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Game Reviews for Super Mario Sunshine


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Krow.28th Jun 2009, ID #1130
The way you navigate your way from the menu to the actual game is very easy to do and has a bit of Mario flare to it. Instead of selecting which file you want to play on a list format, you play as M..

Rating: 84%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

What a GameAdded 1 Oct 2006, ID #6793
This is what I call a game. Everything is similar to Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64, but everything makes it really really good! There\'s more challenges within each and every different level there is!! 8 Episodes and 8 Levels to chose from makes it easy and fun! Blue Coins are what make this game really challenging, finding all 120 is a difficult thing to do though. FLUDD makes the game feel different. There are easy Shine Sprites and Hard Shine Sprites, but the hardest are the 10 blue coin Shine Sprites.

GreatAdded 20 May 2005, ID #3905
This is a great 3D Mario platformer. Better than Super Mario 64. I think that this game uses the 3D system better than the one on 64. Isle Delfino is very well done, it even makes you want to go on holiday there yourself but unfortunately it\'s not a real place. The obstacle courses are a bit tedious though and get seriously annoying after a while. This game could do with less of those. I would score this 91%.

This Game Is FUNAdded 23 May 2004, ID #1968
This game rules! I think it is so fun! The worlds are so happy and have more colors then old mario games.

Squirting people with FLUDD is fun too. This was my first game for Gamecube and I would give it 100%.

I really like the part too were you battle gooper blooper.

Its fun to pull on everything, so what if you die.

I would suggest this game too anyone, and I am picky about my games.

This game is a great game for anyone!

Naaaa not badAdded 14 May 2004, ID #1944
This was the first game I had for gamecube and I thought that it was alright but not brilliant they could have done better.

Graphics:the graphics are really really good (better than sonic team could have ever done.8/10.

Sound:really nice soundtracks they should put it on cd.i want to give it a ten but i think it gets annoying sometimes i give a.8/10.

Gameplay:the gameplay is annoying because when you get on to the hard levels you stop playing it i give it a 7/10.

Alltogether: I give this alltogether a 84% a good game but not a game I MYSELF would think is a nintendo classic.

Plus the camera angle is annoying sometimes but you either fight the camera angle or switch the game off.

I sold this in to game and i got £12.00 (heh heh heh it costs only £20.00 sad people).

Best gamecube game ever!!! HOTAdded 16 Apr 2004, ID #1838
I think anyone who reviews this game 6 or under would be so dumb they would jump in a fire,anyway I give this a rating of:********** (10).

I like it this much because of FLUDD and the great things to do with him. And my brother who is on it now absolutey loves the game because of yoshi.

Just missed the deadlineAdded 9 Mar 2004, ID #1679
It comes very close to Super Mario 64 though the final battle against bowser and son was a bit simple.


Why aren't Koopas and Goombas in this game.

HotAdded 19 Feb 2004, ID #1552
Mario Sunshine is a great game but is extreamly frustrating in cetain obstacle courses.

The camera is also eratic but overall I'd give it a good 90%

Added 19 Nov 2003, ID #1024
I thought that Mario Sunshine is pointless and seems like it is way to happy.

Mario never fought paint in any other one of his games.

I personally perfered just about any other game that mario had.

I gave it a 6/10, it is the lowest rating i have ever given.

mario sunshine reviewAdded 12 Aug 2003, ID #651
OK first i,d like to say i prefferred older 2D mario games but i really like this one because it seems to get you playing for ages.

final review:-
good:-getting shinesprites is a very good moment.its hardto run out of water in a hurry.

bad:-it gets very annoying sometimes.mario can do stupid moves at the wrong time.
best stage:-pinna park and pianta village.
best bit:-getting your first shine on Delfino airstrip.

its better than that boring wind waker(which got 7/10)which everyone says is the best game on gamecube.

ID #458

To: Super Cheats,

Mario's world wide sucess on Super Mario 64 proved that Mario is not one little plumber that can't get into extreme sports-backflips, sideflips, front flips(Well, he did do frontflips in Super Mario Bros. 3 but you only got to do them when you were invincible by the Starman) , wall jumps and that he isn't afraid to use all-new power-ups!

Well, after saving the Princess(Peach) of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Peach, Toadsworth(an old Toad, The Princess' steward) and the Toads all decide to go on a vacation to Isle Delfino for much needed relax and rest. Great idea eh? To them, yes but to us? Not likely! When they're flying to Isle Delfino on the Toad Express, Peach notices a shadowy figure that looks like Mario was jumping around on the welcoming video. But when they get there, Peach sees the Mario twin again! And what's more, there's goop all over the Airstrip!

Welcome to Super Mario Sunshine, home of friendly Piantas, Peaceloving Nokis and your target....goop!

Your job is to clean up the whole island. Ah that's sinch, you've got...... just wait a sec! Clean up the whole island! Anyone know why? 'cause the inhabitants; especially the Piantas, think you polluted the island! Going around the whole island clearing up this and that, is hard alright. For those who think that clearing up goop is impossible...WRONG! You've got FLUDD, or a Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device. FLUDD can squirt water, either you defeat opponents and clear up goop, or annoy the inhabitants. You might have got the game now already.

See ya!


ID #457

I think it's OK. The makers could of done better. I don't really like that Fludd thing. Its good because sometimes it's useful, but mostly its just a piece of crap on Mario's back that does absolutely nothing. Squirting water? How gay is that.. you could at least squirt something better than water.

ID #456

When I first got Super Mario Sunshine I couldn't put it down, the grapics were the best I've ever seen, the game play was brilliant, the controls were easy, the tasks were hard but fantasic and the story was just marvellous. So over all I give this wonderful game,


ID #455

If this isn't the best game ever well i wonder what is.

Well TimeSplitters 2 is the best but this game is not with out its charm.

It still has some of mario's old moves from the N64 but now it is more like the other platform games with a hover mode.

But your water pack gets taken from you for some classic good mario action.

And one good thing is that yoshi is in this one as a rideable charator. Another great title to buy or rent.

ID #454

Another brilliant game by nintendo. This time with mario its a lot smoother and quicker andn easier to control.... It beats the last one! Another easy 10/10 by me!

The story line is when mario gets to Isle Delfino, Another mario is on the loose! He's wrecked the city with graffiti! Now they made Mario (the real one) clean it up! Are you up to the ultimate Mario challenge?

ID #453

This game is great you have to play it

10/10 out of ten stars

ID #452
This game is awesome its a super combo of action mysterie and fun.I think its the best mario game of all time for gamecube so far!!!

It's sooooo exiting and yet you never know what's gonna happen next.I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do!!!!!

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