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by HydroKirby

Super Smash Brothers Melee Guide for Mewtwo
  Wow. What a boring title.
Version 1.3

First off, let me check what 79 characters make...
Huh. That's 78, but that'll do.


   Put Brackets [ ] around the numbers before you use Ctr + F. The 1st list
is the shortened version.

00 - Index (heh)
01 - About Mewtwo
02 - Attacks
03 - Weight List
04 - Combos
05 - Dodging
06 - Recovering
07 - Aerial Fighting
08 - Reflecting
09 - Edge Gaurding
10 - Meteor Smashing
11 - Using the Shadow Ball
12 - Checking the Damage Counter
13 - Getting up from a Fall
14 - Getting up from an Edge
15 - Battle Pointers
16 - Mewtwo's Competition
17 - Getting used to Mewtwo
18 - Training/Getting Better
19 - Advanced Techniques
20 - Bonus Stages
21 - Mind Games
22 - Soul Breaker (Glitch)
23 - Copyrights
24 - Version History
25 - Reason for this Guide
26 - Contacting Me
27 - Special Thanks

00 - Index (Repetitive, eh?)
01 - About Mewtwo
  01a - Unlocking Mewtwo
  01b - Pros
  01c - Cons
02 - Attacks
  02a - A Button Moves
  02b - Aerial Moves
  02c - Grab/Throw Moves
  02d - B Button Moves
  02e - Fan Attacks
  02f - Home-Run Bat Attacks
  02g - Beam Sword Attacks
  02h - Lip's Stick Attacks
  02i - Parasol Attacks
  02j - Star Rod Attacks
03 - Weight List
04 - Combos
05 - Dodging
06 - Recovering
  06a - The Double Jump
  06b - Last Resorts
07 - Aerial Fighting
  07a - Shffl
  07b - DJC
08 - Reflecting
09 - Edge Gaurding
  09a - Edge Hogging
10 - Meteor Smashing
  10a - Aiming
  10b - Recovering from your Meteor Smash
11 - Using the Shadow Ball
  11a - During Charging
  11b - While Charged
12 - Checking the Damage Counter
  12a - If the Enemy's Damage is Low
  12b - If the Enemy's Damage is High
  12c - If Your Damage is High
13 - Getting up from a Fall
14 - Getting up from an Edge
15 - Battle Pointers
16 - Mewtwo's Competition
  16a - Dr.Mario
  16b - Mario
  16c - Luigi
  16d - Bowser
  16e - Peach
  16h - Captain Falcon
  16i - Ganondorf
  16j - Falco
  16k - Fox
  16m - Ness
  16n - Ice Climbers
  16o - Kirby
  16p - Samus
  16q - Zelda
  16r - Sheik
  16s - Link
  16t - Young Link
  16w - Pichu
  16x - Pikachu
  16y - Jigglypuff
  16z - Mewtwo
  16aa - Mr. Game and Watch
  16bb - Marth
  16cc - Roy
  16dd - Male Wireframe
  16ee - Female Wireframe
  16ff - Giga Bowser
  16gg - Master Hand
  16ff - Crazy Hand
  16hh - Metal Enemies
17 - Getting used to Mewtwo
18 - Training/Getting Better
19 - Advanced Techniques
  19a - Short Hop
  19b - L-Cancel
  19c - Shuffle/Shffl
  19d - Double Jump Cancel/DJC
  19e - WaveDash/WD
  19f - Jump-Grab Cancel
  19g - Crouch Cancel
  19h - Shield Jump
20 - Bonus Stages
  20a - Break the Targets
  20b - Snag Trophies
  20c - Race to the Finish
  20d - Home-Run Contest
21 - Mind Games
22 - Soul Breaker (Glitch)
  22a - Fun with the Soul Breaker
  22b - Soul Stunner
  22c - Soul Breaker Stuff
23 - Copyrights
24 - Version History
25 - Reason for this Guide
26 - Contacting Me
27 - Special Thanks


[01]~About Mewtwo~

   Mewtwo originated in the PokeMon Red and Green (U.S. Blue) games from
Japan. He was the most powerful PokeMon in the game with the dominant type of
that era: Psychic. Nothing could easily kill him and nothing could survive
his attacks. His power was so overwhelming, that he was banned from PokeMon
battles (and he still is). With the new PokeMon games out, there are now
PokeMon made specifically to counter Mewtwo. Even though he still holds
absurd power in PokeMon to this day, he doesn't appear to be at his prime on
SSBM. The fact that a lowly Pikachu could kill Mewtwo is a shock - but SSBM
makes it commonplace. Why Mewtwo is so incredibly weak is anyones guess.
However, it's his uniqueness that may catch your attention.

[01a]<Unlocking Mewtwo>
   You just play the Versus (Vs.) Mode for 20 hours. You don't have to do
this all in one battle, but you do have to have a Human player on the field.


} Mewtwo's recovery is excellent.
} He handles many items very well.
} His dodges are prolonged and enlongated so you needn't be so precise.
} There are powerful Throws at his disposal.
} Most of Mewtwo's attacks have a lot of range.
} Mewtwo has 3 defensive moves. 2 of them can interrupt the enemy.
} He even has a Meteor Smash and a projectile.
} Mewtwo falls slowly, so it's easy to recover.
} Mewtwo's WaveDash is long, thus easy to take advantage of.
} He can DJC, which can have its uses.


} Mewtwo's attacks are mainly weak.
} He's very light.
} He takes longer to throw items than many other characters.
} Mewtwo's dodges are prolonged, so the enemy can counter without trouble.
} His Meteor Smash is very weak and slow to execute.
} His Disable and Shadow Ball are easily reflected.
} He is a tad out-matched without a Clobbering item.
} Getting used to using Mewtwo after using other people can be a pain.
} Being teamed up on means certain death for Mewtwo.
} Mewtwo falls slowly, so enemies can hit you more easily.
} Mewtwo can't fight a Hammer-user and can't use the Hammer well.
} Mewtwo's jump start-up time is slow, so his WaveDash is slow to execute.
} He has an irregular jump that's hard for some people to use in combat.



Command: How to use the move.
Damage: Peak damage.
Speed: Any notes based on the speed of the move.
   Any numbers are based on frames (1/60th of a second = 1 frame).
Descr: A description of where the attack is. All attack locations are in the
   form of bubbles/spheres that are not assumed to be equilateral.
Push: Where the attack may shoot the enemy. Assume 0' is straight.
   All degrees are estimations without DI involved.
Usage: When to use this move.

[02a]<A Button Moves>

Command: A
Damage: 6
Speed: 8 to start, 25 to end
Descr: Mewtwo makes a spark appear. A large damage area is around the
   spark and around Mewtwo's hand.
Push: 75'
Usage: Use it to deal fast damage, but you must follow it up quickly. Try to
   not press A again. 

Command: A, A
Damage: 2 each
Speed: 8 to start from the first A, 14 to end
Descr: Sparks pop in front of Mewtwo. A large damage area is around the
   spark and around Mewtwo's hand.
Push: 75'
Usage: This move is risky as a Human player can DI and quickly hurt you. You
   should only use this against CPUs.

Command: Forward + A
Damage: 5 at the tip, 10 closer to Mewtwo.
Speed: 5 to start, 22 to end
Descr: Mewtwo whips his tail forward. Can be tilted. Attack is composed
   of 3 parts along his tail.
Push: Regardless of the tilt, it seems to shoot at 35'.
Usage: Rack up damage on weaker foes. Use it to stop oncoming projectiles
   and attempt to clank the enemy's attacks. The tip of the tail makes the
   enemy bounce a bit and leave you open for attacks for a small amount of

Command: Dash + A
Damage: 6 at the hands, 9 at the torso
Speed: 10 to start, 19 during attack, 20 to end
Descr: Mewtwo reaches out his arms with purple stuff around it. The hitbox
   is at Mewtwo's hands and around his torso.
Push: 80' at the hands, 110' at the torso
Usage: It's good as a quick attack to hit unsuspecting foes. It can also be
   used to clear a crowd in Multi-Man Melee.

Command: Forward Smash  (C Stick Forward)
Damage: 20/27 at the spark, 12/16 at the hands
Speed: 18 to start, 41 to end
Descr: Mewtwo shoots a spark out. The spark has a large damage area, but the
   hands do, too.
Push: 45' from either damage area.
Usage: It's pretty much good for pushing the enemies away. Expect few kills
   from this move. If you predict a foe will Ledge Jump and attack you, this
   move may be put into consideration.

Command: Down + A
Damage: 8 at the tail's tip, 9 near Mewtwo
Speed: 5 to start, 23 to stop
Descr: Mewtwo sweeps the area with his tail. The attack is composed of 3
   parts along his tail.
Push: 80' from any damage area.
Usage: Can cause decent damage just by spamming this move. Heck, it
   basically combos with itself. Use this when the enemy has low damage.

Command: Down Smash (C Stick Down)
Damage: 15/20
Speed: 20 to start, 40 to end
Descr: Mewtwo makes a large spark appear near the ground. Damage is done
   around the spark.
Push: 50'
Usage: Can be used to edge gaurd, but don't forget the moments of
   invulnerability caused by grabbing a ledge. It'll keep small enemies off
   your back, though. It could also be used to stop Ledge Jumpers.

Command: Up + A
Damage: 5 at the tip+start, 10 at the torso+start, 6 at the tip+end
Speed: 6 to start, 5 during attack, 20 to end
Descr: Mewtwo flips and hits with his tail. Damage is done along his tail
   to his torso in 4 damage bubbles.
Push: 110' at the torso, 25' at the tip, 80' a bit before the tip
Usage: A great launcher, but focuses on damaging above Mewtwo. Hit foes on
   platforms above you or combo them from a previously used move. This move
   can be useful against fast-fallers.

Command: Up Smash (C Stick Up)
Damage: 16/21
Speed: 9 to start, 28 during attack, 46 to end
Descr: Mewtwo makes fizz above his head or something. The damage area is
   like an upside-down triangle from Mewtwo's body to the ends of the
   purple stuff. Does 7 hits. The last hit has slightly more range.
Push: 90' by all hits.
Usage: Good for Juggling or setting up for a Juggle. This move covers a lot
   of Mewtwo's body, but probably won't get priority. It may be put into
   consideration if you are CCing the opponent to death and they pester you
   with aerials.

[02b]<Aerial Moves>

Command: Aerial + A (nair)
Damage: 14
Speed: 5 to start, 35 during attack, 17 to end
Descr: Mewtwo shoots sparks around his body. Like a Screw Attack, 4 tiny
   bubbles stay around Mewtwo like sides of a square, turning on and off
   until the last hit. The last hit surrounds Mewtwo's entire body. Does
   9 hits. The last hit is induced if you land before the attack is finished.
Push: The last hit shoots at an elevated 30', but it is not determinable if
   they shoot left or right.
Usage: Clear out crouds and protects you from low-priority attacks. I like to
   use this if I have upwards momentum from a jump so I can hit falling foes.
   It may be more useful to Short-Hop this move instead of Shuffle it. Attack
   any fast-faller in the middle of his/her recovery move with this and s/he
   may be shocked into the pits of the stage. This is a good aerial for
   "capturing" and pushing away fast-fallers.

Command: Aerial Down + A (dair)
Damage: 16 at the foot, 14-15 at the torso
Speed: 18 to start, 4 during attack, 37 to end
Descr: Mewtwo kicks the enemys downward. The damage area is around Mewtwo's
   foot and torso.
Push: -110' from either damage bubble.
Usage: It's a Meteor Smash, what do you expect? It's a bit weak, so pump up
   the enemy before you kick away. Shuffling this can make the foe "pop"
   upwards a little allowing you to branch into another move.

Command: Aerial Up + A (uair)
Damage: 12 near Mewtwo, 14 at the tip
Speed: 9 to start, 30 to end
Descr: Mewtwo flips in the air as he attacks with his tail. The hitbox is in
   3 bubbles along Mewtwo's tail. They only appear as Mewtwo sweeps overhead.
Push: 80' near Mewtwo, 110'/90' at the tip
Usage: Use it to hit falling enemies that expect you to sit and Up Smash.
   Or just use it to hit people above you. It's good for hitting fast-fallers
   that don't happen to be falling down towards you.

Command: Aerial Back + A (bair)
Damage: 13 near Mewtwo, 9 at the tip
Speed: 12 to start, 20 to end
Descr: Mewtwo sort of wags his tail to do damage behind him. The hitbox is
   along his tail in 3 bubbles.
Push: 45' at either end.
Usage: Use as an Edge-Gaurding move to clank attacks and ensure at least some
   knockback. Characters with bad recovery, like Marth and Ganondorf, can be
   fought back by using this move. Fast-fallers plummet to their doom if they
   have too much damage to resist this move during thier recovery.

Command: Aerial Forward + A (fair)
Damage: 14
Speed: 4 to start, 33 to end
Descr: Mewtwo makes a quick swipe with a sparkle to accompany it. The hitbox
   is a large area around the sparkle and slightly around the hand.
Push: 80'
Usage: Great for hitting falling enemies and launching them upwards. This
   can be used as a finisher. Shuffling this may prove useful. It's good for
   fast-fallers as they are set-up for a combo after being hit.

[02c]<Grab/Throw Moves>

Command: Grab + A
Damage: 3
Speed: 12 to start, 13 to end
Descr: Mewtwo makes a large spark appear. The damage area is a around the
   huge spark.
Push: No push value.
Usage: If the enemy has high damage, then go ahead and smack him/her a couple
   times. They'll get out of your grab at lower percentages. Maybe do 1 smack
   at 50-80% and 2 smacks at 80% and up. Experiment and see what fits you.

Command: Grab + Forward (Forward Throw)
Damage: 5 initially. 1 for each of the balls
Speed: Based on the enemy's weight.
Descr: Mewtwo tosses the enemy upwards, then bombards the enemy with 5
   Shadow Balls. The Balls may look small, but they have the damage area of
   a fully charged Shadow Ball.
Push: 90' at the throw, 50' at each Shadow Ball
Usage: This is what Mewtwo uses to Chain Throw. It's affected by DI quite a
   bit since it's not just one hit being dealt. It works well to clear-out
   Wire Frames in Multi-Man Melee.

Command: Grab + Back (Back Throw)
Damage: 11 for the throw, 8 for the "human projectile" over his head
Speed: Based on the enemy's weight.
Descr: Mewtwo tosses the enemy over his head. There enemy can deal be used
   to damage around Mewtwo as he throws him/her over his head.
Push: 45' in the opposite direction (135')
Usage: One of Mewtwo's best finishers. Try doing this move so the enemy
   is driven into a pit so you'll already be set up to Edge-Gaurd. If your
   foe if CCing you to death, try this move but pull it off with as much
   surprise as possible to hope they DI into making this move deadly.

Command: Grab + Down (Down Throw)
Damage: 5
Speed: Based on the enemy's weight.
Descr: Mewtwo disturbingly smacks his tail on the floored opponent.
   The damage area is in 3 bubbles along his tail.
Push: 70' for the thrown, 80' near the torso (bystanders)
Usage: Great for setting up a combo or two, but not killing people.

Command: Grab + Up (Up Throw)
Damage: 12
Speed: Based on the enemy's weight.
Descr: The enemy is psychically spun around Mewtwo until the enemy is
   thrown upwards. There is no damage area.
Push: 90' or so
Usage: A different finisher. Use this to kill enemies at stages that have
   low ceilings. You'll be unable to move for awhile, so be careful with
   this move in a Free-For-All. It's prefered if you use this to kill light,
   slow-falling characters.

[02d]<B Button Moves>

Command: B (Shadow Ball, Charging)
Damage: 2
Speed: 18 to start the charge
Descr: Mewtwo charges up the Shadow Ball. Even though the ball size varies,
   the hitbox is always the same. The area around the fully charged Shadow
   Ball is a good picture of the range the charge's damage area has.
Push: 80'
Usage: Bust up crates (be aware that they sometimes explode), boosting the
   enemy's damage, or just to get the Shadow Ball prepped. I suggest against
   releasing it prematurely - use the Shield or Dodge.

Command: Forward + B (Confusion)
Damage: 10
Speed: 12 to start, 4 frames to "grab", 28 during reflection
   (includes "grab" time), 17 to end
Descr: Mewtwo flips the enemy. The reflection is a large bubble that
   covers Mewtwo's front side. The grab is an equally-sized bubble in
   front of the reflection bubble. It's around the sparkle, but
   dissplaced downwards a little. A bubble co-exists within the grab,
   but I'm unsure what it does. Oh, the enemy can attack you when the
   reflection ends, but you can still reflect stuff during a grab.
Push: No push value
Usage: For Mewtwo's protection or setting up a combo on someone who doesn't
   expect the Confusion. Don't spam it, the enemy will catch on and nair/bair
   you everytime. It may be a good move for putting Tech-crazy foes in a bad

Command: Down + B (Disable)
Damage: 1
Speed: 15 to start, 19 to end
Descr: Mewtwo shoots a sparkle from his eyes. The damage area is at the
   tiny sparkle that shoots forward.
Push: No push value, 30' if the enemy is stunned
Usage: It makes the foe act like his/her Shield was busted but it's a state
   that can be struggled out of (like Sing or Egg Lay). Since foes with low
   percentages can struggle out of stuff like this faster, I'd reserve this
   move for damaged foes and occasional surprises. Don't spam it either - the
   enemy will catch on and may reflect it. Remember that it only affects
   enemies on the ground (airbourne foes are shot forward).

Command: Up + B (Teleport)
Damage: No Damage
Speed: 8 to go invisible, 10 to reappear, 15 to fall
Descr: Mewtwo goes invisible as he moves through the air in the direction
   the Joystick is.
Push: No push value
Usage: Safety and recovery. Try Teleporting out of the way of an enemy when
   you feel pressured. If you can, land directly onto the ground to reduce
   that tiny bit of lag. Screw with the foe's mind byTeleporting downwards
   into the same exact spot you are standing at.

[02e]<Fan Attacks>

Command: A (Fan)
Damage: 2
Speed: 3 to start, 5 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the air with the weapon. The damage area is at
   Mewtwo's neck and along the weapon.
Push: ??? (nearly non-existant)
Usage: 5 hits breaks a Shield. It's fun to just tap A and rack up damage.

Command: Forward + A (Fan)
Damage: 6
Speed: 6 to start, 15 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon from bottom-to-top. Damage area is along
   the weapon and Mewtwo's neck, but focussed at the floor.
Push: 190'
Usage: The fact that it hits the enemy behind you makes this a slightly risky
   move. It'll break a Shield in 3 hits.

Command: Dash + A (Fan)
Damage: Varies - a lot; Can do over 10
Speed: 3 to start, 15 during attack, 19 to end
Descr: The weapon is spun around as Mewtwo floats forward. The damage area
   is around Mewtwo's neck and 3 spheres along the weapon, but the location
   of the spheres is based on the weapon. The fan has the most range.
Push: 110'
Usage: Fun to rack up damage with, but not super effective at doing so.
   It'll screw up the enemy's moves if this attack is done properly, but
   don't spam it. Hope that the enemy is Crouch-Canceling for maximum
   effectiveness. The Fan will break a Shield in 2 hits (in 2 frames).

Command: Forward Smash (Fan)
Damage: 10/13
Speed: 11 to start, 19 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the fan in front of him. The damage area is across
   the weapon in 4 bubbles. The Parasol opens late.
Push: 110' at the tip, 130' near Mewtwo.
Usage: Breaks Shields in 1 hit!

[02f]<Home-Run Bat Attacks>

Command: A (Home-Run Bat)
Damage: 6
Speed: 8 to start, 15 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the air with the weapon. The damage area is at
   Mewtwo's neck and along the weapon.
Push: 60' at the Bat, 120' at the neck
Usage: Use for clanking moves.

Command: Forward + A (Home-Run Bat)
Damage: 12
Speed: 12 to start, 28 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon from bottom-to-top. Damage area is along
   the weapon and Mewtwo's neck, but focussed at the floor.
Push: 60' at the Bat, 120' at the neck
Usage: Semi-good for pushing the enemy away at higher damages. May hit
   small enemies.

Command: Dash + A (Home-Run Bat)
Damage: Varies - a lot; Can at least do 14
Speed: 3 to start, 20 during attack, 23 to end
Descr: The weapon is spun around as Mewtwo floats forward. The damage area
   is around Mewtwo's neck and 3 spheres along the weapon, but the location
   of the spheres is based on the weapon. The Bat has good range.
Push: 45' at the Bat, 135' at the neck
Usage: Fun to rack up damage with, but not super effective at doing so.
   It'll screw up the enemy's moves if this attack is done properly, but
   don't spam it. Hope that the enemy is Crouch-Canceling for maximum

Command: Forward Smash (Home-Run Bat)
Damage: 20
Speed: 30 to start, 50 to end.
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon in front of him. The damage area is across
   the weapon in 4 bubbles. The Bat and Parasol hit late (below the eyes).
Push: 30-60' from whatever side of the Bat is touched, 45-60' for a No-Ping
Usage: Kills enemies dead. Humans will stop at nothing to avoid this
   destructive attack. You'll have to set up the move or skip it altogether.

[02g]<Beam Sword Attacks>

Command: A (Beam Sword)
Damage: 7
Speed: 8 to start, 15 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the air with the weapon. The damage area is at
   Mewtwo's neck and along the weapon.
Push: 30'
Usage: Use to clank attacks.

Command: Forward + A (Beam Sword)
Damage: 11
Speed: 13 to start, 29 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon from bottom-to-top. Damage area is along
   the weapon and Mewtwo's neck, but focussed at the floor.
Push: 70' at the Blade, 40' at the neck
Usage: Semi-good for pushing the enemy away at higher damages. May hit
   small enemies.

Command: Dash + A (Beam Sword)
Damage: Varies - a lot; Can do 20 damage
Speed: 3 to start, 20 during attack, 23 to end
Descr: The weapon is spun around as Mewtwo floats forward. The damage area
   is around Mewtwo's neck and 3 spheres along the weapon, but the location
   of the spheres is based on the weapon. The Beam Sword has the least range.
Push: 30'
Usage: Fun to rack up damage with, but not super effective at doing so.
   It'll screw up the enemy's moves if this attack is done properly, but
   don't spam it. Hope that the enemy is Crouch-Canceling for maximum

Command: Forward Smash (Beam Sword)
Damage: 15/20
Speed: 22 to start, 38 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon in front of him. The damage area is across
   the weapon in 4 bubbles. The Parasol opens late.
Push: 30' at the tip, 45-70' at the handle
Usage: Good for pushing the enemy away. Has about the same effectiveness
   as Mewtwo's basic Forward Smash.

[02h]<Lip's Stick Attacks>

Command: A (Lip's Stick)
Damage: 4
Speed: 8 to start, 16 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the air with the weapon. The damage area is at
   Mewtwo's neck and along the weapon.
Push: 30'
Usage: Use to clank moves or to annoy foes with a quick Flower.

Command: Forward + A (Lip's Stick)
Damage: 9 from the Lip's Stick, 12 from the powder
Speed: 12 to start, 30 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon from bottom-to-top. Damage area is along
   the weapon and Mewtwo's neck, but focussed at the floor. The powder
   extends forward for a little while.
Push: 60-70'
Usage: Has even more range than the Beam Sword with powder, but without it
   the Lip's Stick loses some of its usefullness. The powder has less
   knockback power than the Lip's Stick itself.

Command: Dash + A (Lip's Stick)
Damage: Varies - a lot; The damage goes above 20 due to the flower
Speed: 3 to start, 20 during attack, 23 to end
Descr: The weapon is spun around as Mewtwo floats forward. The damage area
   is around Mewtwo's neck and 3 spheres along the weapon, but the location
   of the spheres is based on the weapon. The Lip's Stick has great range.
Push: 45'
Usage: Fun to rack up damage with. It'll screw up the enemy's moves if this
   attack is done properly, but don't spam it. The attack seems most
   effective when you attack the enemy with a Lip's Stick. Hope that the
   enemy is Crouch-Canceling for maximum effectiveness. This move doesn't
   waste any powder, but still makes a Flower.

Command: Forward Smash (Lip's Stick)
Damage: 12/15 from the Lip's Stick, 8 from the powder
Speed: 22 to start, 37 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon in front of him. The damage area is across
   the weapon in 4 bubbles. The powder released will most likely hit whatever
   was struck with the Lip's Stick. The powder doesn't go as far as the
   Forward+A move.
Push: 30'
Usage: It does well at boosting damage if there's still powder left. Even
   without powder, this attack has decent range.

[02i]<Parasol Attacks>

Command: A (Parasol)
Damage: 6
Speed: 7 to start, 13 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the air with the weapon. The damage area is at
   Mewtwo's neck and along the weapon.
Push: 90'
Usage: You can try clanking attacks with it.

Command: Forward + A (Parasol)
Damage: 13
Speed: 10 to start, 24 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon from bottom-to-top. Damage area is along
   the weapon and Mewtwo's neck, but focussed at the floor.
Push: 60'
Usage: A great attack for causing damage to any enemy, and semi-decent at
   dealing damage. Do not forget this move with the Parasol.

Command: Dash + A (Parasol)
Damage: Varies - a lot; Can at least do 16 damage
Speed: 3 to start, 16 during attack, 20 to end
Descr: The weapon is spun around as Mewtwo floats forward. The damage area
   is around Mewtwo's neck and 3 spheres along the weapon, but the location
   of the spheres is based on the weapon. The Parasol has as much range as
   the Fan (the most).
Push: 80'
Usage: Fun to rack up damage with, but not super effective at doing so.
   It'll screw up the enemy's moves if this attack is done properly, but
   don't spam it. Hope that the enemy is Crouch-Canceling for maximum

Command: Forward Smash (Parasol)
Damage: 18/24
Speed: 19 to start, 31 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon in front of him. The damage area is across
   the weapon in 4 bubbles. The Parasol opens late, but covers the outside
   more than any other weapon.
Push: 70-80'
Usage: A very powerful move, it's nearly as strong as some of Mewtwo's
   finishers. If the enemy has low damage, try following this up.

Command: Falling with a Parasol out
Damage: 4
Speed: 10 to start, 14 before you can cancel
Descr: Mewtwo opens the Parasol to float downwards. Press Down to resume
   falling or press Up to re-open the Chute. You can't float after using
   Teleport or an Aerial Dodge.
Push: 80'
Usage: Juggling idiotic people and slightly protecting you from overhead
   attacks. Try not to use this offensively as it will never make a kill.
   Remember that you can alternate the Parasol's chute by pressing down
   (close it) or up (re-open it up).

[02j]<Star Rod Attacks>

Command: A (Star Rod)
Damage: 10
Speed: 8 to start, 16 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the air with the weapon. The damage area is at
   Mewtwo's neck and along the weapon.
Push: 30-70'
Usage: It's strangely powerful for a standard A move. Use this to rack up
   damage in an unconventional way.

Command: Forward + A (Star Rod)
Damage: 13 with the Star Rod, 8 for the star
Speed: 12 to start, 30 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon from bottom-to-top. Damage area is along
   the weapon and Mewtwo's neck, but focussed at the floor.
Push: 40-70' from the Star Rod, 30' from the star.
Usage: Great for edge gaurding, causing damage/knockback, and long-range
   fighting. The star will shoot very far, but you have limited stars. Use
   this move if you need to shoot a star quickly. Brace yourself for
   Reflected stars.

Command: Dash + A (Star Rod)
Damage: Varies - a lot; Can at least do 19 damage
Speed: 3 to start, 20 during attack, 24 to end
Descr: The weapon is spun around as Mewtwo floats forward. The damage area
   is around Mewtwo's neck and 3 spheres along the weapon, but the location
   of the spheres is based on the weapon. The Star Rod has decent range.
Push: 30'
Usage: Fun to rack up damage with, but not super effective at doing so.
   It'll screw up the enemy's moves if this attack is done properly, but
   don't spam it. Hope that the enemy is Crouch-Canceling for maximum
   effectiveness. This move does not deplete stars.

Command: Forward Smash (Star Rod)
Damage: 18/24 from the Star Rod, 12/16 from the star
Speed: 22 to start, 38 to end
Descr: Mewtwo swipes the weapon in front of him. The damage area is across
   the weapon in 4 bubbles. The Parasol opens late.
Push: 40-70'
Usage: Good for pushing the enemy away. Has about the same effectiveness
   as Mewtwo's basic Forward Smash. The star has more range than when used
   by the Forward Tilt so it's easier to hit recovering foes with it.


[03]~Weight List~

   Based on how the pulleys of Mushroom Kingdom 1 work, I can say how heavy
everyone is. Use the list to know whether you should kill the enemy from the
ceiling or the side/pit. The list goes from Heaviest to Lightest.

Ice Climbers (together)
Giga Bowser
Donkey Kong
Link = Captain Falcon
Mario = Dr. Mario = Sandbag = Male Wireframe
Peach = Female Wireframe
Popo = Nana
Falco = Pikachu
Zelda = Sheik
Mewtwo = Young Link
Jigglypuff = Mr. Game and Watch



   A combo is any number of moves that are hard to escape from. In SSBM,
combos tend to be more improvised than pre-known due to the enemies always
having diffrent reactions in DI. Note that fast-fallers are easier to combo.

~Down Throw > Forward Smash/Forward Tilt/Down+B
   The Down Throw bounces the foe slightly ahead of you. If the foe's DI is
   aimed towards you, this combo will be easier to make contact with. Using
   Disable as the combo is more for amusement purposes.

~Down Tilt > Almost Anything
   It's quite fast and it disrupts the enemies a bit. It's not an abusable
   combo, but at least you can start it after a CC. Some ideas are Forward
   Tilt, Up Tilt, Foward Smash, Down Smash, Down+B, Forward+B, or another
   Down Tilt. Experiment and see what suits you.

~Up Tilt > Up Tilt/Up Smash/Uair/Nair/Fair
   Up Tilt launches the enemy upwards a bit. At low percentages, the launch
   will be just enough to allow you to attack him/her with an aerial. You
   might be able to branch off into a Bair from the center of Mewtwo's tail
   in an ideal situation.

~Forward Throw > Forward Throw/Up Tilt/Shadow Ball/Fair/Uair
   Depending on where you think the enemy will end up, try any of those
   attacks. Don't waste your Shadow Ball; if you attempt to launch it
   everytime your foe will catch on to your strategy.



   Using the shield isn't complex, but there are little tricks you can do
while you have your shield up. The shield can be put up by holding down
either the Left or Right shoulder buttons. Remember, the shield will get
smaller as you continue to use it or if the shield is hit. The more lightly
you hold down a shoulder button, the more slowly your shield shrinks. The
shield recharges as long as you are not using the shield. Also, just because
your shield is up, doesn't mean you're safe from everything. That "bubble"
that is you shield must touch the attack you want to block; if an attack hits
you, missing the shield, you'll still get hurt. To attempt to prevent this,
you can move the shield by tilting the Joystick slowly. If you tap the
Joystick, you may end up doing a Dodge/Jump.

   As the shield is up, you can press Down on the Joystick to do a Sidestep
Dodge. During a Sidestep Dodge, projectiles and attacks (including attempted
Grabs) will pass by the user. A good time to do this is when your shield is 
nearly gone, and you're about to be attacked/pelted with something. Mewtwo
has a pro-longed Sidestep Dodge when compared to any other character, which
means you'll have to act fast after the shield is put up again before the
enemy tries to grab you. This, however, means you don't have to be as
accurate at timing a Sidestep Dodge to... dodge stuff. Also, the shield
neither depletes or repairs as you Sidestep Dodge. The common reaction after
doing a Sidestep Dodge is to Grab the foe (press A with the Shoulder button
still kept down).

   Tap the Joystick to the Left or Right as your shield is up to do dodge
an enemy as you move in the appropriate direction. At the end of this
manuever, you are vulnerable for a second, so beware of Sweeper-nutty people.
If you end up hitting the edge of a platform doing this dodge, you won't
fall but rather stop moving in that direction. This is an effective way to
get as far to the edge of a platform without falling off of it. A good time
to use this move is when an enemy has cornered you or is pushing you to the
edge of a stage.  It could also be used to attack an enemy from behind.
When Mewtwo does this dodge move, he'll go slightly farther than any other
character, but takes a bit longer to complete the manuever. Don't expect
Mewtwo to be able to surprise an enemy from behind - use this move
evasively, not offensively. Do NOT spam Rolls - it is irregularly abused
by so called "Good Smashers" due to its prolonged invulnerability.

   Hold up on the Joystick, then press the B button to use Mewtwo's Teleport
move. You can make Mewtwo go in any direction by holding the Joystick in the
direction you want him to go, immediately after using Teleport. That is:
tap Up + B, then tap in any direction. Get used to using it, as this is
one of Mewtwo's "safety" moves. If you need practice, Go to Training mode
with Pichu and alternate the speeds as you get better. Anyways, a good time
to use Teleport is for Recovery (getting back on the stage after being blown
off) or getting out of a jam between 1 or more characters that are
chasing/pinning you. Remember that if you did not land directly after using
Teleport, you'll fall and be limited to left and right controls in the air,
until you are either hit or you land; try to land right after Teleport is
finished so you reduce lag.

   If you press up on the Joystick (or press the X or Y buttons), you'll
jump. Choose a command that fits you (the Up button my interfere with your
ability to use aerials - but this is case specific). Anyways, a jump may be
the only way to get away from something damaging that covers a whole area.
You can jump again in the air, but only once until you touch the ground
again/ someone Grabs you in mid-air. More importantly, pressing a shoulder
button in the air lets you do an Air Dodge. It works in the same fashion as
Mewtwo's Teleport, except it doesn't make Mewtwo move as far. People will be
unable to predict where Mewtwo will be unless you are holding something (the
item will spin like crazy) or if the Shadow Ball is fully charged. A good
time to use an Air Dodge may be when someone tries to attack you in the air,
but you still want to be in your current position for some reason.



   This doesn't mean taking off damage - recovering is the term used for
getting back onto a stage you've been blown off of. Every character has the
same basic pattern for recovering - double jump then recovery move.
You can use your recovery move (Up+B) to get back on stage as often as you
wish as long as you you go through a different animation after falling from
each Up+B move used. Most likely, your foe will be Edge-Gaurding you; change
your recovery strategies based on your opponent, by his strategy, and by your
personal pereference. For example, you could jump way over your foe and Dodge
any aerials s/he throws at you; you could jump just enough to grab the
platform's edge before the foe's attack hurts you.

   [06a]<The Double Jump> Just Jump in the air. Not hard, but make sure
nothing hits you on your way up. If nothing's in your way, use any A
move as the jump ends to go higher up than you usually would (this only works
for Mewtwo). Be careful when using your double jump; you can't use it more
than once in the air until you have landed, grabbed a platform's edge or
after being Grabbed.

   [06b]<Last Resorts> Mewtwo's Teleport should get the job done regardless.
If you need a tiny bit more range, use Confusion. Confusion will only help
you recover once until you hit the ground. An alternate (but not always
suggested) way to recover is to Air Dodge towards the platform. Remember,
you can't do anything after the Teleport/Air Dodge is completed (until you
are hit again). You cannot do an Air Dodge if you are tumbling through the
air; tap lany direction on the Joystick to stop tumbling or use an aerial.
Mewtwo's recovery move, Teleport, can be redirected with the Joystick. If you
have trouble using Teleport, try practicing Pichu and Pikachu's Up+B moves.


[07]~Aerial Fighting~

   So you're falling and the enemy jumps to attack you, or you're jumping
after someone descending. What do you do? Naturally, you'd aim the Joystick
in their direction and press A, but you don't always want to do that. If you
are being juggled, like with Marth's uair, you should Teleport below the
attacker and re-position yourself to strike. If they predict you'll use
Teleport, then press Down on the Joystick to increase your falling speed and
put the enemy out of sync. If someone lugs an item at you as you fall, you
should Teleport out of the way but an Aerial Dodge will at least avoid the
item. Be careful of fast-fallers like Fox as they will put your timing off.

   [07a]<Shffl> Short hop - fast fall - L canceled. This is the most
effective way to use an aerial move. Some people will call this "Shuffling".
Just jump very quickly to do a small hop. Quickly use an aerial move then
press Down on the Joystick to fall quickly. As you hit the ground, press the
Left (or Right) shoulder button to reduce the lag caused by landing during an
aerial move. If you need practice with the Short hop, go to Training Mode and
work on tapping the Joystick/X/Y button without changing the speed. If you
don't see how L-Cancelling helps, try using Link's dair and you'll understand
why it is so vital. Remember, this is not one of those moves you'll learn in
1 second - months may be required to even understand its use.

   [07b]<DJC> Double Jump cancel. Only Mewtwo, Peach, Ness, and Yoshi can do
this technique. The DJC is a faster way to use uair than shuffling it. To
DJC: press the X or Y button, then press and hold up on the Joystick, then
press the A button, then press the Left or Right Shoulder button. You'll need
fast fingers to learn this move so don't expect an instant understanding. The
technique can be useful when used against fast-fallers.



   Reflecting is simply turning an enemy's projectile against them. Mewtwo's
Forward+B acts similar to a reflector, just don't forget that after the
little "sparkle" appears the reflection zone is a large bubble in front of
Mewtwo (it happens to be his size). To better understand the nature of
Mewtwo's reflector, pretend the sparkle is a wall. If a Link threw his
Boomerang at a wall, it would return to him without hurting Link. If a Pichu
threw a PokeBall at a wall, the released PokeMon would still be Pichu's.
Mewtwo's reflector doesn't make the projectile his own, so it can still hurt
him (don't use Confusion on Pikachu/Pichu's Thunder Jolt). The move is quite
laggy so try to use this safely from afar if you prefer it over your Shield.

   An alternate, but more difficult, way to reflect projectiles is with your
shield. If you slam a shoulder button down, your shield will reflect
projectiles for a split second. This manuever is called powershielding.
It requires an absurd amount of timing and a shield large enough to cover
your torso when completely solid (Z Shielding won't work). If you succeed in
powershielding something, you'll hear a distinct noise and see your character
flash. It's easier to use Confusion against projectiles, but you can deal
damage with the projectile you successfully powershield. Since no human has
the potential to master powershielding, I'd stick with another form of
reflection. An exception is any move with a memorizable speed like Falco's
Blaster, Peach's Turnips, or Samus' Missles. Note that some projectiles
bounce off of your Shield if they hit it at an angle.


[09]~Edge Gaurding~

   Edge Gaurding is simply staying at an edge to prevent an enemy's recovery.
Make sure the enemy can't touch the edge of the stage. Also, try throwing
an item/the Shadow Ball to interrupt the enemy's double jump. The recovery
move can be repeated, but the double jump can't. If you opponent is falling
from his/her recovery move, don't hit him/her again unless s/he'll reach the
platform. It is prefered if you Edge Gaurd with attacks that have a lot of
knockback value.

   [09a]<Edge Hogging> Jump onto the edge and stay there so the enemy can't
grab the platform. Be careful - some recovery moves will hurt you if you do
stay on the edge. You're invincible for a second when you grab the edge but
that may not be enough time to protect you. People who probably (or won't)
hurt you with their recovery moves are Captain Falcon, Ganandorf, Zelda,
Sheik, Pichu, Mewtwo, and (obviously) Yoshi. Luigi's recovery move will still
shake you off your edge hogging position. The most effect way to begin an
Edge Hogging state is to Wavedash backwards onto the edge. You can attempt to
retain your ledge invulnerability by jumping off the ledge and repeatedly
going back on it.


[10]~Meteor Smashing~

   A Meteor Smash is an attack that sends an enemy straight downwards. While
this may sound useless, it is actually very deadly. The point is to get an
enemy over a pit then Meteor Smash the poor sap. Mewtwo's Meteor Smash is his
dair move (Aerial Down+A). The timing is precise, so get used to using dair
over a pit. There are 2 things you must deal with when Meteor Smashing:
recovery and aiming.

   [10a]<Aiming> The opponent will most likely be moving towards the stage
and upwards based on the fact that the double jump sends you upwards (of
course). If the opponent is at your level when s/he's recovering, it may be
best to intercept their 3rd jump with a regular jump to dair. If they are
below you, shuffle a dair or jump into the pit after them using a dair. Most
of the time, you have to jump into the pit as you Meteor Smash them,
otherwise you'll slam them into the ground. This is when you must recover.
If you don't jump over the edge, try to L-cancel your dair. You can Meteor
Smash a recovering person, but you may get hurt by their recovery move. This
may still be beneficial; say Fox hits you with Fire Fox as you hit him with
dair. As you fly off screen to death, Fox dies 1st in the pits of the stage.

   [10b]<Recovering from your Meteor Smash> Mewtwo has an easy time
recovering from a Meteor Smash. Do your double jump but initiate an aerial
right before the jump ends. If you did it right, you'll get a bit higher than
you would normally. If this jump doesn't reach the platform's edge, use
Mewtwo's Teleport (Up+B) and aim in the direction you want to go. Try not to
recover into a non-pass through platform (a waste of a jump); an example of
this is the buldge under the Fountain of Dreams.


[11]~Using the Shadow Ball~

   The Shadow Ball may be a powerful tool, but it is not meant to be spammed.
Use it only as a move to kill or interrupt.

   [11a]<During Charging> The Shadow Ball can easily juggle enemies as you
charge it up. Feel free to just sit around as your foe struggles to DI out of
your Shadow Ball. Be wary that a nair coming from the enemy will make you
lose your charge. You can use the Shadow Ball's charge up to break
Crates/Party Balls/Barrels, but refrain from this at higher damages
(explosive Crates). If you plan to juggle an enemy with this move, make
sure the enemy has low damage and you do not persist at juggling them with it
as they will DI out of it very easily. You can fire the Shadow Ball
prematurely by pressing A, B, or Z. A better approach is to Dodge or put up
your shield. The Joystick or C Stick will let you dodge to the left or right.
If the Shadow Ball has a full charge, then you will not lose the charge when
you are hit. Tap the Left or Right Shoulder button to go into a standing
position right after charging the Shadow Ball. Fast-fallers are easier to
trap in this move. Always charge the Shadow Ball when you are safe. These
times are: right after sending your only opponent off-screen, when you have
a lot of space between you and your foe(s) (which can include the beginning
of a match), and when getting off of a Revival Platform (just press B).

   [11b]<While Charged> Only shoot the Shadow ball if the enemy will be
airbourne when it hits. Grounded enemies can powershield your Shadow Ball;
airbourne enemies can only air dodge (unless they have a defensive move).
It's best if you shoot the Shadow Ball if the enemy has high damage or is
recovering. Another time you can release it is if the enemy is using a time
consuming attack, like charging a Smash attack or Marth's Shield Breaker. Be
more careful when launching it against Fox, Falco, Ness, Mario, Dr. Mario,
and Mr. Game and Watch. Peach, Marth, and Roy users may also deflect the
Shadow Ball but the attack would probably still hit Marth and Roy.


[12]~Checking the Damage Counter~

   While it may seem trivial, remember to check everyone's damage before you
set off on a rampage. You don't want to Down Throw someone in the 150s if
an Up Throw could kill them. You don't want to run up to an enemy if you
have 400% damage (for some reason).

   [12a]<If the Enemy's Damage is Low> By low, I mean below 100%. Pester them
with Tilts and shuffled aerials. If they get right on you, charge your Shadow
Ball or Grab them. Use Forward Throw over and over to deal damage to fast-
fallers. Use nair, uair, or Up Tilt if they get above you. If you end up
juggling the enemy and s/he falls right at Mewtwo's position then try
charging the Shadow Ball or just use an Up Smash. If you grab the enemy, go
straight into a throw (they'll break free otherwise). Don't bother with
Disable as they will struggle out of it easily.

   [12b]<If the Enemy's Damage is High> By high, I mean above 130%. This is
when you start using Mewtwo's killing moves. If the enemy is near you, you
could Forward Smash, Down Smash, or shuffle fair/bair. These won't kill the
enemy but it will boost damage and keep the enemy pushed away. If the enemy
is really close to your face, Grab them or use Up Tilt. If the ceiling is
low, then do an Up Throw, otherwise do a Back Throw and prepare to
Edge-Gaurd. If the enemy is far from you, check if they have an item - be
prepared to use Confusion/your Shield to reflect any thrown projectiles. If
the enemy is far away and is about to go airbourne, a charged Shadow Ball may
be put into consideration (pursuit is optional). If you grab the enemy, only
shock him/her until you feel you must throw. Use Disable if you want.

   [12c]<If Your Damage is High> If your damage is above 100%, you'd better
get Defensive/Evasive. As you run around, pay attention to what the enemies
pick up - they may throw something at you. If you're surrounded by enemies,
Dodge or Teleport to the side. If an enemy attacks from above, counter the
assault with an Up tilt, DJC, or Sidestep Dodge followed by a Grab. Charge
your Shadow Ball at every opportunity given to you (unless it's Super Sudden
Death). If the enemy likes to run up to you, try interrupting him/her with
Confusion, Disable, Forward Tilt, Forward Smash, or Down Smash. With all this
damage, it'll be more important for you to screw with your foe's brain. Also,
WaveDash away from foes instead of Rolling.


[13]~Getting up from a Fall~

   When you are sent flying from an attack, you may end up spinning in the
air. This causes difficulty in landing, but you can prevent this in 2 ways.
For one, you could do an aerial move. The other way is to press the Joystick
in any direction. You don't hold it down, you just tap it. If you do land,
try getting up in one of the following ways...

Command: How to initiate the move.
Effect: How Mewtwo will get up.
Invncbl: How long Mewtwo will be invincible in frames.
Danger: How long Mewtwo will be vulnerable but still getting up.
Notes: Possible notes relating to the form of getting up.

Command: Left or Right Shoulder button before you hit the ground.
Effect: You will either get up quickly or move to the side quickly.
Invncbl: 21
Danger: 6
Notes: Do this every time to get Twinkle Toes. This can be re-directed with
   the Joystick. Using this move is called "Teching".

Command: X button, Y button, or Up on the Joystick
Effect: You will just get up.
Invncbl: 24
Danger: 7
Notes: Do this if there's no enemy beside you.

Command: Left/Right on the Joystick
Effect: You will slide to whatever side you pressed as you get up.
Invncbl: 20
Danger: 14
Notes: The way you get up is based on which way you are facing, but the
   difference is very minute.

Command: A, B, or Z button
Effect: Mewtwo will spin as he gets up. Does damage.
Invncbl: 18 til attack, 15 during attack
Danger: 15
Notes: It does electric stun in certain areas of his tail. The damage area
   is to Mewtwo's sides and at his tail.


[14]~Getting up from an Edge~

   How you get up from an edge is based on your damage. Past 100%, you'll get
up more slowly. Note that if you move the Joystick in the opposite direction
of the stage you'll begin falling. If you press Down on the Joytick, you'll
fall more quickly. Here's a list of what else you can do:

Command: The command you input to do the following move.
Descr: What Mewtwo will do.
Invinc: How many frames Mewtwo will be invulnerable for.
Danger: How many frames Mewtwo will be vulnerable (with no way to react) for.
Notes: Any added notes.

Command: Left/Right (or press Up slowly)
Descr: Mewtwo sort of hops back on stage.
Invinc: 30
Danger: 3
Notes: Use this to get back in and fight.

Command: hold either the X button, Y button, or Up on the Joystick
Descr: Mewtwo goes straight to a jump from the edge.
Invinc: 16
Danger: 38
Notes: Go over enemies with this, but don't let them predict it.

Command: A, B, or Z button
Descr: Mewtwo gets on the stage as the tail does damage (only straight).
Invinc: 23
Danger: 30
Notes: He attacks 3 frames after becoming vulnerable.

Command: Shoulder Button
Descr: Mewtwo gets up and spins onto the stage past Edge Gaurders.
Invinc: 28
Danger: 23
Notes: Pass by Edge Gaurders with this.

Command: {Damaged} Left/Right (or press Up slowly)
Descr: Mewtwo sort of walks up the edge.
Invinc: 55
Danger: 5
Notes: Dangerous, but safe in a way.

Command: {Damaged} Hold the X button, Y button, or Up on the Joystick
Descr: Mewtwo flips into the air.
Invinc: 22
Danger: 47
Notes: Mewtwo is in vulnerable once he's in the air. You can at least direct
   where Mewtwo goes (left/right).

Command: {Damaged} A, B, or Z button
Descr: Mewtwo gets up and swipes the air.
Invinc: 47
Danger: 23
Notes: It takes 3 frames after the invulnerability to attack. Anyone can
   predict the attack because Mewtwo grunts a second beforehand.

Command: {Damaged} Left or Right Shoulder button
Descr: Mewtwo gets up and floats farther onto the stage than normal.
Invinc: 75
Danger: 5
Notes: You're vulnerable after Mewtwo stops moving forward.


[15]~Battle Pointers~

} Never get above your opponent unless you are recovering. Whomever is below
will have the upper hand.

} Try not to be predictable. Any unpredictable character is good (except when
the character Chain Throws). Mix and match the moves Mewtwo can do.

} Put yourself in the enemy's position and ask yourself what the enemy wants
you to do. Do the opposite even if it means sitting at the other end of a
stage for 5 hours (called "Camping").

} You can grab airbourne enemies, too. Try it if you get the chance.

} Crouch Cancelling is a good strategy if you feel pressured. Mewtwo barely
gets any lower so expect to still be hit by many attacks.

} Don't always throw items downward. They may explode and kill you. Also,
it's sometimes faster to Short Hop and press Z to drop the item.

} Do not spam a move. It's attack power will decrease every time you hit an
enemy without using a different move first (called "Stale Move Effect").
Using other moves will boost its power back to normal.

} Enemy AI is programmed to grab you when you have a Shield button held down,
even if your Shield is not up. Try to get around that.

} Try Meteor Smashing enemies into the fire of something like Chicorita,
Staryu, etc.

} Don't just go across a platform, do a pass-through (hold Down). This is
important to remember but don't get predictable with it.

} Don't put up your Shield against a Fan-wielding foe. It's bound to break.

} As you recover, try to get above or below an enemy. If they jump at you,
quickly evade their attack with Teleport.

} Instead of jumping onto a platform normally, try going into a WaveDash
before you land. This will give you more time to do your actions (I think
it's called the "Platform Dash").

} Check if you can walltech on the stage. This will save your life.


[16]~Mewtwo's Competition~

   [16a]<Dr. Mario> A powerhouse. A lot of his moves will send Mewtwo flying
instantly. Try to attack while keeping a distance, but don't let him cape
your Shadow Balls. <Flagged for work>

   [16b]<Mario> A well-rounded character. He's not as strong as Dr. Mario,
but his Meteor Smash is deadlier. <Flagged for work>

   [16c]<Luigi> A fast, powerful character. Any attack could send you flying
instantly. Do your best to get him over a pit, then he's good as dead as long
as he doesn't spontaneously explode, Double Jump aerial you, or use the Luigi
Tornado into you. <Flagged for work>

   [16d]<Bowser> A heavyweight. Bowser's so slow, that you shouldn't have
trouble killing him. The moves you should be aware of are Up+B, Down Smash,
Up Smash, Up Tilt, and Forward+B. <Flagged for work>

   [16e]<Peach> A light character with recovery abilities that overshadow
Mewtwo's. Peach can screw with your head very easily. Stay at her sides
so she can't Up Smash or Down Smash you. If she does Down Smash by you,
try to clank out her attack with Forward Tilt or something. Remember, she can
take out any attack you throw from afar with Toad or her annoyingly powerful
priority moves. <Flagged for work>

   [16f]<Yoshi> A strong character with great recovery. Try to predict and
counter his dair with Up Tilt or something. To kill Yoshi, you have to make
sure his double jump is used then smack him with something  during it to hope
you waste his double jump (I'd suggest fair, or nair). Yoshi resists damage
during his double jump so don't waste your Shadow Ball. The Egg Roll can be
stopped with Disable, Confusion, or any other attack with timing. As Yoshi
takes damage, he begins to resist less attacks during his double jump.
<Flagged for work>

   [16g]<Donkey Kong> A heavyweight. Donkey Kong is an easy target, but he
can send Mewtwo off stage easily. Meteor Smash or Edge Hog Donkey Kong to
kill him. Up Smashing may be a start. Be wary of his uair, Down Tilt, Throws,
and DK Punch (Standard B). <Flagged for work>

   [16h]<Captain Falcon> A light powerhouse. An annoyingly powerful enemy,
you'll need to outsmart Captain Falcon to win. If he uses his Forward+B,
Dodge the move in any way you prefer. Consider using Disable if he charges at
you. Be careful when you try Meteor Smashing him, you may end up getting
raped. Edge Hogging is very effective at killing him. Some moves to be aware
of: all aerials (be VERY careful with fair!), Down Throw, Down Tilt and Up
Smash. <Flagged for work>

   [16i]<Ganondorf> A heavyweight. Over-powered for Mewtwo to handle, but
Mewtwo has some attacks that are as fast as Ganondorf's. Mewtwo can pick at
Ganondorf from a distance with only the fear of powershielding. Do your
finishing moves at a higher damage than usual (170 or something). Try not to
get hurt by Ganondorf, as it will hurt Mewtwo a lot. Edge hogging is very
effective on Ganondorf. Some moves to watch out for: all aerials (especially
fair and dair), Down Throw, Down Tilt, Up Smash, Down+B (on the ground), and
Up+B. <Flagged for work>

   [16j]<Falco> A quick attacker. He's annoyingly fast and strong compared to
Mewtwo. His Reflector can be a nuisance if you even attempt to attack him
from afar. You can NOT Meteor Cancel his Spike. Pretty much every attack
Falco can do can be be horrible to Mewtwo. Try Teching his Down Throw in
different directions and DI from his Shine in different directions. At very
low damages (maybe below 50%), try doing an Up Throw and branching into nair.
Despite being a lightweight, kills with Up Throw are harder as Falco is a
fast-faller so use Back Throw. Get a Meteor Smashe in on Falco if he's using
a recovery move and he has high damage. Up Tilt and DJC does well against
Falco. Up Smash may also prove useful. <Flagged for work>

   [16k]<Fox> A quick, strong character. The same goes with Falco, but Fox's
Up Smash is incredibly annoying. Edge Gaurding is even harder with Fox's good
recovery. A Fox that charges at you might be dealt with by means of an
interrupting move like Confusion, Disable, or Forward Tilt. Some moves to try
against Fox are up Tilt, Up Smash, DJC, and Forward Smash. As everything
tends to apply with Fox as they do with Falco, the Up Throw into nair will
be of consideration on Fox. <Flagged for work>

   [16m]<Ness> A character who seems to be a little better than Mewtwo. Ness
has a powerful Up and Back Throw, a versatile Down Throw, the annoying PSI
Magnet, a reflective Forward Smash, useful aerials, and the distraction PSI
Fire. If he is over the edge, you can touch his PSI Thunder to stop his
recovery or lug an item at him as he floats. If your foe uses PSI Thunder for
no reason, he might launch himself at you so be ready for a powerful attack.
If PSI Fire is in your way, you should DI away from it and Ness. <Flagged
for work>

   [16n]<Ice Climbers> 2 mid-speed powerhouses. Mewtwo doesn't stand much of
a chance against these 2 (or being double-teamed for that matter). Try not to
use Confusion on them; use it to block Ice Shots. If you are near them, brace
yourself for a powerful dual Smash Attack or a deadly Chain Throw. If they
are Edge Gaurding you, they may try to do a Meteor Smash (go above them). If
you manage to seperate the Ice Climbers, go after the partner and try to kill
him/her. Use the Back Throw to try and seperate them. Meteor Smash a lone Ice
Climber over a pit. <Flagged for work>

   [16o]<Kirby> A light character. Kirby lacks a projectile move besides  his
Up+B so pick at him from afar if you wish. Up close, he's not even a threat
unless he uses his Hammer or Smash attacks. If Kirby swallows you, do a
fast-fall then an aerial move like dair or fair. Don't bother Meteor Smashing
Kirby, do a Smash attack or Edge Hog him. Try spamming Tilts on a CCing
Kirby. The most important moves to look out for are bair and uair. Upon being
Grabbed by Kirby, struggle out of anything he does unless you notice he does
an Up Throw or Down Throw. After an Up Throw, do an aerial against him. After
a Down Throw, DI in a good position so you can fair Kirby. <Flagged for work>

   [16p]<Samus> A heavy combo queen. A good Samus user is deadly and will
give Mewtwo a nice challenge. You'll probably be comboed in the air a lot.
Don't try to Meteor Smash her everytime as her Screw Attack will screw you
over (no pun intended). As you recover, expect her to shoot projectiles or
intercept you with an aerial. If you predict Samus will Grapple the edge as
she recovers, WaveDash on the edge and fall down as you dair or bair her.
<Flagged for work>

   [16q]<Zelda> A light character. Zelda's attacks are a little screwy, but
you mostly have to be careful of her fair and bair. If you try to kill her,
she'll probably succeed at recovering, so try throwing her up (oops). Don't
let her transform into Sheik. <Flagged for work>

   [16r]<Sheik> A light, quick-footed character. Her attacks are fast enough
to interrupt your moves before you try to do the same. There's not too much
you can do in this match-up. Just be careful of her needles. Expect fair and
Dodge it as often as you can. Counter her Down tilt with your own. You may
also try Disable on a Sheik that runs at you. <Flagged for work>

   [16s]<Link> A slow-paced powerhouse. His recovery sucks, but a smart Link
player would still reach an edge. You could reflect Link's projectiles, but
it would take less time to dodge them. Be wary of any attack Link assaults
you with. Expect either a Bomb, uair, or grounded Up+B as an Edge Gaurd.
<Flagged for work>

   [16t]<Young Link> A quick attacker. All of Young Link's projectiles
easily hit even a crouching Mewtwo. It'll be hard to charge your Shadow Ball,
so I'd take a head-on approach. Young Link may be light, but his recovery is
still mediocre. <Flagged for work>

   [16w]<Pichu> A quick, evasive attacker. Pichu's short enough to duck
under many moves (not as much as Kirby or Jigglypuff). Pichu's speed is
better than Mewtwo's, but Mewtwo has more range in his attacks. Don't use
Confusion on Thunder Jolt but don't stay near Pichu. Don't bother Meteor
Smashing this Pichu. Pichu's Recovery is great, so Up Throw it as a finisher.
<Flagged for work>

   [16x]<Pikachu> A quick, powerful character. It's like a small Captain
Falcon. Pikachu's range matches Mewtwo's, but his attacks are stronger. Try
to outsmart Pikachu as it zooms around the stage. You may have a better
chance at winning if there are items around for you to take advantage of.
<Flagged for work>

   [16y]<Jigglypuff> A light powerhouse with little range. Jigglypuff's
attacks are stronger than Mewtwo's by far, but he still has more range. If
a Jigglypuff jumps at you, put your shield up to block the aerial/Rest. If
Jigglypuff starts a Rollout, Sidestep Dodge the attack and get out of
the way. Don't bother Meteor Smashing Jigglypuff. Due to Jigglypuff's
recovery, you should finish her with an Up Throw. Use your Tilts and bair to
damage Jigglypuff. <Flagged for work>

   [16z]<Mewtwo> A light character. Against another Mewtwo, the better
skilled wins (unless one is lucky with items). You may have to set up the
enemy with a Down Throw. Meteor Smashing Mewtwo will not work well. The
finisher should be an Up Throw due to Mewtwo's recovery. If you get stuck in
the Shadow Ball charge, use DI to get out.

   [16aa]<Mr. Game and Watch> A lightweight powerhouse. Many of his
attacks have a lot of range and power. Try not to fill his bucket with your
Shadow Balls. Don't bother Meteor Smashing him, either. If you are falling
and he's below you, Teleport below him before he pulls off his nair. You
should Up Throw him as the finisher. To try to stop the fair approach, jump
away from Mr. Game and Watch and press the C-Stick in the opposite direction
you are facing (you'll retreat with a bair).

   [16bb]<Marth> A heavyweight with a lot of power. Marth can Spike, Counter,
and Chain Throw. Mewtwo may have had a chance if it weren't for Marth's large
range. Hopefully, you will get an item to aid you, but that still won't be
enough. Either stay far away from Marth or stay right next to him. Battle
his aerials with bair. Disable may be an idea to stop his approach. Edge Hog
Marth if you can. <Flagged for work>

   [16cc]<Roy> A midweight character. Roy's attacks are not as deadly as
Marth's, but the broad SweetSpot Roy has means he's bound to SweetSpot you.
Try to not charge your Smash attacks for no reason, Roy's Counter makes your
charge all the better for his kill. Stay away from Roy at all times. Edge Hog
Roy if you can. <Flagged for work>

   [16dd]<Male Wireframe> A light NPC. While they may be weak and they can't
charge their Smash attacks (not like they would), they still only appear in
groups. Try using moves that hit many of them at once to scatter them then
take one out. The fact that they lack a recovery move means you just have to
give them a weak little spark and cancel their double jump. The Male
Wireframe has moves that resemble Captain Falcon's.

   [16ee]<Female Wireframe> A light NPC. They're not as strong as the Male
Wireframes, but they're programmed to fight back if you approach them. Most
Female Wireframes act Evasive. Female Wireframes have moves that resemble

   [16ff]<Giga Bowser> An annoying secret enemy. Heavy and powerful, Giga
Bowser is a huge threat to Mewtwo. Keep your distance so that he spams his
fire breath and butt stomp. Dodge him when he butt stomps, then juggle him
with Down Tilt, Up Smash, or the Shadow Ball charge. If hits you upwards,
Teleport out of the way. If he uses his fire breath,  jump over the move and
fair/nair him. Do not stand beside him. Remember, you cannot grab Giga
Bowser! You can easily Meteor Smash his large frame. It's ok to play it safe
and spam the Shadow Ball from afar.

   [16gg]<Master Hand> A unique enemy that can't attack like crazy. Use nair,
DJC, Up Tilt, and Up Smash to beat him quickly. When he attacks, use a Dodge.
If he uses his "hand drill", "walking hand", or "gun form", fool him into a
position so you can Teleport to safety. (You can't fool him in the "walking-
one", but you can Dodge past him). You can also Charge the Shadow Ball as an
attack. Remember, don't run away when he shoots lasers from his fingers -
that's your chance to wail on him.

   [16ff]<Crazy Hand> A powerful enemy with odd moves. Fight him as you would
Master Hand, but you'll need to be more clever at Dodging him. If Crazy Hand
starts shaking wildly on the stage, get away from him and lug a Shadow Ball.
If you met Crazy Hand in Classic Mode, continue to beat up Master Hand since
Master Hand was already reduced to half of his HP before Crazy Hand appeared.

   [16hh]<Metal Enemies> Whomever you're fighting, just got a whole lot more
annoying. The Metal makes them resist stun (so they hit you after you
attack), makes your Forward Throw completely useless, and gives Mewtwo little
time to charge his Shadow Ball. While following the basic strategies to
beating whomever is Metal, try using disruptive moves more (Disable and
Confusion). Test whether or not you can chain throw with Up Throw. Don't use
Tilts as often as they will leave you open to attack. Try tricking the enemy
off the edge with a Throw or Confusion.


[17]~Getting used to Mewtwo~

   There are key pointers to remember when using Mewtwo instead of just about
any other character. Try to get around them.

} Mewtwo's Down Smash is not a Sweeping move. He is vulnerable from behind.

} Don't interrupt Mewtwo's double jump with an attack unless you are doing
a DJC.

} Always try to get that tiny bit of extra height with the double jump.

} Remember that Teleport is directional.

} Remember that Confusion doesn't protect Mewtwo's back unlike most other

} Mewtwo's Down+B move isn't going to hit anyone below him.

} Spamming Mewtwo's Smash attacks won't kill anyone.

} Using Mewtwo's nair isn't a Sex Kick. If anything, it's a lot like Samus'
Up+B move when used in the air.

} The recovery move (Teleport) doesn't deal damage. It is not to be used
offensively like Marth's recovery move.

} Running up to people is not a good strategy for Mewtwo. He can't survive
too many attacks. However, you could try running up to a foe and WaveDashing


[18]~Training/Getting Better~

   The best way to get better is to have humans to battle that are good at
the game. While training with people is good, you may have to rely on the
game's CPU to get better. Set the enemies at Level 4 if you need to practice
attacks; set them to 9 to just get better. Note that the level of the CPU
designates how often the CPU decides to attack - a level 1 CPU will use the
same exact attack as a level 9 in the same situation. This being the case,
there is a maximum potential for getting good against CPUs (this potential
is below that of fighting a human).

   Another great way to get better is to watch better/equal people use
Mewtwo then copy/adapt to their style. Try watching some videos of Mewtwo.

} To practice aiming your Meteor Smash or juggling, go to Training Mode and
set the AI to "Jump".

} If you need to practice WaveDashing, go to Training Mode at Final
Destination or PokeMon Stadium. PokeMon Stadium does not change in Training
Mode so it will remain flat.

} You can practice Powershielding and reflecting by going to Special Melee
then Slo Mo Melee and setting the items on Very High (only items to throw).
Go to a flat stage like Final Destination or PokeMon Stadium.


[19]~Advanced Techniques~

   Any Smash player could LOOK good by beating the crap outta people less
experienced than them, but what seperates the boys from the men is the
ability to use advanced techniques. Only by using advanced techinuiqes will
you have true bragging rights over your inferior friends. Advanced Techniques
are ways to make you faster at battling; anyone and everyone has a maximum
potential at how good they can get without Advanced Techniques - it's not
uncommon to see someone reach this potential but it isn't the case with any
person who reaches their potential with the superior Advanced Techniques.

[19a]<Short Hop>

   The Short Hop is done by quickly tapping X, Y , or Up on the Joystick. If
you jump with the Joystick, note that the command must be done quickly (how
hard/far you fling the Joystickdoes not matter). By doing a Short Hop, you
can execute aerial moves without jumping above your foe. Try doing this with
nair or fair. Really this doesn't count as an Advanced Technique.


   The L-Cancel is a very useful technique that shortens the lag time caused
by landing during an aerial attack. By pressing a Shoulder Button (L or R) as
soon as you touch the ground from an aerial attack, you'll dramatically
shorten the time needed to get back in the action. The easiest way to tell if
you are L-Canceling or not is to use Link's dair.


   The Shuffle stands for Short Hop - Fast Fall - L-Canceled. By Shuffling an
aerial attack, you'd be able to quickly follow up your attack. Do a Short Hop
and use your aerial. Fast Fall by pressing the Joystick downwards. Press the
Left or Right Shoulder Button to L-Cancel your aerial. You'll find bair and
fair the most useful to Shuffle.

[19d]<Double Jump Cancel/DJC>

   The DJC is an alternate way to get out of your Shield. By pressing X/Y and
by following it with Up on the Joystick, you'll quickly initiate Mewtwo's
second jump. While still holding Up on the Joystick, press A to initiate his
uair. Quickly L-Cancel your move. BY AR, I have found that the fastest you
could possibly DJC (after pressing X/Y) is about 10 Frames (does not need an
L-Cancel). Compared to the 16 Frames it takes til you can act from dropping a
Shield, you may want to consider this alternative. Also, if you try to do the
uair before Mewtwo even gets to jumping (Kneebend animation), you'll do an Up
Smash. Basically, you can Up Smash from your Shield. Note that you don't have
to have your Shield up to do a DJC.


   The WaveDash is an annoyingly hard technique that will sometimes give you
an edge over your opponent. Did you notice you could direct where you move
during an Air Dodge? By jumping and quickly tilting the Joystick DIAGONALLY
downwards at the same time you Air Dodge, you'll go into a slide back onto
where you jumped from. How long you slide is determined by the character's
traction. Mewtwo and Luigi have long WaveDashes, so they can easily make use
of it. Peach and Zelda have very short WaveDashes. Because landing from a
WaveDash is like standing, you could follow up your WaveDash with ANYTHING.
Mewtwo could defeat opponents by WaveDashing to them and Grabbing or C-Stick
Smashing them. Mewtwo must wait 4 Frames before he can WaveDash (Kneebend
animation). You can enlongate or shorten your WaveDash by changing the angle
you hold down the Joystick. Read a different FAQ/Guide for a better analysis
on the WaveDash.

[19f]<Jump-Grab Cancel>

   The Grab animation that follows after running is slower than the animation
of a Grab standing still. You can do the standing still Grab animation during
a run by jumping immediately before pressing Z. An alternate but more
situational way of doing this is to put up your Shield after a run and press
A to Grab.

[19g]<Crouch Cancel>

   Not really that advanced, but it's still an Advanced Technique. Crouch
Cancelling is a fancy term for ducking. Hold Down on the Joystick to DI
downwards at every attack. CCing allows you to cancel out the "stunned"
animations; for example, you won't get bounced up by Bowser's Fire Breath.
CCing always works but too much damage will make the CC stop saving you from
most attacks.It's not always good to CC if the opponent has a move that can
turn downwards DI into a bad thing (like Peach's Forward Throw). Mewtwo can
fight some CCers with Back Throw.

[19h]<Shield Jump>

   Quite simply, it means you can jump directly out of your Shield. This is
a great move to learn for countering attacks with your own aerial. If you use
the Joystick (tap Up) to jump out of the Shield, you can press A to use your
Up Smash directly from the Shield.


[20]~Bonus Stages~

   Simply the stages that you don't battle on, but can still earn something
or break a record.

[20a]<Break the Targets>  0:13:97

   Hit the 10 targets with whatever you've got. The faster, the better. Note
that my time is not the best (around 5 seconds was the best if I remember
correctly) so this strategy isn't the most effective one.

   Before you get to Target busting, go to the left side of the starting
platform and double jump. You'll notice a cage-like thing above you. Your
goal is to jump STRAIGHT upwards and hit the left edge of the right cage leg.
You'll know you did it right if Mewtwo's uair hit both Targets at once.

   First, get to the right end of the starting platform and do a pass-
through. Use nair as soon as Mewtwo is at the Target below him. After he
breaks the 2 Targets, do a double jump and hold right. When you're about to
the point where you can land on the pillar-thing, use fair to break the 3rd
Target. Jump (then double jump) from that spot and use uair to hit the Target
within the thing with red arrows. Land on (or pass-through) the main
platform, then go to the left a bit and do a pass-through. Attack the Target
with anything, but remember to L-Cancel it. Jump back up to the main
platform and use uair to destroy the Target in mid-air and the one in the
thing with blue arrows. Go to the spot described above, jump (then double
jump), then use uair to break the 2 Targets. Now, jump (then double jump) to
the right and hit the last Target. Feel free to improvise.

[20b]<Snag Trophies>

   Attack the Trophies so they go into the weird ringed thing at the center
of the stage. Don't attack the Trophies in the rings, or you might smack them
back out. Don't kill yourself or you'll lose your chance at getting the
Trophies. Shoot Trophies upwards only if you need more time. Charge your
Shadow Ball if you plan on using it.

For a decent amount of movement, use Forward+A.

For some movement and a lot of height, use a fully charged Shadow Ball.

For a tiny amount of movement, tap A once.

To launch a Trophy upwards, fair will be your best bet.

[20c]<Race to the Finish>

   You've got 43 seconds to get to a door. The farther you go, the more coins
you'll get at the end. The final door gives you 5 free coins! At the middle of
the stage, you have 3 paths you can take. The top path focusses on vertical
(up and down) jumping skills. The middle path focusses on horizontal jumping
skills. The bottom path is a combination of the 2 without damaging areas.
Always run, fast-fall, and grab the Trophy with Z (airbourne). Also, hold
Down on the Joystick so you pass-through the pass-throughable platforms
without landing. This Bonus Stage gets easier if you know the layout. As a
final note, remember that a Trophy will not always appear.

[20d]<Home-Run Contest>  1297.9 Feet

   I'm not going into detail as I don't like this Bonus Game. You can throw
the Bat upwards and do an Up Smash to deal extra damage. Don't let the Bat
touch the ground - grab it in mis-air with Z. As the final attack, don't
throw the Bat upwards, do a fully charged Up Smash, and aim the Home-Run
Bat's hit with the handle for the No-Ping-Hit. This isn't the best strategy
so you'd better consult another Guide about how to to the Bat Drop strategy.


[21]~Mind Games~

   Mind games are just actions you can do to trick an enemy into a position
that you want them in. This is ineffective against AI. This does happen to be
the most important aspect of all gameplay by SSBM pros.

How: How to pull off the mind game.
Effect: What you end up doing during the mind game.
What: What to do to follow up your mind game.
When: When you may want to use this mind game.

How: Tap Left and Right on the Joystick rapidly. (Advanced Technique called
   "Dash Dance"; can branch into the "Fox Trot")
Effect: You'll start a dash from left to right. This can be continuous. It'll
   screw up if you press Up on the Joystick on accident.
What: Run at them and attack/Grab Cancel or run away.
When: Do this when the enemy has high damage as they will be cautious and
   wary. At low percentages, they'll probably just charge at you. When done
   while at the foe's position, it'll keep the foe guessing as to what attack
   to hit you with.

How: Tap the Joystick towards the enemy then WaveDash away.
Effect: You'll appear to charge at them, but you WaveDash to safety. They
   likely attacked, so get back at them as they suffer lag time.
What: Do a Smash attack or Grab.
When: Whenever your enemy is on the offensive.

How: Face away from the enemy, then Wavedash backwards so you are by them.
Effect: The enemy will think you are retreating and pursue you. You Wavedash
   into them and trap them in your attack.
What: Charge the Shadow Ball or use the C-Stick.
When: When the enemy is at low percentages (so they'll charge you without
   caring about taking damage).

How: WaveDash back and forth (Advanced Technique called "Wave Dance")
Effect: You'll slide back and forth without ever turning around.
What: Run from people getting off of a Revival Platform or use Down Tilt.
When: As the opponent gets off of a Revival Plaform or at random.

How: Tap the direction you are facing with the Joystick at a certain rate
   (varies with each character, but Mewtwo's is slow) (Advanced Technique
   called "Fox Trot"; can branch into the "Dash Dance").
Effect: You'll do the start of the running animation continuously. If you
   decide to turn around, you do not go through the "skidding" animation as
   one normally would (which is good for Mewtwo due to his low traction).
What: Trick foes who expect you to do an approach after your Dash Dance.
When: At random or when the foe is more cautious of you.


[22]~Soul Breaker (Glitch)~

   The Soul Breaker is a glitch that occurs when Mewtwo's shield is broken as
he spins an enemy. The Red Shell will break Mewtwo's shield after he reflects
it 6 times with Confusion. At the 6th time, have someone get caught in
Mewtwo's Confusion. Get the person to stand right next to Mewtwo so that the
Red Shell will go below that person and hit Mewtwo. Make sure you land on a
platform above you or the Red Shell will knock off the player stuck to you.
The person stuck to you will break away if you use Confusion or the one stuck
to you takes damage.

[22a]<Fun with the Soul Breaker>

   Here's some ways to have fun with the Soul Breaker. Try grabbing an enemy.
The frozen person will go to your hand. If you do a Forward Throw, the frozen
enemy will be caught in every single Shadow Ball. If you do a Back Throw, the
thrown enemy will deal damage to the one stuck to you. If you put up your
shield, the person stuck to you will go to the center of the shield. Try an
Aerial Dodge while holding something. Certain items can be dropped with Z
and not shake off the frozen enemy. Some PokeMon, like Staryu, can beat up
the frozen player without smacking him/her off of you.  Jumping on a Shell
removes the frozen enemy. Using Confusion again will shake off the unlucky
soul you froze.

[22b]<Soul Stunner>

   Go to Training Mode and do the Soul Breaker glitch. Add another enemy with
the "CPU" option, then push the new enemy near an edge. Grab the new enemy
and Down Throw him/her. Now that the new enemy is frozen, charge your Shadow
Ball by it and leave the game idle for an hour or so to max out your Combos.

[22c]<Soul Breaker Stuff>

   People caught in Confusion go through the "THROWNMEWTWO" animation, but
ones who get caught in Soul Breaker look like they were on Frame 27.  As
Mewtwo flies upwards from the Shell, the person frozen continues increasing
by Frames til 27 (the last Frame of animation from ThrownMewtwo). Strings
that flow in the wind (like a cape/dress) will be easy to manipulate by using
this glitch. By Throwing someone while having someone stuck to you, Confusion
will then not make the frozen foe break off by means of Confusion. It acted
quite oddly as I was able to stick 2 Dr. Marios on Mewtwo at once by using
Confusion to break my Shield via Red Shell, again. Using Confusion froze the
2nd Dr. Mario as in with the Soul Stunner glitch, but he stayed frozen on
Mewtwo if I threw a different enemy. Freezing the Ice Climbers by Soul
Stunner, I found Nana had a slight amount of freedom as to where she'd be
blown instead of floating in mid-air. Killing her from the ceiling made her
do the "hit the camera" animation, but frozen on the first Frame. If the
frozen character holds either of the Link's Bombs, they'll break free from
Mewtwo, but not the Soul Stunner. Nana has the uncanny ability to jump after
Popo during the ThrownMewtwo animation. Thrown enemys of Soul Stunner do
damage once (like Dead-weight) but only once. Captian Falcon and Ganondorf's
Up+B moves will un-freeze those who were subjected to Soul Stunner. Anyone
else who can Grab in the air could free Soul Stunnered characters. If Nana
is stuck to you when Popo dies, Nana will disappear to be with Popo on the
Revival Platform. By freezing someone on Mewtwo by Throwing, Kirby can
swallow Mewtwo and run around with the frozen character visible. Kirby would
take Mewtwo's ability by Copy, but he'll seperate the frozen character from
Mewtwo if he decides to shoot Mewtwo out (they hurt each other). If Kirby
tries to swallow someone frozen by Soul Stunner, it will fail to catch him/
her unless Kirby took the dead-weight damage from Mewtwo's Throw. Otherwise,
Kirby will continue to inhale (without a Grab hitbox) until he or the frozen
enemy is hurt. The enemy will go to the 1st Frame of the "CAPTUREKIRBY"
animation but still not move in any way. Hurting the frozen foe will make
him/her appear in Kirby's mouth/swallowed. As long as Kirby is aimlessly
trying to inhale the foe, Kirby can be nudged and shoved however you want.
Killing Kirby by pushing him off the edge releases the Soul Stunned person.
If Kirby tried to inhale the Soul Stunned person, killing Kirby will not only
free that person from being frozen, but it will teleport him/her below the


[23]~Reason for this Guide~

   I made this guide in hopes that I would get better at using Mewtwo. I
figured an experience works better than just reading something. I've
definitely learned a lot of things about how to use Mewtwo, but I still have
to start following my own little rules and Battle Pointers.

   Playing as Mewtwo so much in a row has taken its toll on my brain. Only
now have I realized Mewtwo is not the kind of character I like. I've played
the game enough to know my mains: Luigi, Marth, JP, Mr. Game and Watch. I
have yet to reach my potential with any of these characters (including
Mewtwo) so only time will tell what will happen with this Guide and my skill.

   Now that I have a grasp on Advanced Techniques, I have less trouble in my
attempts to use Mewtwo. On the day that I find another good Smasher, I'd love
to reach my potential with Mewtwo and help others reach thier's through this


[24]~Version History~

1.0 - 7/04, 2005 - The first version.

1.1 - 7/14, 2005 - Added the "Soul Breaker" and "Mind Games" section and
   added more Battle Tips.

1.2 - 9/24, 2005 - Replaced the "Item Usage" section with "Weight List".
   Changed "The Battle stages" to "Advanced Techniques". Added more data on
   the Soul Breaker Glitch. Changed text in the "Attacks" section to avoid
   insulting moves. Added a Pro and a Con. Added the subsection "Soul Breaker
   Stuff" in "Soul Breaker (Glitch).

1.3 - 6/10, 2006 - A very late update. Anyways, tinkered with the Pros and
   Cons section a little. Edited a lot of attacks to attempt to remove biased
   views. Worked on the Combos, Dodging, Recovering, Aerial Fighting,
   Reflecting, Edge Gaurding, Meteor Smashing, Using the Shadow Ball,
   Checking the Damage Counter, Getting up from a Fall, Getting up from an
   Edge, Battle Pointers, Mewtwo's Competition, Getting used to Mewtwo,
   Training/Getting Better, Advanced Techniques, Bonus Stages, Mind Games,
   Reason for this Guide, Contacting Me, and Special Thanks sections a
   little. Removed the Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, Event
   Matches, and Multi-Man Melee sections. Added sections 07b - DJC, 19f -
   Jump-Grab Cancel, 19g - Crouch Cancel, 19h - Shield Jump.


[25]~Contacting Me~

   I rarely check my e-mail. Sorry. You can go ahead and try, but make the
e-mail title have "SSBM" in it. If you have some question like "How do I
unlock Luigi?", then I'd suggest reading some other Guides or asking the
Board Members.

   [email protected]


I don't own anything related to Nintendo, PokeMon, or SSBM except the games.
The data here is all opinionated and taken straight from the game itself with
the aid of De-Bug Mode. The Trademarks belong to Nintendo.

This Copyright is... 

July 2005, Larry Resnik

If you want to do anything with this guide, go right ahead, but give credit
where it is needed. Feel free to post it on some random site, but don't edit
anything. If you do change something, put my name in it and I'll be fine.

   Authorized sites:


[27]~Special Thanks~

} Josh, for being the only worthy opponent around and allowing me to get
better with Mewtwo. Despite feuding fathers, I still consider you a good
friend and miss sparring with you.

} Tim M, for reminding me to say how to release someone from Soul Breaker.

} Gamefaqs, for providing me with data and interest for over 3 years. Also,
the people in the Gamefaqs community for supporting me.