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Pokemon Channel Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Channel


We have 12 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Channel please send them in here.

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Pokemon Channel Cheats

Unlock Movie Projector:
To unlock the Movie Projector earn all five episodes of the Pichu Bros.
Party Panic.
Skip Segments:
Press L or R to skip segments while watching TV.

Unlock Anime Part 5

On day 5 there will be a PNF new flash about the Anime 5 Disc. Professor Oak says that magnemite won't be able to find it.
You need to have a Mt. Snowfall pass for this. Take the bus to Mt. Snowfall. Keep moving to the right until you stop. There will be a signpost. Click on it. Once you're in there, there should be a Gengar. Click on it.
It will say you need the Duskull Lamp. Leave the Ruins of Truth and go to Springleaf Field. Say hi to the Duskull. Answer the question correctly. Instead of a Nice Card or P10 you will receive the Duskull lamp.
Go back to the Ruins of Truth. Click on the Gengar. He should flee. Enter the building. When you get in you'll see 2 dots. Click on them. Pikachu will shock them and they will light up and a sign will appear. Cli..

How to get all the channels in one day

1. After you make a file save it on the report screen and turn off your gamecube.
2. Then turn it back on with the disc cover open.
3. Close the disc cover when you get to the screen where you can change the time and day.
4. Set the calendar 1 day forward and load up the game.
5. Keep doing this until you have all the channels.

Latios and latias

To get latios card keep watching slowpokes weather report untill he make colbat coast sunny then go thee at night and u should see it.
To get a latias card watch slowpokes weather report untill he makes colbat coast cloudy then go there in the morning it should be there.
(it doesn't have to be early)

Push L and then R during the squrtal channel to ..

Push L and then R during the squrtal channel to get to the stuff for sale and if thier is something you don't whant push L and then R and it will skip it and go to the next one for sale.

A Few Things Pikachu May Do...

Okay, first beware you can teach Pikachu to switch channels and turn the TV ON/OFF which can get annoying. Q: How do I prevent this? A: Watch TV up as close as you can; don't watch it with Pikachu. On things involving selecting an option, Pikachu may press a DIFFERENT BUTTON. To prevent this, just do what I said before or make a quick selection. Sometimes, Pikachu sleeps in your house with or without Pokemon. Anyway, got to go, but see you later!

Get channels fast

To get channels fast you have to watch all the channels you have so far and then make your report. After that save the game and then reset. Change the date to two days later then go back to the game. You should have your new channels if done correctly


How to unlock channels
All 3 varieties of the 9 Pikachu Nice Cards Collect 101 different kinds of Nice Cards
Full English Pichu Bros. Movie After the sixth day, find in crates
Full Japenese Pichu Bros. Movie After the sixth day, find in crates
Hosted by Kasumi Disc Togepi will give this disc to you on the sixth day
Movie Projector On the sixth day, Prof. Oak will give it to you
Pichu Bros. Fifth part Find in the Ruins of Truth
Pichu Bros. Fourth part Play Pokemon Channel on the fourth day
Pichu Bros. Second part Play Pokemon Channel on the second day
Pichu Bros. Third part Play Pokemon Channel on the third day
Get Jirachi (pal version only)

Jirachi (PAL Version Only) Watch all five Pichu Bros. Shows, then ..

Skip time.

Do you ever get that feeling, when you are waiting for something on Pokemon Channel and you can't wait for it?
Well, if you do, read on! Right then, here is the cheat. When you're waiting for merchandise from Shop 'n' Sqiurtle or some new programmes, look at the time it comes at.
Then save your game and go to the gamecube calender screen. Then either set it to the time it arrives at or 1 day forwards.
Then go on again and turn the TV on and off again. Then there! Delibird arrives or your programmes are on TV.

Bus passes

Hi my name is Jade. I can help you with you're problems. On pokemon Channel, are you having trouble with getting bus passes??? Don't know where they are??? Well just watch shopping squirtle. He puts one on every day. He puts the Cobalt pass out on the first day. (I think you have to get that one before you get the next one) Then he puts the Viridian Pass on the second day and lastly he puts the Mt. snowfall Pass on the third day.
Well hope I helped

juruchi nice card

To get this ultimate steel phsycic pokemons nice card go to the forest and go to the camp(only open at night)and then youll se Pokemon juruchi will be 1 of them

How to go to the faraway isle.

Go to Colbat coast,stay there for a while, then Pikachu will ask to go to the faraway isle!
[when he asked me his eyes were swirly ha ha ha]

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