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Pikmin 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pikmin 2

We have 28 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Pikmin 2 please send them in here.

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Strange Bees

On another note, on days 31, 61, 91 & 121 some strange bees can be found in Wistful Wild over by the Hole of Heroes Cave...
When you throw your Pikmin at these bees, they'll drop tonnes of Red (Ultra-Spicy), Purple (Ultra-Bitter) and Yellow (Nectar) Potions...

Pikmin 2 Cheats

Unlock Challenge Mode:
To unlock the Challenge mode unearth the key item that is found on the fifth
floor of the Summer stage's first dungeon.
Unlock Treasure Completion Sequence:
To unlock the treasure completion sequence collect all the pieces and rescue Looie.
Unlock Shyacho:
To unlock Shyacho collect 10,000 Pocos to save Hokotate Intergalactic
Delivery then choose continue.
Unlock Cinemas and Credits:
To unlock the cinemas and credits collect 10,000 pocos.

Fun Before You Begin!

On the Title Screen, press...
- X: Makes a Bulborb appear
- Y: Makes a Flint Beetle appear
- R: Makes the Pikmin spell "NINTENDO" instead of "PIKMIN 2"
- L: Makes things normal again, except for any eaten Pikmin lol
- C Joystick: Makes the Bulborb/Flint Beetle move around
- Z: Makes the Bulborb eat the Pikmin

Getting 100 Purple Pikmin

The only way to get to 100 Purple Pikmin is to keep entering Caves and tossing your Pikmin into Purple Candypop Buds...
Two good locations to go to for that are:
- Valley of Repose, Subterranean Complex, Sublevel 8
- Perplexing Pool, Glutton's Kitchen, Sublevels 2 & 5

Killing the egg spiders

If you're getting annoyed by those little spiders that occasionally smash out of eggs instead of nectar/spray, then you'll be glad to know that they can be killed. When they smah out, whistle on your pikmin to stop some of them running around, then throw them at them. A well placed hit on their backs will kill them instantly, occasionally dropping nectar. Take their corpses back to the onion/ship and you'll get their entry in the Piklopedia.

Singing Pikmin!?!?!

You may have heard the Pikmin singing songs as you travelled around with them, but if you have 20 of each colour (Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple), they'll play a different tune!!!!!

For all you new Pikmin2 gamers here is a tip to ..

For all you new Pikmin2 gamers here is a tip to kill the Red Bulblord (The big red thing in the first and second levels).
First you should get some purple Pikmin so it will be much easyer. Sneak behind it and DO NOT wake it up. Throw some purple Pikmin on its back and it will wake up throw all of your Pikmin and it will be down in 1...2...3 now get a purple Pikmin or 2 to bring it back to an onion it couldn't be simpler.


Saving Pikmin Lives

- If you have Pikmin drowning near the shore of some water - keep whistling to get them back!
- If you have Pikmin drowning in the middle of some water - throw Blue Pikmin at them and they'll throw the drowning Pikmin out!
- If you have Pikmin who are on fire - immediately whistle on them to put the fire out!
- If you have Pikmin who are poisoned - immediately whistle on them to get rid of the poison!


- Challenge Mode: Defeat the Beady Long Legs at the bottom of the Citadel of Spiders
Cave (Sublevel 5) in the Perplexing Pool and take The Key that it leaves behind back to your Ship.
- President: Collect 10,000 Pokos to save Hocotate Freight, then choose to Continue.
- Gold Ship: Collect 10,000 Pokos to save Hocotate Freight, then choose to Continue.
- Sales Pitch: Collect all of the Treasures in a Series.
- Louie's Cooking Notes: Defeat the Titan Dweevil at the bottom of the Dream Den Cave (Sublevel 14) in the Wistful Wild and take the King of Bugs (Louie) that it leaves behind back to your Ship.
- Cinemas and Credits: Collect 10,000 Pokos to save Hocotate Freight.
- Louie's Dark Secret Cinema: Get Pink Flowers (no Pikmin Deaths) on all 30 Chall..

Nothing is truly waterproof...

In the final battle, vs the titan dweevil, keep an eye on his body movements. Watching these can help you predict it's next attack. Here is the range of it's attacks:
Comedy bomb: entire circular arena
Monster pump: Entire sublevel
Shock absorber: varies(never further than arena)
Flare cannon 50-80mm in your direction(WARNING! This can hit you even if you are in the space surrounding the arena. This goes for you pikmin, too.)
Telling by this data, you get the feeling you should attack the monster pump ASAP. If it turns blue and grabs the pump off it's head, run to the other pilot NOW. While the dweevil fires giant globs of water, keep blowing your whistle throughout the attack until it stops. Since you don't have a waterproof suit, you will take damage if a blast..

Title Screen Fun

Press L to make the Pikmin spell "Pikmin 2"
Press R to make the Pikmin spell "Nintendo"
Press X to make a bulborb appear. Use C stick to control it and press Z to make it eat Pikmin. If you eat enough Pikmin with it, you can make the Pikmin 2 and Nintendo logo that the Pikmin spell look weird and funny.
Press Y to make a flint beetle appear. Use C stick to control it.

Day 30

A Beady Longlegs will drop down in the perplexing pool on day 30.

Pikmin Harvest

In this submission, I will walk you through killing bosses. I do not want to make it too long because this is in hints, and i will tell you how to kill Snagret, Snagret bird *forgot its name*, Empress bulblax, and beady/raging long legs.
1.Snagret. To kill a Snagret, you should simpley go with 5 purples, 10 whites (to help bring back treasure quickly) and 30-40 yelloes depending on you'r skill. Take the purple pikmin in hand and wait for it to undig. Run if it takes less than 2 seconds. When it finally takes over 2 secodns to get up, throw the purples onto it, this should stun it, allowing you to mass the pikmin on it (white and purples first) the remaining ones should be yellow, throw them onto his head (he should have shaken off the rest) and repeat until dead.

Fighting the Titan Dweevil

First take your army of yellow pikmin at it with Olimer. Leave the rest with the prez in a corner.(your going to need all types of Pikmin). Then attack the electric thing cause you can't save your pikmin from electric. Now you can either take blue, red, or white next. Take out the water, fire, or poisen thing. Repeat with all colors of Pikmin. Don't hesitate to use any of the sprays they help. Now go beat the hell out of that titan Dweevil!!!!!!

The end of Titan Dweevil...

The Titan Dweevil's on Sublevel 14 of Dream Den - this is how I beat him:
- It doesn't really matter how many Pikmin you have here as long as they're Yellow.
- It's quality not quantity for this boss.
- So use Olimar to take your Yellows (20's good) over to Louie and reveal the big spider.
- Have the Prez with the other Pikmin in a corner somewhere.
- Use the Yellows to take out the Monster Pump (Water) first.
- It'll take a while to knock out the Pump so if Titan uses the water/poison/fire attack swarm the Yellows together.
- If he uses Electricity just keep attacking.
- Now he can't shoot bubbles of water anymore and he can't drown any of the Pikmin or the ones with the Prez.
- Now go after the Comedy Bomb (Poison) in the same manner.


Here are some cheats:
Challenge mode:
Beat the boss of the first hole in perplexing pool and bring the key to the ship
Purple Pikmin:
Go to the final floor and go to where those purple flowers are in the emergence cave and toss your red,yellow,or blue (yellows and blues are for returners) and you will get purple pikmin.
Yellow Pikmin:
Go to perplexing pool and go left and up a bit and you will find a new enemy.beat it and keep on going up till you get to the stone platforms and toss all of your pikmin excep one on the land up and toss one pikmin on the other stone platform and wait and it will fall and where Louie or Olimars platform will raise. Go right and up dismiss your Pikmin and call your red Pifmin to beat the fiery bulborb and dismi..

Challenge Mode

Hey yall Pikmin2rules is in the house!!!!!
Ok, I got challenge mode and I'm going to tell ya how to get it. First get to perplexing pool. Then In the Citidal of Spiders(first cave to your right right when you get down the hill) on the first sublevel there should be a Huge bulborb thingy majig. BEAT THE HELL OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!
Then he should cough up a key take it to your ship and you should get a message saying you got challenge mode. Beat the cave and hurrah you have it. Go to the menu and there should be challenge mode. You can play one player or two.
Hope my cheat helps you get challenge.I'm OUT

How to beat Titan dweevil

First go to the gyser at sublevel 14 then get all yellow pikmin now go to the titan and fight it so you are imuned to the hock therapist.

On the Menu

On the Menu page where it says press start, hold down the R button. When all the Pikmin are off the screen hold down L for a while then let go. The Pikmin should come back and spell Nintendo.
Also you could press the X button and a giant Bulborb should come on the screen. You can control him with the C stick and make him eat the Pikmin with the Z button.
(Pikmin don't really get eaten :( also you can press Y and a green bug will come on the screen. You can control him with the C stick. The Pikmin start to attack it.

Getting almost 100 pikmin to the bottom of a hole.

-Note: This tip is known to work in most caves, but most likely will not work in a hole where one must face trials, such as the Hero's hole.-
Take up to 100 of any color(s) of pikmin into the hole of your desire. When you enter the hole dismiss all your pikmin. Run to an area out of the whistle's radius and use the second captain (The one still near the pikmin) to gather the pikmin and take them somewhere same... Or don't take them anywhere for all I care. Finally, find the hole to go further into the underground cavern. Press "A" and say you want to go further. Repeat on every floor and the only thing you'll need to worry about is the boss.
-Unfortunately, this hint does not work effectively if the hole to go further in the underground cavern is capped off upon r..

Faster punch

If you attack while running your punches will be faster

Double spray

You, know this is more of a glitch but that isn't a category. With the right timing if you dismiss your 2nd leader and then run into a spray, just before you get ti, switch to leader 2 and run into the spray and you get 2 sprays! This also works with battle mode and challenge mode (1-player an 2-player)


There is areas that has pikmin 1 .the impact site. In the .wishful wild. the forrest of hope. In the awanking wood. I know I type it worng.
The distant spring. In the. Perplexing pool. I think I type it worng.
I don't know if they have the forrst navel I think they have it if you find it tell me.

Rock Blast Back Fire

I can't remember there name but they shot out rocks that are atracted to you and they follow. Its redish colored and if you see one and you want to get kill it get you're pikmin back if you have any just use olimar. Go up to it but not to close then when it gets ready to fire move out of the way. When it shoots out the rock it will go out a little ways then start to turn at you run around the creature it will come and hit the creature it will be almost down you will have to do it agian if he is not down already.

Emperor Bulblax ezy kill (ignor the spelling)

Take some purple pikmin and sneek up in front of him and throw them all in the midle of his eyes he will die in a few seconds.

Made Pikmin spell Nintendo!

At the title screen where it says press start hold L until all of the Pikmin are off the screen. Then hold R and after a few seconds let go. The Pikmin should spell Nintendo!

Fight a boss on multiplayer!!!!!!!

Ok, to fight a boss on multiplayer all you have to do is set your amount of pikmin to 20, then go to the angle maze stage. When you start hit X and leave your pikmin at the starting base.
Then go and explore, if you come to a big room then just stand in the middle for 30 seconds to a minute. Then this giant spider thing will jump down!
You and your friend can then use a pink spray on your pikmin and take it down! warning!: the boss drops maggots while your fighting it and after you beat it it will drop a ton of 'em!


Killing those feiry bulbaxes can be tough and sometimes imposible, when you only have a few blues. Just lure it to a puddle and hey presto! It's quenched

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