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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time / Master Quest Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest


Enemy & Boss Guide

by Cez

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Cezís Guide to Monsters

In this game you will encounter a wide variety of enemies. This guide is here to tell you what they are, what they look like, and how to deal with them. Enemies are listed by order of appearance, with notes on their appearance, where to find them, and other important details. They are divided into 2 groups: standard enemies, and bosses.

Standard enemies

Deku Baba: These plant-like enemies are native to the Kokiri Forest and the Great Deku Tree. If theyíre upright, slice them for a Deku Stick. If not, take them out for Deku Nuts. Theyíre fairly weak, and shouldnít pose much of a threat.

Skulltula: These skull-faced spiders will appear in most dungeons. They are immune to most attacks from the front, so wait for them to spin round and shoot their soft underbelly. Once youíve got the Hookshot or Bow, you can take them out easily from any side.

Skullwalltula: A relative of the Skulltula, this variant lives on walls. It poses virtually no threat, but will charge at you if you climb close to it. Dinís Fire, or any long-range attack, will remove it.

Golden Skulltula: Easily identified by its distinctive sounds, the Golden Skulltula is a rare monster, often known as a ĎSpider of the curseí. There are 100 in the entire game, and each leaves a token behind when defeated. They are found in dungeons, grottos, trees and many other places. They usually come out at night. The more you kill, the richer youíll get. Apparently, thereís a way to get more than 100...

Deku Scrub: These creatures live in the Great Deku Tree. They spit nuts at Link, which can be deflected with the shield. Once beaten, these guys will give you some useful info. And remember, twenty-three is number one!

Gohma Larva: A baby cycloptic spider, the spawn of the Queen Gohma. These critters are found in the Great Deku Tree, where they dwell inside their eggs on the ceiling. If possible, shoot them down before they can hatch.

Peahat: A helicopter-like creature found on Hyrule Field. They are fast and dangerous, so try to avoid them. Long-range attacks can destroy them easily.

Peahat Larva: A smaller version of the above monster. Faster but weaker. Shoot it down with anything long-range.

Stalchild: A small skeletal enemy native to Hyrule Field. They cannot walk in the sunlight, however, and will seek refuge underground when the night has faded. A horizontal attack can decapitate them, making them less accurate with their attacks. It takes two hits to defeat a Stalchild. Just donít kill too many, or they might get angry...

Mad Scrub: A relative of the Deku Scrub found in the Lost Woods. It will spit three nuts at a time. Reflect one onto it to uproot the Scrub, and then hit it again to kill it.

Red Tektite: A red spider-like enemy, perhaps a relative of the Gohma, native to Death Mountain. It will attack by hopping at Link. Doesnít sound especially threatening, does it? A few decent sword hits will end it.

Keese: A bat found in most caves and dark places. It will attack on sight, but doesnít pose much of a threat. A well-timed sword slash will drop it, or good aim with a long-range attack. Donít use anything flammable against it, or itíll turn into...

Fire Keese: A flaming Keese. If this thing hits you, youíll catch fire, so roll or swing your sword to extinguish the flames. Make sure youíre not using a Deku Shield when this hits you, or itíll burn up!

Business Scrub: Another Deku Scrub found in caves and grottos. If you hit it, itíll try to sell you something. Can you say Ďrip-offí?

Baby Dodongo: A small dinosaur found in the Dodongoís Cavern, this enemy attacks by ramming into you. Land a hit and itíll detonate. Try setting off a chain reaction with a bunch of these.

Dodongo: This dinosaur will eat anything. That includes bombs, so it has an obvious weak point. Watch out for the flames it breathes, and be warned that it explodes when defeated.

Beamos: A yellow pillar-like statue found in dungeons. If it sees you, itíll shoot a laser. And lasers hurt. Throw a bomb to defeat it.

Dinalfos: A sword-wielding dinosaur native to Dodongoís Cavern. It will often attack in pairs. One will attack, and will retreat to let the other attack after it has taken enough damage. Focus only on the one that comes forward to attack.

Blue Tektite: Red Tektiteís more annoying aquatic cousin. The Blue Tektite is found at Lake Hylia, and in the Water Temple. It can walk on water, so donít go swimming near it. Take it down as you would a red one.

Octorok: A purple rock-spitting octopus and regular of the Zelda series, Octoroks are found wherever there is water. These enemies can be defeated in two ways; by hitting them with a long-range attack, or by reflecting their rocks back at them. Your choice.

Bari: A large jellyfish found inside Jabu Jabuís Belly. It is electric, so donít slice it. Use a Boomerang, or throw something at it. Once defeated, it will split into...

Biri: A smaller jellyfish. Also native to Jabu Jabuís Belly, this enemy is electrified, so donít stab it. Boomerangs and thrown items work brilliantly.

Bubble: I forget the actual name of these monsters, but theyíre not particularly dangerous. They burst on contact, even if they hit Link. Not very damaging, either.

Stinger: A stingray found in Jabu Jabuís Belly. Hit it with the Boomerang to draw it out of the water, then take it down as you see fit.

Tailparasan: A claw with a long tail. This enemy is found in Jabu Jabuís Belly, and will only expose its vulnerable (but electric) tail when approached. A Boomerang works well on this one.

Parasitic Tentacle: An easily-defeated enemy found in Jabu Jabuís Belly. Lock onto it and ready your Boomerang, then approach it. When it draws back, throw the Boomerang to hit its weak spot. Repeat until it falls off. This will remove one of the electrical pillars blocking the various doors and passages of Jabuís Belly.

ReDead: A zombie enemy found in the Shadow Temple, Hyrule Market (as an adult) and Kakariko Graveyard. They will scream if they see Link, stopping you fro running away. They will then climb onto his back and... well, letís not go into detail. Use the Fire Spin to defeat them easily, or just play the Sunís Song to freeze them.

Poe: A ghost found in Kakariko Graveyard. It will disappear if you target it, so use any long range attacks, or just untargeted sword slashes, to kill it. You can capture a defeated Poe in a bottle.

Big Poe: Large Poes found on Hyrule Field as an adult. They move quickly, and you can only keep up with them while riding Epona. Shoot them down with the Bow. They say that these Poes are very valuable, if shown to the right people...

Sharp and Flat: The Composer Brothers. These guys are found in Kakariko Village. If you read either of their gravestones next to the Royal Familyís Tomb, its resident will attack you. He wonít disappear when targeted, so sword him up.

Moblin: A pig-faced, spear-wielding warrior employed by Ganondorf to guard the Lost Woods. They will charge at Link on sight. Use the Hookshot to bring them down, or just avoid them.

Great Moblin: A club-wielding Moblin. He guards the path between the Forest Maze and the Forest Temple. Dodge his attacks and slip past him, or shoot him with the Hookshot. Your choice.

Wolfos: A werewolf native to the Forest Temple. It will defend itself if attacked, but lets its guard down to attack. Dodge its attacks and hit its tail for an instant kill.

Big Deku Baba: As the name implies, this is a larger version of the Deku Baba. It is found in the Forest Temple. Kill it as you would a smaller version.

Blue Bubble: A flying skull surrounded by blue flame. It can only be killed when the flame is extinguished. Use your shield or Hookshot to put the fire out, and then slash it up.

Stalfos: A skeleton warrior found in the Forest and Shadow Temples. It will usually attack in pairs. Wait for it to drop its guard and attack. If you leave one dead for too long, it will regenerate.

WallMaster: The WallMaster is a huge black hand. It lives in the Forest and Shadow Temples, and in Ganonís Castle. If you see your shadow getting bigger, run! The WallMaster does not attack, but will remove you from the dungeon. When the telltale groaning begins and the shadow appears, count to three and release a blast of Dinís Fire.

FloorMaster: WallMasterís less annoying cousin. FloorMaster is also found in the Forest and Shadow Temples. It will turn green, float into the air and charge at Link. A decent hit will split it into three. Take these out before it can reform.

Green Bubble: A relative of the Blue Bubble, this enemy has green fire instead of red. It will hover on the spot, and its flame will disappear periodically. Hit it when it does.

Red Bubble: Another member of the Bubble family found in the Fire Temple, Red Bubble lives in lava, and will jump out to attack. Itís easier to avoid this one than to kill it.

Torch Slug: A flaming slug found in the Fire Temple. Hit it to put the fire out, then hit it a few more times to kill it. The megaton hammer can flip it onto its back for easy killing.

Like Like: A jelly-like enemy found in the Fire and Water Temples, and Ganonís Castle. A few Arrows can kill it. If you get too close, it will try to steal your items. It can steal Deku and Hylian Shields, and Goron and Zora Tunics. Kill it fast enough and you get them back.

Ice Keese: A frozen version of the common Keese. If this hits you, youíll be frozen. And I know you donít like being frozen, so shoot it down.

Freezard: A living lump of ice. It slides across the floor and tries to freeze Link with its frozen breath. Use bombs or Dinís Fire for a quick result.

Shell Blade: A spiked clam found in the Water Temple. Shell Blades will open briefly, exposing their weak point, then charge at Link. Use the Hookshot to hit its internal muscle.

Spike: A spiky metal ball found in the Water Temple. Hit it to make it retract its spikes, then again to destroy it.

Guay: A crow found at Lake Hylia, this enemy will attack in a manner similar to the common Keese. Be careful not to get too sword-happy, or you might regret it...

Gibdo: Like a ReDead, but mummified. These enemies move and attack exactly the same as their more exposed friends. The Sunís Song still works a treat against them.

Leever: A green blob. Thatís the best way to describe these enemies. They will home in on the direction Link is travelling in, so change direction to avoid them. Like the Guays and Stalchildren, Leevers will have a nasty surprise in store if you kill too many...

Anubis: A brown cobra-like enemy found in child Linkís bit of the Spirit Temple. I donít actually know how, or indeed, if these things attack. Use Dinís Fire to clear them out easily.

White Bubble: The last of the Bubble family, these ones are completely devoid of their flame. Use this to defeat them easily.


Queen Gohma: A giant cycloptic spider and boss of the Great Deku Tree. Use the Slingshot or a Deku Nut to stun it when its eye turns red, and then slash it. If it goes onto the ceiling, shoot it down quickly before it spawns three Gohma Larvae. If youíre quick, you can take it out the first time.

King Dodongo: A massive dinosaur enemy. You should already have some idea of how to drop this guy from your encounters with his offspring. Throw a bomb into his mouth and sword him. Run and stand in a corner when he rolls. Repeat until he takes a swimming lesson in the lava. With jump attacks, you can knock him out with three or four hits.

Big Octo: The mini-boss of Jabu Jabuís Belly, this is a giant Octorok. Hence the name. Hit it with the Boomerang to stun it, and then hit it again when it starts to spin. Repeat until itís facing away from you, and then lay into its green backside with your sword.

Barinade: The boss of Jabu Jabuís Belly. Use the Boomerang on the tentacles holding it top the ceiling, dodging the blasts of electricity. Once itís been severed, hit the main body with the Boomerang. Itís worth taking out as many of the Baris as you can at this point. When youíve taken the last of them out, you can attack the main body. Stun it with the Boomerang and sword it.

The Poe Sisters: Amy, Beth, Joelle and Meg. I forget which is which, but they each have distinct strategies. For the red and blue ones, target them and shield when they turn invisible and spin attack you. Shoot them when they become visible, and repeat until dead. The green is basically the same, but faster, and she stays invisible for longer. Purple, however, is tougher. When the four purple Poes encircle Link, target the one who spins round and shoot her. This is the real one. Ignore the others, youíll only get kicked in if you try and shoot them at random. Repeat until the last one has passed on, and move on to...

Phantom Ganon: Stand in a corner when the battle starts, so you can see as many of the paintings as possible. Watch Phantom as he rides down the path on his horse, and always check which paintings heís in. There is usually a fake to confuse you. Once youíve found the real one, shoot him as soon as he shows himself. When he loses his horse, use your Master Sword or an empty bottle (no, really) to reflect his attack back. Sword him when he gets hit. Repeat until dead. Remember this strategy, youíll need it.

Flare Dancer:  The mini-boss of the Fire Temple. Youíll fight this guy twice. When he first appears, hurl a bomb at him and charge up a Fire Spin. Release it when he gets close, and repeat until he dies. Stay away after the final blow, because he tends to self-destruct. Talk about a sore loser.

Volvagia: The dragon resurrected by Ganondorf to terrorise the Gorons and generally just be a pain in the neck. Clobber him with the Megaton Hammer when he shows his face. When he flies up high, heíll do one of two things. If he stays quite low, heíll breathe fire. Target his head and stay behind it. If he goes to the ceiling, heíll drop rocks. Walk to the edge and hang onto it. Donít sprint off, because I know people who do that, and itís stupid. Climb back up when he comes down and repeat until he dies.

White Wolfos: The boss of the Ice Cavern, this snowy canine is identical to the Forest Templeís door staff except for colour alone. Kill it as you would a normal Wolfos.

Dark Link: I like this guy. Youíll find him hanging around the Water Temple as a mini-boss. You canít hurt him with the Master Sword, Hookshot, Bow, bombs... What can you hurt him with, you ask? Dinís Fire (which uses a truckload of magic if you rely on it the whole time), the Biggoron Sword (if youíve got it, which you probably should by now), or the Megaton Hammer (best choice, if you ask me). Keep beating on him until he disappears for good.

Morpha: The Water Templeís boss. A bit disappointing, when you think about it, but never mind. Use the Longshot to pull the brain out of the water and sword it. Dodge the tentacles when they come up, because no-one likes to be thrown. Keep grappling and stabbing until the fightís over.

Dead Hand: The boss of the Bottom of the Well, and the mini-boss of the Shadow Temple. Dead Hand will sink into the ground, so make sure you have plenty of health, and get caught by one of the hands. When he comes back, chop him up.

Bongo Bongo: The boss of the Shadow Temple, Bongo Bongo is invisible when the fight starts. Use the Lens of Truth to reveal him, and put an arrow into each hand. After this, sword his eye repeatedly. Use a Fire Spin if it rushes you. Repeat until it dies. Not too difficult, was it?

Iron Knuckle: A huge armoured axe-wielding monster that acts as mini-boss of both the Spirit Temple and Ganonís Castle. Try not to get hit by the axe too much, and slash it until its armour falls off. After this, it gets much easier. You can usually get them to destroy stuff, revealing extra health and magic. Thereís supposedly one in the Spirit Temple thatís more ruthless and powerful than the others. It looks somewhat familiar, come to think of it...

Twinrova: The hags that imprisoned Nabooru inside the Iron Knuckle statue, and Ganondorfís surrogate mothers. Donít ask me how thatís supposed to work. Anyway, when the fight starts, keep an eye on which witch (no pun intended) tries to attack. Target the other one and hold up the Mirror Shield. The attack should reflect onto the one you targeted. After a few rounds of this, theyíll combine into their true form. Use the Mirror Shield to absorb three of the same type of attack. Donít get different ones, or youíll be in for a world of pain. After absorbing three attacks, theyíll be reflected back at Twinrova. Hurry over to her platform and sword her. Repeat until dead, and watch the very funny cut-scene.

Ganondorf: Here it is, the grand finale. Run to the edge of the room when the fight starts, because Ganondorf will destroy most of the floor. Remember the Phantom Ganon fight? Well, think about that, but take out the horse bit, and youíre on the right track. Reflect his attacks back at him until he gets hit (this might take a while, Ganondorf has very good aim), then put a Light Arrow in his face. Jump across and sword him. You can tell how far done he is by looking at his cape; the more holes, the better. If he charges up a huge ball of darkness, you can either Fire Spin it back at him, or take the lazy option and shoot it with a Light Arrow. Eventually, the battle will end, and Hyrule will be saved once again.

Ganon: Ha! Fooled you! Okay, now it really is the final battle. To start with, equip either the Megaton Hammer of the Biggoron Sword. Shoot Ganon in the face with a Light Arrow when he drops his guard, then roll between his legs and batter his tail. You have to repeat this for a while until the ring of fire disappears. Quickly run and get the Master Sword. From this point onwards, Ganon will be faster, stronger and more aggressive. Repeat the same process until he falls to the ground, at which point Zelda will stun him with a beam of light. Finish him off and bring peace to Hyrule.