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Follow the dark path or use the light
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Pack Shot

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle


Character Chao Guide

by imnotokayfan

         IIIIIII           NNNN   NN             NN      OOOOO       FFF
         IIIIIII           NNNN      NN          NN     OOOOOO     FFF
         IIIIIII           NNNN         NN       NN     OOOOO        FFFFFFFFFFFFF
         IIIIIII           NNNN            NN    NN      OOOO          FFF
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII    NNNN               NNNN                            FFF
          Im                         Not                              Okay                    Fan
Chao                                                                                                       Guide
                           Imnotokayfans Character Chao Guide

Property of Imnotokayfan
    E-mail:[email protected]
Table of Contents: (Press CTRL+F to help you)
SA2BCG.1.  Info
SA2BCG.2.  Sonic
SA2BCG.3.  Shadow
SA2BCG.4.  Knuckles
SA2BCG.5.  Chaos Zero
SA2BCG.6.  The End
SA2BCG.7.  Warnings
SA2BCG.8.   Animals List

This is going to show you how to make the Character Chaos without cheating.Yep thatís all for the info Part.

To make a Sonic Chao you must do the Following:
Step 1:Buy a Blue Chao Egg from the Black market(500 Rings)
Step 2:When it hatches Give it Lots of Green Chaos Drives or Running Type Animals(List below)
Step 3:Set an alarm for 3 Hours Later and Change the channel(So you are not bored for 3 hours)
Step 4:When the alarm Goes off check on your chao to see if it is evolving(it may have already evolved)
Step 5: (It gets boring in this step)Wait until it gets to age 3-4 and give it LOADS of Chaos Drives or Running type animals!The changes slowly appear.
Step 6: Treat it real good and, if you want Give it Chao Fruit(200 Rings)until it has Extremely High Stats.

There is your Sonic Chao!(P.S. If  your chao dies or Reincarnates you must Start all over)

To make a Shadow Chao you must do the following:
Step 1:Get a NORMAL Chao egg and hatch it.
Step 2:When it Hatches Pet it LOADS of times with Shadow(Just keep Pressing Pet)until it runs to you when you whistle.
Step 3:Give it Lots of Green Chaos Drives or Running Type Animals.
Step 4:Repeat Steps 3-4 in the Sonic Chao Guide.

There is your Shadow Chao!(P.S. Same as end of Sonic Chao guide)

To make a Knuckles Chao you must do the following:
The Knuckles Chao wont Look as Realistic as the Sonic or Shadow Chao But Here it Goes.
Step 1:Buy a Red Chao Egg from the Black Market(500 Rings)
Step 2:When it Hatches Give it LOADS of Red Chaos Drives or Power type Animals.DONT SELL THE EGGSHELL
Step 3:Once Again Set an Alarm For 3 Hours Later.
Step 4:Check on it and it Should have 2 Horns.
Step 5:Wait until it is Age 3-4 and give it LOADS of Purple Chaos drives or Flying Type Animals.
Step 6:Put the Eggshell on its head.
Theres your Knuckles Chao!(P.s.If it Dies/Reincarnates you must start all over).

To make a Chaos Zero Chao/Chaos Chao you must do the following:
Step 1:Buy a Shiny Blue Egg from the Black Market.(5000 RINGS!)
Step 2:Raise it REALLY NICE until it goes into a Pink Cocoon(Age 5)
Step 3:Hatch the Egg it leaves behind.
Step 4:Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as many times as you like(to get S Rank on some of its stats)
Step 5:Give ONE AND ONLY ONE of Each animal(Make a Checklist to Help) to your chao.(NO CHAOS DRIVES)Fruit is okay though.In Fact its Recommended that you get its Stamina as high as you can.
Step 5:When it Cocoons it should Come out a Chaos Zero Chao/Chaos Chao!

Theres your Chaos Zero/Chaos Chao!(It does not die and Has a 5-7% chance of not evolving into a chaos chao.if that happens you must start all over)

The end!

For the Sonic,Knuckles,and Chaos Zero Chao you must raise it with Hero and Dark Characters or it wont work!(Example:Sonic and Shadow)
Like I Said Donít Sell the Eggshell when making a Knuckles Chao.
Make sure the Chaos Zero attempt chao likes you A LOT.
EXTRA TIP:When your chao evolves(Not Reincarnate) once you can raise it with whoever you like!

Here is the Animals List!(Make a Checklist for this when making the Chaos Zero chao)

Swimming Type Animals:
Penguin(Blue With Orange Eyebrows)
Seal(White with Blue Highlights)
Otter(Very Green)

Running Type Animals:
Warthog(Brown with Black Stripes on its back)
Cheetah(Yellow with Brown Spots)

Flying Type Animals:
Parrot(Red and Flies around)
Peacock(Green with pretty colored tail feathers)
Condor(Purple with Light Purple Highlights)

Power Type Animals:
Gorilla(Dark Blue Gorilla)
Tiger(Almost like a Darker Colored Cheetah)

Balanced Type animals:
Racoon(Blue with Dark Blue stripes on its tail)
Baby Goat(White with Pink Horns)

Mythical Type Animals:
Unicorn(White horse with a Horn on its head)
Pheonix(Orange with Orange tail feathers)
Dragon(Almost looks like a Purple Bug)

Halloween Type Animals:
Skeleton Dog(Pretty Self Explanatory)
Bat(Flying Purple Bat)
Half-Fish(Walking Green Fish)

EXTRA TIP:You can find all of the Halloween Type Animals in Knuckles Pumpkin hill Level(Half Fish is in 3rd Chao Box)

There is my Sonic Adventure 2:Battle Chao Guide(I started getting bored around the (Knuckles Chao Section)