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Shadow the Hedgehog Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Shadow the Hedgehog

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A collection of cheats that includes unlocking key bonuses, unlocking Expert mode, save point ring values and how to get the heal canon.

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We have 26 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Shadow the Hedgehog please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Xbox

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Unlock 'Last Story':
Beat all of the story lines Hero and Dark Endings (10 in total)
Unlock Level 2 Weapons:
When you have beaten the Hero and Dark sides of a story line you will then get your weapon upgraded to level two
Unlock Expert Mode:
Get all 71 "A" rankings.

Library Cutscenes
216 - At vagrancy's End:
1 Nuetral, 1 Hero, 3 Nuetral then Hero

230 - The Ultimate Choice:
Neutral, Hero, Hero, Neutral, Dark then Hero

262 - Steel Combat Boots:
1 Hero, 1 Dark, 1 Nuetral, 1 Hero, 1 Dark then Dark

276 - The Dark Part Of The Galaxy:
Hero, Dark, Hero, Neutral, Neutral then Hero
316 - The One Who Maria Entrusted:
3 Hero, Neutral then Hero till the end

Shadow The Hedgeohog Shortcut Up Down Down

Faster Shortcut Up Down Down Left Right
Fastest Shortcut Up Down Down Left Right Left Down
Infinte Chaos Control R1 R2
Costumes Right Left Forward

Unlockable Key Bonuses

The following are unlocked in stages by collecting ALL 5 keys and then unlocking the corresponding 5-keyed door.
Unlock 3 Extra Lives:
In The Ark get ALL 5 keys
Unlock 2 Turrets:
In Black Comet find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Turrets:
In Final Haunt find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Armored Car:
In Lost Impact find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Black Volt:
In Sky Troops find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Warp Hole:
In Death Ruins find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Warp Hole:
In Space Gadget find ALL 5 keys
UnWarp Portal:
In The Last Way find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Shortcut:
In Cryptic Castle find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Black Hawk:
In Glyphic Canyon find ALL 5 keys
Unlock Air..

Egg vacom

At the Main Menu Press O O O O Triagle O Triagle Triagle O O O X If you enter it in correctly you will hear a gunshot.

Useful Hero Teammates

Your Hero teammates don't seem to help much, do they? I mean, they do better than Black Doom does, but still....
Got a friend? The Hero teammates can be controlled by a player in the second controller slot. They CANNOT be killed, CAN damage anything Shadow can, and CAN collect Rings for Shadow as well. Unfortunately, they CANNOT pick up guns. But hey, if they could do that, they'd be better than Shadow...

True life story

On the last story, when fighting devil doom the other characters talk to you. At five minutes in the fight gas will leak into their shelter and at 8 mins eggman will tell shasdow all about his life that he forgot he will stop at 10 mins because the gas has killed all the characters so you restart the fight after you find out what has really happened

Maria's Eyes.

In sonic adventure 2 Battle, Maria CLEARLY had blue eyes. But seen in Shadow the Hedgehog, she has black eyes and look nothing like everyone elses.
SX: Sega and Sonic Team SCREWED UP AGAIN....

How to deafeat EGG BREAKER (easily!)

When(if)you get to EGG BREAKER boss,run around him until he says "Where did you go".Then,go to the nearest turret and keep shooting till the harder part. By then,your turret may be destroyed. So then,take the gun it drops,keep shooting(you have enough ammo,so go crazy)till it falls.You'll get an easy A.

How to defeat the Black Bull in Lethal Highway

At the start of the level it'll instantly shoot a fire ball at you. Dodge it. Kill one of the Black Arms on the ground, while dodging the Black Bull's fire waves. Grab the creature's guns and shoot it at the Black Bull's eye. DON'T shoot it again until the Black Bull is facing toward you. When you run out of ammo, get another gun(doh). When there are no more guns, use the Homing Attack, NOT the Jump Dash. Do it until you reach the Black Bull's eye. Repeat until you beat it. NOTE:Use Chaos Control when you can. ONLY use it HAVE A GUN. It freezes the Black Bull. You have unlimited ammo at that time.

Defeat Eggman easy (in Mad Matrix)

This requires two Playstation 2 controllers.
Go through the Mad Matrix level and get to the Eggman fight with Espio.
Once you are in the battle hit Eggman a few times.
The lifts should appear (the bars in the level.
Get onto one of them
Use the P2 controller to attack Eggman with Espio
Espio doesn't lose rings.
I suggest to do this if there are no rings left and you are almost dead.
I also suggest turning the sound off because Eggman gets really annoying.

Unlock Expert Mode

To unlock expert mode, get an A rank in all stages.

Secret I use

Hi there for the nomal missions destroy the black arms because youll eventually get choas control and there are no normal missions where you actually have to destroy somthing you have a destination and choas control will help you get an A

Maria's Death

In SA2B Maria CLEARLY lauched Shadow in that pod, but in StH She dies without doing that. BUT!! Here is the mystery.......If Maria died BEFORE she launched Shadow, how did Shadow get to earth?
Simple Explanation: In Sonic X Maria had gotten shot, and as she was falling to her death she pulled the leaver.

Running low on Lives in Extra Mode?

In Extra Mode, so you won't have to worry about how many lives you have, use the Egg Vacuum. Once the Egg Vacuum sucks 30 enemies, you will get three extra lives. If you keep using the Egg Vacuum early in the game on, you will not have to worry about starting all over from the beginning again.

Save Point Ring Values

If you have less than 50 Rings while you pass a Save Point, you earn an extra 10 Rings.
If you have 50-100 Rings while you pass a Save Point, you earn an extra 20 Rings.
If you have over 100 Rings while you pass a Save Point, you will get an extra life.

Staff Easter Egg

Occasionally A G.U.N Soilder will state: "Mr.Yuji Naka Is alright." Yuji Naka Was the game's Executive Producer According to the credits.

key locations in westopolis

1st key - right before checkpoint2 you have to triangle jump to the right where there are lots of red fruits.
2nd key - go up slope behind checkpoint3 and home attack 3 beetles.
3rd key - roll under cage left of checkpoint3.
4th key - I think at the beginning of the game
5th key - skip the 2nd chaos emerald then while jumping down the big building next to the first helicopter there


Expert mode : Get an A ranking in all levels
Last story : Succesfully complete every sixth stage in story mode, defeat all Bosses at the end (all five hero and dark bosses),and see all ten storyline endings
Shadow rifle : Succesfully complete the Last story
Egg Vacuum : Succesfully complete the neutral storyline with the hero ending
Heal cannon : Succesfully complete the hero storyline
Omochao gun : Succesfully complete the semi-hero storyline
Samurai Blade : Succesfully complete the dark storyline
Satellite laser : Succesfully complete the semi-dark storyline
Level 2 weapons : Succesfully complete both the dark and the hero versions of the story
All hail shadow song : Succesfully complete ..

Not sure of title my name is jeff murrins

To beat the level with ease just keep getting chao control and skip alll ememies

More story lines

112: A reclaimed heart (2 neutral,1dark,then rest neutral)
275:The reason I was born(hero,dark,hero,then rest neutral)
164:A new empires beginning(all neutral)


People always call this sonic adventure 3. ITS NOT! They are making Sonic adventure 3 For the Nintendo Wii.
If you only got to play as Tails it would be Tails adventure
Eggman = Eggman Adventure.
See where I'm going? So I call this........
Shadow Adventure!!!!!!!!!!!

Silver Dragoon OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Open doors without using keys

There is a level where you have to hunt down Black Doom and use those switches to open or close doors. Find the black arms bat and shoot it. Once it's unconscious you can go over and fly on it's back. Fly to the arena where the huge spaceship forms. Round the edges are guns to destroy it. Even though you usually have to open the locked doors to climb up but, you have the bat so you don't need to. You don't even get stuck as you can climb up!

Winning tip

When fighting devil doom kepp the Suare button held down and when shadow says chaos....... Let go(make sure you're aiming at his weak point(his eye).)and he'll unleash the powerful chaos spear.One more thing you migh want to just shoot the meteors buildings carsetc. That block you from geting him.If you need any more tips on that battle just listen to the charectors.I hope I helped whoever needs help.

Shawdow z I know this post is a little late but ..

Shawdow z I know this post is a little late but if you watch the story line youll see that it was fifty years before the commmander was leader of GUN therefore he can't have ordered them to kill everyone btw thanks dingo_dile for the song

How to get the heal cannon

Complete the game in hero mode.

Beat Sonic and Diablon

Hi! It's me again!
OK when/if you get to Sonic and Diablon vs. You (Shadow) here's what you do!
First keep using the homing attack on Sonic but in the circle which Diablon is in to make Sonic jump, then use the attack on Diablon (beware the laser and the "ANTI-MATTER CANNON"!).
Next, well once you have got at least a quarter of Diablons life drained, he'll stop floating and he'll start to attack via ground. Use homing attack on Diablon until you force him into attack (if it doesn't work try hitting Sonic then Diablon).
Then when your Chaos Blast meter charges, tap triangle repeatedly. This should make approx 3 maybe 4 Chaos Blast.
Finally just repeat the above except instruction 1 to finish him off!
If it works, please rat..

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