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Tales of Symphonia Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Tales of Symphonia

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We have a collection of cheats that includes getting easy money, recieve the Figurine book and a complete list of Lloyd's techs.

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We have 31 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Tales of Symphonia please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2

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Fight against Aviation

Aquire all 9 (Darkness Weapons)
Now go to Darkness Temple to fight Aviation!

Tales of Symphonia Cheats

Completion Bonuses:
Save the game when you have successfully completed it then reload the
cleared game file. The Game Record, Mania and Sound Test options will now be unlocked at the Title screen and if you go to the Grade shop you will be able to access new items.
Fight against Aviation:
Once you have all 9 Darkness Weapons go to the Darkness Temple to fight
Falcon Crest:
Use the secret tech by pressing X+A +B which is called the Falcon crest when Lloyd is low on health (red) and he has the Material Blade equipped.

Best unison attack combo ever!

I don't know if this is exactly a "cheat", but by far the best unison attack combo in the game is one called "Prism Stars." Have Genis cast a level three advanced spell, such as Cyclone or Explosion, and make Raine cast Ray. The result is a barrage of 50+ hit combos with holy damage to boot. I am a low level, and this attack already does over 12,000 damage! This also helps getting your max combo counter up to 60 and above.

General Stuff

Aiight look, this are my hints. Well for one I got a combo for Lloyd: attack 3 times, use "sword rain", then use "beast". (You get beast and sword rain later in the game if you dont have it).
Once you get Raine and if you decide to put her in your party, it'd be smart to have her: stay away from the enemy, and to have her heal everyone. It'll save life bottles and health items.
With Kratos you should have him protect the weakest chartacter and/or attack same. With attack same it will kill enemies faster because when your not attacking, chances are that he is.
Genis is more of a magical type so keep him on move freely but make him use his magic a lot. He learns a really good attack: "stalagmite" which is VERRY strong for where I'm at.
Then a..

Restore Luin

You can start to restore Luin after Raine heals Pietro's sickness.
In order to restore Luin you have to donate a certain amount of Gald. If you donate too much you won't get the other Gald back and it will not be added to your next donation.
You must donate in steps. After you donate walk out and back in Luin to see a change.
Stages 1-7 can be completed before you go to Tethe'alla for the first time.
Stages 8-15 can be completed once you return to Sylvarant
1 - - - - 5,000 - - - - Pietro thanks you
2 - - - - 12,000 - - - - A new resident moves in
3 - - - - 21,500 - - - - Name changes to "Luin: City of Rebirth
4 - - - - 15,000 - - - - More workers move into town to help rebuild
5 - - - ..

Lousy Imposters Sidequest

Track down the imposters in the following order:
1. After defeating Kvar at the Asgard Human Ranch, return to the stone altar at Asgard.
2. Balacruf Mausoleum, to the left of the temple entrance.
3. Luin, in front of the item shop during stage 10 of reconstruction, after the weapon shop reopens.
4. Asgard, after clearing the Iselia Human Ranch stage.

Alternate Costumes

These alternate costumes are really just titles that change the appearance of your character. Get Lloyd's "Arggh, Me Hearties" title by rebuilding Luin and (you must have Zelos in your party) speaking with a pirate named Aifread next to the boat. Colette's "Maid" Costume is received by entering the castle in Meltokio (once again, Zelos must be in your party) and talking to two maids around the royal library. They'll hire Colette as a maid, and you'll get to see a funny scene. Then Colette gets her Maid costume. Genis gets his "Katz Katz Katz" costume in Meltokio, too. Go to the slums and a kid chasing a Katz will appear. Go to the Katz Village in Sylvarant (it's in the top left corner of your map) and talk to the mayor of the village. He's spinning around near the top. Return to the Meto..

Easter Eggs

This is not realy a cheat but funny things found in the game for people that like that kinda stuff I do. I found 6 can you find more?
1. In Palmacosta on the steam boat there are two poeple re-in-acting a sine from the Titanic.
2. The Straw Hat that you can equip is Luffy's from One Pice wich was a realy famus cartoon in japan before it came to the U.S.
3.In the slums of Meltokio there is a man looking for a cute girl that sells flowers the person he is looking for is Airth form FF7.
4.After clearing Party Advanced Level in the arena there will be an Exhibition match with characters from other Tales games and they are Garr, Farah Oersted and Meredy.
5.In the top-left corner of Flanoir there are three statues and one of them is Namco'..

Free itens and gald

First get Zelos and equip him with the Ex-gem level 2. Use the personal and it done. Talk with the people( evan in Sylvarant) and they will give money and items.
NOTE: It will only work with female people.

Game cube in game

Before you get to any seals. When you get to the desert oasis lloyd gets captured and taken to a jail for excution. There is a room that has three piers against the far left wall. Hit them with the sorcers ring and they will turn an object in the floor which is a gamecube. You turn them more to get a better look.

easy money

Go to the temple of earth and go through the "secret" passageway and fight the dragon.Beat him and you get 10,000 Gald.Leave and come back and fight again.10,000 Gald each time.
(hint:this will help you with the luin reconstuction.)
Shadowraptor :^D

most powerful weapons in the game.

Lloyd: Kusanagi Blade
Kratos: Crystal Dagger
Zelos: Last Fencer
Regal: Dynast
Presea: Gaia Cleaver
Colette: Angel's Halo
Sheena: Divine Judgement
Genis: One World
Rain: Crystal Rod

Receive the Figurine Book

After defeating Kvar at the Asgard Human Ranch, speak to Harley in his workshop. He will give you the figurine book and a few pellets to start you out. Take the book to Dirk, and start filling it up. There are lots of different types of pellets, and the certain figurines have to be made in specific parts of the game. Also, make sure you have a sufficient pellet supply when you attempt processing.

Zelos's talent

Set one of Zelos's Ex Skills to 'Personal'. This enables him to receive items when talking to Ladies. Now, Equip Zelos with two rabbit's feet. This increases his luck. This increases you chances of receiving rare pellets or an houglass from a lady.


If you have a shortcut assigned to a member that is a magical one, hold down L to store it until you are ready to use it.

Whoever you prefer...

As soon as you get more characters in the game, be sure to try them all out. The game plays much better (and is a whole lot more fun) if you play with who you are comfortable with. Are you an action-packed fighter? Try out Lloyd or Regal. Or are you much more fit to sit in the back and cast spells? Genis and Raine are the top choices here. It all comes down to how you like to play this game.

Something for Genis fans...

Tired of Genis' spellcasting being interrupted? Simply put on these ex-gems, which will combine to give him an ex-combo that will make his casting go uninterrupted!
Put these on Genis: (you will NOT be able to get these at the beginning of the game, so don't try...)
-Lv. 4 ex-gem: Spell Save
-Lv. 4 ex-gem: Spell Charge
-Lv. 4 ex-gem: Speed Cast
-Lv. 3 ex-gem: Rythm
The quickest way to get this ex-combo is to save up every level four ex gem you find and put it on Genis. Don't waste them on anybody else.

Unison Combos and things to Know!

This may be more of a hint, but... These are some combos as well as something nice to know. First, after you defeat the dragon in Vinhiem, enter, but don't use the portal I repeat, DON'T! Go back to the Colliseum in Meltokio. Beat Advanced mode with a person to obtain a secret weapon. Now, Kratos and Zelos obtain the Excalibur.... However, before going to Flanior to see a doctor around the part where you find out Kratos is your other dad, beat the Colliseum with Zelos and then beat advanced a second or third time I forget. You will face Zelos` sister, Seles. Defeat her and obtain the Last Fencer and an Elemental Tiara... They say the last fencer is the best weapon for Kratos and Zelos... Or is the excalibur? Anyhoo, Get Kratos instead of Zelos. Defeat Zelos. Go back to the Colisseum, and..

About Gnome

Ok in the earth temple in Tethe'alla when you fight Gnome if you lose all he will do is tell you to learn a thing or two from Mithos.

the devil arms

To get the devil arms first go the trozie vally mine go to were the smached spining rock was then examine it you will get colletes then go to falnior you will se a man hurt at the entrance talk to him then get loyids then you can really start geting for shenna's go to alltessa house then talk to the knome there now go to the earth temple go to were you fight the dragionwas then see a groupe of knomes go past them to get shenna's now to get the dagger for zellos and kratos go to the forest next to alltseas host there will be a bush os grass unde it yuo get theres now for the sword go to tirent first speek to the guy sdanding in front of the fruit stand then go norht then talk to guy next to the dog no go to a glowing point nw of tirent you fight a giant worm then you get the swor..

the other devil arms

Srry about not puting it all in one cheat k how do get persas go to lethon grogre and go down to were the river is there will be a box open it and get persas next is genis go to altirma go to the inn she will ask will you go out tonight awser yes.go to the place were the train thing is get on it go to th east when you get of the talk to the guy to get the for regals go to the angle city go to the biulding next to were you got the shard thingy.and you got go and talk to the devil arm dude and go to the trail were colton get rains from them next go to the dark temple to were you faught shadow but watch out the dude lied to you now you fight but he his tough he has 1200000 hp kill him and the devil arms get stronger yay.


Go to cats village with 0 Gald and talk to the cat near the cat thats sleeping. He'll say something and then change your level to 1.well not to him again and he'll say he was kidding.

Mystery of Maxwell

"It's been told that the first leader of Exire formed a pact with Maxwell and turned it into a floating city in the sky..."
Maxwell is the sumon spirit of birth. he's the last one you'll find in the game. To fight him, you have to have the derris emblem (obtained in welgia). You must also show him proof that you have formed pacts with other summon spirits (equip the rings you received). Maxwell is a good spirit to summon during battle, because of his attack 'meteor storm'.

Great Exp and Gald

Now, this hint is not available to all players. You just have to make sure you already summoned Gnome, the the summon spirit of Earth in Tetthe'alla. Now, go to the Temple of Earth and go to the dragon by going through the secret passage. Fight the dragon, BUT I recommend having Genis, Raine, and two other melee fighters (although I recommend Colette for one of them).
This is easier if you are at least level 60 and Raine has Ray, Genis has cyclone, and Colette has Stardust Cross for best results. Now, I just had Raine, Colette, and -third melee fighter- do whatever they wanted, as I was playing Genis. I had Genis constantly cast Ice tornado, and I fought the dragon three times (get out of the secret passage and go back in to refresh the dragon) to enable Unison Attack. So, for..

How to use risisng phoenix

Once you learn the rising falcon equip the garnet to lloyd.


Okay this is how to beat him.
1)have genis and raine in party.
2)make raine only use revitalize.
3)have full item stock of apple,orange,lemon,and pinapple gel and life bottles. And mabye some mangel gel(in case you run out of orange gels) and last 1 all-divide.
4)use the most strongest wepons you have.
5)u.attack genis-explosion,raine-ray.
As soon as the battle begins use all-divide.always use the u.attack when you can.the player you use always use a attack that knocks him down,also use it when he's about to use a spell.almost always block.when raine and/or genis doesn't have enough mp use a orange or lemon and pinapple gels use as you like.and also be the decoy.this'll also be the longest battle because he is stronger than beat..

A complete list of Lloyd's techs

remember: t = technical, s = strike
*Note: this is the same order as it would appear on the game's list.
Lv. 1 demon fang
double demon fang (can have one or the other, but not both at the same time)
Lv. 2 fierce demon fang
demonic chaos
Lv. 3 demonic circle
Lv. 1 tiger blade
tiger rage
Lv. 2 heavy tiger blade
Lv. 3 twin tiger blade
Lv. 1 sonic thrust
hurricane thrust
Lv. 2 super sonic thrust
Lv. 1 sword rain
sword rain: alpha
Lv. 2 sonic sword rain
Lv. 1 tempest
omega tempest
Lv. 2 Psi tempest
Lv. 2 Beast
raging beast
Lv. 3 hunting beast
Lv. 3 rising falcon
Lv. 3 demonic thrust
Lv. 3 tempest beast
Lv. 3 raining tiger blade
Lv. 3 guardian

God Mode

So far I can only do this for Lloyd and Kratos this is what you do
1. Make sure there is no one in the party that can heal
2.Make Lloyd or Kratos realy week so the next time they git hit they die
3.Have them do a hid air move like Light Spear and make sure they get hit and die
For some strange reson Kratos or Lloyd wont die they git back up and there HP is 0 and when they git hit they don't die and it can stay like this as long as they don't get healed. NOTE: This is random so some times they might die

Sword dancer 1... And I need help

Ok your can first see the sword dancer in the tunnel after you beat sheena on ossa trail. Go inside the tunnel, go straight to the end and then you will see a skull. Be sure to bring lots of healing items. He is very strong and has low hp (high for that part of the game) I suggest going back after you reach the lown of luin and asgard.
And now my problems: I have a question on the questions page about where to go after the wind seal. I went to luin but it wasn't in shambles. No walkthough is telling me where to go it only tells me that luin is goin to be in shambles. So plz answer my question. :D ill rate it a 10 if you do and it's valid.

How to get 100+ Combos.... Easy!

Okay... You will need Genis, Lloyd, and Colette to pull this off. You need to be Lloyd... (NOTE: you only need to be Lloyd to get "Combo Master".) anyway, set one of his shortcuts (c-stick) to Genis' "Tidal Wave". NOTE: You may want to save outside of the Temple of Earth with a full unison gage, as this will take a few tries. Anyway, the unison layout should be like this:
Lloyd: Sword Rain: Alpha
Colette: Hammer Rain
Genis: Tidal Wave
Presea: Endless Infliction
Okay, you will also need an Hourglass.
Next, go to the Temple of Earth. Save outside (optional; recommended). NOTE: Make sure the strat. For your characters is "Hold Position". Or, if other people are playing, make sure they don't attack. Enter, and fight the Dragon. Make Genis use Tidal W..

How do yo restore the towns that get distroyed?

I canot find how to restore the towns that are destroyed in the game.So can someone help me?

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