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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time / Master Quest Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest


Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Master Quest Boss FAQ

by nm14

 ##.... ##:'##.... ##:'##... ##:'##... ##:::: ##.....::::'## ##:::'##.... ##:
 ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##: ##:::..:: ##:::..::::: ##::::::::'##:. ##:: ##:::: ##:
 ########:: ##:::: ##:. ######::. ######::::: ######:::'##:::. ##: ##:::: ##:
 ##.... ##: ##:::: ##::..... ##::..... ##:::: ##...:::: #########: ##:'## ##:
 ##:::: ##: ##:::: ##:'##::: ##:'##::: ##:::: ##::::::: ##.... ##: ##:.. ##::
 ########::. #######::. ######::. ######::::: ##::::::: ##:::: ##:: ##### ##:

          /  \
         /    \
       /\      /\
      /  \    /  \
     /    \  /    \
    /______\/______\   Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Master Quest Boss FAQ.
                                      Version : Final

Game: Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Master Quest Boss FAQ
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Name: nm14 (c) 2003-2004
E-mail- [email protected]

Table Of Contents
1.0) Intro
2.0) Boss preparation tips
3.0) Boss FAQ

     3.1) Queen Gohma
     3.2) King Dodongo
     3.3) Barinade

     3.4) Phantom Ganon
     3.5) Volvagia
     3.6) Morpha
     3.7) Bongo Bongo
     3.8) Twinrova
     3.9) Ganondorf
     3.10) Ganon

4.0) Version History
5.0) Legal Info
6.0) Credits
8.0) E-Mail Policy

1.0) Intro
Hello and welcome to my first FAQ for the Master Quest version of The
Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. You can obtain the game by pre-
ordering the Gamecube game, Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This
game is different from the normal OoT when you look at the dungeons.
The bosses on the other hand are completely the same. Yea, I know...
Anyway, I am making this for people who need to get a quick glance
at how to beat a certain boss. I hope this is of use to you. Any
questions e-mail me. First off, I will give you good boss preparation.
Let us begin...

2.0) Boss Preparation tips

Now, for every boss, you should always stock up on as many fairies
in bottles as possible. These revive you when a boss has depleted
your energy (it is like another life). The easiest way of getting
fairies are to play the song of storms on a Gossip stone . On the
other hand, some of you don't have that song, which means you
are a kid. So there are certain fairy fountains. They are located

1.Graveyard: First row with some flowers. Pull the grave.

2.Sacred Forest Meadow: In the lost woods follow these directions:
Right, Left, Right, Left, Straight, Left, Right. Now go to the back.
There will be a ladder to the top of the forest. Go straight and
drop down in the hole.

3.Zora's River: Go up a ladder to a stone circle. Bomb it to uncover
the hole.

4.Gerudo's Fortress: Near the crates bomb the hole.

5.Hyrule Field: To the left of the castle. Bomb the rock to get the

Also, you need to stock up on certain ammo. Seeds, arrows, magic,
bombs, etc... The easiest way to get all of these is to venture
out in hyrule field and chop the plants in the field. There are
everything(including rupees), so go there before fighting a boss.

Also, there is a trick if you want an extra bottle for free.
Go into a random hole anywhere. Pick something up with a bottle.
While you are catching the item, press start. Change your bottle
on your c-menu to something else. I would prefer you not do it to
a main item as you are going to lose that item forever. Anyway,
this will replace your item with a bottle. Cool, huh? You can do
this as many times as you want for free bottles. GO ahead!

The last item that I would recommend you get is the almighty
biggoron's sword. It is much more powerful and is a sort of
"cheap" way of killing a boss. The only downside to it is that
you are not aloud to use your shield with it because it is a
two handed weapon. It is a little tricky as to what to do to
get it so I will list all of the steps below.

1. Go to Kakiriko Village and to the lady with the cuckoos.
   Tell her you will take care of the pocket cuckoo.

2. Now go to the house near the front of the village and
   use the item to wake up talon.

3. Go back to the lady that gave you the cuckoo and get the
   blue one named Cojiro.

4. Now go to the lost woods. From the start turn left. Use
   Cojiro to wake the man on the log up. He gives you an
   odd mushroom

5. This is timed so watch out! Don't worry, just go back to
   Hyrule and get Epona. Ride off to Kakiriko Village. Then
   climb up the ladder in the center and hookshot to the man
   on the house. Go to the fenced off area and into the
   potion shop. Give the witch the odd mushroom. She gives
   you the odd potion.

6. Relax...Now go to the lost woods in the same place you
   went before with the skinny man. There is a small kokiri.
   She tells you that the man is lost. Anyway give the odd
   potion back to her and get the poachers saw.

7. There is a worker across the bridge in gerudo valley.
   You have to go there from hyrule field. Now get speed
   and jump the broken bridge. Talk to the worker and get
   the almost useless broken sword.

8. Take this to the top of the Death mountain. Now where
   the Goron? Man, I couldn't find him for ages! Well, he
   is to the right of the entrance to the crater! Not hard.
   he tells you to go to King Zora and gives you a

9. Take the prescription to Zora's Domain and to the king.
   He will give you the famous eyeball frog. This can spoil
   so take it to the professor in the beginning of the Hyrule
   lake. You will have 3:00. Use Epona and go across Hyrule.
   He will make the eyedrops and yet again you will be timed

10. Take these back to the biggoron. Keep playing the sun song
    until he gives you the most powerful weapon in the game,
    the biggoron's sword.

Ok, now you are ready for the bosses! I will go in order.

Here is a quick list of the bosses:

Queen Gohma
King Dodongo

Phantom Ganon
Bongo Bongo

3.0) Boss FAQ


3.1) Queen Gohma

Location: Deku Tree

Difficulty: 1/10

Items needed: Slingshot, Kokiri sword, Deku Shield

Reward: Kokiri Emerald

As you walk in you might be stunned. Where is the boss? Well,
just look up and you will see an eye. Then with a small cutscene
the boss will begin. The key to defeating the queen is to shoot
the eye, stunning her, then swinging your sword at the stunned eye.
So, L-target to the eye. Sling shot it. Now go up to the eye and
swing the sword at the eye. Now it will climb the wall to the
ceiling. It will drop eggs. Just hit them with your sword before
they hatch. If they do hatch, just keep hitting them. Once all the
eggs are dead, the queen will come back down for you to repeat the
process. Yea, it will take about 4 times to kill the boss. Very
easy in my opinion. Claim the kokiri emerald and get out of there.

3.2) King Dodongo

Location: Dodongo's Cavern

Difficulty: 1/10

Items needed: Bombs, Hylian Shield (optional), Kokiri sword

Reward: Goron's Ruby

Hmmm. Does this get any easier! These bosses are far too easy.
Maybe they are breaks from the long dungeons. Anyway, all he will
do is roll around the arena and then blow fire at you. You can stand
at the edge to dodge the roll or you can just use the Hylian shield.
He just rolls over you when you cover up with the shield. Then he
will crash. Get close to him. He will open his mouth for a power up
to spit fire. Just throw a bomb in his mouth and then hit him with
your sword. Too easy! Do this about 5 times. Finally he dies. Your
reward is the Goron's Ruby.

3.3) Barinade

Location: Jabu Jabu's Belly

Difficulty: 3/10

Items needed: Boomerang, Kokiri sword

Reward: Zora's Sapphire

This boss provides somewhat of a challenge. It consists of a main
body and jellyfish bodyguards. It will spin around. Just dodge it
and shoot your boomerang at the main body by L-targeting. It will
stun it. Now L-target the jellyfish body guards and destroy as many
as you can with your boomerang. Repeat this until you destroy all of
the jellyfish. Once you destroy them all, you will have another set
of bodyguards. Do the same thing. After you kill all of these
bodyguard jellyfish. He will be without any guards. Now is your
chance to hit him. Stun him like you did before with the boomerang.
Now go up to him and swing your sword like crazy. He has measly
little wave attacks. Nothing to worry about. Just dodge them and
continue the process. He will die soon enough. Watch the cutscene
and get the third and final stone, the Zora's Sapphire.


3.4) Phantom Ganon

Location: Forest Temple

Difficulty: 6/10

Items needed: Fairy Bow, Master Sword

Reward: Forest Medallion

Weird, you think that this is really Ganondorf in the beginning. Well
it is not luckily. There will be paintings around the room. This is
what you should concentrate on for the first part of the battle.
Always have your bow out and looking around at the pictures. There
will be two Ganon's on horses. They will be charging towards you!
Don't worry there is hope. Look closely at the Ganon's. One of them
is lighter. That is the REAL one. Keep your arrows pointed towards
that painting. When he starts to come out shoot the arrow at him.
He will go back in as you have hit him. Repeat this 2 more times.
If you get hit don't panic, just repeat the process of looking at
the paintings.

Now for the second part of the boss. After you hit him three times,
he will come out of the painting and fly like a fairy in the air.
His only attack is shooting a ball spell at you. L-target him at
all times. When he shoots the ball at you, deflect it by swinging
your sword at the ball. Be careful! He can deflect the ball again
at you. Just repeat this process. Sometimes you will hit him. Then
he will fall to the ground and you can hit him with your sword.
Repeat this 3-4 more times. When he dies you can pick up the forest

3.5) Volvagia

Location: Fire Temple

Difficulty: 5/10

Items needed: Megaton Hammer, Master Sword, Hylian Shield

Reward: Fire Medallion

The second of the Temple bosses. I would say it is a little bit easier
then Phantom Ganon. Jump on to the small platform and then to the main
one. You will see a cutscene. The dragon will go into the ground.
As you can see, it will come out of one of the holes in the ground.
Go up to it and slam its head with the megaton hammer. Then use your
sword to hit it.

Now it will go back into the ground. A few seconds later it will fly
back up. Just dodge it and wait for it to return into the ground.
The ground is when you repeat the attack cycle. So, it goes back
into the ground. Then it pops back out. Slam its head and hit it
with the sword.

The third stage is Volvagia going high up to where you can't see it.
It will slam boulders at you . Use your shield and point it up. It
will block some of them. In a bit the dragon will come back down.
Wait until the head comes out and slam it. Repeat once more and it
is history! You get the Fire Medallion as a token. Yea!

3.6) Morpha

Location: Water Temple

Difficulty: 7/10

Items needed: Longshot, Master Sword, Hylian Shield

Reward: Water Medallion

This is a harder boss. I really hate it. Let us get by it fast, ya?
Don't worry it's not as bad as I make it sound. Anyway, watch the
cutscene and the boss taunt blah blah blah. Go by the door so you
can avoid the spikes along the wall. Stay on the outside, never on
the middle platforms.

It will throw one attack at you but will multiply (which gets
annoying). The attack is sucking a gel like arm and grabbing
you. This takes about 5 hearts so stay away from it. Always be
moving. When is charges up for the attack, dodge it and wait
for the ball to come up. Long shot it to throw the ball at you.
Now swing your sword at it. This is the way of hitting morpha.

After a while it will have a backup gel arm that you have to worry
about. Yes it is annoying to worry about two but you have to. So
repeat the process with one eye on the ball's gel arm and one on
the backup arm. It takes about 10 hits. It isn't as hard as we
thought! Pick up the heart container and the water medallion.

3.7) Bongo Bongo

Location: Shadow Temple

Difficulty: 8/10

Items needed: Fairy Bow, Master Sword, Lens Of Truth, Biggoron
Sword (optional)

Reward: Shadow Medallion

Ok, first of all, it is very annoying to get bumped up by the drum
but you are going to have to bear with me. This boss is hard but
can be made so simple it is like killing a normal enemy. If you
have the biggoron sword you will have this boss killed in a second.
If not it will be a pretty good challenge.

Ok, to start off, pay attention to the hands. Right in the beginning
shoot one of the hands. Right away shoot the other hand. This must
be done as a one-two process to work. After you stun both hands,
put your lens of truth on. You will get the picture of his eye.
Fire an arrow at the eye. Now it is like the Queen Gohma. Go up
to the eye and hit it like mad with your sword. Now if you have the
biggoron sword you might kill him right here! If not, you will have
repeat this a few more times. Nothing to worry about. Just shoot
both hands without any delay. Don't wait for him to do anything.
After 2-3 more series of hits he will die. You get the shadow
medallion and you have saved Kakiriko Village!

3.8) Twinrova

Location: Spirit Temple

Difficulty: 9/10

Items needed: Mirror Shield, Master Sword

Reward: Spirit Medallion

This is a tricky boss full of strategy. Using this guide is a
HUGE help.

There are two witches to start off. One of them will get ready to
shoot a magic spell at you. Quickly L-target that witch and deflect
the magic. You are hoping for the magic to deflect onto the other
witch. If it does not, repeat the cycle. If it does, wait for the
next spell and deflect it onto the witch by L-targeting the witch
that you want to hit. This will cause damage. Do this two more times
to cause the witches to turn into their second form.

The second form are the witches combined. Yikes! This is easier!
Hold your shield out. The goal is to absorb three of the same
spells in a row. Once you have gotten all three, the magic will
deflect back at Twinrova. Now go up to it and hit it with your
sword (preferably the biggoron's sword). Do this 2-4 more times.
It will finally die! The last boss of the Temples is dead! Now
get out of here and never come back! You will get the final
spirit medallion!

3.9) Ganondorf

Location: Ganon's Tower

Difficulty: 8/10

Items needed: Light arrows, Longshot, master sword

Reward: Find out for yourself!

This is a fairly easy part of the last boss battle. You will be
using the same strategy as the Phantom Ganon boss. Ganondorf
will shoot the magic energy balls straight at you. Although you
can not L-target, deflecting the balls with your sword will still
deflect them right at him. After a few, he will be stunned.

Now, shoot a light arrow right at him. Then pull yourself at him
by using the longshot. Swing you sword at him as many times as
you can. He will then get back up. This time his attack is trickier.
Although it is tricky, it is not at all hard. He will shoot multiple
energy balls at you. Don't worry! Use the almighty spin attack by
holding down B. This will deflect every last one of the energy balls
right back at him. Repeat this a few more times. He will again be
stunned. Shoot a light arrow and longshot up to him. Swing like crazy.
Repeat this a few more times until he is dead! You did it! Right?

Anyway, get out of the castle and follow Zelda. Until...

3.10) Ganon

Location: Ganon's Tower

Difficulty: 4/10

Items needed: Biggoron's sword (optional), Megaton hammer

Reward: Great Ending!

Ganon has revived into a second boss. Right when you though you had
beat him! Do not worry at all. This is the easiest final boss I have
ever fought in my life.

First of all, you do not have a master sword. It was knocked off as
you probably already know. So you must use one of the two, biggoron's
sword or the megaton hammer. The only weak spot on Ganon is his tail.
The minor difficulty is that he always faces you. This is not a
problem. Now that you can L-target, L-target him. Get in close to
him. This will make him want to attack. You on the other hand want to
dodge his attack, so you must backflip (back+A). He will be stunned in
a way leaving you the opportunity to roll under his legs and swing at his
tail. Repeat this until he collapses.

Now you can go pick up the master sword as it is the only weapon that can
finish off the poor helpless Ganon. With the Master Sword you can use the
same strategy of rolling between his legs and attacking his tail. Before
you know it he is DEAD! You will have now completely beaten this game!
Enjoy the ending as it is a very good one.

4.0) Version History

3/01/03: Version 1.0 Finished FAQ
3/02/03: Version 1.1 Added Biggoron's sword directions
3/02/03: Version 1.2 Added to credits
3/03/03: Version 1.3 Added to credits
3/05/03: Version 1.4 Added to credits
3/09/03: Final Put some art up.
3/21/03: Final Due to complaints, I fixed the triforce
3/06/04: Final Been almost a year, but I had to add an Email Policy and change
         my contributor name.

5.0) Legal Info

This document is (c) copyright 2003-2004 to BSalari for use only on the 
internet at the following sites. Failure to follow the copyright laws will 
result in a law suit. If you wish to obtain the FAQ on a site/magazine etc. you
must consult with me through electronic mail. I must give clear instructions
and you must follow those instructions.

If permission is given to you, please do not change the content of format of
the FAQ. It is meant to stay in this state until I say otherwise. So, again,
if you wish to use this FAQ in any way, pleace consult with me. Thanks you,
and the following sites may use this FAQ at the present date.


6.0) Credits
Thanks to:

Nintendo for making this bonus disc.

CJayC for posting this.

Jared Hungle: (If you wear the hover boots during Bongo Bongo, you will
              not be bouncing.)

Turok9000: (Go to the corner of the room when figting Morpha. Here he cannot
           hit you.)

Tym Zero: (When fighting Twinrova, use the shield manually instead of

Kanel 123:
I just have a few different methods of defeating certain bosses:

Gohma: L-Target her the whole time. You can keep it like this even when
she climbs to the ceiling and can even avoid the egg dropping if you shoot
her red eye and she'll fall down and be stunned for a LONG time. You can
easily defeated her during this time if you hack like hell.

Volvagia: Hang off the edge of the island and you won't get hit by the
falling boulders.

Ganondorf: Put on your Hover Boots and stay in the one of the corners.
When Ganondorf is stunned you can walk up to him without using the longshot.
Make you actually walk have the corner's point or you may fall down.

Ganon: L-target and as you get close to Ganon, he'll lower his weapons for
a split second. Thats when you should shoot him with the longshot. He'll be
stunned and shake his head, thats when you can use the biggoron's sword,
megaton hammer or the longshot. The second time when you have the master
sword, repeat the same strategy, but because Ganon will be quicker, use the
Light Arrow instead of the longshot. Ganon will stand straight up and will
be stunned for quite a bit as you hack away at his tail with the master sword.
Repeat until he's no more.

OK, so I know of an alternate way to beat Bongo Bongo other than incapacitating
both hands and shooting the moving eye.  The method goes like this:

Equip the Ice Arrows (previously thought to be useless) and fire them at one of
the hands, much like a Longshot or regular arrow.  The Ice Arrow, however,
freezes the hand.  The other hand now tries to break the first hand out of the
ice.  Now, take the Lens of Truth and turn it on, then find the eye which
became visible to the Lens when the hand got frozen.  Shoot it with the
Longshot (or Arrow), then, if you got a good angle (sometimes you wind up
behind Bongo Bongo when you do this), stab him like normal.  The eye doesn't
even move towards you using this method.

You for reading this.

- You can be added if you e-mail me a tipp.

[email protected]

8.0) E-Mail Policy

Hey everyone. This is the e-mail policy portion of this FAQ. I am going to 
list what I believe to be "acceptable" or "unacceptable" e-mails. Of course,
it would be very wise of you to correctly e-mail me if you are hoping for a 
response. Also, if you have made a mistake when e-mailing me, it is very likely
I will block you so that you cannot send me any more messages. So, now that 
you all know what will happen if you incorrectly e-mail me, you have to find 
out what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Please read below.

Do you have information that we have not covered in this FAQ? Well, read below.
If you happen to know something in the FAQ please e-mail me. I am always
interested in adding information from readers, but there are a few exceptions.
If this FAQ is NOT labeled "Final" as its version, your added information may
not neccessarily be used. I could possibly already know your information, but
have not gotten to that section yet. So, do not guarantee that I will post your 
comments just because you were nice enough to e-mail us.

Now, for a little more about an "acceptable" e-mail, let's talk about the 
subject of the e-mail. I get a lot of e-mails about other FAQs that I have
written, so I can easily miss your e-mail unless you identify it. So, in the
subject line, please include the words "Zelda Boss FAQ" in your subject
line. This makes it a lot easier to sort things out in my e-mail. If you do
not refer to what game you are commenting/asking for help on, I will most 
likely ignore the entire e-mail. 

The last aspect that we would like to talk about is reading the FAQ. If you are
in doubt, check around the entire FAQ before coming to us for direct help. It
is likely that information is in other parts of the FAQ, and not neccessarily 
the part that you are looking at during that very moment. Any comments that are
already answered in this FAQ will simply be ignored and blocked, as I have
taken a lot of time to write this guide for you, you can do a little something
for me as well.

If any of the above guidelines are not followed correctly your e-mails will be
considered "unacceptable" and I am sure you know what that means. I personally
think that it will be simple to follow the guidelines, and you will not have to
worry very much about the process. Thank you, again, for your cooperation.

End Of Document