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Hints and Tips for Super Monkey Ball 2

We have 5 hints and tips on GameCube

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Monkey Dogfight Easy Win
Added 20 Nov 2006, ID #7032
To easily win monkye dogfight in "Monkey Space Wars", follow these directions. At the very beginning of the battle, max out your missles. Next, fly all the way down to the bottom. Get in one of the rivets, if that's the right word, in the floor.

Fly full speed along the rivet, making sure to point your nose at least partially into the floor. There is a very good chance that missles won't hit you, although it impossible. Anyway, keep hedding straight, and when you hit the wall, you should fly right through it.

You must do it from a rivet into one of the giant speakers holding your nose to the floor. You will now be outside of the stadium, where you can fly around. DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY DOWN! THERE IS WATER! Now, let all the other players kill each other, until there is one left.

They should not know where you are, unless you are up against human players. In such a case, they will be able to lock onto you, but the missles will hit the wall. When everyone else is dead, get as close to your last enemy as possible, without going back into the arena, and hammer him with missles.

Even if he realizes where the missles are coming from, he won't be able to do anything. Kill him as fast as possible, because if you run out of missles, you have to go back in, and then repeat the steps all over again. Finally, he will die and you will have won. Wait a second, cheaters never win. WHO CARES?!

P.s. If you want to play a little more fairly, leave until there is only one person left, and then go back in and kill the last son of a...

Mini game unlock
Added 8 Oct 2006, ID #6813
If you are lazy like me you would like this one.Ok just get enough points to unlock 1 mini game then go unlock any game then save.

Play your mini game then turn off your gamecube just turn it off don't press back or anything then turn it back on and you can pick another mini game.

(Then when you get tired of that 1 turn off your gamecube and back on and pick another mini game.you can keep picking new 1s without getting all the points.)
Level tips
Added 26 Apr 2006, ID #5772
- VIEW THE STAGE. Thanks to a new starting zone that never varies,
it can be very difficult to see the level in it's entirety before
recklessly killing yourself. Press start and just check out the
stage for a second. Sure it's got flaws; you can't change the
point the camera rotates around and the zoom feature is
terrible. Still, it can be very helpful.

NEARBY. Corny poems aside, a ground rule in SMB2 is that for
every fast forward switch in a stage (usually triggered
automatically), there is also a play switch to slow the action
down. Usually, it's just behind the starting point, but they do
appear in some stranger locations...just search for it. It's
there. Trust me.

- GRAB BANANAS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Seriously, even taking the
lightest chance with your monkey's life over some measly
bananas is completely unwarranted. With the opportunity to gain
extra lives per continue later in the game, bananas become
fairly worthless. Most likely, even ten to twenty bananas won't
make a difference in the long run. Of course, there ARE
exceptions...like if you have 94 bananas, one life left, and
the next stage is very difficult. Use your judgment.

perfect in Super Monkey Ball 2.
Added 16 Oct 2004, ID #2725
Hi! I'm gonna post some info that I think would be helpful. Don't be afraid to make comments.

1. How to unlock Master Difficulty
Ok, if any of you out there don't believe in a Master Difficulty, you're WRONG! to unlock it, beat Expert AND Expert Extra WITHOUT losing a continue (not a life, but as many lives as you set at the beginning).

2. How to beat Master Extra Stage 10 (a giant rotating Gamecube)
Now THIS is the hardest one period! To beat it, you have to go with the flow on the rotating cube (sounds easy, but IT ISN'T), but back up a little so you don't go careening off! Now at first it'll spin forward, then it'll spin right, then forward until the control sockets, then it'll spin left. (the last one is tricky: unlike the others, it doesn't have anything to slow ya down!). Now, the 1st one is pretty basic: you'll get it within 5 lives. The 2nd one, however, is what makes this stage so hard: you have to cope with the gamecube handle AND the sockets where you plug your Gamecube into the, well, power supply. The best way to deal with this (at least, how I think what's the best way) is to go OVER the handle and get off at the midpoint (the "hump"). The rest is pretty straight-forward, until the top of the gamecube. There is NOTHING to stop you this time, so you'll have to figure out your own strategy. After that, just stay on the open button until the top opens and the goal is shown (on the place where you would put your disk in)!! Simply run into the goal and you're done!!!!!

3. Other stuff helpful
Beginner Extra: Beat all 10 Beginner stages without losing all your lives (using 0 continues) to get the Beginner Extra Stages
Advanced Extra:Basically, same thing (except with Advanced difficulty and not Beginner)
Expert Extra: Same thing (except on Expert Mode)
Master Extra: You know!

Daredevil's section (don't try these unless you're insane)

Advanced Stage 30: Can you fall off and "jump" into the goal?
Master Stage 3: Try backing up and "Leap" over the pit and into the goal!
Expert Stage 4: Can you reach over 300 MPH and still hit the goal? For true Daredevils only!

Hope I helped. Bye!
ID #460
For Monkey Shot, on Expert the lion boss is almost impossible to beat. To beat him first destroy those missile launcher thingies, then shoot its face.

Destroy the missiles then repeat this process over again. Every time you break off a set of manes, his speed increases the first 2 times that happens.

The 3rd time, however, he's dead meat (this will only work if you have at least 389 bullets left, it takes that many) !! This has been Michael Homan.



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