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Follow the dark path or use the light

Pikmin 2 The Walkthrough

by Prince_Of_Darkness

*Pikmin 2*
By Roberto Riedig
[email protected]
Copyright 2005
Version 0.1

Table of Contents
Intro. And Version History
Legal Rights and Thanks
Purpose of this Guide
Game Controls
People and Pikmin
The Story of Pikmin
The First 2 Days
Getting all 5 Types
Finishing off Awakening Wood
Finishing off Valley of Repose
The End of the Debt
Finishing of Perplexing Pool
Wistful Wild

---Intro. And Version History---
Thank you for choosing to read my guide on Pikmin 2. This describes the Story Mode and will be no help to you on 2player or Challenge. This is my third round of playing Pikmin 2 so I know most of the tricks and I'm willing to pass on this knowledge for a reasonable fee… 0c. Not much is it? If you have a comment, correction, question or just want to compliment about this guide. You're welcome to email me on [email protected] However put Pikmin 2 in the subject because I get junk-mail a lot. I will respond as soon as possible which is always under 48 hours. For your help I will credit you in the next version, which will always be out less than 168 hours (a week). Now enjoy.

Version 0.1: Completed the first two days and started on Awakening Wood, some treasure done, some Piklopedia done. Updates daily. (20/1/05)

---Legal Rights and Thanks---
This guide belongs to me, Roberto Riedig and it is, protected by the International Copyright Law. It is intended for personal use and no part of it may not be sold or reproduced in any way. Approx. 100 hours of my time went into this and no publication is to be done without my permission signed and sealed. Pikmin 2 and everything to do with Pikmin 2 belongs to Nintendo. And if you are wondering, I don't work for them. This guide and its updates will be posted in, but any other site is welcome to post it as long as they ask first. That being said and dealt with, here's thanks to:
Me: For writing this guide,
Myself: For being a jerk.
And I: For doing nothing.
Obviously since this is the first version no one has seen it yet and in turn hasn't sent an email.

---Purpose of this Guide---
The purpose of this guide is not to tell you what to do because it is merely… a guide. Since Pikmin is a strategy game there are many ways to do everything. This guide is only here to help you if you're stuck and to tell you what to do if you're too lazy to figure it out by yourself.
There are many ways to finish the game and God knows, maybe you'll find a better one then in this guide. If you just need to find a certain treasure, or defeat a certain boss, press ctrl+f to find it. Believe me, if you read this guide through and follow it as you play it will be quite boring compared to if you didn't. You are warned, read on, if you dare. 

---Game Controls---
A= Throw Pikmin to where the cursor points,
      Pluck a planted Pikmin in the ground,
 Or Punch an enemy when there's no Pikmin with you.

B= Calls the Pikmin in the certain radius of your cursor

C Stick = Moves your Pikmin in that direction, used for swarming treasures of enemies

Control Stick = Moves Leader/ Cursor

D Pad; Down= Power up your Pikmin, while holding A switch from leaf/bud/flower
            Left   = While holding A switch Pikmin colours
            Right = "         "           "  "          "           "
            Up     = Petrify Enemies, While Holding A switch from leaf/bud/flower

L button = Centre the camera behind you. While on Map switch to Item Screen

R button = Switch between perspectives. While on Map switch to Menu Screen

Start/Pause Button = Pause the game and brings up a map of the current area.

X Button = Dismiss Louie and the Pikmin into groups.

Y Button = Switch Leaders

Z Button = Switch the camera to Birds-Eye Perspective, and change back.

---People and Pikmin---
Here are the characters of the game

Captain Olimar: Hocotate Freights pride and joy. Just escaped from planet Pikmin and now he has to go back to save his company.

Louie: New employee of Hocotate Freight. On his first mission he lost all the goods to a space bunny. Now he's forced to go with Olimar.

Shyacho: President of Hocotate Freight. He's a little bit stressed about the debt but later on in the game he helps you out.

Red Pikmin: A.k.a the nose or fire Pikmin. You find these first. These Pikmin can go in fire and are the best fighters.

Purple Pikmin: A.k.a the burly or fat Pikmin. These Pikmin are really fat. But because of it they are as strong as 10 Pikmin and weigh the same as 10 Pikmin. They daze enemies if thrown.

White Pikmin: A.k.a the poisonous or eye Pikmin. These Pikmin are small but they are poisonous and can go in poison, their red eyes help them sense treasures in the ground.

Yellow Pikmin: A.k.a the electric or ear Pikmin. These Pikmin Jump higher than others and because of their high static electricity they can break down electric fences.

Blue Pikmin: A.k.a the aquatic or gilled Pikmin. These Pikmin love water and will never drown no matter what.

---The Story of Pikmin---
It all starts with Pikmin 1. While on vacation through the galaxies Captain Olimar's ship, The Dolphin, was hit by a meteor. It veered of course and Captain Olimar blacked out and The Dolphin crash landed on Planet Pikmin, which is Earth. Thirty parts of his Ship was Missing and worse still he had only Thirty days to find them because of the poisonous oxygen, around him.
He looked around where he crashed, when he found an object, which resembled a Hocotatian Onion. He walked up to it and it and then pop, the onion shot out of the ground and released a single seed. It sprouted and Captain Olimar plucked it, it was an animal, which resembled a pikpik carrot from his home Planet. Thus he found Pikmin. Eventually with the Pikmin help he recovered all thirty parts and flew away. But in his absence Hocotate Freight ran into financial difficulties. (Same words as Game)

President: Olimar I'm so glad you're safe, very glad, quite glad but sadly I have an announcement that is not so glad. Our Company is going under. We're Finished. On his first mission Louie met a ravenous space bunny and his entire load of golden pikpik carrots was eaten. I took out an enormous loan to pay for the loss. I decided to sell corporate assets to repay the loan, but the only asset we had, to sell, was your ship, the S.S Dolphin. As for the rest of the loan (10100) there is no means to repay for it. Olimar what is that? You brought that back as a souvenir for your kid? 
Rocket: Treasure, Treasure, Treasure, Money, Money, Money, Money (Sucks up souvenir) Initiating valuation of this recovered treasure; this artifact is worth… 100 pokos.

President: This thing's worth 100 pokos? That's more than a years pay! What there are more on that planet? Louie, you dolt, look alive you must depart immediately… with Captain Olimar.

And thus the game began.

---The First 2 Days---
The first two days are really boring and not much happens, Day 1 is a tutorial but even so this will say how to do that.

---Day 1---
Valley of Repose
*Treasure 1
  Courage Reactor (D Battery)
  280 Pokos
  20 Pikmin required

It starts with an FMV where Louie falls out of the cockpit and you narrowly avoid a crash landing. Once you are free to move call the Pikmin (If you want to see Pikmin funny, call 2 and leave 3 on the dwarf red bulborb, while messages show up on the screen the other 3 Pikmin will be floating in mid-air.) Once you call them back use your cursor and aim for the dwarf red bulborb's back. With luck it'll be a one hit K.O. Afterwards press Y to switch to Louie. After the messages guide Louie up the path and you should come across the red onion. It will shoot out a seed; pull it out of the ground with A pick it up and throw it at the red pellets in the flowers with A. Keep doing this until the number down the bottom says 15+ Pluck all the other seeds and press start to access the map. Search for the Red Arrow (Captain Olimar) and go to it. Along the way you'll find the Courage Reactor (Battery) Pass it and keep heading for Olimar. You'll come to a Paper Bag throw your Pikmin on it and it'll say 15/? The fifteen on the top is how many Pikmin are needed to deflate it and ? Represents the amount of Pikmin on there. It should say 10 or 11, Press Y and throw Olimar's Pikmin on there. It'll deflate leaving a passageway between the leaders. Carry the enemy back to the onion with your Pikmin and let the others dig up the battery. Go back to the onion and pluck all the new seeds the field number on the bottom should say 20 exactly the amount needed to carry the Courage Reactor back to the ship. Once this is done the day ends automatically.

---Day 2--- 
Valley of Repose
*  Treasure 1
    Utter Scrap (Squashed Can)
    170 Pokos
    35 Pikmin Required

After you land follow the ships instructions and call the Pikmin out of the onion like it told you. Once they are out, harvest all the surrounding pellet posies and then go for the ones next to the paper bag, put the rest on the bag. Return for your Pikmin and the newly born seeds. Once you have them all go to the paper bag and deflate it. Kill the dwarf red bulborb just in front of you and hug the wall to the right until you get to a white wall go towards the center of the circle and there is a red bulborb. Do not swarm!! Throw Pikmin on his back constantly once he shakes them off, call them and use your c stick to get them away. Repeat until defeat. Westerly, considering you are facing the bulborb's back is another treasure, Utter Scrap. Throw 35 Pikmin on it and use the rest to carry the bulborb, dwarf bulborb and pellets (if any) back. Once you have got them all including the seeds, go back to the white wall and command your Pikmin to break it. Once that is done you will see a cave*. Go up to it and press A.

*Caves are often quite dangerous and go down 2-15 floors most of the time you have to wait 5 floors before being able to escape but it's worth it. You can get 3-21 treasures in any 1 hole. At each final floor, except Emergence Cave there is a boss often quite hard to beat. Its treasure will give you certain ability except Segmented Crawbster and Raging Long Legs'. Most floors are always different in their layout so most of the time I can't tell you exactly what to do but I'll try my best. If you want to go to the next level but you're too far away and the enemies will eat most of your Pikmin if they come with you, leave them in a safe spot and just take a leader to a hole and enter it, all the Pikmin will come with you… except those in the ground.

---Emergence Cave---
      Sublevel 1
*    Treasure 1
      Quenching Emblem (bottle cap)
      100 pokos
      4 Pikmin Required
*    Treasure 2
      Citrus Lump (Orange Half)
      180 Pokos
      15 Pikmin Required

After you land the Quenching Emblem (Bottle Cap) should be right in front of you. Past that there should be 2 Snow Bulborbs  and then 3 more guarding the Citrus Lump. Kill them as you would a normal Dwarf Red Bulborb. Then take their carcasses and the two treasures back to the research pod. Then exit through the next hole.

---Emergence Cave---
*  Treasure 1
    Spherical Atlas (Northern Hemisphere of a Modern Globe)
    200 pokos
    10 Purple and 1 Red Pikmin Required

As you explore you will find some dwarf red bulborb's and further on a treasure. As the ship tells you not even 100 red Pikmin could carry it. How much does it weigh? 101!! Talk about a lucky guess. As you may have already known only 100 Pikmin can go in one area at a time. So what do you do? Just keep going. Kill all the dwarf red bulborbs and follow the path, eventually you'll run into some Violet (Purple) Candypop Buds (Flowers). Throw 5 Pikmin into each flower; it doesn't matter if you go over. 10 seeds will come out and both the flowers will disappear. The seeds will sprout and you can pluck them… Purple Pikmin! They can lift the hemisphere!!! So do that now.
Afterwards go back to the flower place and go towards the geyser, go closer and press A and Wheeeeeeeee!!!

The day will end at this time because there is nothing left to do here until you get blue Pikmin. Besides you can now travel to Awakening Wood because of the Spherical Atlas you found!!

---Getting all 5 types---

---Day 3---
    Awakening Wood
*  Treasure 1
    Sunseed Berry (Strawberry)
    170 Pokos
    5 Pikmin Required
*  Treasure 2
    Pilgrim Bulb (Onion)
    55 Pokos
    10 White Required

At the start of the day do NOT get any purple Pikmin out, even though the ship tells you to. You could loss them and they're not necessary for now, at least. Get out your red and harvest the pellets around. Near the pots and on the slope there will be small creatures coming out of the ground, they are called sheargrubs, whites are females, purple are males, and they are worth 1 seed each. Across from the onions is a bulborb kill his tiny minions and then kill him. Behind him is a treasure, The Sunseed Berry (Strawberry) Left of the Sunseed Berry are flowers, touch them and Unmarked Spectralids (butterflies) come out keep shooting and you'll probably hit 1 or 2 they are also worth 1 seed each. After that head up the slope with the sheargrubs and you'll come along to berry trees bearing red berries they are called Burgeoning Spiderworts every time you collect 10 red berries you will get a dose of Ultra-Spicy Spray which you can use with D-Pad down to invigorate all your pikmin and make them faster and stronger! So collect as many as you can. While the berries will always regenerate, there will be Ravenous Whiskerpillars (Caterpillars) eating your berries, so kill them. Go toward the wall and break it down. Just ahead is a Cloaking Burrow-nit (It looks like a pair of snake eyes) Swarm it before it can kill many of your Pikmin. Just pass there and on the left is a flower in the middle of the path. Look closely; there are two eyes that blink. Throw 1 Pikmin there and then call him back, the flower will pop out of the ground. When it tries to eat some of your Pikmin swarm away from it and it will hit itself and backwards swarm it now. When it gets back up it will suck in, call all your Pikmin back because this pushes them away. Now repeat. That was a Creeping Chrysanthemum. Long name isn't it? At the end turn right and enter the Hole Of Beasts.

---Hole Of Beasts---
    Sublevel 1
*  Treasure 1   
    Stone of Glory (D pad)
    100 Pokos
    5 Pikmin Required

Once you land take your Pikmin and look around, no enemies on sight, but out of the ground comes some sheargrubs. Obviously the best thing to do is kill them and take them back for 1 poko each. Search a bit further out and you'll find the Stone of Glory (D Pad) take it back and head for the hole to the next level.

---Hole of Beasts---
    Sublevel 2
   Treasure N/A

No treasure on this floor but a bit away from where you land should be, 2 Violet Candypop Buds. Use them because you'll need them once you come out of the hole. Also on this floor will be some eggs. They can contain: Nectar, Berry Juice or Mitites. Mitites come out of a hatched shell and scare all your Pikmin into a frenzied panic, Nectar will transform all the Pikmin (those who drink it) into flowers instead of leaves and Berry Juice gives you one spray depending on its colour. Throw 1 pikmin at it to be precautious if crab-like creatures come out (Mitites) keep throwing Pikmin in that area to hopefully kill 1 or 2 for pokos. Also if you're lucky a beetle gray or gold will come out of the floor aim for it's back when it stops moving and throw pikmin on it, nectar/berry juice will come out of it. They are called Iridescent (Flint/Glint) Beetles. Once all done, you know the drill.

---Hole of Beasts--- 
     Sublevel 3
*   Treasure 1
     Strife Monolith (Box)
     150 pokos
     12 Pikmin Required
*   Treasure 2
     Cosmic Archive (Floppy Disk)
     230 pokos
     15 Pikmin Required

When you land, take all of your red pikmin and destroy all the fire geysers by swarming or throwing Pikmin at it. The Strike Monolith (Box) should be inside the brick hole coming out of the wall with a fire geyser in front of it. The Cosmic Archive (Floppy Disk) should be in plain view just around the corner.

---Hole of Beasts---
     Sublevel 4
*   Treasure 1
     Dream Architect (Handheld Game)
     280 pokos
     20 Pikmin Required
*   Treasure 2
     Luck Wafer (Ace of Spades)
     140 pokos
     1 Pikmin Required

In this floor you meet some real enemies (finally) there are quite a few dwarf red bulborbs and one Red Bulborb. Defeat like normal and then search for the treasures. The Dream Architect (Handheld Game) should be in plain sight, if not the Red Bulborb has it. In a corner there should be a Violet Candypop Bud along with an Ace of Spades.

---Hole of Beasts---
*  Treasure 1
    Prototype Detector (Love Tester) 
    200 pokos
    35 Pikmin Required

At last we meet a boss. This boss is Empress Bulblax. Assuming you don't revisit any holes you will fight her thrice in the game. Twice she is giving birth, to an endless supply of children.
But this time she is not. How fortunate. Once you get rid of the geyser you will see a curled up giant worm throw two Pikmin on her body, but call them off right away. Stay as close as you can to where the fire geyser is for the duration of the battle. Obviously you don't want to lose your purples do just put them near the research pod. Her face should be facing you, if not stand adjacent to her face. Throw Pikmin on her face when she turns her head to the right twice call them off. She will turn her head again and then thrash from side to side, once she rolls in both directions and hit's both the walls, repeat. Once she is dead she leaves behind the Prototype Detector (Love Tester). This will give you a gauge in the bottom-right hand corner once it enters the blue zone you are right next to a treasure, when it's gray that means there is no more treasures in an area/level.
---Day 3 (cont.)---

You will be back at the ship an the time should be about noon, take purples out of the ship until you have 20 with you. Take your reds as well and head up to the paper bag next to where the creeping chrysanthemum was and throw all of your purple on there until it deflates. Ahead of you is a cloaking burrow- nit and a hole just past it kill the burrow-nit and let Louie race back with the purples, let them back into the spaceship, and call out red pikmin until it is at 95 on the field. Run back to Olimar with the reds and then with him go down the hole.

---White Flower Garden---
     Sublevel 1
*   Treasure 1
     Nutrient Silo (Skippy Peanut Butter Jar)
     130 Pokos
     15 Pikmin Required
This floor has no threatening enemies, just sheargrubs, eventually, after searching you will find a jar of Skippy Peanut Butter. If you can't find it use your gauge, after you get the treasure back to the research pod, Watch your gauge as it goes gray. And then leave through the hole.

---White Flower Garden---
    Sublevel 2
*  Treasure 1
    Petrified Heart (Plastic Heart)
    100 Pokos
    5 Pikmin Required
*  Treasure 2
    Drought Ender (Dr. Pepper Cap)
    100 Pokos
    4 Pikmin Required

On this floor you will encounter a new enemy, the fiery blowhog. This creature expels a series of gases (through it's snout!) that combust upon contact with the air causing a stream of fire. Since you have reds it doesn't affect them but after expelling the fire (If there are any pikmin on him.) He will throw the pikmin over his head into the next streams line of fire, but wait there's more, if he was facing an edge and he throws your Pikmin over, it's bye, bye birdie. Whether you kill them or not it doesn't matter, because no matter, what, there are going to be two treasures here, and none are inside a blowhog. 

---White Flower Garden---
    Sublevel 3
*  Treasure 1
    Superstick Textile (Masking Tape)
    80 Pokos
    30 Pikmin Required, In The Ground. (ITG)
Even If you search your hardest you will not find the treasure. Why not? Because it's in the ground. Follow the path until you reach some Ivory (White) Candypop Buds. Throw 5 into each flower and out comes 15 white seeds (Altogether) Pull them out of the ground and… voila White Pikmin. Take them and follow your gauge until it turns blue and what the? The White Pikmin are digging in the soil. Once the item is visible the Reds can help get it out. Saving a bit of time.

---White Flower Garden---
    Sublevel 4
*  Treasure 1
    Toxic Toadstool
    30 Pokos

    5 Pikmin Required, Surrounded By Poison (SBP)
*    Treasure 2
Container Of Sea Bounty (Herrings fillet Happen Container)
130 Pokos
20 Pikmin Required (SBP)

As you land you will see many gas pipes producing poisonous gas, have your whites shut it off, by attacking it and then the reds can go get the two treasures.

---White Flower Garden---
*    Treasure 1
      Five-Man Nap-sack (Glove)
      100 Pokos
      15 Pikmin Required

The boss for this final floor is a Burrowing Snagret, which Pikmin 1 fans will remember. They were the group of three birds in Forest of Hope. Despite the difference in the looks because of better graphics they can be killed the same way. Separate your Pikmin and take all of your reds into the nest and move to the middle. A snavian (Snake + Avian Species) will pop out of the ground and will peck at your Pikmin. Aim for his face and fire away. When he only has his head out of the ground and doesn't have his neck out, swarm. Another strategy is to take a few whites and let the bird eat them. Whites are poisonous and after eating 2-4 the bird will die. He leaves you with a glove. Now: if you have no Pikmin and no Louie with you, hold X and you will lie down. If there, are Pikmin nearby they will pick you up and carry you to their onion. Getting you out of harms way.

---Day 3 (cont.)---

Hopefully you have a bit of time left, if so, put all of your red a way and take your whites to where the pots lay. Take them p that slope, then make a U-turn into a pot, from there, throw all your whites into the top pot and they will start to dig up an onion bulb.

---Day 4---
   Awakening Wood
* Treasure 1
   Chance Totem
   100 Pokos
   15 Red Pikmin Required, Poison Wall Precedes (PWP)
* Treasure 2
   Geographic Projection
   200 Pokos
   10 Purple and 1 Red Required (PWP)

Start by leaving Louie behind and heading to the poison wall adjacent to Hole of Beasts. Once this is done take your whites to the poison wall behind White Flower Garden. With Louie take some Reds to where the poison wall was just knocked down. Kill the Creeping Chrysanthemum and build the bridge. Take the flower head back and then get 10 purples out. With them take the Half-globe back to the ship. The whites would be finished now so take some red and go to where they are. There are two platforms, throw all your Pikmin up (except for 1) on the ledge. Go onto the lowered platform, and then with the remaining 1 throw him onto the opposite platform so the one you are on rises to where the pikmin are. Take them along the path and you will see a die, throw 15 Pikmin up there and with the rest, get to work on the purple-berry bear burgeoning spiderwort. Leave Louie up there, but get Olimar to get the Pikmin left behind, and meet up with the ones back at the ship. Once you are back switch back to Louie and if there is still time get the next set of purple berries. You will need them for the upcoming bosses.

After today, there is another area open, called the Perplexing Pool.

---Day 5---
   Perplexing Pool
* Treasure 1
   Impediment Scourge (Bottle Opener)
   50 Pokos
   10 Yellow Pikmin Required
* Gherkin Gate (Pickle Jar Lid)
   100 Pokos
   15 Yellow Pikmin Required

Now I know what your thinking. It'd be around the lines of: Yes, finally we're getting blues. Wrong!! Just because it says pool in the title and you can see water everywhere doesn't mean we're getting blues. If you look up 5 lines you can see it says yellow, not blue. Besides you probably saw the yellows as you entered the area. There are two methods of getting to the bridge. One is faster, trickier and you'll probably lose 4 or 5 Pikmin to water. The other is longer, slower and simpler.
1.	Get your reds and all your whites out. Go down the slope and veer to the right slightly. You'll encounter some shearwigs, basically the same as sheargrubs, except they can fly. Once they're out of the way, keep going towards the water in front of the bridge once there take your reds and throw them on the ledge left of the water. Go into the water and call them, while pushing c-stick up, using c-stick and the control stick guide them to the bridge, but make sure they don't fall off and drown. Once the bridge is done keep going past the puddle and you will see a Fiery Bulblax.
2.	Take Reds and Whites, like 1 but veer left towards the yellow wollywog (frog) if he jumps get your Pikmin out from under his shadow, then when he lands, throw pikmin on top of him. Keep following the path until you get to two wooden platforms, once up throw your Pikmin at the Swooping Snitchbug (Flying Bug) to make him fall to the ground then swarm. Just ahead you will see a Fiery Bulblax.
Separate and take your reds, throw them on his back continuously and do not swarm. Do not take him back; let the yellows do that. Put your whites on the poison wall and if you did 2. Make the bridge with your reds. Put all your reds back and go back for the whites Once they are done leave them there and get the yellows.  Get all the yellow pellets nearby and the Fiery Bulblax so you should have 32 yellow, take them, with your whites, to the ledge where you threw your reds earlier on. Throw 10 yellows at the treasure and go back to the ledge opposite the metal sheet you passed, up there is another treasure. Once both of the treasures are back, put in 5 whites and bring out 58 reds. Take them to Citadel of Spiders, near the yellow wollywog

This section will tell you which items are in which group, how much they're worth and where to get them so far.

Succulent G1
2. Sunseed Berry-     Awakening Wood-     170 Pokos
7. Citrus Lump-     Emergence Cave-     180 Pokos

Natures Candy G2
14. Toxic Toadstool-     White Flower Garden-     30 Pokos

Xenoflora G3

Gourmet Food G4

Sweet Tooth G5

Paleontology G6

Ancient Secrets G7

Cooks Arsenals G8

Tortured Artist G9

Modern Amenities G10
74. Impediment Scourge-     Perplexing Pool-     50 Pokos

Frigid G11

Hyper-Technology G12

Industrial G13
100. Superstick Textile-     White Flower Garden-     80 Pokos

Husbands Tears G14
103. Petrified Heart-     White Flower Garden-     100 Pokos

Space Love G15

Crystallized Emotions G16

Dream G17
141. Luck Wafer-     Hole of Beasts-     140 Pokos
143. Strife Monolith-     Hole of Beasts-     150 Pokos
144. Chance Totem-     Awakening Woods-     100 Pokos

Blast From The Past G18
145. Dream Architect-     Hole of Beasts-     280 Pokos
146. Stone of Glory-     Hole of Beasts-     100 Pokos
148. Cosmic Archive-     Hole of Beasts-     230 Pokos

Mystical Energy G19
157. Courage Reactor-     Valley of Repose-     280 Pokos

Massive Receptacles G20
160. Container of Sea Bounty-     White Flower Garden-     130 Pokos
170. Nutrient Silo-      White Flower Garden-     130 Pokos

Ancient Ad G21
175. Gherkin Gate-     Perplexing Pool-     100 Pokos

Odd Logo's G22
182. Quenching Emblem-     Emergence Cave-     100 Pokos
183. Drought Ender-     White Flower Garden-     100 Pokos

Explorers Friend G23
184. Spherical Atlas-     Emergence Cave-     200 Pokos
185. Geographic Projection-     Awakening Wood-     200 Pokos
186. Prototype Detector-     Hole of Beasts-     200 Pokos  
187. Five-Man Napsack-     White Flower Garden-     100 Pokos

Titan Dweevil G24

This section is to tell you all the creatures (So Far) on the Piklopedia. There are exactly 81 flora and fauna in this game. If you are missing one and can't find it anywhere e-mail me. If you just want to know how to defeat a certain enemy e-mail me also. Enjoy

    Creature or Plant / Pokos / Weight / Element/ Area (Bosses)                                          
1.   Red Bulborb / 7 / 10
4.   Dwarf Red Bulborb  / 2 / 3
5.   Snow Bulborb / 2 / 3 
10. Fiery Bulblax / 10 / 10 / Fire
13. Fiery Blowhog / 4 / 7 / Fire 
20. Iridescent Flint Beetle / --- / ---      
21. Iridescent Glint Beetle / --- / ---
23. Male Sheargrub / 1 / 1
24. Female Sheargrub / 1 / 1
25. Shearwig / 1 / 1 
26. Cloaking Burrow-Nit / 3 / 8 
27. Ravenous Whiskerpillar / 1 / 1
29. Mitite / 1 / 1
31. Swooping Snitchbug / 4 / 3 
49. Violet Candypop Bud / --- / ---  
50. Ivory Candypop Bud / --- / --- 
52. Creeping Chrysanthemum / 7 / 10
54. Unmarked Spectralids / 1 / 1
55. Honeywisp / --- / ---
58. Pellet Posy / --- / Various
59. Common Glowcap                                        
60. Clover                                                            
61. Figwort                                                      
62. Dandelion                                                     
63. Seeding Dandelion                                       
64. Horsetail                                                         
65. Foxtail   
66. Glowstem                                                      
67. Margaret                                                        
68. Fiddlehead                                                      
69. Sprout                                                          
70. Empress Bulblax / 15 / 20 / N/A / Hole of Beasts, Frontier Caern
71. Burrowing Snagret / 10 / 5 / N/A / White Flower Garden, Snagret Hole
Thank you, for reading my guide so far, it is a little short, but upcoming versions will be longer, read again soon.
Roberto Riedig