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Super Monkey Ball 2

Super Monkey Ball 2 Cheats for GameCube

We have 7 cheats on GameCube

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~Quick aim - Bowling~Added 16 Apr 2008, ID #8344
After choosing your position, in the split-second, quickly tap A and the aim will be set almost completely straight.

P.S - Doesn't work with baby because his aimer is slower than the others

Ghost monkeysAdded 30 Jun 2007, ID #7726
This only works on some places, like brandished in clock tower hideout, challenge mode, I got smacked off the stage and flew through the wall, yes, flew through the wall. I was laughing and wandering where my monkey was, I wish I could change view to see whats back there.Monkeys, Glitch away!
InvisipillarAdded 30 Jun 2007, ID #7725
I made an amazing discovery in monkey target. Fly down the side of start, go underwater,the pillars and bars disappear. I also found that if you fly and close the ball at bottom of start hill you get one point.Monkeys, Glitch away!
1sure shot / 2shadow strikerAdded 28 Jun 2007, ID #7719
Do the wall glitch with full missiles. (1) go very far from the stage. Turn and shoot all your missiles at once. They'll miss once or twice. (2) hold L and go through the wall where theres those domino like things moving around. Be sure your still there when you completely stopped. You'll be able to shoot every one but they can't shoot you!
Dogfight GlitchAdded 25 Jun 2007, ID #7707
On the space level with batteries and stuff go to the very bottom and go in one of the ditches, press down the whole time and stay going forward, after a bit you'll go through the wall and be in the no-void, you can go anywhere, JUST DON'T GO DOWN, for some reason theres water at the bottom.
Super Monkey Ball 2Added 31 Aug 2004, ID #2569
Unlock Extra Levels:
Complete the following challenges for the corresponding levels in Challenge mode to unlock the Extra levels

Extra Beginner:
In Beginner difficulty without using continues complete all 10 levels in
World 1.

Extra Advanced:
In Advanced difficulty without using continues complete all 30 levels in
Worlds 2-4.

Extra Expert:
In Expert difficulty without using continues complete all 50 levels in
Worlds 5-10.

Extra Master:
In Master difficulty without using continues complete all 10 levels.
Bonus Bonus BONUS!!!!!Added 15 Aug 2003, ID #664
Bonus levels:

To open the bonus levels you need to select beginner difficulty and complete the 10 levels in World 1 without using a continue.

Then you’ll get 10 bonus beginner levels. Then select advanced difficulty and finish 30 levels in Worlds 2,3 and 4 without using a continue to unlock 10 advanced levels, pretty tricky.

Then if you’re feeling really skilled select expert level and complete all 50 levels in Worlds 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 to unlock your 10 bonus expert levels.


Party Games:

It takes 2,500 play points to unlock a party game. The quickest way to rack up points is in the challenge mode. Play the Beginner level a few times without continuing to earn the extra stages and get more play points.

When you gain 2,500 play points save the game.

Put a memory card in slot B and transfer the saved file to slot B. Once you open slot B you can then play all the mini-games.

Super sneaky.

Monkey Bowling 2:

Play as Baby to have the aim slow down, it makes it a lot easier to control the spin.

Monkey Race 2:

To get a quick start out of the blocks pull the Analog stick down and as soon as it says “GO” pres the analog stick up and press A at the same time.

Takes a bit of practice but when you get it right you’ll always get off to a flying start.


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