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Shadow the Hedgehog Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Shadow the Hedgehog

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A large collection of cheats which includes playing as Sonic, unlocking Expert mode, unlocking weapons and two players in Story mode.

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We have 20 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Shadow the Hedgehog please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox

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Unlockable Key Bonuses

The following are unlocked in stages by collecting ALL 5 keys and then unlocking the corresponding 5-keyed door.
Unlock 3 Extra Lives:
In The Ark get ALL 5 keys
Unlock 2 Turrets:
In Black Comet find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Turrets:
In Final Haunt find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Armored Car:
In Lost Impact find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Black Volt:
In Sky Troops find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Warp Hole:
In Death Ruins find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Warp Hole:
In Space Gadget find ALL 5 keys
UnWarp Portal:
In The Last Way find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Shortcut:
In Cryptic Castle find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Black Hawk:
In Glyphic Canyon find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Air..


Unlock Expert Mode:
Get ALL 71 'A' rankings.

Unlock Last Story:
Beat every 6th stage in Story mode to see the Hero and Dark endings for each. There are 10 endings in total.
Unlock Hidden Key Bonuses:
Get ALL 5 keys in stages, they are located behind the 5-keyed doors.
Unlock 2 Turrets:
Get ALL 5 keys in Black Comet

Unlock 3 Extra Lives:
Get ALL 5 keys in The ARK
Unlock Armored Car:
Get ALL 5 keys in Lost Impact

Unlock Black Hawk:
Get ALL 5 keys in Glyphic Canyon

Unlock Black Volt:
Get ALL 5 keys in Sky Troops
Unlock Turrets:
Get ALL 5 keys in Final Haunt

Unlock Warp Hole:
Get ALL 5 keys in Space Gadget

Unlock Warp Hole:

Two players... in Story mode?!

Since I discovered this secret, I thought it might help you guys!
You already know there is a Multiplayer mode in this game, but did you knew there's also a "multiplayer mode" in Story mode??
Well, just read this and then try it!!

Material needed:

1- A Gamecube,
2- Two Gamecube controllers,
3- Shadow the Hedgehog for Gamecube.

Here are the steps to follow:
First of all, go to Story mode.
Get a friend to play with you.
Then, plug the second Gamecube controller in the second player slot.
And finally, player two can control the character accompanying Shadow!!

And I'm telling you, this REALLY helps when you're in more difficult stag..

Strangely Facinating Yet Disturbing Glitch

First off, my title sounds like somthing Cosmo whould say off of that one Nikelodeon show thet I forget the name of. But heres what you people reading this are looking for.
Go to the Space Colony ARK level where you need to heal those guys in the white science get-ups(HERO MISSION). Find a G.U.N troop with a knife as his weapon. Run his health down to nothing, but leave the knife there. Leave so that you are out of range of the troop. Come back later and heal him with a recovery pack. He should still have the knife in his hand for some reason. (NOTE: THE TROOP IS RIGHT HANDED) You know how the troop puts his right fist over his heart in solute to you as if hes beating it(and have you figured out the glitch yet? Uh huh.) and he literally stabs himself in the heart. Yet he stan..

Weapons Log

Once you complete a story line, you unlock a new weapon. If you complete both light and dark missions an end level, then the weapon you previously unlocked on that level will be upgraded to level 2, which will give it more ammo or more power or something. These are the secret weapons:
Samuri Sword-- 4 ammo and fires a thin beam. Upgrade--?
Egg Vaccuum-- Can suck up 25 things when upgraded. Once full, you get free lives and stuff.
Satellite Gun-- You know the first level where lazers come down from the sky? You can aim it!
Omachao Gun-- If you remember him from sonic 2, you fire mini omachaos at enemies. Heal Cannon-- BORING. All it does is revive dead GUN soldiers.
Shadow Rifle-- It's nearly impossible to get, but it is a super strong lazer cannon and..

Unlockable weapons/ Last Story

Samurai Sword: Complete the game on the pure evil final mission (the one at the top) and follow any ally. Defeat the boss that follows (Sonic and Diablon if you took evil mission, Black Doom if you took hero mission).
Satellite gun: Complete on the semi-evil final mission with any ally. Defeat the boss (Sonic and Diablon if you took evil mission, Black Doom if you took hero mission).
Egg Vacuum: Complete on the normal final mission with any ally. Defeat the Egg Dealer (same with both missions).
Omachao Gun: Complete on the semi-hero final mission with any ally. Defeat the boss (Egg Dealer if you took evil mission, Black Doom if you took hero mission).
Heal Cannon: Complete on pure hero final mission with any ally. Defeat the boss (Sonic and Dia..

My favorite weapon!

This is the best weapon you could use.
It's the shadow rifle!to get it you need to beat last story.
To unlock you need to fight all of the final bosses of the stories.
Oh yeah the shadow rifle kills just about everything in one shot and you get 20 bullets a time.

Unlimted ameo

When your like glowing red our blue trie to get a gun and shooht then look at your ameo.

Special Weapons

There are diffrent Unlockable weapons you can unlock by completing the game.
Samurai Blade - Finish Pure Evil
Satellite Lazer - Finish Bad
Egg Vacum - Finish Neutral
Omochao Gun - Finish Slightly Good
To use the weapons play through any level and if you see a black box with shadows face on it open it and all the weapons you unlocked will come out. When I unlock more weapons i'll post them here.

Shadow Destinies

Once you beat the final boss of a story line, you get to see a short cutscene of what Shadow would do if he chose this path. Here are some of the endings:
1) Shadow goes bad and rules the world
2) Shadow goes worse and rules the Universe
3) Shadow goes 100% evil and BLOWS UP the World (you don't get to see it though. Bummer.)
4) Shadow goes neutral and rules an army of androids to conquer the earth.
5) Shadow goes neutral and uses the chaos emeralds for his own power
6) Shadow goes good and just mopes around knowing that he was built for evil.
7) Shadow goes good and defeats Balck Doom.
8) Shadow goes 100% hero and Destroys all the Black aliens with Black Doom.
1-3) Shadow destroys Sonic
4-5) Shadow EXECUTES eggman (It's t..

Credits in the gameplay?

During the levels related to flashbacks of shadows past, like Lost Impact, or the doom.
You will hear some of gun's creeps say things in the back ground like: "they got Keith" or "Mr. Yuji Naka is alright" ; if you haven't figured it out already, Yuji Naka is the producer, and Keith is actually a reference to Keith Palmer, the CG movie producer. Another one mention I believe is "Chris" or Chris Mowry, the Creative services manager.
There are other's mentioned, but I can't remember all of them...
This is Eggman saying to Remember, "it's just a game"

How to beat Gun's flying tank

To beat the giant tank you fight after completing that level in the Ark where you can kill all the troops, find the professor or save all the scientists, homing attack the guns on it.
Once one's destroyed, pick up the bazooka and use it to destroy another gun on it. Then dodge the plasma blast by either jumping up onto the platform or dropping down onto the floor.

Expert mode

To unlock the game's expert mode, get an A grade (a "perfect" as quoted by Shadow) on all stages in all missions as well as all boss fights.

Play as sonic or other heroes

To play as different characters you can just plug another controller(in the 2-p socket)and do punches and stuff but be next to shadow because the camera always stays on him.(u can't use guns or ride cars)

DESTROY YOUR FOE (2 Player Only)

I have Two Cheats to spill today the first one is 2 player only step one: go too the first stage step 2: go to the bottom of the middle keep going around and around the middle find all the gun boxes on the sides o the middle:step two all those boxes have the same gun every time you open a box a broken one will reapear

How to unlock some cool stuff

Heres how to unlock:
Almost Dead-beat any dark ending (top 2 last stages)
Chosen One-beat Cosmic fall (2nd to bottom last stage)
Waking Up-beat Lava Shelter (middle last stage)
I Am (full)-beat Devil Doom (final boss)
Never Turn Back-complete last story
Samurai Blade-beat Gun fortress (top last)
Omochao gun- beat cosmic fall (2nd to bottom last)
Heal Cannon-beat final haunt (bottom last)
Vaccum egg-beat lava shelter(middle last)
Sattelite cannon-beat black comet(2nd to top last)
Shadow Rifle-beat last story
Hope these help!

Expert Mode

Expert Mode is basically a run-through of all the stages, except the difficulty is ramped up, and you have only one objective: get to the goal ring. If you lose all your lives, you start all the way back at Weatopolis. I suggest beating the Last Story and getting the Shadow Rifle first, as this makes things much easier. To unlock it, you must go through every stage at least once. Easy, right? Wrong. The trick is you have to get an "A" rank on every mission and boss (Devil Doom doesn't count). For Dark missions, do things to increase your Dark score, and for Hero, things that increase you Hero score. For Normal missions, just get the Goal Ring ASAP (Chaos Control usually helps). Try to complete the mission as fast as possible for maximum time bonuses. Your best bet would be to go to Selec..

last story

When you beat all the ending story boss's the last story will become available.

Special Weapons and Last Story

Here are the weapons you get and the endings you need to complete to get them. Note that all the weapons (except the Shadow Rifle) have the pontential to level up and double (or at least increase) the amount of ammo they carry per clip.
Samurai Blade = Pure Dark endings (Top)
Satellite Laser = Dark endings (Mid-top)
Egg Vacuum = Neutral endings (Middle)
Omachao Gun = Hero endings (Mid-bottom)
Heal Cannon = Pure Hero endings (Bottom)
Shadow Rifle = Complete the Last Story
And to unlock the last story, you need to go through all the stages and complete all the endings. The fastest way, in my opinion, is to follow these paths (D = Dark Mission, N = Neutral Mission, Hero Mission): D-D-D-D-D-D,
D-D-D-D-D-H, D-D-N-N-N-D, D-D-N-N-N-H, N-N-N-N..

keys lvl 1 and 2

Lvl1 once you unlock the door you get a machine gun and a hummer
Lvl2 once you unlock the door you lvl up and you get a birdlike creature with gold armour


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