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Follow the dark path or use the light
Super Smash Bros. Melee Pack Shot

Super Smash Bros. Melee


Sheik FAQ

by XIF

                                   \ \
                                   /  \
                                  /   |
                             ,``,/    `\
                             /  |      |
                          ,-`  /  ,,-,,/
                    ,,-~``  _,` ,`
           ,,,---~``     ,,`   /
       ,~``            ,`     /
      (   ``-,     ,-~`     ,/
       \      `~~~/     --~`                   ' ' '
        \       ``,     |                      ||||||
         \         `~,  |            /`\       ||||||
          \,         |  \        ,/`` ~~,      ||||||
            \,     ,/    \      /        `~,,,,||||||
              \,```      |     /    ,,         ||,,,,,
             ,` \\|||| /    ,/    /  ``~,,      |````
             |   \\||| |,,~`      |       ``~~~~`
              \   \\||   , ,     / ,~````,
               \,  \\| ``  `,  /`/        `       ___
               | `~\\\   ` |    /    _    \      |___
                \   \\\~,,,/  `/   /  /   /       ___|
                 \  _\|```,   ``,`/*#/   \       |___|
                   |-  |__\         /     \      |   |
                    \  |    ,,,,----,     |      |````
                    /   \    |       `~, ,`      |----
                    \    \   /          `        |____
                     \    `~,|         /\        _____
                     ``\     |        /  \         |
                        \   ,/       /____\        |
                         `~~`       / \  / \     __|__
                                   /___\/___\    |   /
                                                 |   \

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                    Super Smash Brothers Melee: Sheik FAQ                     |
|                           /                      \                           |

      ------------Information by: X infested Falcon (Alex Campos)------------
           --------Formatting/editing by: me frog (Colin Scully)--------
            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sent in on May 12, 2004~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                           |Last updated: September 10, 2004|
           | For Gamecube | Rated T (Teen) | Character FAQ | Nintendo |
           |X infested Falcon - [email protected] AIM - cubapete008649|
           |    me frog - [email protected] AIM - me frog 12345   |

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                              Table of Contents                               |
|                           /                      \                           |

|Ch.#| Name of Chapter/Sub-Section|Search | Description                    |%%%|
|(01)| VERSION HISTORY            | VER.  | I'll describe the updates here |100|
|(02)| INTRODUCTION               | INTR  | Our intros to the game         |100|
|(03)| WHY PLAY SHEIK?            | SECI  | Telling you why to use Sheik   |100|
|(04)| SIMPLE TERMS TO KNOW       | SECII | Terms that you need to know    |100|
|(05)| MOVE LISTS                 | SECIII| List of all of Sheik's moves   |100|
| -- | A button moves             |ABUTTON| Moves with the A button        |100|
| -- | Aerial Moves               | AERIAL| Different air attacks          |100|
| -- | B button moves             |BBUTTON| Different moves used with B    |100|
| -- | Grabs and Throws           |GRABTHR| Different G&Ts you can do      |100|
| -- | Miscellaneous attacks      | MISC. | All the rest of attacks        |100|
| -- | Defensive moves            |DEFMOVE| All ways to defend yourself    |100|
|(06)| CHARACTER MATCH-UPS        | SECIV | How to fight all characters    |100|
|(07)| COMBOS AND SET-UPS         |COM&SET| Different combos and set-ups   |100|
|(08)| NEEDLES: A FURTHER LOOK    |  NEDL |                                |100|
|(09)| KILLING AND EDGE GUARDING  |KILLEDG| How to get rid of your enemy   |100|
|(10)| ONE PLAYER MODE            |ONEPLAY| Fighting in Classic/Adventure  |100|
| -- | 1 versus 1                 | 1VS1  | One on one fights              |100|
| -- | 2 versus 2                 | 2VS2  | Two on two fights              |100|
| -- | 3 versus 1 Giant           |3VGIANT| Fighting a giant charachter    |100|
| -- | 1 versus Team              |1VSTEAM| Fighting a team of enemies     |100|
| -- | Master Hand & Crazy Hand   |MASCRAZ| Facing Master & Crazy Hand     |100|
| -- | Adventure Mode             |ADVENTU| Playing in Adventure Mode      |100|
| -- | Break the Targets          |BREAKTA| Strategy for breaking targets  |100|
| -- | Home-Run Contest           |HOMERUN| Strategy for the home run game |100|
| -- | Multi-Man Melee            |MULTMAN| Fighting in Multi-Man Melee    |100|
| -- | Training Mode Combos       |TRAINCO| Combos during training mode    |100|
| -- | Event Match Mode           |EMMODE | Beating char. Select Events    |100|
|(11)| LEGAL INFORMATION          | LEGAL | Our legal information          |100|
|(12)| CONTACT                    |CONTACT| Contact rules/how to contact us|100|
|(13)| USEFUL SITES               |USEFULS|Diff. sites to visit for tips   |100|
|(14)| CREDITS/CLOSING            | CRCO  | The wrap up to this FAQ            |

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                               Version History                      VER.      |
|                           /                      \                           |
Version 1.0 05/12/04 - Well, all information is added and format is done so really
        |            this FAQ is complete. Enjoy!

Version 1.1 05/28/04 - I added all the event match mode strategies for those where
        |            you can play as Sheik, I also tweaked the character match up
        |            section a bit.

Version 2.0 06/11/04 - MAJOR.  UPDATE.  I added character by character strategies,
        |            and more move list information.  The update is big, over 15 KB
        |            of updates on this one alone.  Enjoy.

Version 2.1 06/16/04 - Just made the FAQ prettier, new header, organized the
        |              character matchups better, and made a diagram for the Break
        |              the Targets strategies. Enjoy it.  Or perish. <_<

Version 2.2 07/17/04 - I added a whole new section, more information on needles,
        |              very useful stuff to read, adds a plethora of new layers
        |              of depth to Sheik's game, become smarter, read it. =P

Version 3.0 07/28/04 - I finally got around to fixing all the little mistakes here
        |              and there, big thanks to Helsing for pointing out all the
        |              issues.  I also added the Mewtwo and Mr. Game and Watch
        |              character match-ups, so, enjoy.

Version 3.01 08/12/04 - Fixed the samus typo.

Version 3.1 09/10/04 - Touched up on the character match ups, so for now, you may
        |             consider this to be the final version.  My only updates from
        |             now on will be if new strategies are ever discovered, or if
        |             I ever get around to fixing all my grammar.  Enjoy.

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                        Introductions (XiF and me frog)             INTR      |
|                           /                      \                           |

                             XiF's introduction

Hi, this is X infested Falcon, XiF for short. This is my first FAQ ever, but that
doesn't mean it will be bad, I know how to make sure you become a master with
Sheik. I'm just a 15 year-old kid who spends a lot of time on SSBM, and knows his
stuff. When I came to GameFAQs, I was a total idiot, I knew nothing. A few
enlightened board members showed me the way, I began to read and study and
research A LOT of things on SSBM. So over time, I became immensely better at the
game, and then I myself became one of the enlightened board members. But this
isn't about forums, this is an FAQ. Read on to see "what lies beneath"... errr...

Sheik is the mysterious Ninja warrior from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
In this game, she is much the same. Very nimble, quick, and contrary to what most
people think... powerful, with good weak attacks to combo with. Don't expect Zelda
to be in this FAQ, they are two completely different characters. Without further
adieu, lets get cracking!

                             me frog's introduction

It's that one dude again, me frog. Yeah, my introduction is second AGAIN. This is
the second time that this has happened to me. Terrible, terrible thing I know
especially since I'm your favorite author and *gets out AK-47* no one ever
disagrees with me. Anyway, I'm just that lame formatter that was shunted aside.
No offense to XiF or anything but if the FAQ wasn't reformatted it'd be
impossible to read. Of course, XiF is a much better SSBM player than I am and
he'll always be a better SSBM player than I am seeing as how he's played the game
for a lot longer (he was even up against the Florida champion and uh... didn't do
THAT bad). Anyway, you might've already seen my very... uh, I mean Decedant One's
and my very sexy Bowser FAQ.

If you didn't notice, I formatted that one as well. And it's becoming a LOT
harder to think of exclusive formats dammit. Thanks a lot guys, you're making me
run out of valuable ideas that I need for other FAQs. I hate you both. Burn.
BURN! No, actually just experience great pain and I'll be satisfied :). Anyway, I
have barely any experience with Sheik so I haven't type up any gameplay
information. I'm that one formatting guy remember? Like in a movie, XiF is first
up in the credits and I'm the third guy in a row of seventy eight minutes into
the credits. Something's wrong there. Okay, I'm getting way off subject. This FAQ
is a description of Sheik, Sheik, and only Sheik. NO NOT ZELDA YOU FOOLISH

Yeah, only Sheik who is, in my opinion, a lot better than Zelda. But who listens
to me? Anyway, you can find everything from the controls to strategies in here so
if you need to know about Sheik, you've uh... come to the right place I guess.

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                                Why Play Sheik?                     SECI      |
|                           /                      \                           |

Sheik, by general knowledge, voting at the largest pro hangout of SSBM, and
common sense when you think of it, is the best character in the game. BUT, she
can be beaten if you are careless, or just not good, but after this FAQ skill
won't be your problem. Sheik is fast, nimble, which means she can wall jump, has
very little start up time and lag at the end of her attacks. She has her fair
share of good finishing moves, and great tactics for edge-guarding. She has
insane combo ability, and can chain throw. She is not only my best character for
myself, but one of my favorites as well.

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                             Simple Terms to Know                  SECII      |
|                           /                      \                           |

There are some terms, and even techniques you are probably not familiar with.
Some of these things are crucial for a good Sheik player. So please pay close
attention to this section (Big thanks to DarkPhoenix87 for help on this section):

L-cancel- When L, R, or Z is pressed right before you hit the ground, you reduce
the normal recovery time after an aerial attack.

Shffl'd- This is an acronym meaning "Short-hopped, Fast-falled, L-cancelled." It
is basically the most effective way certain aerial attacks can be pulled off, and
is a must in competitive play.

Shield grab- Hitting A or Z while L or R shielding. If someone tries s shffl'd
aerial, or any attack, use this to counter

Sheild shifting- Using the control stick to angle the shield to prevent shield-
stab, or provide extra protection in a given direction.

Shield-stab- Attacking a shielded opponent where the shield's leaving a part of
the character vulnerable, allowing them to bypass the shield's defense.

Wavedash- Air-dodging diagonally toward the ground, as close to the ground as
possible, will result in a movement that abuses the games physics by allowing a
player to make themself slide across the ground. Most obvious with Luigi, Marth,
Roy, Mewtwo, and Ice Climbers. You can turn around more quickly by

wavedashing in the opposite direction of your run, then picking up on the

Wavedance- Wavedashing back and forth.

Wavesmash- A wavedash, then a c-stick direction

Teching- When you are tumbling in the air after being hit, you can press L, R, or
Z near the ground or a wall/ceiling, with or without a direction, to recover
faster than usual. Holding left or right on a ground tech will result in a roll
in the direction.

Knockback- Refers to how far a character is sent after being hit by an attack.

Priority- If an attack has a lot of priority, if it hits another attack at the
same time it will over power the attack and the opponent will be the only one to
receive damage. The more priority the better.

Sex Kick- This term refers to any neutral aerial A kick that does damage after
the actual movement of the foot is over. The attack gets weaker and has less
knockback the longer it is out. The only exception is Dr. Mario. His sex kick
attack actually gets stronger, and has more knockback the longer it is out. Fox
and Falco's aerial backwards A is also considered a sex kick.

Tilt attack- Holding any one of the four control stick directions, and hitting A.
Some <, > tilt attacks can be aimed to the diagonal.

Smash attack- "Smashing" any of four directions on the control stick plus the A
button. The C-Stick is used for smash attacks too.

Wall-jump- Hitting the opposite direction when your character is near a wall, and
not tumbling. Works only with Mario, Samus, Young Link, Fox, Sheik, Falco, Pichu,
and Captain Falcon.

Needle canceling- Many characters can do this with B attacks. Basically, if you
shoot a needle near the ground and land before the attack animation is complete,
there will be no lag when you land and can be followed up with any attack, even
another needle if you desire.

Chain-throw- Continually throwing another character in such a manner as to
prevent them from landing. Sheik can do this with her down throw on a lot of

Dash-cancelling- During a run, pressing down will stop the run. This should be
used to follow up with a downward tilt or downward smash attack with Sheik

Dash-Dancing- Quickly alternating left and right on the control stick, so the
character only does the opening animation of the run. This is to be used for mind
games, or feinting the opponent.

C-Sticking- Used to describe the act of using the c-stick to do aerials, smash
attacks, and other things in multiplayer mode. This will be used EVERY TIME you
dash cancel into a smash attack.

Edge-guarding- Using attacks to prevent the enemy from recovering to the stage.

Edge-hogging- A character holding onto an edge will not permit another character
to do the same. This is useful in preventing an enemy's recovery. The best way to
edge-hog is to either wave dash or short-jump backwards onto the ledge.

Edge-hop- A jump quickly following a press of down or back from an edge-hang will
let characters do a short edge-hop. Most, if not all characters can do attacks out
of this.  Generally back is better to use, since it requires no fast falling, and
allows more range.

Fast-falling- Pressing down while in the air will make your character fall faster
than usual. You can fast-fall out of aerial attacks, air dodges, and failed ^B
attacks. Young Link, however, is nearly unaffected by this.

Hyper/Power Shielding- Shielding at the exact instant an attack or item hits your
character. Will result in a white flash and the attack not hitting. Projectiles
will be reflected.

Directional Influence- holding left or right on the control stick while falling
or going up to change the direction at which you are falling. (Abbreviates into

Crouch Canceling- If you are crouching and you are attacked, you do not go flying
and recovery from the attack almost instantly, it is a good way to allow yourself
to counter attack the opponent by using down tilt immediately afterwards.

Bat-drop- This is a technique done in Home-run Contest. If you jump or double
jump, drop the bat with Z, and spike it down right after the bat hit's the bag,
it does between 25 and 35 damage. Doing this repeatedly can get very high
records. We use BD for short.

No-Ping hit- Another Home-run contest term. If you stand underneath the sandbag,
and face away, and smash the bat, if it hits with the back it will be sent flying
the other direction further than a regular hit. It doesn't work at damages in the
120% range and above however.

Tipper- A term mainly for Home-run contest. Hitting with the tip of the bat will
send the sandbag further than any other part of the bat, and still further than a
no ping after the 120% range.

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                                 Move Lists                       SECIII      |
|                           /                      \                           |

                               A button moves                         ABUTTON

Neutral A
Damage- 4%
Knockback- low
Speed- high
Range- low-mid
a basic move,It can be used when an opponent is right near you, since it out-speeds
any other attack pretty much you can stun the opponent for a split second and even
the tables. Since it also has pretty high priority considering its strength, its
nice in alot of situations.  It sets up for alot of attacks much like tilts do.
you go use any tilt, down smash, grabs or even aerials.  It can also guard against
sheild grabs, since its so fast and grabs are generally slower than it.  A very
versatile attack considering its simplicity and relative weakness.  Remember though
it can out speed or clash at any percent to rest the confrontation, but in order
for it to lead into more attacks, you got to have some damage on the opponent.

Neutral A combo
Damage- 4%, 2%, 1%...
Knockback- low
Speed- high
Range- low-mid
This attack is not the best of attacks.  dont use it unless the opponent is
against the wall and at low damage, even then use with caution, it can be punished
easily.  Bottom line, you can live without this attack.  easily.

Tilt Forward A
Damage- 7%
Knockback- medium
Speed- high
Range- mid-high
great combo when at low percentages when you spam this single
attack. A heavyweights worst enemy. At higher percentages this should be linked
with a tilt down A or a tilt up A. This move sends them straight up, setting up
perfectly for a Forward aerial as a finisher, or any aerial just to hurt them. At
percentages not necessarily 0, but enough that the move can't be linked directly,
using a shffl'd aerial will work just as fine.

Tilt Down A
Damage- 8%
Knockback- medium
Speed- mid-high
Range- medium
Great for other tilt attack or shffl'd aerial set-ups. Do this after a crouch
cancel followed by an Aerial Forward A.  This is also good as a poking tactic.
meaning, its reange its good and because of its sweep, and can keep an enemy
from approaching, or even go through the sheild.  This gives it a good defensive
use too.

Tilt Up A
Damage- 8% going up, 3% going down
Knockback- medium
Speed- mid-high
Range- medium
very good attack on low percentages, fast fallers or heavyweights will
fall susceptible do both hits at low percents, one going up and on going down.
The one going up is much stronger and has better knock-back than the one going
down. It send the opponent straight up at a high enough damage, so it's a great
aerial set up just like down tilt A.

Smash attack forward
Damage- 5% first hit, 9% second
Knockback- medium
Speed- medium
Range- high
Sheik's worst smash attack, not by much compared to others,
but with her up smash and down smash there, I would refrain from using it. It
hits twice, but it is easy to escape after the first hit and punish it. Its
also very easy to crouch cancel counter, or, possibly worse depending, sheild
grabbed.  So in other words, DONT. USE IT.

Smash attack down
Damage- 14%
Knockback- high
Speed- high
Range- mid-high
Sheik's best smash attack by far, excellent priority, great
range, and a very fast attack. One of the three attacks I suggest you use A LOT.
Best used after a dash cancel and a finisher. Against a wall it can be combo'd a
couple times if they don't wall tech.

Smash attack up
Damage- 17% sweet spotted, 13% not
Knockback- high
Speed- medium
Range- medium
A very good smash attack, its not good just to attack an opponent with this move,
as it will be seen coming. You can use any tilt, up, or down throw followed by an
up smash for a good small combo. After that you might be able to follow up with an
aerial attack. But even so, this is only good at low damages, or against fast
fallers.  Aerial attacks are generally a much better option.

                               Aerial Moves                           AERIAL

Aerial Neutral A
Damage- 14%, degrade down to 9% longer its out
Knockback- medium
Speed- high
Range- mid-high
A standard amongst sex kicks, okay damage and knock back, the
character goes nowhere at low damages, which is good if you l-cancel into a down
smash, but at higher percentages the go flying away from you, not a whole lot of
things to do after that. Basically its good for you at low percentages.

Aerial back A
Damage- 14% sweet spotted, 10% not
Knockback- mid-high
Speed- high
Range- high
a very good aerial, it'd be the best one if not for Sheik's godly
aerial forward A. Try to hit with as much distance from you with the tip of her
foot. Good knock back, good damage, it can be followed up with any aerial you
desire, or a tilt.

Aerial down A
Damage- 11%
Knockback- high
Speed- low
Range- medium
Sheik's worst aerial attack. I would refrain from using it. It
lags a lot, even L-canceled a person can punish it. You can use it if a person is
using an attack that lags and follow up with any other aerial, but even then, it
isn't advised.

Aerial forward A
Damage- 13%
Knockback- high
Speed- high
Range- mid-high
best aerial for Sheik by far, great damage, insane knock back
and good priority. One of the three attacks I suggest you use A LOT. Use this
shffl'd for a good approach. This can be follower up by any upwards sending
attack, but should be followed up with up throw, down throw, up smash, or dash
attack. Great as a finisher, and edge guarding too.  When you shffl it, if you
are very good at it, you actually dont need to l-cancel it, assuming you start
the attack the the peak of your short hop and fast fall afterwards.  But, it
never hurts to be safe, so I always L-cancel regardless.

Aerial up A
Damage- 12%
Knockback- mid-high
Speed- high
Range- medium
Good aerial, great for juggling. It's a standard aerial amongst most
aerials. Its got OK damage and OK knock-back. Again, a great follow up to any
upwards sending attacks especially up throw, down throw, up smash, or dash

                               B button moves                         BBUTTON

Neutral B
Damage- 3%
Knockback- low
Speed- high
Range- high
Needles... a God send for any Sheik player, one of the three moves I
suggest you use A LOT. Use it to stop any one in their tracks, as a quick 18%
(fully charged), or as my personal favorite, in the air. Aerial needles is a very
good skill to learn, especially for edge guarding. I am not completely sure what
the exact angle her needles are thrown at but its nearly 45 degrees. If you can
effectively hit a person trying to recover from the field with aerial needles,
there's a good chance they won't come back.

Forward B
Damage- 8% sweet spotted, 3% not
Knockback- low-mid
Speed- low
Range- high
The chain... it isn't the best move out there. And most definitely the
worst B move Sheik has. It's only use is for edge guarding, which can actually be
effective from people who are below you. But with other edge guarding options,
just try not to use it.

Down B
Damage- N/A
Knockback- N/A
Speed- low
Range- N/A
It transforms you into Zelda. This isn't an FAQ about Zelda, so if you
feel the need to use this move as Sheik, feel free to leave this FAQ and find a
Zelda FAQ. =P

Up B
Damage- 12%
Knockback- medium
Speed- low
Range- low
Sheik's third jump, this move has ok damage and surprising knock back. But
do not ever use this offensively in a match, if a person is trying to edge-hog
you, feel free to use the first jump in vanish, fire them off, and hang back on
the edge. This gives you a lot more options upon your return to the battle field.
If there is no on the edge ALWAYS, try to use the firs small jump of the vanish
to hang onto the ledge.

                             Grabs and Throws                         GRABTHR

Grab attack
Damage- 3%
Knockback- N/A
Speed- low
Range- N/A
probably the worst move Sheik has besides down B... <.<. its good to add a punch
or two maybe at around 30% or higher, since it does add up, but dont abuse it
because she obviously has much better options besides grab attack when she grabs.

Back throw
Damage- 7%
Knockback- medium
Speed- N/A
Range- N/A
An ok throw, decent damage and knock back, it should only really be used near
an edge since it doesnt lead to much else besides edge-guarding from the ledge.

Down throw
Damage- 8%
Knockback- low
Speed- N/A
Range- N/A
Sheik's best throw, mainly because she can chain throw half the cast
with this single throw. It can be followed up with all her aerials with the
exception of down, it can also be followed up with a down or up smash. This is by
far the best set up for any attack you can have with Sheik.

Forward throw
Damage- 8%
Knockback- medium
Speed- N/A
Range- N/A
pretty much the same as back throw, again, not much uses outside of leading to
some edge guarding.

Up throw
Damage- 8%
Knockback- medium
Speed- N/A
Range- N/A
Sheik's second best throw, it can't be chained like down throw but it
gives you the same aerial setups as down throw does, but that's about it, but
with Sheik's superb aerial attacks you should not be complaining.

                           Miscellaneous attacks                      MISC.

Ledge attack below 100%
Damage- 8%
Knockback- medium
Speed- mid-high
Range- high
Very good as far as ledge attacks go. It has excellent
range and speed. And little lag afterwards, letting you hop back into action
directly afterwards, but if you don't end up hitting you will most likely be
punished for it. This is the best thing to do on the edge next to ledge hopping.

Ledge attack above 100%
Damage- 8%
Knockback- low-mid
Speed- low
Range- low
very slow, little range, definitely not a good attack.
At this percentage its best to go for a ledge hop and hop for the best and try to
avoid them or use an aerial attack.

On the floor attack (both)
Damage- 6%
Knockback- low-mid
Speed- medium
Range- medium
pretty standard recover attacks. It hits both sides
and is fairly fast. You should always use this if you do happen to miss a tech.

Dash attack
Damage- 10% sweet spotted, 7% not sweet spotted.
Knockback- mid-high
Speed- medium
Range- high
fast, good range, easy, and sends straight up on the sweet spot. If
you barely make contact right in front of you it doesn't little damage and sends
them in front of you. If you get the sweet spot, it can be followed up with and
aerial or a tilt if they don't recover quickly enough.

                            Defensive moves                           DEFMOVE

Shield- Not much to say, except it covers most of her body unlike some people.
You should try to shield more than anything else, because with a shield comes a
shield grab, and if you down throw you gain complete control.

Roll- Sheik has a fairly fast and simple roll, good to average compared to other
characters. I wouldn't suggest spamming it too much, but its can when the
occasion arises, like when the enemy is too close to you.

Side step dodge- It's fast, but lasts pretty short, I would not use it unless you
are dodging a projectile being shot from far away.

Air dodge- Sheik as a good air dodge, if your in the air and your opponent is in
the air, don't be afraid to use it. More problems arise when your opponent is on
the ground, but even so it shouldn't pose many problems.

Ledge Roll- Its ok, only really good if the opponent is right there at the edge.
I wouldn't recommend using it unless your above 100% and the opponent can easily
take you on in the sky.

Ledge Hop- Not an attack and not really a defensive maneuver but I put this in
here cause it fit best. Sheik in the air is a good thing, you can either land and
begin attacking, or if they try to attack you in the air you can use aerial
forward A on most characters.


Now that we have all the moves and such down, lets get to the real stuff!

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                              Character Match-Ups                  SECIV      |
|                           /                      \                           |

                               Doctor Mario

        Very similar yet very different from Mario.  One main difference are the
pills.  Doctor Mario can use his pills to rush at you and follow up with any
thing he wants, generally and aerial or down smash.  If you sheild the pill,
you can sheild grab him, and either chain throw him at low percents, or do
a throw to aerial set up at higher damages.  The other difference is that Doc's
aerial forward a does not spike, but is alot stronger and sends upwards.  It is
a slow move however, so you can sheild grab it.  Again, Doc's recovery sucks,
so some well placed aerial needles can drop him into the intensive care unit.


        A good Mario is gonna be in the air, shffling his aerials the whole time.
Down smash and forward smash is also gonna be used the most, and also fireballs.
Sheild grabbing the aerials should not be that hard at all.  Mario can be chain
grabbed with down throw about 3 or 4 times from 0%.  Any higher, if you grab him,
go for an aerial attack after the throw.  His down smash and forward smash, while
they are good, lack range.  You can stay out of range, and then attack him after
the attack finishes, our you could down smash, cancel the attack, then follow
up with another down smash.  If Mario decides to use his fireball, its gonna
be for a distraction, dont worry about it.  Unlike Doc's pills, fireballs dont
stun long enough to followed up by anything.  If you do want to get rid of the
fireball, a needle should do just fine.  Mario's recovery is pretty bad, an
aerial needle or two can eaily kill him if he's moderately far from the field
of battle.  Watch out for his spike, aerial forward a.  It's a meteor spike,
so it can be cancelled if you jump right after you get hit by it.


        Luigi is very floaty... good bye chain throw.  He also has great aerial
attack speed and priority.  He can fit in 2 aerials in one short hop easily.
You can shield grab, but all you would accomplish is a down throw to aerial set
up, if thats what you want, more power to you.  His wavedash is also very good,
the longest in the game.  He's gonna want to try to wavesmash you.  Down smash
will either cancel or out prioritize anything Luigi has.  He may still be sliding
after he wavesmashes, so be ready to follow him, or at least be aware of his
position.  Aerial needles are ok, if he is far away, since his recovery requires
him to forward b, THEN up B.  You can still aerial needle anyways, and hope they
mess up their recovery... Luigi is an obscure character to recover back to the
battle field.


        This is a case of the top of the top tier versus the bottom of the bottom
tier, so needless to say this will be extremely easy.  Tilts are your friend here,
you can up and forward tilt Bowser from 0 to 50% quite easily.  You can also shffl
2 or 3 non sweet spot aerial back a's.  A down throw to an Aerial forward a is
your best bet for a kill, since it sends at a low angle.  Bowser has good Horizontal
recovery, but he gets pratically zero vertical recovery, so he'll have a hard time
coming back, ESPECIALLY if you aerial needle him out there.  Bowser is gonna be
using his tilts and shffl'd aerials the most if he is good.  It should not be hard
to sheild grab his aerials at all.  His tilts can too be sheild grabbed, but are
harder to do so.  You can down smash to cancel it, then follow up with another
attack.  Most of your attacks will come out faster so dont worry.  Dont let Bowser
catch you by surprise with his up B, its a killer, it can juggle you for a bit,
and that my friends is never good.


        One of Peach's main assets is her float cancelled aerials, she can use
an aerial while floating, and then land with no lag at all.  This means that
sheild grabbing can be VERY difficult, even so, you cannot chain throw a Peach
well at all.  Only throw to aerial set ups work.  Peach's down smash puts yours
to shame also.  NEVER.  EVER!. CROUCH CANCEL. WHEN PLAYING. PEACH.  If you do,
her down smash can do up to 70%+ damage.  It has higher priority and comes out
faster so dont try to compete with it.  Just dodge and aerial needle it, and
follow up with an aerial.  Peach also has turnips, which she can use much like
Doc's pills as stated above.  She can throw the turnip, and follow up with yet
another attack.  If she doesnt take to the air, sheild, and sheild grab her.
She isnt easily killed, as her recovery is suberb, and has a unique trajectory.
Its best to rack up damage, and just kill her all out in the end.


        Yoshi doesnt fall under any category really, but he does have his egg
throw, so I decided to stick him here.  His egg throw is good, its unique
trajectory, and its priority isnt half bad either.  You should just shield
the egg, since it comes to you at an arc, using a needle to cancel it is not
very easy, or effective.  Yoshi also has a double jump cancel much like Ness.
You can still sheild grab, as Yoshi does lag more.  Yoshi will be absolutely
destroyed by your down throw chain grabs.  It can EASILY be done from 0% all
the way to 40%, even more if you are good at it.  Dont bother using aerial
needles on Yoshi, his second jump is invulnerable.  Your best bet is to either
edge hog, or wait by the edge and down smash him as he comes.  He may have a
big second jump and it may be invulnerable, but he's screwed after that.  Watch
out for his crouch cancel game.  He has what is agreed to be the best crouch cancel
in the game, and he'll use it to counter almost all of your attacks until you get
him to 60 or 80%, whenever you can knock him out of the crouch.  His Down smash
and down tilt are the main crouch cancel counter you'll see.

                                Donkey Kong

        Your main issue against DK is approach.  He has that insane range
thats keeping you from an easy kill.  A shffl'd aerial back a should do fine in
the range hinderance, or a needle to an aerial.  If you can get to him, you can
tilt combo him just the same as Bowser or any other heavy weight.  Very similar
to Bowser about DK is recovery.  An aerial forward a again is your best killing
move here, since DK gets horizontal but little vertical recovery.  Remember to
aerial needle if he looks like he's getting back.

                                Captain Falcon

        Captain Falcon is FAST.  At least at running, chain grabs are
pretty much nil here, cause of his weight and falling speed.  Fight him like
you would Ganondorf aerial wise.  Both their move sets have pretty much the same
priority, but your moves are faster, dont be afraid to cancel one move, then
follow up with the same move.  His recovery is horrible, only one aerial needle
is generally needed to kill him off the stage.  Dont try vertical kills on CF.
He is the hardest character to kill vertically in the game.


        Ganondorf's main assets are his aerials and grabs.  His aerials are
farily quick considering, so sheild grabbing may be a tad difficult.  If he grabs
you, try to DI as soon as possible, his grabbing game is insanely good, and can
really hurt you.  If he ever attempts to rush you on the ground, aerial needle him
and aerial forward A.  Follow up with a doiwn smash if you want to kill, or a tilt
combo if he is at low damages.  Down smash and aerial forward a are both good
killing moves for Ganondorf.  His recovery is pitiful, you can down smash him
away if he is coming from above or the side.  Aerial needle him if you coems from
below.  You may need to do it a couple times.


        Falco will also give you trouble, and again because his Shine comboes will
eat alive.  Another thing is gonna cause problems though, and that would be his
short hop blastes, where he short jumps, shoots, fast falls, repeat.  It allows
Falco to fire a faster blaster (OMG TEH RHYME! <_<) and have zero lag when he
lands.  An easy way to stop this is to shield, jump out of the shield, and then hit
him with a needle, and follow up with any attack you desire.  Either way it'll stop
his godly blaster from the depths of hell <_<.  Besides that, just use regular Fox
killing/edge guarding tactics and you should be fine.  Dont forget to chain throw,
the percents are nearly the same with Falco as for Fox.


        Fox is gonna give you a horrible time, Sheik just absolute gets eaten
alive by shine (reflector) combos.  Sheik is one of the few characters that can be
comboed infinitely by Fox.  The thing to remember is to keep him out of range, which
wont be hard, that is one of Fox's downfalls, he doesnt have alot of range.  Try to
kill him as soon as possible, dont waste time racking up damage.  As soon as you get
Fox off the stage it is over.  Aerial needles will absolutely destroy a recovering
Fox, since he falls just way too fast.  If he is high enough to do a Fox illusion,
down smash it so he gets sent out, and if it doesnt kill him, THEN aerial needle him.
remember that you can chain throw Fox at mid percentages with up throw.  Or if you
are good, you can do down throw chains and follow the tech that he does.  And one
last thing, watch for his upward launchers to aerial up combos.  If you do get caught,
you can expect to eat about 2 or 3 more aerial ups, and that aint ever a good thing.


        Dont bother using needles to cancel his projectiles, in the event where it
DOES hit it, it will accomplish little, and this is only with the PK fire and
thunder.  PK Flash is pretty much invulnerable.  But the move leaves Ness so open,
that if you do come accross someone stupid enough to try it when you are very able
and not recovering or anything else, charge a down smash, and release when you feel
like it.  Sheild grabbing a Ness from his aerial attack will most likely never
happen.  A good ness will be using a double jump cancel.  When you attack in the
middle of Ness's double jump, you stop any vertical movement, so if they do a quick
double jump, aerial attack, and land, not only can they do it quickly, Ness gets
practically zero lag when he lands.  Take advantage of the fact that he is slower
than you.  He isnt slow, but compared to you he is.  You can also out range most
of his attacks, save the projectiles, aerial forward a, and his dash attack. His
Dash attack is very fast, and lags alot so shield grabbing it should not be an
issue.  Aerial needles work surprisingly well, since his PK thunder takes a while
to use to recover.  So if you can knock him off good for you.  If you are too late
to get the needle in, watch it cause that PK thunder boy coming at ya has high
priority and WILL hurt.  An easier and more errr... primitive method of edgegaurding
Ness is to jump right into his PK thunder, so he doesnt get the boost, and will fall
to his death.  How fun.

                               Ice Climbers

        You MUST seperate them.  This is your first thing to do, down
smash can seperate them enough at upwards 50% so you can kill off Nana.  After
you get one dead, the other is a breeze.  They arent exactly the lightest characters,
but they are one of the top 5 lightest characters I beleive.  If they are together,
do NOT get grabbed. You cannot escape from a grab from both IC's without getting
about 25% done on you.  And currently, there seems to be an infinite grab combo with
IC's, or at least it lasts VERY long.  You need to remember that there's two of
them, needles wont work until one is gone.  If you get the seperated, make sure
they dont get back together.  Nana isnt very smart so it shouldnt be too hard. Just
watch out for their de-synchronizing.  A good IC player can seperate the 2 climbers
and di some nasty combo's on you, so keep a good eye on both climbers, and never
concentrate on just one unless both are either incapacitated, or one is far away
and you are comboing the other.


        Kirby is the all popstarican typical lightweight.  His best assets are by
far his crouch game and his aerial game.  Kirby has the lowest crouch in the game,
often times dodging most of your attacks.  Kirby can even duck under all but 2 or
3 of Ganondorf's attacks, and even dodge a grounded down B!  This is just to put
things into perspective.  So Kirby is going to be Crouching alot, waiting for you
to attack, and then counter with a down tilt.  Kirby can crouch under your grab
range, so thats a big "OUCH" added to those whole thing.  Kirby's other main asset
is his aerial game.  Almost all of his aerials can be chained when shffl'd, can
follow up to something else, or out prioritize or out speed amny things.  So you
are gonna have to keep and eye out for his great shffl's.  Other things Kirby is
gonna be using is his grabs, at low to mid percents, his down throw is an awesome
way to start resulting combos.  And its easy to lead into grab with his shffl'd
aerial game.  And of course, his combo's will always consist of up tilts, which
can combo, or be used as a launcher much like Sheik's d throw, but not as good.


        Samus has a nice projectile game, but to use it well, she needs her space. We
are gonna try to rush her, keep her close, be offensive!  Her moves you should
worry about up close are her down smash, her aerials, and bombs.  Her down smash is a
great move, and its disjointed hit box makes it un shield grab-able.  Her aerials can be
sheild grabbed however.  The problem is that Samus is something of a falling paradox.
She's one of the heaviest in the game, but she's also one of the floatiest.  Chain
grabbing becomes very useless here, instead try for a down throw to aerial set up.
If she does use her missles or charge shot, needle's should easily easily cancel
them.  Shffl'ing aerial against Samus will be no problem at all, since her grab
is extremely slow, and laggy.  Un-sweet spotted aerial back a's are a good thing.
I wouldnt bother trying to aerial needle samus, the only thing it will accomplish,
if it actually hits is tacking on some damage.  Samus has bomb jumps, which gives
her an insane horizontal recovery.  And since her jumps and screw attack have nice
range, a recovering Samus is not only commonplace, but they are untouchable due to
the nature of the bomb jumps.  You can never relax in this match, with an insane up
close defense game with Down smash and bombs, and the ever so annoying missle
cancelling and the such, you are never going to be truly safe.


        Zelda's Nayru's love lasts a long while, watch out for it, it shouldn't
pose a huge problem for you, since your needles should disappear before the return.
Her main assets are her aerial forward and back a.  They kill at very early
damages.  They are easily sheild grabbed however, so do just that.  Her recovery
is superb, so aerial needles shouldnt work very well.


        Well, if you read at all you should know what Sheik is good at =P. But
some anti self tactics are to sheild grab Sheik's aerials.  You can chain throw
Sheik about 5 or 6 times easy from 0%.  Other than that, just think about what
you hate most about playing as Sheik and use that against them.


        Link is slow.  Link is relatively heavy... play time!  You can tilt combo
quite easily against Link.  You can also chain throw him, but you have to predict
his DI at times.  His projectiles are unique, at that they cannot by cancelled
by your needles, save for his bombs, but that's only if he throw them directly
at you from the ground.  You're gonna have to watch out for his spin attacks,
I believe it out prioritizes alot of your attacks, and has great range too.
Wait for him to end the attack then strike.  If your scared to approach, an
aerial needle to any other attack will work fine.  If you can strike a recovering
Link before he begins his up B, you can easily kill him.  His main killers are
aerial forward A, aerial neutral A, some of his tilts, and of course he can edge
guard fairly well.  A good Link will use his projectiles as a distraction.  trying
to keep you busy with the projectile while he comes in to attack.  Watch out for
Link's bag o' tricks and you should do fine.

                               Young Link

        Young Link is a very difference character from Link.  His wavedash is alot
better, and he is alot more nimble, and a tad quicker.  his approach game is alot
better, and the main thing YL will do Is try to distractand hit you with as many
projectiles as you can while closing in, much so like Link but with its differences.
For one YL can often times have all 3 projectiles of his going out and about at
once.  And two, he can often set up, or link attacks after a projectile.  His
finishers are also Link's, aerial forward and aerial neutral, some tilts and the
such.  Same combo's on Link will generally work on Young Link, but since he is
lighter, combo's spoil earlier.  And Sheik still has the ever versatile Down throw
set ups.  This is a fairly easy match so enjoy.


        Pichu has the same approach game as Pika, but he wont use it.  Why?
because he'd be doing more damage to himself.  Pichu's aerials are also
fairly good.  You can shield grab him easily out of his aerials due to lack
of any range.  You can kill this guy at like 80%, but sadly combo's dont work
too well against him.  Aerial needles dont do much here, but he's so light you
shouldnt have to use it.  A down throw to aerial forward a is your best bet.
Pichu's best tactic is hit and run, since he is such a nimple character.  Just
try your best to punish any mistakes.


        Pika's thunder jolt is just a good of an approach tactic as pill
rushing with Doctor Mario is, so anti pill rushing tactics stated for Doc Mario
is in of good use here.  Pika also has an extremely good up and down smash.  If
he approaches, and you sense an up smash, shield and shield grab him.  Pika is
absolutely destroyed by chain throwing with down throw.  Sheik can chain throw
any Pika regardless to nearly 30% or 40%.  Pika also has good aerials, and all
I have to say to that is shield grab and chain throw.  You can finish off with
any attack really.  If the stage your on has a short blast line, you can even
finish off after your really long chain grab with a down throw to aerial forward
a.  Sweetness.


        This little pink thing gives ALOT of characters ALOT of trouble.  But
not with Sheik and her very great aerial back a.  Jigglypuff relies on her aerial
movement and aerial attack priority and speed to destroy alot of characters. Sheik
though has a very long ranged aerial back a.  If you use the sweet spot, it will
actually stop Jigglypuff.  Her only other main asset is rest.  All I have to
say for that is be careful, and make sure you dont have the Puff too close for
comfort.  Most of your attack out range Jigglypuff's so that shouldnt be a big
problem.  Killing Jigglypuff can be easy and a nightmare at the same time. Easy
because she is light and a down smash or aerial forward a can kill her easily even
below 100%.  A night mare because she cant be chain thrown, comboed, or killed
by any of your edge guarding tactics.  Aerial needles will do squat, since she
can recover from about anything.  Down throw to aerial set ups are your best bet.
Even so, its gonna take a while.


        For this match, you are going to have to be on you edge and not make too
many mistakes.  A good Mewtwo will leech off of any and all mistakes.  Lucky for
you Mewtwo sucks at taking the offensive.  You're going to have to watch out for
his tilt combo's, which actually rival Sheik's.  You also want to watch for the
disable, which, when facing a good Mewtwo, will be deadly.  recovering will be
an issue, try to sweet spot the edge, but sometimes that wont even work.  And if
your far out, Mewtwo will just aerial back A you to death.  So the main thing to
look after is his range and edge guarding abilities.  If you can, go for a death
off the top, since Mewtwo is very floaty and gets killed easily like that.  But,
going off the side works too since Mewtwo is also relatively light.

                             Mr. Game and Watch

        The man in black, gee dubya. <_<  Anyway, this guy has a nice aerial game,
and his neutral air will be the move to watch out for cause thats his main killing
move.  His aerial forward A is used to start up combos, and his aerial up A will
juggle you.  His ground game isnt the best, but his down tilt is strong, and his
up tilt can set up for some small combos.  You wont see him sheild much, but,
rather, spot dodge or wave dash to avoid attacks.  His throw game isnt the best,
but if he gets lucky, a down throw to judgement hammer may spout a 9, which will
kill you... fast.  Take advantage of your range over him, albeit its not big
but its still an advantage.  His ground game pales in comparison to his aerial
game, so try to keep him on the ground.  Use tilts, and down smashes.  Down
throw to aerial forward A works, since it has nearly 0 vertical knockback.  No
big troubles for you here.


        Marth has some great quick long range aerials.  You're aerial back a is
your best bet at out ranging, and at least staying at the same priority as Marth.
Marth's range is your biggest issue, and your speed is about the same.  Neutral
ground a comes in handy, if you can cancel one of his attacks with a down smash,
then neutral a, then follow up with another attack you'll be good.  Sheild grabbing
is difficult against Marth, since with all of his range he has a disjointed hit
box on his sword attacks... which happen to be all of them save his grabs. If
you do get a chance, you can shield grab him a couple times.  Aerial needles
seem to be really effective against Marth, one or two should be able to kill
him quite easily if he gets smashed off.


        Roy is very similar to Marth, one BIG difference is the amount of punishment
he can deal you, which is much less than Marth.  He is also slower, so approaching
him is easier.  His counter can be deadly, so please do be wary of it.  Again,
aerial needles can kill him easily.  Roy also falls slightly faster, making chain
throws and combos slightly easier, and longer.

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                              Combos and Set-Ups                 COM&SET      |
|                           /                      \                           |

Sheik has a plethora of combos that should not be going to waste. These general
combos apply to nearly any match-up.

Sheik's needles give you endless possibilities. If done high enough, you can hit
them, and immediately follow up with an l-canceled aerial forward A, or any
aerial if you care. Sheik's needles can also be canceled if you do them short
hopped near the ground, they negate lag from when you fall if you land before the
ending animation is done. This can lead into a down smash, or a grab, or a tilt
combo. So as I always say, with needles, you can never go wrong.

Grabbing and down throwing leaves another amount of endless possibilities. If at
low percentages, a lot of characters can be chain thrown repeatedly, and finished
off with an aerial forward A. If you have a light character on your hands, you
can just skip right to the aerials. If you can't chain grab or can't chain grab
that particular character, juggling with up tilts, then with aerial up A's give
you easy damage.

Tilts are already good combos on their own, but all of them send the opponent up,
leading to... aerials! Grabs can also be done at the low percents. The funny thing
is the tilts generally "work its way up" A nice quick opening combo is dash
cancel down tilt, then forward tilt, then up tilt, then an aerial. Of course,
this will only work of middle-weights to heavyweights, but even so its good, and
you can break up the combo and go straight to aerials. Tilts are not always
reliable, and they take some guesswork, but they will work if you know when to
use it in the middle of your combo.

Aerial back a cannot be shffl'd into itself, but it does lead to many attacks,
tilt attacks work or a down smash if they dont go too far.  But, tilts after
an aerial back A is your best bet, since the always lead to something good, like,
more tilts, a grab to down throw, or the all powerful and mighty aerial forward A.
Aerial forward A can actually be shffl'd into itself a couple times on Rthe heavy
weights and at 0 damage.

Ledges give Sheik the upper hand in a lot of matches. If you recover to hang form
the ledge, which is what you should be doing anyway, you can do a little
technique that most pros use. There is no actual name, but if you are from a
ledge, you can tap down to let go and fall down. If you begin to fall down, but
immediate press jump, you can recovery onto the stage just the same. Use an
aerial forward A or an aerial up A to prevent anybody whose waiting to attack you
in you're ledge recovery lag. Aerial neutral A can be done, but is slightly
harder, and not really useful enough to bother with.

At lower percentages, when its harder to tech correctly, and your opponent does
not go far, you can chain your down smashes with the middle to heavy weighted
characters. Do about 2-3 dash canceled down smashes, then go for the dash
canceled down tilt and go about your tilt combo business.

Jab (neutral ground A) is a very versatile attack, as stated before, it is so
fast and has enough priority to outspeed, or clash with most other attacks.
This, resets the tables for you, and allows you, who was being attacked, allow
you to come right back counter your attacker.  after you've got some damage on
the opponent, it acts alot like your tilt attacks, as it sends slightly upwards.
and this means it can lead to, again, tilts, aerials, or down smash.  It doesnt
have to be used defensively even, you can take the offense and jab them.
wavedashing to a jab, then to other attacks, is so fast on approach and attack
speed there isnt much they can do to stop you.  Very very useful.

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                           Needles: A Further Look                NEDL        |
|                           /                      \                           |

NOTE: Needle set ups and fake outs aren't always gonna be 100% fail-proof.  So
before you go and jump into the enemies face, work in mind games, or, continue
them after a shffl'd aerial back A.

As you have probably read throughout my guide, and just above, needles are a very
versatile projectile.  So, you know bare bones about it, needle set ups, and edge-
guarding.  But lets go a bit further shall we?  Some of the following is from
Helsing of GameFAQs, known as Stilletotrap on Smashboards, so a big huge thanks
goes out to him.  THANKYOU HELSING!!!:

As I hope you have read throughout this FAQ, the basic idea of needle set-ups is
cancelling any and all lag from after you throw the needle by landing on the ground
afterwards.  I do not know why this happens, probably a programming oversight, but
that doesnt matter.  Now, once you have cancelled the lag, you can proceed with any
ground attack you want.  You should always space yourself according to how many
needles you have, if you have one, you should fire it close to the ground, if you
have all 6, shoot it higher so you land as the last one fire's as you land.

At lower percents, a needle cancel to tilt spams is good.  This can always lead
to aerial up A juggles, or an aerial forward A.  Down throw is always an option
here as well, you can use it whenever, but if they try to sheild, most definitely
grab and down throw them.  If they choose to roll away, more often than not you
have enough time to dash at them and dash attack, unless they have a fairly good
roll, in which you may want to try another needle set up.  if they wave dash back,
i suggest you just run away, and go about whatever else you planned on doing <.<;

At higher percents, ground neutral A is a great option, it leads well into tilts,
grab to down throw, and down smash, to kill.  Of course, if you choose to tilt
or down throw, AFA should be following immediately afterwards.  You can always
just down smash out of the seedle set up too of course.

But this leaves one peice missing.  Needle set ups require you to dash, jump at
your opponents face, and fire the needle.  Obviously, this take up quite a bit
of time from your game, and less importantly your life... <_<;, and leaves us
at, "couldnt they just jump at use and attack before we could do anything?  And
this, my friend's, is where you get to meet needle fake-outs.

We all know (or should know) that when you are charging needles, you can store
them and save them for later by pressing R, L, or even Z.  This brings you
immediately to your neutral fighting stance.  On the same token, you can store
your needles while in the air, and return immediately to your neutral FALLING

now just imagine the possibilities of this for just a second.



OK, now, after storing your needles, and returning to your normal falling stance
with practically zero lag, you can follow up with any aerial, an air dodge if you
need to, a second jump, or any of your special attacks.  Heck, you could even fire
the needles again after storing them.  Or if your opponent is expecting you to go
aerial attack on them, and try to counter it, you could just land, or wavedash
upon landing and use any ground attack.

For our shallow minded readers, you may just be thinking this is a cool way
to change your mind mid charge and attack in alternate methods.  For our deep
thinkers, I probably wouldnt have to explain its real use... MIND GAMES.  Now
whenever you take to the air with needles, your opponent needs to anticipate
whether you are gonna use needles, an aerial, a special, an air dodge... In
Helsing's words its, "much like playing rock paper scissors, except tipped
pretty seriously in your own favor."

Now lets add in ANOTHER layer of depth to them, if you tap a direction and press
B, you'll turn to face that direction.  Say you are facing away and you jump, but
you want to do an aerial forward A instead of an aerial back a.  Simply jump, tap
the other direction and then hold be, store the needles, and aerial forward A.

And an excerpt from Helsing, "you can use needle setups as a counterattack by
dash jumping out of range and charging in the other direction. If you're falling
from the air and the opponent isn't doing anything, you can try and start a needle
setup. If you're feeling bold, you can even start one directly from a ledge hop."

With needle fake outs and set ups, you can react and counter attack accordingly
to almost any situation, such as the following:

If your opponent chooses to attack from below, simply store the needle's, fast
fall air dodge down, and use any ground attack you want.  Or if he tries to
attack from the side, store the needles and aerial forward A if they dont have
high priority aerials, or mid-air jump, and fast fall back down after they are
done horribly missing you and hit em' with an aerial.

If they try to sheild, you can store the needles, then throw them again, doing
your standard needle set up, and grab them.  This banks alot on hoping they
get confused by it, but the results are great.  If they try to side step, you
can store the needles, wai for the side step to end, and come in with an aerial
forward A, or throw the needles again, and go about your needle set up business.

Now, I promise this is the end of it, now to look at our EDGEGUARDING possibilities.

If you are dealing with someone with great recovery, who will most likely make it
back regardless, you can jump out to them, and charge your needles.  They may try
to attack you there, or dodge them, any thing, but you can store them and aerial
forward A them.  Boom, they're dead just like that.  Granted this is not very
reliable at all, and only works on certain characters well anyway as far as mind
games though, but it can be effective.

One simple option in edge guarding, and one that is much more effective is to
short hop, charge, cancel and fast fall into a ground attack, preferrably down
smash to kill.

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                     Killing and Edge Guarding/Recovery        KILLEDG        |
|                           /                      \                           |

I know some of these things have already been covered, but it doesn't ever hurt
to go more in-depth. Sheik is considered by many new players to be weaker and
have very little KO ability. But as you'll soon find out, it is quite the

Sheik has 2 major killing attacks. These are down smash and aerial forward A.
These can actually kill at low percentages. Up smash also works, but it is very
situational. Down smash and aerial forward A can be used in so many situations.
Most other attacks don't KO until higher damages, and are better suited to set-up
for KO's, or edge-guarding.

Sheik has a plethora of edge guarding tactics. The first is aerial needles. This...
will completely DESTROY, any and all fast fallers and those with horrible 3rd
jump recoveries. One needle with fast fallers will almost always keep them from
range from recovering when they're a body length from the edge. It may take
another needle, which isn't very hard at all. Aerial needles can also set up for
another type of edge guarding tactic.

Aerial forward A again comes to our help as an edge-guarding tactic. This can be
use directly after an aerial needle. The opponent needs to be close to the edge
somewhat for this to work. Just jump off, aerial forward A, and immediately use
your second jump and air-dodge to get back, if necessary, up B can be used. But
you better hope they won't be coming back if you have to. That is of course, if
you land on stage. Try to land on the edge, which brings me to my next way to

Landing on the edge from other edge-guarding tactics, or from the stage give you
yet another edge-guarding tactic. Tap down, or back, jump AWAY from this stage this
time, similar to the above set-up. Use an aerial back A, and use and up B to get
back. AS you should always do, use the first small jump to hang from the ledge,
not the second half of the attack.

The final tactic for edge guarding is preventing one from grabbing the edge. Tilt
down A is your best bet for preventing someone from grabbing, then use aerial
forward A if needed. Of course, there is a much simpler way to prevent someone
from coming back. Most opponents will try to grab the edge, this gives them
slight invincibility upon return, and gives them more options to get back to the
stage with... If you face away, and wave dash backwards right before the get to the
edge, you can grab it yourself. And 2 people cannot be on the same ledge at once,
so you survive, and the opponent dies.


Sheik's recovery, lucky for you, is above average.  Its also pretty straight-
forward, as always, you're going to want to sweet spot the ledge to hang from
it, but the best part about her recovery is that there are 2 chances to grab the
ledge, one before the fire explosion, after your small little jump and one after.
If someone attempts to edge hog you, and they're stupid enough to stay there, you
can use vanish to knock them off and hang from the ledge yourself.

Now for what to do FROM the ledge.  Its a simple matter of pressing back, jumping,
and using aerial up or aerial forward A.  This causes the opponent to either be
hurt, defend, or move away.  But, in any case with proper fast falling and l-
cancelling you should be good to go.

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                                One Player Mode                  ONEPLAY      |
|                           /                      \                           |

                                 1 versus 1                           1VS1

Nothing special here, just use any tactics I said above. You can charge any smash
though since they aren't too bright. Just watch for power-shielding... they are
very good at that.

                                 2 versus 2                           2VS2

Just concentrate on one opponent. Try not to interfere with your computer helper,
after you finish the first one, go for the second.

                               3 versus 1 giant                       3VGIANT

Tilt combos. That's all that you need, you can tilt combo these giants until way
past 100 and 150%. Finish them with and aerial forward A, since it sends them
down and when dying off the bottom they die earlier.

                               1 versus team                          1VSTEAM

Just use any and all of your strong attacks. That's all your smashes and aerial
forward A. Get them as near to the kill line as possible and smack them in that
direction if your on hard or very hard. Otherwise one strong attack will usually
finish them.

                        Master Hand and Crazy Hand                    MASCRAZ

These guys are jokes. Sadly, down smash does nil here, so concentrate on your up
smash and all aerials. If you can get Crazy Hand to come, just still attack
Master Hand, since he'll always have lower damage. Once you finish off Master,
concentrate on crazy. To doge the attacks... the laser attack can be completely
dodge if you go to the wrist part of the glove. This just gives you about 5 free
hits with up smash. The grab just jump and air dodge as he goes for the grab. All
other attacks should be shielded or air dodged. The tag team hits that they have
should be shielded, since they last long and have quite a large range.

                              Adventure Mode                          ADVENTU

I'll give a real quick run down of the special, non standard fight stages.

                            Mushroom Kingdom

Avoid all the small enemies, unless you want the trophies. Its really not worth
it to screw up and get that unnecessary damage. The Yoshis can be dealt with up
smash or down smash. Either or is fine.

                             Hyrule Dungeon

This is simple, if you want the bonus, go ahead and fight the links. If you want
to be quick about it, just double jump and up B over it. There is one part where
you can drop down to the fighting arena. If you see a short pit with just stones
that's COMPLETELY straight, jump into it, drift left, and mid air jump and up B
to avoid the fight. Just go until you find that tri-force.

                             Escape Brinstar

Double jump, up B the whole way. Air dodges can replace up B at the beginning
parts I believe. Just be careful with the up B, since if you tilt it you could
fall back down further.

                               F-Zero Race

Jump on every 3rd platform you see, that's about the time the cars come along.
This is of course you dashing at full speed. At the part where there are 3
platforms that are slowly flat, but rise from the space between them, you can
just land on one and stay still, the cars will pass over head. After that part,
just go all the way to the end.

                             Infinite Mountain

Travel up and keeping traveling with double jump and up B's. If you land at the
very top of the stage in view, or just out of sight, it scrolls up for you,
cutting off time. Be careful though, since Topis and Polar Bears can be hidden
from view like that. Right before you get to the fight, it scrolls really fast,
just keep on double jump and using up B.

                            Break the Targets

*note* hold down A right after you press star to transform into Sheik, all of the
BtT strategies are with Sheik, those that are fastest anyway.

                            Beginner Strategy

Target 1: neutral A as soon as you start.

2: double jump up B target below platform above.

3: ground neutral A target above platform.

4: drop down to starting point. Dash double jump to lower left triforce, shoot
needle when you align yourself in the exact middle of the triforce, and you must
be touching it.

5: drop down from there and Aerial back A target above platform left of where you

6 and 7: get to very right edge of where you are, forward B the 2 targets, wiggle
it while holding B and moving the control stick if it doesn't get to both.

8: Jump to starting point, dash double jump right and repeat step 4, while making
the direction right.

9: drop and aerial forward A target

10: drop to ground and ground neutral A.

Target time: around 10 seconds, or just under it.

                             /   \
                           /  \ /  \
                      /\     _____      /\
                     /  \      2       /  \
                    /''''\     #      /''''\
                   / \  / \          / \  / \
                  /___V____\        /___V____\

                 ____                     ____
         ------  ____          y          ____
         4        | |          o  1      9 | |       8
         #        | |         _u__#      # | |       #
                  | |    5    ____         | |
                  | |    #                 | |
                  | |    ___             10| |
                  | |__                   #| |
                  |    `~,__      7     |--- |---|
                  ````~,____|6    #     '````````'

                           Intermediate Strategy

1: Neutral A as soon as you start.

2 and 3: double jump towards right triforce, wall jump off of it, and aerial up A
both targets above and below platform.

4: drop down to starting point, dash double jump left and shoot needle from under

5: drop down, aerial back A, l-cancel.

6: jump back to starting point. Repeat step 4, with right triforce this time.

7: drop and aerial forward A.

8: land, turn around and neutral A.

9 and 10: double jump, charge needles, and release when head is level to top blue
strip of pillar you are next to.

Target time: Low 9 seconds, under 9 seconds

                             /   \
                           /  \ /  \
                      /\     _____      /\
                     /  \      2       /  \
                    /''''\     #      /''''\
                   / \  / \          / \  / \
                  /___V____\        /___V____\

                 ____                     ____
         ------  ____          y          ____
         4        | |          o  1      7 | |       6
         #        | |         _u__#      # | |       #
                  | |    5    ____         | |
                  | |    #                 | |
                  | |    ___              8| |
                  | |__                   #| |
                  |    `~,__      9     |--- |---|
                  ````~,____|10   #     '````````'

                               Pro Strategy

1 and 2: Double jump to the bottom right triforce, and wall jump the bottom left
piece of it as you aerial up a targets 1 and 2.

3: Immediately fast fall and needle left before you land on the starting

4: You can immediately dash jump from this platform left, double jump and needle
the left most target. (your head should be positioned just below the bottom
middle of the bottom left triforce)

5 through 7: Fast fall as soon as you can, and just before your feet are level
with the platform to the left of the starting one, tap right, let go of it and
press B to needle the left of the two very bottom targets, immediately small dash
jumping right afterwards while needling again (you should land on the very edge
of the platform). Then jump while drifting right and needle, this needle should
go barely under the target to the right of where you originally start, and hit
the bottom rightmost target.

8 through 10: As soon as you touch the ground, dash jump and aerial forward A at
the same time, hitting the target to the right of where you originally start,
double jump while still moving right and needle when your head is pretty close to
the bottom middle of the bottom right triforce to hit the eastern most target.
Tap A like crazy after this to aerial neutral A just above target 10, breaking

                             /   \
                           /  \ /  \
                      /\     _____      /\
                     /  \      1       /  \
                    /''''\     #      /''''\
                   / \  / \          / \  / \
                  /___V____\        /___V____\

                 ____                     ____
         ------  ____          y          ____
         4        | |          o  7      9 | |       8
         #        | |         _u__#      # | |       #
                  | |    3    ____         | |
                  | |    #                 | |
                  | |    ___             10| |
                  | |__                   #| |
                  |    `~,__      6     |--- |---|
                  ````~,____|5    #     '````````'

                               Home Run Contest                       HOMERUN

*note* most home-run scores are done with Zelda, since sheik's bat swing sends it
vertical. So this is the ONLY place in the FAQ and that you will be using Zelda,
this and Multi-Man Melee, so don't get used to it!

                              The Bat Drops

Bat Drop Up A- Stand right next to the bag. Jump and a quarter-second after the
peak, drop the bat. Then, immediately press the control stick slightly upwards
and press A for an aerial up A. Don't press the control stick hard or Zelda will
jump upwards. The combo does 28% damage max.

Bat Drop Down A- Stand right next to the bag. Jump above the Sandbag and drop the
bat at the peak of your jump. Then, immediately aerial down A. The combo does 24%
damage max.

                             Beginner Strategy

1. Before you press start, hold A, to start as Sheik

2. Grab the bat, dash to the Sandbag

3. Smash up A when the Sandbag is on the ground and next to you for maximum

4. Repeat twice (charge slightly) (82-85%)

5. Down B (transform) 6. Dash underneath the Sandbag, backwards no-ping hit

Bull's-eye: 1300+ feet (400+ meters)

                           Intermediate Strategy

1. Grab bat, jump to the right, throw the bat up

2. fast fall, uncharged smash up A

3. Catch the bat, bat drop aerial up A

4. 3 single jump bat drop aerial down A's

5. Tipper at 125%

Bull's-eye: 1750+ feet (540+ m.)

                               Pro Strategy

1. Grab the bat, dash to the bag, double jump and at the peak of your double
jump, drop bat, fast fall and start an aerial up A.

2. L-cancel, 6 more double jump BD aerial down A's with fast falls. (You should
barely if not at all be jumping higher than the Sandbag) (Grab, drop bat, fast
fall down a (while spacing them), l-cancel)

3. Right away do a tilt down A

4. Grab the bat, aerial tipper

Bull's-eye: 2900+ feet (880+ m.)

                                Multi-Man Melee                       MULTMAN

These are just strategies on just how to complete all 6 Multi-man melee modes.

All characters' smash attacks can send the wire frames flying in one hit. Sheik
is no exception. Use all your smashes, forward tilt, aerial down A, and dash
attack to kill them in one hit. It's simple, easy, and fun to see them go flying
at the speed of sound.

Cruel Melee is the second and last place Zelda will be mentioned in this FAQ.
This takes a lot of patience. When you start, roll left or right, let them come
to you, then dodge, jump, up B, what ever it takes to get to the other side
unscathed. When they come to you, down smash, this will send them out, repeat the
last few steps until they die. Repeat until you mess up or get bored.

                             Training Mode Combos                     TRAINCO

Most people assume that the neutral A combo is the best way to get the high
score. This is not true. I'll show you a way to get 145 combo hits easily. This
is a lot easier if you have a second controller to control the opponent with.

1: Choose your opponent as Jigglypuff, and of course yourself as Sheik.

2: Go to the Green Greens stage.

3: Wait for the bottom row of blocks to fill up, and place yourself and
Jigglypuff in there.

4: Wait for the blocks on the left and right column to fill up to the highest it
can go.

5: Set down the maximum amount of red shells.

6: use down smash, the music should stop for a few seconds and both of you will
get a lot of damage. If this is done right, this will always do 145 damage.

                              Event Match Mode                        EMMODE

Event Match 3: This is sickeningly easy.  A Link and Samus just go around using
nothing but their bombs and picking up bomb items.  They seem to be above you
most of the time, so using aerials works fine.  If they are on the ground, a tilt
or down smash works fine.  Since you are alot speedier than they are, use that to
get to the items first.  The items are all bombs so it should kill them easily.

Event Match 4: All I have to say is tilts.  Spam up tilt or forward tilt until
around 350%.  After that, he can escape, but he can also be killed, Aerial
forward A or down smash works fine.

Event Match 6: Another sickeningly easy match.  Fight these Kirby's like you
would the wire frames, down and up smash kills in one hit.  I would use those
two moves alone to kill them.

Event Match 7: This one may pose problems if you dont get the early lead.  The
trick is to use your speed to get to the first pokeball first.  Once you do that,
Pikachu will be so occupied with that one that you can get to the others and kill
him both times easily.  You can attack him directly, so dont bother, just use the
pokeballs and you will be fine.

Event Match 8: This is kind of easy... you both start off with over 100% damage,
and as you are killed the damage goes up with each new life.  A simple aerial
forward A will work, or a down smash.  1 or 2 hits per life is usually all that
is neccessary for this match

Event Match 9: The irony of fighting 2 of your selfs... dont use any of your
killing moves until they are in the percent range to be killed, usually around
100% damage.  Until then, use your weak attacks, up aerial and back aerial is
fine at first.  Then use tilts, and maybe a neutral A combo.  Needles are
excellent for racking up easy non kill damage.  When they do get to that
killing percent, wait until they change into Sheik to kill.  If you kill them
when they are Zelda they just respawn, so WAIT for the change.

Event Match 10: These guys seem to be easily killed in the 50% range.  For
Mario, Peach, and Yoshi, just use tilt to aerial set ups.  I would also use
dash cancelled down smash alot.  Down smash or aerial forward a for finishers
as usually.  DK and Bowser can be tilt combo'd for a short while, they take
just SLIGHTLY longer to kill.  If you dont like to use any skills, just use
repeated smash alot.

Event Match 11: Just survive for a minute.  Sound easy?  well it should be. You
can either try to avoid them or attack them.  I choose to avoid, and if they get
too close, I use an aerial forward A.  If you do wish to attack them, use
aerials.  Stopping to use ground attacks on this moving stage is just stupid.

Event Match 12: You have 7 seconds to kill a decrepit Captain Falcon.  Charge a
down smash, when he gets within range, let it go, if that doesnt kill him, edge
guard with an aerial forward a.  You shouldnt have to worry about recovering.

Event Match 14: It may be a bit difficult if you are new to the game.  There is
generally 2 people who actively fight and one person who just stays away and
minds his business.  Be a little of both.  Stay at one of the the goomba, and
use hit and run tacticswith your aerial forward and aerial up a's.  If they are
weak, you can travel back up for action and use down smash.  One tip I would do
is to reset the event match until you get 3 characters you can really fight
easily, this is of course if you have alot of trouble.  When you get down to the
opponent, attack him visciously with tilt combos and aerials, and down smashes
until he's dead.

Event Match 15: A small fry Sheik versus some big women... sounds like fun to
me... <.<.  Any way, at the beginning of the match, I would use tilt combo's
when possible, and use alot of clear out moves, this means down smash alot.
When they are cleared, I would concentrate on one with aerials.  If an item
appears, STOP!  Its gonna be a good killing items most likely.  You're the fast
one here, unless Zelda transforms into Sheik, so use that speed, and get to that
item.  Kill em all twice and you're good to go.

Event Match 20: Another all star match, sheesh!  Well, good thing its not much
different from the last one.  So, use the same tactics.  Tilt to aerial or use
your smash attacks repeatedly if you get lazy.

Event Match 21: Gotta get the pink one, just keep that in your head.  What you
need to do is seperate them.  Use a tilt to aerial, or an up smash to an aerial
to seperate them.  They never attack, they just jump.  If you use strong attacks
that send them both flying outside the arena, dont worry.  This sets you up
perfectly, since they will most likely be seperated upon return, concentrate on
Nana and you are set.  Repeat for the other set of Iceclimbers.

Event Match 22: EEEEEEEEAAASSSSYYYYYYYYY!  Just use your down smash or up smash
for the whole duration of the stream of 128 Mario's.  They die in 1 hit.

Event Match 23: I cant really give any specific tactics for these guys.  They're
invisible... but since they are both falco and Fox, just wait for that light
ripple invisible people give out, and tilt combo them to no end.  It may be hard
to edge guard them, but try to, it will pay off.  I would try to seperate them
with a down smash first though, just to make your life easier.

Event Match 24:  Another easy thing.  These guys will usually die in one hit of
a down smash or up smash, so just keep on spamming that.  I don't think aerial
forward a works as well here.  Just stick with the smashe and you will be fine.
Tilt combo the last giant yoshi then up smash him to oblivion.

Event Match 26: Another trophy match.  Hitt and run is especially easy here, so
do just that.  Dash cancelled down smashes work wonders on this relatively flat
stage.  Go for the 2 agressive ones as always first.  Go for the idle one last.
Dont forget you can reset until you get an easy set of computers to face.

Event Match 28: Another one of those many but weak fights.  Just use up or down
smash over and over again.  No huge problem really.

Event Match 30: Gah... another all star, not to fear, one less opponent to
worry about here.  Just use the above all star match tactics that I already
explained.  For Ice Climbers, I would try to KO them off the side, since its
insanely easy to do so.  That is if they dont kill themselves from the moving
mountain. <.<;;

Event Match 31: This is about killing them, its about how many point you can
get before the match ends.  You do get points for KO's and lose some for dying,
So KOing alot helps.  I would try to get a couple other bonuses along the way.
Maybe all ground, no R for U, no items, something.  Check the bonuses FAQ for
more ideas.

Event Match 37: This event match unlocks Pichu, now that we have a little back
ground info on it, lets see what to do.  You are gonna be the faster one here,
so use your speed to get to every single pokeball on the stage.  The wireframes
may preoccupy you, but they are easy to kill.  Jigglypuff is pretty sow on
ground, but the only character faster in the air.  Your still quick, so get
those pokeballs.  They will always have a legendary pokemon in it, and for some
reason Woboffets X_x.  It should be a breeze.

Event Match 38: This may pose a slight challenge.  Just use clearout moves, and
concentrate at one at a time if at all possible.  If not, just spam down smash
and aerial forward a.  The Luigi tend to kill himself alot, try to exploit that
by jumping out and luring him out.

Event Match 40: Another all star so soon?  It sickens me, but anywho, there is
nothing different here, use the above event match tactics.  Sorry I am too lazy
to elaborate here, but not much needs to be said eh?

Event Match 44: Just use weak attacks on Zelda, BUT DONT KILL HER!  After a bit,
Mewtwo shows up, concentrate on him with aerials,  He's usually in the air alot,
or above you.  Use aerial up a, aerial back a, and aerial forward a to kill him.

Event Match 46: Concentrate on one at a time, it should be easy since it is on
Hyrule temple.  You may want to lure them to the bottom, keeping attacking them
there, then go back up for the kill.  But remember, if both get too close just
use down smash.  Whatch out for counter though, it can hurt quite a bit when Roy
does it.  After that you should be fine.

Event Match 47: Another trophy match.  This can be hard or easy, if you stay in
the middle pit area, SPAM. DOWN. SMASH.  They will go flailing about like fish,
and they cant do a thing.  Thats my best advice, you could wait on the outside,
and aerial forward a them back if they come after you.  Again, you can wait for
and easy set of computers to complete this.

Event Match 48: This is a tad difficult.  Concentrate on the Pichu's the most,
but if the annoying Pikachu gets in the way down smash him.  It takes quite alot
to kill the Pichu's for some reason.  When a pokeball appears, GET IT!  It can
save your hide and make your life easier.  Always use Sheik edge guarding tactics
with them.

Event Match 49: The last event match, thank god.  There are now 6 opponents.
Its the hardest all star match, but still pretty easy, just remember your regular
all star match tactics and you should be fine.

Event Match 50: This is one of the hardest event matches, but if you know how to
kill master hand and crazy hand already *hint hint* scroll up *hint hint*, it
shouldnt be that bad.  Use repeated up smashes and aerials on Master Hand first.
After you defeat him, go for Crazy hand.  If you've read my Master and Crazy
Hand strategies earlier in the FAQ it should be no problem.

Event Match 51: This is hell reincarnated into a bunch of tiny pixels.  When you
first play this, you will get frustrated, everyone one does.  Concentrate on the
huge Bowser first, or GigaBowser as it is here.  He is a huge target, and a
perfect target for repeated aerials, down smashes, and tilts.  Again, Finish him
off with a down smash or aerial forward a.  After he's gone concentrate on
Ganondorf.  Jump off, lure him towards you.  most likely he'll try to up B you,
air dodge out of the way, and he will fall to his doom.  Dont forget the items,
they can help you greatly.  Dash canceled down smashes over and over again for
the last opponent should work.  Keep at it, you'll get it eventually.

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Also, if you IM me asking something about the FAQ, I'll simply say, "Look in the
FAQ" and then won't say anything else. I really don't like having to stop other
conversations for a few moments to answer some question that's obviously already

If you don't get an answer in a minute, don't flip. I might be away for just a
couple of minutes, or I might be talking to a bunch of other people at once. I'll
usually answer within ten minutes of your question, so just keep the text box open
while you do something else and you'll get a response. If you have no patience and
keep posting, "What's the answer?" a dozen times, I simply won't answer you. If it
gets too far, I might even block you, though I rarely do that to people who ask me

Don't pop up later and start chatting with me. I personally don't like it when I
start to get into conversations where I don't know you. If it happens constantly,
I'll simply block you. Note that you don't have to worry about warnings; I'll
never warn someone, I'll just block him or her completely.

Well, that should be it then. Now on to e-mail...

E-mail contact rules

My e-mail address is [email protected] There are a few things that
you can e-mail me about, and few things that you can't. First the
things that are okay.

Praise mail. I used to be against this, but now I realize how rare praise really
is. Just don't send me things like, "Yer faq is kewl, lol!!!"

Suggestions for the FAQ. Something like, "Why don't you add such and
such in your FAQ. NOT "Why don't you totally re-do your FAQ because it
sucks!" That is just plain rude and annoying. If you don't like my
FAQ, tell me things to make it better!

The things that you CAN'T e-mail me about are...

Spam. This is the NUMBER 0NE thing that you must not send. I get at least twenty
spam e-mails a day and I don't need yours it doesn't help. Please don't send any.

Asking permission to use this FAQ. No, you can't, so don't bother. Only four
sites, which I have listed at the top of the guide, can use this FAQ.

Hate mail. No I don't appreciate it if you send me an e-mail saying, "Your FAQ is
the biggest piece of **** ever created! It sucks!" That just
fills up my inbox and it really annoys me.

Spelling/Grammar mistakes. I used to get about ten e-mails a day
saying, "You spelled these two words wrong." or something like, "You
used inappropriate grammar in this chapter." Please people! I can find
those on my own!

And that wraps up the contact. Once again my e-mail is:
[email protected]

|                           \______________________/                           |
|                                 Useful Sites                    USEFULS      |
|                           /                      \                           |
%%%%%=======================------------------------=======================%%%%% (For any more advanced information you need to know of the
game.) <Scroll down to Sskeeto's HRC FAQ when you back outta this FAQm all your
HRC answers solved!> (for any beginner and intermediate
Break the target help you need) (Dark Phoenix's site, lots of
information on SSBM and the such.) (My own site, it has some
articles on my own views for the game, this is one of the 3 site my FAQ will be
allowed on.) (LOTS of videos on this site, from music
videos, to the best smash players on video. Watch it, the "Game Over" videos are
some of the best fighting you'll ever see.

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|                                Credits/Closing                     CRCO      |
|                           /                      \                           |

|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XiF would like to thank...~~~~~~~~~~``~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

Special credits to Senju, for developing the Pro strategy for Break the targets,
and Raserucort for telling me it.

Credit goes to Skeeto too for providing all the strategies for the Home-Run
Contest strategies, they were taken from his FAQ on GameFAQs, check it out, its
great for any Home-Run Contest information you ever needed to know.

I give huge credit to DarkPhoenix87, for providing nearly all of the terms used
in section II. Without him this FAQ would probably not make any sense.

I'd like to give a very special thanks to me frog (me frog while formatting:
THAT'S ME, THAT'S ME!) for formatting this whole FAQ, since I don't know the
first thing about FAQ formatting. Thanks to him, this FAQ brings the best
information on Sheik with a proper format for your eyes to feast upon. I give him
the XiF uber seal of awesomeness.

Another big shout out goes to Warrior of Zarona, and Decadent One. I give credit
for these guys for starting the great FAQ movement. To them, I thank them, and
you guys reading this should too, they are one of the main reasons I got to write
this FAQ.

I thank the SSBM community here at GameFAQs as a whole, for they have made my
life a little better with their hospitality, and their knowledge to help me write
this FAQ, and for supporting this FAQ writing.

I'd like to thank lastly, but not least, smash boards, for giving me nearly all
of the information I know today, and being the number 1 SSBM site I know, all the
best smash players go there, and the smartest. They have giving me the knowledge
to help you guys.

I give a HUUUUUUGE thanks to helsing, who has taught me alot of my Sheik game
and has also provided some information directly to this FAQ.  THANKS MANG!

__   __  _        __          _           _  ______    _
\ \ / / (_)      / _|        | |         | | |  ___|  | |
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/ /^\ \ | | | | | ||  __/\__ \ ||  __/ (_| | | || (_| | | (_| (_) | | | |
\/   \/ |_|_| |_|_| \___||___/\__\___|\__,_| \_| \__,_|_|\___\___/|_| |_|

Does he have a contributor page? I dunno, unfortunately :(

|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~me frog would like to thank...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

First off, my good friends over at the FAQ Contributors board: SinirothX, Gbness,
Yami Shuryou, Brian Sulphur, Psycho Penguin, Starfighter76, Jason Howell,
peach freak, Matt, and Bijan Salari.

CJayC - your site teh PWNS OMGWTFLOL! No really, thanks for having such a great

X infested Falcon - He supplied all the info to this FAQ. I'm just the lame loser
formatter :( XiF is the core of this FAQ and he gets more credit than anyone else

uh... no one else yet >_<

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