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Follow the dark path or use the light
Super Mario Sunshine Pack Shot

Super Mario Sunshine


Super Mario Sunshine Boss FAQ

by Cubemaster54

Super Mario Sunshine Boss FAQ

Copyright 2009 George Cube.

Writer: George "Cube"
Email: [email protected]
First edit (start): February 12, 2009
Latest Edit: February 20, 2009
Version: 2.0
Game: Super Mario Sunshine
Platform: Gamecube
Rated E for Everyone


**Table of Contents**

Version History

Section 1.0

Section 2.0
Section 3.0
	Thanks to
	Contact Info


**Version History**

Version 0.0: Started guide
	February 12, 2009
Version 1.0: Edited info, added first boss
	February 13, 2009
Version 1.5: Finished all Boss strategies
	February 14, 2009
Version 2.0: Added locations and the mini bosses.
	February 20, 2009


*=-=- 1.00 Section 1 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-*

*-----1.1 Introductory-----------------------------------------*

Hello everyone. This is my fourth FAQ in the making. Super Mario
Sunshine is one of my favorite Gamecube games. It was published
in 2002 for the Gamecube only. The game starts off as Mario, Peach,
and Toadstool on their way to a vacation island. Peach notices
a Shadow Mario but the other two are day dreaming. 
They crash land on the airway (coming to a quick and hurtful stop)
Mario is then accused of the island crap and is ordered to 
community service and cannot leave until its all clean. 
There are 96 normal Shines to collect, and an extra 24 from blue
coins to make the total 120.

*=-=- 2.00 Section 2 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-*

*-----2.1 Bosses-----------------------------------------------*

Petty Piranha
Description: A huge Piranha Plant with razor sharp teeth (of course
my teeth are sharper and stronger;) )
Times faced: 2
Difficulty Level: 4 (out of ten)
How to beat
Location: Bianca Hills Episodes 2 
You need all your water in FLUDD. Wait until he
gulps in air to spit out crap. Spray water into him until he is 
forced to gulp it all down. He falls. Do a summersault jump to
his stomach and ground pound over the arrow. Repeat. After a 
while, he melts and you get the shine.
Location: Bianca Hills Episode 5
After getting thrown up to the closest platform,
get a little thing on your Spray nozzle (automatically come to 
you) and shoot it at him. He wakes up. Now dont jump off this ledge.
Watch him. When he stops to pant in midair, hit him with water.
Now hurridly go to where he is and wait for him to gulp in.
NOTE: He may throw off twisters or head butt you if you come in
too close.
Once he swallows it ground pound his stomach. Repeat. After three 
times he is gone. 

Gooper Blooper
Description: A large Blooper with an ugly face and loves to 
squirt chocolate gloop/crap at you.
Times faced: 3
Difficulty Level: 2
How to beat
Location: Ricco Harbor Episode 1
The first time there are blocks and a tentacle sticking out. Pull
it out with A to start the battle. He squirts out chocolate crap
and his face has tons chocolate goop/crap on it. Squirt it off,
then when he tries to hit you with it's tentacle, stand on one to
flatten. Stretch it out to where it comes off. After all four 
tentacles are gone. go up to his face and pull the nose.
Repeat this all a second time to beat him.
Location: Ricco Harbor Episode 5
Where the helicopter pad is, lies this beast (in a bad way). 
Just jump over to him, stomp on a tentacle, pull it off. Repeat
three more times. Spray off his face after, and pull his nose. 
As usual he aint die. Kick his ass/face once more to total him.
Location: Noki Bay Episode 2
You need to go over to a wall with a symble on it and squirt it.
A huge maze in the wall opens. You need to go through it quickly
as it starts to close up in a section every after a while. At the
end is this thing. Beat it the same way you did last time.

Description: A huge catapiller thing that is sleeping above the
sand bird and sounds like a locamotive.
Times Faced: 1
Difficulty Level: 4
Location: Gelato Beach Episode 3
How to beat: This is a very big retarded fat ass we have to kick.
Well he is a train. Well sounds like it. Now, when he comes around
spray the little fish head thing in the sand, so he flips. Do a
reverse summersault jump or some high jump onto him, ground 
pounding where the arrow is. You do this two more times, but
beware: each time he gets faster and uglier! 

Metal Bowser
Description: Shadow Mario controlling a large Bowser robot. He 
is somehow underground and has a head that comes off. He breathes
fire at you and is fat, just as the real Bowser is! So it is a 
good match!
Times faced: 1
Difficulty Level: 2
Location: Pinna Park, Episode 1
To go to Pinna Park you need at least 10 shines. Once there,
follow the path in two a park, which has a cutscene, whenever 
you enter. You cannot get back out once in. Anyway, go to the 
fountian to start a cutscene. Shadow Mario floats while landing
on his head, with Peach. Once it ends, talk to the brown Noki,
and he thinks its all an act. He lets you ride the Roller Coaster
to get more of pizaz. Once on the roller coaster, there are rockets
on the track that you can fire. USe these to kill bullet bills,
or you can use water. Fire a rocket at Bowser and hit him. Do 
this a few more times and Shadow Mario and Peach leave in the
head which goes to Corona Mountain. 

Manta Ray
Description: A huge manta made of electric goop that leaves a 
trail of goop behind him. He can travel over water even though
when he gets hit by water he splits. Frankly, he floats, lives
on land, and is just plain weird. 
Times Faced: 1
Difficulty Level: 3
Location: Sirena Beach Episode 1
How to beat:
At Sirena Beach, talk to the guy by the huge square, in a suit.
This starts the fight. Now go over to a hut. SAVE THE COINS! Spray
this thing and he splits. Keep spraying for what seems like ever.
FLOOD says they started attacking you. Meaning they just come at
you. Stay under the hut though, you take no damage. Kill all of
them to have the lying hotel dude say thanks and you get the shine.

King Boo
Description: King Boo is after Mario again for what happened in
Luigi's Mansion! Of course he looks really gay this time and
is weirder. How? I didnt ask you so dont talk back.
Times Faced: 1
Difficulty Level: 0
Location: Sirena Beach, Episode 6
How to beat:
Talk to the hotel dude to go inside. Go over to the right and get
let in by the guy. You are in the casino. Which is closed yet
still has people in. Go to the center, and ground pound the 
purple floor piece to enter into the fight. King Boo comes up,
and you spray him for the options of what he throws at you. You
want to aim for fruit. When you do, get the pepper and launch it
at his mouth. His tongue catches fire. Throw a different kind of
fruit in his mouth then to hurt him. Repeat twice and he is dead.
Its what he gets for trying to take Mario and failing (I like
Luigi more)

Montey Mole
Description: A dumb mole that uses a canon too shoot missiles at
you from far range, throwing bombs at you in close range.
Times Faced: 3
Difficulty Level: 2
Location: Gelato Beach Episode 5, Pinna Park,
Noki Bay Episode 1
How to beat: At Pinna Park, use the missiles to your advantage.
Stand on the boxes with blue coins, and let the missiles do their
work. (Now back to everywhere) Go up to him for him to send out
a bomb. Spray it, turning it blue. Pick it up, and throw it at
him when he is still showing his ugly head. Do this 2 more times
to beat him. Now enter the canon to do the dungeon place w/o
FLUDD. Once beat come back to do the red coin for another shine.

II Piantismo 
Description: He is not a boss, but a mini boss, and you do not
fight him, as he is on no side. You race him to a certian point.
Note he cheats and if you get in front of him or too close he
trips you slow down a lot.
Times Faced: 2
Difficutly Level: 5
Locations: Noki Bay 5, Gelato Beach, Episode 5, Pianta Village
Episode  2 
How to beat:
The strategy I use for this is to use the spray nozzle, spray 
water and slide. It is very effective. Don't veer of course 
or hit anything, ever. Unless it makes you win or slow him down.

Shadow Mario
Description: I dont like Spoilers, but this Shadow Mario is
Bowser Jr's debut game. Yes, Bowser Jr is Shadow Mario. He 
thinks Peach is his mom (get ten shines to find out) so he steals
her back and is causing havoc on Mario's account to get him in
trouble. He appears after certian shine amounts, and in the 
seventh Episode of every level place. 
Times faced: 11
Difficutly Level: 1
Locations: Episode 7 (everyone), beginning, before Corona 
Mountian, to get Yoshi Egg/Turbo Nozzle/Rocket Nozzle
How to beat:
Each time, you just chase after him spraying him with water.
In some cases he has an item or a Shine, and dont touch him or
you'll get hurt. If you lose him, the music changes so once it
goes back you know he is around. He thinks he is so tough though,
threatening Mario its not over, but never does anything about it.

Description: The main bad ass of the game (well, next to Bowser
Jr). He tells Bowser Jr the lies to get Mario in trouble. 
Time faced: 1
Difficulty: 6
How to beat
Corona Mountian
Well after beating the seventh episode of every level, Delfino
Plaza floods. The cutscene shows the entrance to Corona Mountain.
There are tons of blue coins here, so come back after for them.
The spiked platforms retract amd then they reappear, down. You
can step on them at this point, but hurry. Hover to them about a
couple of seconds after their up. The ones with fire, just hover
over them to put them out. OR Use the spray nozzle ahead of time.
After a bit you come to a island with water (How?) and a box.
Always ground pound the box for a 1UP mushroom. Now, take navigate
the boat through the sea of magma (like it could really float).
If you hit anything, it sinks. After a bit you come to a spray 
of water to refill FLUDD. Once you get to the final island, get
the Rocket Nozzle. Navigate your way through the clouds to the 
Boss Battle: Bowser
After a cutscene, hit Bowser Jr's ship and hit Bowser's mouth 
with water. Now run around until a peninsula of the bath tub can
be reached. Avoid any Bullet Bills, getting a 1UP from the heat
seeking (blue) ones. Use the Rocket Nozzle, ground pound at the
highest peak. Now quickly make it back to the main circle of the
tub, as the part you were at brakes off. Repeat four more times.
After that the tub flips, sending Bowser and Bowser Jr to the sea,
and Peach to an island, along side a Mario stuck in the sand.
Congratulations on beating this game! 
*=-=- 3.00 Section 3 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-*

*-----3.1 Legal------------------------------------------------*
This FAQ and all its content are property of George Cube, 
Any unauthorized distributions are strictly prohibited, and is
plajourizing. That is illegal and you can get in legal trouble
depending on how bad.
This FAQ is only allowed on, and
Please notify me right away if published somewhere else without
Im not saying I will hunt you down if you take one line, Im saying
if you take parts of the guide, the exact same, and put it in
your name.

*-----3.2 Thanks to--------------------------------------------*

These are the people I would like to give thanks to for helping:

Nintendo: Super Mario Series, Gamecube, Mario, and this game
Viewers: Well Im glad I could help

*-----3.3 Contact----------------------------------------------*

You can contact me in these ways:

Email- [email protected]
	When emailing, put Sunshine Boss FAQ somewhere in 
AIM- CrapAppleJuice
	Say you saw the the Sunshine Boss FAQ
Blog- (via comment)

When contacting me, please put 'Super Mario Sunshine Boss FAQ"
somewhere in the message
You can give me errors in spelling or information, comments, 
suggestions, missing info, alternative strategies, etc. 
Please do not SPAM or say anything bad. 
Thank you.

End of File