lure, talk to the Fisherman to make the Lure 'legal' then go catch a 20 pounder with ease!
- Bald Fisherman -
From a distance, just stand facing the Fisherman and press B to Cast - the line may land on him or beyond him, if you use A to Reel - it should grab his hat (and he'll never have it on again).

Tips for the first boss as a kid

O.K. First when you enter the room move the camra so you are looking at an eye then a cutseen will apear.Target the bosses eye and shoot with your slingshot.then attack with your sword. When the boss goes on the ceiling and keep it targeted and for a second you can shoot it's eye and it will fall from the ceiling and will be stuned attack it.
P.S. If you're lucky you can kill the boss after the first drop from te ceiling.

floating link ( not fly ) young link

as young link use hylrulean shield hold R while pressing PUASE switch to the deku sheild keep on holding R press PAUSE and link will float

Get inside Ganondorf's castle without saving the 6 sages!

This cheat needs the following to use:
1.A Gamecube.
2.A TV.
3.An Action Replay
4.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest.
Use the Action Replay to activate the "Press Y To Jump" code and any other codes you want.Then,as adult Link,go to Ganondorf's castle.When there,press Y until you get to the doorway.Let go of Y,but make sure you don't fall to your death.

Ulimted Sword Glitch

First,go to a sign that can't break.Next,Hold R and press the B button to jab.The key is to check the sign in mid jab.If done correctly you can't fall or hover.GOOD LUCK!!

Sign Reconstroction

This is very easy to do.First,cut the sign.Then,play Zelda`s lullaby.You will here the sound as if you solved a puzzle.The sign will rebuild it's self.

Magic Free Spin

This also very easy.While hitting with the sword spin the control stick.You should do a blue one with out using magic.

Order of stages

You actually skip the shadow temple,just go to middle of the stage and obtain the lens of truth.It really doesnt matter which order you go in.

Secret Holes

There are many secret holes.Secret holes are surrounded by rocks.When you find one play the song of storms.A hole should appear.HAVE FUN!!!

Boomorang Retreivel

As young Link go to the wind mill.See the Heart Piece?Use the boomorang to get it. This works with almost any item.


If you look into one of the windows in the castle courtyard there's a picture of Mario, Luigi. Peasch and Bowser from mario64.

How to find princess zora

This is when you are a kid and after you have defeated the dodongos.go to the zora's domain and go and meet the king.
He will say that his daughter is missing.then go to your left where you will find the diving school.
Play a game.
If you win you will get a thing as a present by which you will be able to dive 6 meters deep.
In the water over there dive in and look for a door.
Go into that door and you will reach lake hylia, over there dive in the water to collect the coins and there you will find a bottle with a paper inside.
Read it and show it to the king zora. he will read and then tell you to save his daughter.he will move aside and give you the way to go to lord jabu-jabu.
Then before going there go to the..

Biggoron's Sword

I'm sure you'll have heard of the massive Biggoron's Sword, right? Well, follow this hint to get it. You have to be adult Link for this, and don't waste your money on the Giant's Knife. It's a total waste.
First, go to Kakariko Village and speak to Anju. She'll give you a Cucco. Take it to the house directly in front as you enter the vilage, and use it to wake up Talon. Take the Cucco back to Anju, and she'll give you a blue Cucco. Take this to Skull Kid's clearing in the Lost Woods and give it to Grog. He'll give you a mushroom. Take it to the hidden potion shop in Kakariko Village. The quickest route there is through the Goron City portal, down Death Mountain trail, and through the back door of the normal potion shop. Retrace your steps once you have the medicine and give it..

Bow & arrows

How do you get the bow and arrows!!!

How to deafeat Ganondolf

Found: After escaping from Ganon's Castle
Description: A HUGE, GIGANITIC, LARGE, MONSTROUS, HUMOUNGOUS...BIG. ..thing. You know, it's Ganon, the Pig / Minotaur / Demon / Bull / Son of Satan creature. Attacks: He has a spear and a sword. Take a wild guess.
Tips: Good lord...I've always dreamed of a huge, final boss like this. You're on a circular platform, with fire on the edges, and Zelda is watching. At the start of the fight, Ganon will knock your Master Sword
Away like a toothpick! Your shield is useless, as the spear/sword will hust puncture it and get you anyways. Avoiding them is almost impossible, so you'll have to work fast, as each hit will dramatically lower your energy.
If you're getting low on supplies, hide behind a
Pillar and Gan..

Invisible link glitch

Go to Gerudo's fortress with Epona and destroy the two boxes where there are 2 entrances and 3 boxes. Put Epona where the boxes were. Go inside and come out. Make sure epona is inside the boxes. Destroy one box and Epona will be on top of the other box. Put down a bomb, quickly get on Epona. When the bomb blows up you teleport inside the hideout. You will not be on epona. Play the song to go to lake Hylea. You will be on Epona when you get there. You will be invisible. And Navi will be up in a tree. Get off Epona and go to an enemy, and notice that they can't hurt you. If you leave, link will be visible again.

Super Leevar

Ok so you know when your outside the Spirit Temple, and theres these little annoying green things (Leevars) that come up out of the ground? The first time, there should be 3. Defeat all of them before you get hurt or before they go back below ground. The next time, there will be about 5. Again, defeat all of them quickly. Once you beat them the 3rd time, you will hear 'danger music' (such as when a crow is plummeting towards you). A Leevar bigger than the rest will appear. He's slower, but more powerful. He's also purple.

Items you get from the Goron Jar (Regular Ocarina of Time

I don't know what it's REALLY called, but as you know, in ?Goron City, there is a giant urn at the bottom. If you thrown a bomb (or more likely bomb flower ), into it, you will get a certain 'reward'. There are three faces on the urn, an angry face, a happy face, and a normal/poker face. Here is what you will get if you land on one.
Angry: 3 Green Rupees
Normal: 3 Bombs
Happy: This one has two outcomes. The first time, you get a Red Rupee, a Blue Rupee, and a piece of heart (or was it a heart container?). From then on, it will be a Red Rupee, a Blue Rupee, and a Purple Rupee (I think it's worth about 100))


How do you get the IRON BOOTS

An unexpected revive

Catch a fairy in a bottle.then when you die the fairy will come out of the bottle and revive you.

Extreamly fast money.

As an adult go to the lost forest. Find the sckull head that is by it's self. With the biggorn's Sword deaft it. Remember jump attacks and stabbing at it or taking to long will make him disappear. If you beat him you get 200 rubbees.

The Biggoron's Sword

1) As an Adult, go to Kakariko Village and talk to the Cucco Lady. She will give you an Egg - play the Sun's Song twice and the Egg should hatch. Go to the House where Talon is sleeping and use the Pocket Cucco to wake him up. Now talk to him, then go present the Pocket Cucco to the Cucco Lady. She will give you Cojiro, a rare blue Cucco.
2) Get to the Lost Woods from Kokiri Forest, go to the left, show the guy by the Tree Stump Cojiro and he'll give you an Odd Mushroom.
3) Now you have 3 minutes to get back to Kakariko Village (use Epona across Hyrule Field). Up near the exit to the Death Mountain Trail is a Shop on the right - enter it and take the passageway to the left to get to the back of the building. Jump off that ledge, go up the stairs, enter the other bui..

All of the Ocarina Songs

Zelda's Lullaby: After you find Princess Zelda for the first time as a Kid in Hyrule Castle, Impa will teach you this song.
Saria's Song: Once you have Zelda's Lullaby, go to the back of the Sacred Forest Meadow beyond the Lost Woods as a Kid and show Saria your Ocarina to learn this song.
Epona's Song: Go to Lon Lon Ranch as a Kid and talk to the girl, Malon - then pull out your Ocarina and she'll teach you this song.
Sun's Song: Go to the back of the Graveyard behind Kakariko Village as a Kid, play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol in front of the huge Tombstone, enter the hole and get through the Grave to learn this song.
Song of Storms: Once you turn into an Adult, go to the Windmill in Kakariko Village, talk to that crazy dude, then s..

Ok sheiny lol...It seems like your confused but ..

Ok sheiny lol...
It seems like your confused but I am in the room where you can see down and navi says "isnt that the room where we saw darunia" but anyways I will be more specific ok go up the stairs when you first get in the fire temple then turn right and go into the door.
Next go straight across the bridge into the room at the end then climb up the chainlink fence or whatever it is and you fall onto the box then the lava blows you up into the next room and it should be a small type room.
Now since I have already beaten this part I go straight through a tunnelish looking thing.then theres another fence you have to climb up so you climb that and go straight and there should be a door.
Go into the door,now you have to run about to the middle o..

The fourth bottle

To get the fourth bottle you need to sell all 10 big poes to the guy in ghost shop, which is next to the market entrance as an adult.epona , arrows and an empty bottle are epona is galloping use the arrows to shoot takes 2 hits. They are all in different spots, and good luck!

help plz?

I need a code that gets tink rally tiny. Thanks

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