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Follow the dark path or use the light

Pikmin 2 Walkthrough

by Cubemaster54

Pikmin 2

Author: George
Email: [email protected]
Started: June 14, 2010
Finished: August 10, 2010
Version 5.0
Game: Pikmin 2
Platform: Gamecube
Rated E for Everyone. Comic Mischief and Mild Violence.
Players: 2
Memory: 27 blocks
Progressive Scan Compatible 

Spoilers are included in this game. Most notably in the Walkthrough, but also
in a couple other places including the map and characters.

			-=Table of Contents=-

Intro 			[int]

Characters 		[char]

Controls 		[ctrl]

Walkthrough 		[walk]
     Prologue 		[pro]
     Day 1 		[day1]
     White Pikmin	[wmin]
     Yellow Pikmin	[ymen]
     Blue Pikmin 	[bmen]
     Finishing the loan [loan]
     Wistful Wild	[prez]

Map 			[map]

Dungeons		[dng]

Piklopedia 		[pikl]

Treasure 		[mny]


*-----Intro [int]---------------------------------------------------------------*

Return To The Planet Of The Pikmin!

After crash-landing on an alien world inhabited by tiny Pikmin, Captain Olimar 
has returned to his home world to find out that his employer, Hocotate Freight,
has been driven to the brink of bankruptcy! Now, Olimar must return to the Pikmin
planet with his trust assistant, Louie, to find valuable treasures in a 
desperate bid to pay back their company's massive debt!

-Two for one! Split command of your Pikmin forces using Louie, Olimar's ever-hungry
sidekick, and use strategy to defeat your foes!

-Bring back the booty at your own pace! Delve deep underground into enemy-infested
caverns and collect hundreds of priceless alien artifacts--and this time, with an
infinite number of days to explore!

-New colors, new powers! Burly purple Pikmin and poisonous white Pikmin make your 
treasure-seeking, predator-pummeling squad even more dangerous!

-Clash with your friends! Pit your Pikmin squad against a friend in furious 
two-player vs. battles, or join forces and play cooperatively to take on challenge


*-----Characters [char]--------------------------------------------------------*

Captain Olimar- Family man who works for Hocotate Freight. He is the only 
employee of any merit. Is the main playable character through the entire game. 
His flag ship, the S.S. Dolphin, is taken to repay some of the company's debt.

Louie- Young employee, Louie has a dark secret. Beat the Challenge Mode with a 
perfect in everything to find out. Grew up on a farm and has a liking for bugs
and is a great cook. He is playable in the first half of the game.

The President- President of Hocotate Freight. Likes money and is willing to do
anything to get the debt paid off. Playable in the second half of the game.

Red Pikmin- You meet these fire-proof 'min first, and they are the most common.
Can be found via onion and/or flower.

Yellow Pikmin- Invulnerable to electricity, these min are the lightest and most
notable for their ears. Onion and flower. Fourth to accompany you.

Blue Pikmin- Having gills, and therefore mouths, these guys are not affected by
water. Onion and flower. They join last.

Purple Pikmin- Burly and strong, 1 purple is equal to 10 red. They stun enemies
if they land on them due to their size. You meet them third. Flower only.

White Pikmin- Small, beady red eyed white min are the most valuable. They are
poison proof and can see buried treasure. They are the smallest and fastest.
Flower only. Second to join your team. 

Bulbmin- Infected bulborbs that get along with your Pikmin. Only found in some
dungeons and can't surface. Immune to everything. 

Olimar's Wife- Sending random messages to Olimar, who says he will take her on
a vacation when he gets home.

Olimar's Son- Admires his father being a Space Captain. He also wants to visit
Planet Pikmin.

Olimar's Daughter- Worries about growing up to be a proper woman, and even 
mentions this in messages.

Louie's Grandmother- Encouraged him to eat bugs when he was young, hence why he
survived on Planet Pikmin. They both are fond of cooking and eating bugs.

President's Wife- The "real" boss of Hocotate Freight, she calls herself, and is
only mentioned in messages after the President comes back with you.


*----Controls [ctrl]-----------------------------------------------------------*

| Button | Function                    |
| Analog | Move, choose menus          |
| A      | Throw, Pluck                |
| B      | Whistle                     |
| C Stick| Pikmin Formation            |
| D Pad  | Select min (A) or use sprays|
| L      | Toggle view in/out          |
| R      | Toggle View behind          |
| Start  | Pause, Check menus          |
| X      | Divide Pikmin               |
| Y      | Switch Leaders              |
| Z      | Toggle view up              |


*-----Walkthrough [walk]-------------------------------------------------------*

This is not the 8-day Walkthrough. Days 1 and 2 are always the same. Afterwards
you are free to attack the game however you want. This is my strategy for getting
all 201 treasures and a 100% completion. Each day is roughly 15 minutes.

|Prologue [pro]|

Upon Olimar's return, Hocotate Freight has gone Bankrupt. 10,100 Pokos. Olimar's
ship, the S.S. Dolphin, was sold also. Olimar is holding a bottle cap, a souvenir
for his son, and drops it. A Treasure analyzing ship puts its value at 100 Pokos. 
Thatís just over a year's salary. The President then sends you and new employee 
Louie back to Planet Pikmin to collect treasure to get out of debt. He faithfully 
awaits your return.

|Day 1[day1]|

+Valley of Repose+
Treasure: Courage Reactor
Goals: Reunite leaders, Red Pikmin

Take a gander at the game's first area, Valley of Repose. Snow dominated. You
have a bumpy landing, loosing Louie on the way. The ship, which is referred to as
Pod, tells you Louie is missing, and to find him. However, he then notices 5 
creatures battling a Dwarf Red Bulborb. Pod finishes by telling you to whistle
using B, and to hold B to carry the whistle. Relax, the Pikmin and Bulborb have
infinite health right now. Whistle to them and they come to your side. Pod 
babbles on, telling you you can hit A to hold and throw the Pikmin. Kill the
bulborb, and Pod goes on again.

Hit Y to switch leaders, and Pod blabbers. Go up the hill and to the thing on 
the ground. This is an onion, the Pikmin live here. A red seed pops out. Hit A
buy it to pluck it. Thus we have a Pikmin! Now destroy the nearby Pellet Posies
to build an army of 10 min. Take the other path back towards Olimar. You run into
a bag. Throw your 10 min on it, switch to Olimar, and throw the 5 he has onto to
it. It comes down and your reunited. Pod rambles on throughout most of this. 

Anyway, take the body back to the onion, and putting any remaining Pikmin at the
battery. Take back now the rest of the min to take the battery (Courage Reactor)
to Pod. You need 20 min. Do so, and the day ends.

|Day 2[day2]|

+Valley of Repose+
Treasure: Utter Scrap
Goals: Min count, Emergence Cave, Purple Pikmin, Sphere Chart

Pod tells you to call out the min. Do so by pressing A under the onion. Take out
all of them and start clearing the area of pellet posies. Donít forget the area
Louie was near yesterday! Take your army and deflate the other bag. Thereís some
bulborbs here. Go around behind him and throw them on his back as fast as you can.
Kill him and the dwarf red bulborbs, and take everything, along with the treasure 
(Utter Scrap) back. Afterwards, head for the wall. Swarm the min and they will
destroy it. Up ahead is you first dungeon, Emergence Cave.

Here is some notes on dungeons:
Dungeons or caves, as they are called both, don't affect the daily clock. No 
matter how long youíre in one, the day stays the same while your underground. At
one point on each sublevel is a hole. Enter here when done on the level to
'Delve Deeper.' In between sublevels the game automatically saves for you. Keep
in mind the sublevel layouts are known to change, but in Emergence Cave it stays
the same every time. At the end is an escape geyser, taking you to the surface.
The Pikmin can either be with a captain or be free when you are leaving a sublevel,
for they will automatically follow you. With that being said and done...

|-+Emergence Cave+-|
Hazards: None
Requirement: Red

Sublevel 1
Citrus Lamp
Quenching Emblem

You start in a small area. Head straight out of it to snow bulborbs and two treasures.
Kill everything and take the orange (Citrus Lamp) and 7 Up Bottle Cap (Quenching
Emblem) and the beasts to Pod. He tells you beasts aint worth much, but in the end
they are. Head back to the other area and into the hole and delve deeper.

Sublevel 2
Spherical Atlas
Requirement: Purple and red

Head straight to face a couple of snowy bulborbs. Take them and come upon your
first main treasure. However, it takes 101 Pikmin to lift! 1. You don't have that
many yet. 2. Its only possible to have 100 min on the field at once. Oh no! Get
yourself together and move on taking out more snowy bulborbs. You come upon an
opening with Violet Candy pop Buds and Pod rambles. Throw min into each of them.
Now what I would do is leave them in the ground and they will flower. Watch
the leaf on the heads and eventually it will change into a bud, and then a flower.
You don't need to do this, but the min are stronger and faster as flowers.

Now back to business. Go get that globe. You now can access Awakening Wood! Happy
Days are really here again! You can now leave the dungeon via the geyser near
the opening. The day automatically ends.


Now, technically you can do whatever you want. However you still have more types
of Pikmin to get and get out of debt. This next section will help you get the
remaining Pikmin. 


|White Pikmin [wmin]|

Day 3
+Awakening Wood+
Treasures: Sunseed Berry
Goals: Ultra Spicy Spray, min count, Hole of Beasts, White Flower Garden

Simply start out by grabbing all the pellet posies around the Landing Zone (LZ).
From Pod, head behind him and over to the right and you come upon some taller
grass, and five min will go and pull it. This gives off Nectar, which will turn
any leaf or bud min into flowers. Now head towards the bulborbs and take them out.
Use Purple min to stun them. Over on a ledge is a Strawberry (Sunseed Berry). Grab 

From the LZ, head right and you should see some Burgeoning Spiderwort plants.
Basically a plant with berries on it. Swarm it, and take ten to Pod and the Ultra
Spicy Spray is now possible. Use it to enhance your min into stronger, faster 
Pikmin. Take down the wall then and then the enemy. Be careful when you come to
a turn, a Creeping Chrysthemum is lurking. Sacrifice a red to lure him out (he
will only be turned to a leaf) and them throw the purples and everything at him.
You should kill him easily. Head left along this path and then right to a dungeon,
Hole of Beasts. You don't need to do this one, but you can get more purple, which
you need to get to White Flower Garden.

|-+Hole of Beasts+-|
Hazards: Fire
Requirement: Red and Purple

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Stone of Glory

Go through the sublevel and you run into both Male and Female Sheargrubs. Take them 
out easily and then look for the D-Pad (Stone of Glory). Then delve deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: None

Head towards the clearing and get ten more Purple min. There was an egg back
near Pod. Destroy it and use it to flower all the new purple min and any other
leaf min you have. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Cosmic Archive, Strife Monolith
Hazards: Fire

Take with you only red min and destroy the fire geysers. Look for the two treasures.
The floppy disc (Cosmic Archive) is in an open area, and the game piece is in a
rock alcove type thing. They may be switched however. Get both and delve deeper. 

Sublevel 4
Treasure: Dream Architect, Luck Wafer
Hazard: Fire

Go around taking out fire geysers and eggs. Watch out for mitites, which scare
your min, and for drops of ultra spicy spray. Take out the Red Bulborb with 
purples to get the Game and Watch (Dream Architect), and in one spot should be
the Ace of Spades (Luck Wafer). There also is another Violet Candypop bud here.
After that, delve deeper. 

Sublevel 5
Final Floor!
Treasure: Prototype Detector

All thatís here is the boss.
Empress Bulbax
Difficulty: 1/5
Requirement: Any

Start off by throwing a min on to her sleeping form and quickly call him off. This
starts the battle. Now she will just stare at you. Throw every purple min you have
as fast as you can onto her face. She struggles for a little bit, but then she 
stops. Call them off right before this, then fall back to Pod and let her roll.
Repeat. If you have great timing you can do it in two attempts. 

Beat her and grab whats left and the treasure. This nifty thing is the Prototype
Detector, AKA Treasure Gauge. It reacts violently near treasure. Exit after.
You should have gotten 1,100 Pokos if you got every treasure. Note this may differ
depending on what version of the game you have.

+Awakening Wood+
You can get more pellet posies. Near the flower pots the gauge will sense treasure.
Ignore it, you can't get it right now. 

Go back to where you found that Creeping Chyrsthemum but go right and deflate
the bag. Enter the dungeon down the path. AVOID THE WALL!

|-+White Flower Garden+-|
Hazards: Fire, Poison
Requirement: Purple and Red

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Alien Billboard

Go forward and take out the Sheargrubs and grab the Kiwi lid (Alien Billboard).
Grab everything then delve deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Drought Ender, Petrified Heart
Hazards: Fire

Take your purple and go around and quickly take out the Fiery Blowhogs one at a 
time. Make sure they stay stunned. Then go around and grab the bottle cap (Drought
Ender). Somewhere in the middle is the heart stone (Petrified Heart). Get all of
this and delve deeper.

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Superstick Textile

Follow the path into an opening with Ivory Candypop Buds. Throw red min into each
and then get them. A leaf white is as fast as a bud red is. These guys have beady
red eyes and can see underground. Go towards the exit, and swarm the ground. The
whites should pick up on treasure. Take the tape (Superstick Textile) back and
then you can continue deeper.

Sublevel 4
Treasure: Survival Ointment, Toxic Toadstool
Hazard: Poison

Take only white min and destroy the poison barriers. The two treasure here are
chap stick (Survival Ointment) and a red mushroom (Toxic Toadstool). One is behind
a poison barrier, and the other is a little ways off in a bigger room. Climb up
the small path and throw the min up to it. Then delve deeper.

Sublevel 5
Final Floor!
Treasure: Five-Man Napsack

All thatís here is the boss
Burrowing Snagret
Difficulty: 2/5
Requirement: Non-White

The best way is to take purple into the arena, and throw them near where you think
the things lurking. It should stun him and he is an easy target. When back to his
senses, he will shake the min off and go back under. Do this until he dies. An
alternate way is just throw tons of red or purple at him. If enough are on his
head, he will struggle, and eventually shake the min off. Repeat until dead.

You can also feed white Pikmin to him. However this it is strongly discouraged
that you don't do this, as whites are very valuable.

Kill him and get the glove (5 Man Napsack) and the bodily remains. This item
lets you press and hold Y and you can take a wherever you are. Note the min will
carry you back to an onion, in which you will wake up. Take a nap or whatever and
then exit to the surface. You should have made 580 with all treasure.

+Awakening Wood+

The first thing now to do is take down a poison wall. Go back in the way of
Hole of Beasts and put only white min on the wall. This will take a while.
Call them off right after taking it down; thereís a creeping chrysthemum. Grab the
globe half and unravel the bridge with the rest. Relax if you don't make it in 
time, thereís tomorrow. Unless youíre going for the 8-day donít worry. This will
end the day most likely. It is vital you have either all you min under your
command or safely away at the dayís end, otherwise they will be left behind and
killed. If they are planted, they are safe. 

Day 4
+Awakening Woods+
Goals: Min count, Ultra Spice sprays, Ultra Bitter Essence
Treasure: Pilgrum Bulb, Geographic Projection, Chance Totem

This day is just for getting more min and sprays.

Go back to yesterday's spot and unravel the bridge and grab the globe half 
(Geographic Projection). If you already got it, good. Go back to the flower pots
near the LZ. Take white min up the path and throw them onto the higher pot to get
the treasure (Pilgrum Bulb). Now, head back to the White Flower Garden entrance
and take down the poison wall. On the other side, throw up all but one red min onto
the ledge. Now put one of the leaders on the lower rise, and throw the one red
onto the other. The leader is now able to go onto the ledge. Switch leaders, and
throw the last min up. Now proceed a bit and grab the dice (Chance Totem). Put
the rest of the Burgeoning Spiderwort. This produces Ultra Bitter Essense. However
you can only get 5 at a time. Sit back and wait until five more regenerate and 
then take them down. You now can use the Ultra Bitter Spray. This freezes enemies
in their tracks! However you will not get a carcass when the enemy is defeated.
Grab any other pellet posies and then you can finish the day.

|Yellow Pikmin [ymen]|

Day 5
+Perplexing Pool+
Goals: Citadel of Spiders, Yellow Pikmin, min count
Treasure: None

Welcome to Perplexing Pool. This is a rather puzzling area, known for many paths,
Shearwigs, and the infamous Spotty Bulbear. Relax, he doesn't come in until after
Day 30. Anyway, take the path from the LZ toward a Yellow Wollywog. This beast
is easy. Wait for him to jump, let him land, and get those purple on him. Then
enter the cave, Citadel of Spiders. You need yellow min for this, but it can still
be completed 100% without them.

|-+Citadel of Spiders+-|
Hazards: Fire, Electricity
Requirement: Red, White, Purple

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Love Nugget

Go around the level clearing it of Shearwigs and skitter leaves and grab the
tomato (Love Nugget). Couldnít be simpler. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Creative Inspiration, Paradoxical Enigma, Lip Service
Hazard: Fire

Go into the larger area with purple and dispose of the yellow Wollywog. The one
has a bottle cap (Creative Inspiration). Look out for the Fiery Dweevils. They
take the items. And when there being attacked, they can use fire as a last
resort. Over behind a fire geyser is a rubber duck head (Paradoxical Enigma). It 
needs to be dugout a little, but anyone can get it. Also in a corner is lipstick
(Lip Service). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Memorial Shell, Patience Tester
Hazard: Electricity

Be careful. This level is dominated by Swooping Snitchbugs and Anode Beetles.
The Snitchbugs target your min and will bury them as leaves. Get min on him 
however and he will fall. The anode beetles are the electrical wall producing
enemies. Stay clear of them when doing so. Otherwise throw purples by them to
overturn them and then swarm. Underground somewhere is a shell (Memorial Shell)
Behind a wall is a chestnut container (Patience Tester). The hole is behind a
wall also. Delve Deeper after.

Sublevel 4
Treasure: King of Sweets, Flame of Tomorrow, Time Capsule
Hazard: Fire

Dominated by Water Dumples and a couple of Hermit Crawmads. Go around destroying 
the fire geysers and defeating the water Dumples. Be cautious, they are deadly if 
not killed fast. Somewhere there is an Ivory Candypop Bud. Use it. A chocolate
type candy (King of Sweets) is inside the one Hermit Crawmad, and matches (Flame
of Tomorrow) is sitting near it. Behind a wall near here is the Time Capsule.
Grab the new whites and Delve Deeper. 

Sublevel 5
Final Floor!
Treasure: Regal Diamond, The Key

Follow the path and on a ledge is the Regal Diamond. Use any whites to get it
and proceed into the arena.

Beady Long Legs
Difficulty: 2
Requirement: Yellow preferred

Since you were brought into this dungeon yellowless, this might be hard to new
timers. Proceed into the arena with 25 or so reds to lure down the boss. Now he
takes 8 steps (watch for his footwork) and then rests. Wait until he rests, go
underneath and throw the min away. He struggles, and after a while shakes them.
Whistle immediately after so they don't get stepped on. If you know what your
doing, you can take purples too. 

If you have yellow, you can throw them up at him during any time, but still be
cautious of being stepped on.

Grab The Key, which lets you access Challenge Mode. Its rather challenging. Get
your act together and you can leave, getting 795 Pokos from the treasure.

+Perplexing Pool+

Now we can go get the yellows. Take a massive army of all your whites, 10 purples,
and the rest red, which you really will need. Follow the path past Citadel of
Spiders to another set of the air pocket things. Get past them, and take out the
annoying Snitchbugs. Now proceed with all reds towards the fiery beast. Unload on 
the thing. Do it right and you won't get any losses. Now take down the poison 
wall and proceed into the new area. NOTE keep all pellets and enemies, let the
yellows get them. 

Go in and whistle the large eared, electric min down. Take all pellet posies and 
enemies to the yellow. On larger weight items, put one yellow it, then the rest 
white or purple. It will take it to yellow. Head right out of the area and dispose
of the enemies and bridge. On the other end are Shearwigs, watch out. Put everyone
but yellow away and go back. You will see an electric gate blocking a dungeon.
Take it out with yellow, and make sure those are the only left out, for time is 
probably running down. Be wary of the water and a yellow Wollywog.

After, sit back and watch the sunset. If you have time, get more yellow min for
tomorrow's challenges. There may be time to enter Glutton's Kitchen, but we have
time and we still need to get blue min.

|Blue Pikmin [bmen]|

Day 6
+Awakening Woods+
Goal: Blue Pikmin, Bulbax Kingdom

We can now get the last of our army, Blue Pikmin. Take yellows over the center
path (past the Burgeoning Spiderworts) and to its end. There is a ledge. Throw
all the yellows up and then go over the bag and up the hill via the water. Grab
the yellows and kill the enemy. Now take down the wall. After, put away the
yellows. Back in this new area, whistle to the gill featured Blue Pikmin. They
are not affected whatsoever by water. Get all the pellet posies and enemies
you killed before. Take the paint tube (Decorative Glue). Get yellows and go back 
along the path you came. You should see a treasure (Healing Cask) up high. Simply 
throw yellows up and get it. 

Back near the LZ is a wall under water. Destroy the drain and then the wall. 
Take yellows now and go over near the Ultra Bitter Essence plant and up the stump 
like thing. Cross with yellows only and have them take down the gate. This is your 
first harder dungeon, and it can be a bit tricky. Remember to always take white 
and purple min!

|-+Bulbax Kingdom+-|
Hazards: Fire, electricity
Requirement: Red, Yellow, Purple, White

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Crystal Clover

A smaller area dominated by two Orange Bulborbs. Take caution when fighting them,
they wake up before you can surprise them. One has the treasure (Crystal Clover). 
There is a Crimson Candypop Bud here. Throw a single red in and then pull it (this
just adds it to the Piklopedia). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Tear Stone
Hazard: Fire

Bring your reds (you should have brought 40-50) and take out the fire geysers and
Fiery Dweevils. Throw five min onto the rock thing and stand in the middle. Whistle
to your min and use the C-Stick to guide them to the treasure (Tear Stone). Delve

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Olimarnite Shell

Look out for Withering Blowhogs, they turn your flowers into leaves. Take one
down fast and then overwhelm it. If another comes in, divert your min to him.
There are three total. Buried is the Olimarnite Shell. If you didn't bring whites,
get five. If you have leaf red Pikmin, use them. There is an egg somewhere if you
need nectar. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 4
Treasure: Crystal King, Unknown Merit
Hazard: Electricity

Look out for electric barriers and Anode Beetles. Take them out with yellows.
The button treasure (Unknown Merit) is in a Wollywog that ambushes you. Take
extreme caution with this guy. Use purple to kill him, but he can still be lethal.
In another corner is a golden bug. Land a min on it to detreasure him (Crystal King).
There are two Violet Candypop buds here. Delve Deeper. 

Sublevel 5
Treasure: Anxious Sprout

A maze of tunnels, a orange bulborb, and partially buried treasure await you.
Be really careful of the bulborb and your starting position. He also has dwarf
orange bulborbs guarding him. The treasure (Anxious Sprout) is partially buried
somewhere. Take note of possible bomb rocks in certain dead ends. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 6
Treasure: Eternal Emerald Eye, Colossal Fossil
Hazard: Fire

Two orange bulborbs. Take note only one has a treasure (Eternal Emerald Eye), so 
you don't have to kill the other one. Partially buried somewhere is a skull 
(Colossal Fossil). There is but another Violet and Crimson Candypop Bud here. Not 
much else to do. With that, delve deeper.

Sublevel 7
Final Floor!
Treasure: Forged Courage, Gyroid Bust
Hazard: Fire

Boss first. 

Emperor Bulbax
Difficulty: 2/5
Requirement: Purple, red

Take out the fire geysers first off. Then scan the area to see two eye sockets
sticking out. Throw a single red and then unleash with purples as he comes out.
If you get enough on his face, he will be dead by the time he can do anything. 

Purpleless? Then take reds and lure him out. Throw them on his face but watch out
for his tongue attack. Whistle them off for he will shake them off and either
lick or jump. Be careful the entire time. 

After, grab the toy (Forged Courage). Your now impervious to fire! Get your clothes
back on and continue to take down the wall and come upon water. Whatever shall we
do? Take reds on the left path and put them on the ledge. Go into the water
and up the hill. Grab the reds and get the Gyroid (Gyroid Bust). Our favorite
house watcher is finally paid tribute too (Gyroids are from Animal Crossing).
Exit when ready. You should have gotten 1240 Pokos with all treasures. 

+Awakening Woods+

Work on the Pikmin population the rest of the day. We are going to tackle Valley
of Repose next and need all the min we can get. Flourish your white and purple
count too. 

Now you are free to do whatever you want; you have all 5 Pikmin types not to 
mention at least half of your debt erased if you have been following this guide.
There are two things now you can do to erase more debt. You can attack Perplexing
Pool's Glutton's Kitchen (really easy) and Shower Room (a challenge). Or, you can
attack Valley of Repose's Frontier Cavern (hard) and Subterranean Complex (hard).
This guide will go in the order above.

|Finishing the Loan [loan]|

Day 7
+Perplexing Pool+
Treasure: Aquatic Mine, Impediment Scourge, Gherkin Gate, Fortified Delicacy
Goal: Treasure, path to Shower Room, min count

Last time you were here you took down the gate leading to Glutton's Kitchen. We
are going to attack that. But first, make way for tomorrow's attack: Shower Room.
Take an army or 50 blues and 50 yellows. Take the path out of the LZ on the right
towards a lake. You'll see an electric gate. Thatís our goal. With the blue min
unravel the bridge (once it starts being built you can leave a single min to
finish it). Then you see the land bridge? Throw the blue min on either side of it.
Now divide the yellows into groups of 5-8 and carefully take them across and have
them take out the gate. Put maybe 25 yellows on and we can start going for two
other treasure while we wait. In the water is a Toady Bloyster. Go around behind
it and unleash the blues on its tail. Make sure none get in front of him though.
After killed, he will leave behind a bobber (Aquatic Mine), his body, and two
blue 10 Pellets. Take all with blue. Now with yellow, go over the bridge that 
takes you to the area where the yellows were. On a tree stump on your left is
a treasure (Impediment Scourge). Get it.

By now the gate should be down. Take the blues and go into the near area. In 
the water is a drain. Destroy it to find out itís a cave entrance. I suggest 
leaving it for now, there is still a few more treasures to grab. 

In the area with the Impediment Scourge, there is a series of ledges on the out
wall. Throw 20 yellows up at the start of it (closer to the area by the bridge)
and then follow the ledges back to a start with both leaders. Navigate through
the ledges, taking you into a corner and then along water. Put one leader down 
a ledge with the yellows and throw them up to the other, who in turn throws them
up to get the Vlassic lid (Gherkin Gate).

With whites go to the newly drowned area and along the wall near the Shower Room
is a buried treasure (Fortified Delicacy). There is still more  treasure left
here, but each require more time than you have to get.

Remember to evenly distribute pellets and enemies to the min. Tomorrow we attack
the two dungeons.

Day 8
+Perplexing Pool+
Treasure: None
Goals: Glutton's Kitchen, Shower Room

Start off by gathering stuff for the yellow min (the path to get to Glutton's Kitchen
is full of stuff). Take 15-20 purples, 10-15 whites, and the rest yellow to
Glutton's Kitchen, and enter.

|-+Glutton's Kitchen+-|
Hazards: Electricity
Requirement: Yellow, Purple

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Master's Instrument

Take your purples around killing the Dwarf Bulbears. Be careful of them in numbers
though. In a box type thing is a red crayon (Master's Instrument). Lure out the
Dwarf Bulbear and then throw in your min to grab the treasure, and Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Imparative cookie, Massive Lid

There are Breadbugs here, they take items back to their hole. To kill one, put
Pikmin on whatever its killing and let them drag it back to Pod. He loses about
3/4 of health. Then throw purples at him to finish him. There is a cookie 
(Imparative Cookie) somewhere on a house, and a Yoo-Hoo Cola lid laying around
somewhere. If a Breadbug takes it, after the one dies it will appear. Delve

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Harmonic Synthesizer, Director of Destiny
Hazard: Electricity

More Breadbugs here, and also full of Anode Beetles and a Puffy Blowhog. Take
them all out with yellows. Also here is an extremely rare Golden Candypop Bud.
The only one in the game. Throw a yellow in to add it to the Piklopedia. A
compass (Director of Destiny) lies somewhere, and the other treasure (Harmonic
Synthesizer) lie out in the open, but Breadbugs may get to them. Delve Deeper

Sublevel 4
Treasure: Happiness Emblem, White Goodness, Invigorator

BE VERY CAREFUL! There is a Spotty Bulbear here; he doesn't sleep and is one of
the deadliest enemies in the game. Distract him with a leader so he is stuck by
a wall however, and itís easier. Come in with the other leader and make them purples 
fly. Use an Ultra Spicy Spray is need be. Kill him and get the Squirt cap (Happiness
Emblem). Somewhere on a roof if a cookie (White Goodness), and finally somewhere
beyond the set layout is a blue mug (Invigorator). As usual Breadbugs are present.
Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 5
Treasure: Sulking Antenna, Boom Cone

There are dwarf Bulbears and a couple of Decorated Armored Cannon Beetle Larva.
If you can hide as close as you can to one of them and not get hit by its rock,
do so. Then come in with the other leader and throw the min at him. Be careful
not to let them get hit though. Out in the open is the TV antenna (Sulking 
Antenna) and party hat (Boom Cone). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 6
Final Floor!
Treasure: Sweet Dreamer, Meat of Champions, Hideous Victual, Dream Material
Hazard: Electricity

Easy dungeon, easy boss, easy money.

Giant Breadbug
Difficulty: 1/5
Requirement: Yellow

Defeat as any other Breadbug. While its dragging something, overwhelm whatever it
is and it will be dragged to Pod and loose half damage. Do once more and he is dead.

Not even a boss. :P Go out with your yellows and try to get the ham slice (Meat
of Champions), egg yolk (Hideous Victual), and donut (Sweet Dreamer). Defeat the
Breadbugs then with purples or use the Anode Beetles dead bodies to lure them.
Kill the Glutton himself and you get the Dream Material (Anti-Electrifier). Add
electricity to the invulnerable list! Exit when done, grabbing a total 1190 Pokos
with all treasures accounted for.

+Perplexing Pool+
Now we are attacking our first actual dungeon. This is rather hard and long, so
be warned and ready. Take an army of 20 red, 20 yellow, 20 blue, 20 purple, and
20 white. This will be your standard army for dungeons like this. When youíre ready,
head off for the Shower Room.

|-+Shower Room+-|
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Requirement: 20 of everyone

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Merciless Extractor
Hazard: Water, Electricity

Wogpoles fall on you, and a few boulders too, so keep a heads up. There are two
watery Blowhogs and a Wollywog plus numerous electric gates. Take them all out
and grab the treasure (Merciless Extractor). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Sud Generator, Durable Energy Cell
Hazard: Poison

Now this is a real sublevel. You have poison barriers, a lesser spotted Jellyfloat,
an orange bulborb, and a few treasure all placed throughout the larger area. You
can start by going around with white taking out the poison barriers. Then come in
with purples to take out the dwarf orange bulborbs and lesser spotted Jellyfloat.
To kill one, throw min onto its side and down it. If it sucks up any min, you have
a limited time to kill it before they die from suffocation. Then go in and kill
the orange bulborb. Behind a wall is a soap bar (Sud Generator) and in the open
is a battery (Durable Energy Cell). Note they change places. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Mirrored Stage, Scrumptious Shell, Vorpal Platter
Hazard: Water

Look out for the Jellyfloats here. The Greater spotted (its bigger and reddish)
one has the Mirrored Stage, and can suck up leaders. On a ledge somewhere is a
shell (Scrumptious Shell), and finally a hermit Crawmad is guarding the final
treasure (Vorpal Platter). Delve Deeper

Sublevel 4
Treasure: Arboreal Frippery

This is the first rest level you will come upon. In harder dungeons, one of these
appears every 4-5 sublevels. Here in this one, we have a couple Queen Candypop
Buds, Unmarked Spectralids, a leaf (Arboreal Frippery). Throw the min at the
Spectralids, and depending on what color they are they will leave behind a spray
or nectar. You don't need to use the candypop buds if you have all 100 min still.
Otherwise, throw in the color you have the least of (red, yellow, or blue). Don't
waste white or purple on them. Oh, and wait until it lands on the right color. 
Delve Deeper or use the escape geyser if you can't go on. 

Sublevel 5
Treasure: Broken Food Master, Endless Repository, Pondering Emblem
Hazard: Fire, Water

Full of smaller threats; dwarf orange bulborbs, fiery Blowhogs, withering Blowhogs,
and finally a Wollywog. Take your 20 blues into the elevated area and throw them
into the grate to the frying pan (Broken Food Master). Back in the other area
in the open are a sardine container (Endless Repository) and a chocolate Yoo Hoo
bottle cap (Pondering Emblem). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 6
Treasure: Abstract Masterpiece, Behemoth Jaw, Rubber Ugly
Hazard: Water

Water is the only natural hazard, but there are Dweevils here, so use the appropriate
min type for each. Behind a wall near the start is a Snapple lid (Abstract
Masterpiece), and follow the path and in one of the alcoves is another treasure
(Behemoth Jaw), and at the end is a dwarf orange bulborb guarding a rubber duck
(Rubber Ugly). Note a Orange Bulborb and some dwarf's. They are guarding an Ivory
Candypop Bud. This is the second-to-last sublevel, so if you want, kill everything
and put 5 of the greatest populated min type you have (or however else you wanna
do it). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 7
Final Floor!
Treasure: Amplified Amplifier

Nothin but the boss!

Ranging Bloyster
Difficulty: 2/5
Requirement: Non-white

Use both leaders to confuse him, switching from leader to leader. One should be
safe behind a wall outside of the arena, and the other with an army ready to go.
Use the safe leader to lure his attention away and go and get in position with
the other one, and switch back to the safe one. When the Bloyster is in good
attacking position, switch and get as many min on as you can (aim for the tail).
Switch back to the safe leader to grab his attention once more. Repeat till he
is dead. Itís not as hard as it sounds. 

Grab the stereo speaker (Amplified Amplifier), to find out your whistle range
has increased! Now 150% bigger! Itís like Viagra! When your good and soft, go 
ahead and leave. 1220 Pokos made with all the treasure. 

+Perplexing Pool+
Well we should have made over 2,000 Pokos today alone in treasure. Sit back and
relax now. However there is one treasure we can get. Take out 90 blues and 10
whites. Behind Pod is a small path; take the whites and throw them up on the
ledge at a lower point (near ground). Now head out of the LZ with the blue and
to the left near three Water Dumples. Swarm the blues on them for fast kills. 
Then take out the wall and head back. Whistle to the whites and have them dig
up the onion (Onion Replica). Throw the whites back up where you got them, and
now you should see a couple more Water Dumples. Kill them (keep heading straight
from where you came in) and take the treasure, for the blues take it that way.
Take the bodies too, try to even out the min count, namely reds and blues for

Day 9
+Valley of Repose+
Goal: Clear the area, min count, make paths for dungeons.

Simply take out every white and purple min you have, and the rest blue. Head 
back towards Emergence Cave but keep going. With blues only, head into the water
and take down the wall. On the other side to the right is a drain. Destroy it so
the whites and purples can come in. Go around to build the bridge with the blues.
Take the blues and purples over and start killing the Blowhogs, cannon beetles,
and burrowing snitch bug. Be careful of the beetles though, their rocks home in
on you. After you have everything dead keep heading straight, and bring the whites.
You will see a Watery Blowhog, kill it and proceed to take down the poison wall.
Remember to have left a leader back at the LZ for when we bring everything back.
Merge off to the left while they take the wall out to find a Withering Blowhog.
Kill him and build the ladder, but don't enter Frontier Cavern. Once you have
been near each dungeon, take everything back. Divide it up though so you don't
get one type hundreds ahead of the next. This should take all day. If not, take
out pellet posies and the such. 

Day 10
+Valley of Repose+
Treasure: None
Goal: Subterranean Complex

Head straight to Sub. Complex with 25 Red, 25 Yellow, 25 White, and 25 Purple.

|-+Subterranean Complex+-|
Hazard: Fire, Electricity, Poison
Requirement: 25 each of Red, Yellow, White, Purple

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Exhausted Superstick, Nouveau Table
Hazard: Poison,

There are a handful of Spotty bulborbs here and two Hairy Bulborb. Take them out
like any other while destroying poison barriers and Snitch Bugs. Tape (Exhausted
Superstick) is out in the open and the phone dial (Nouveau Table) is buried 
somewhere. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Spirit Flogger, Network Mainbrain
Hazard: Explosion 

Be cautious on this level. There are Snitch Bugs, Careening Dirigibugs, and bomb
rocks. This time around, yellows can't use them. Go around min'less and destroy
them. The Careening Dirigibugs drop bombs, so be careful. Also on the sides is
an abyss, so be careful not to throw any min over. The gear (Spirit Flogger) and
vacuum tube (Network Mainbrain) are out in the open. Watch that bomb rocks may
be dropped when you pick them up. Delve Deeper

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Coiled Launcher, Omega Flywheel
Hazard: Fire

There are three Armored Cannon Beetle Larva here. Dispose of them. One of them has
the bolt (Superstrong Stabilizer). Out in the open also are the spring (Coiled
Launcher) and rusty gear (Omega Flywheel). Collect everything and Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 4
Treasure: None

A rest level with a lot of eggs and 3 Ivory Candypop Buds. Go ahead and use them
if you wish. I did. Delve Deeper when ready. 

Sublevel 5
Treasure: Adamantine Girdle, Mystical Disc
Hazard: Explosion

No real enemies here. Walk around with your army of whites luring bomb rocks and
Volatile Dweevils down. Over in a corner are the two treasures: a nut (Adamantine
Girdle) and a clock face (Mystical Disc). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 6
Treasure: Repair Juggernaut, Space Wave Receiver, Vacuum Processor
Hazard: Fire, Electricity, Poison, Explosion

Be careful here. Take your army somewhere safe (in a dead end with no obstacles;
if there aren't any make one). In one path is a screw (Repair Juggernaut) and a 
Fiery Dweevil. In another is a pair of Anode Beetles. Be cautious. They watch an
egg. In the main area is poison barriers, Anode Beetles, Dweevils, and Careening
Dirigibugs. Use them to kill the Dweevils and poison barriers, then come in with
purples and carefully take out everyone, and finally sweep the area for everything.
In one part is the dial lock (Space Wave Receiver), and the other treasure 
(Vacuum Processor) is by the geyser and hole to go further. Delve Deeper when
good and ready.

Sublevel 7
Treasure: Indomitable CPU, Thirst Activator, Furious Adhesive

A really big sublevel with two Gatling Groinks. Relax, only one is mobile. The
best thing to do is lure the walking one over and have the perched one kill it.
Then come in with whatever you have and kill it. A good tactic is using leaders
to catch it off guard, like you did with the Ranging Bloyster. Make sure to get
their bodies back quick for they regenerate. The perched one will have the treasure
(Indomitable CPU). Out in the open is the lid (Thirst Activator). Over in another
corner is another tape roll (Furious Adhesive). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 8
Treasure: None

Another rest level. This time there are 3 Violet Candypop Buds. Use them and nurse
everyone back to flowers and Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 9
Final Floor!
Treasure: Stellar Orb

Difficulty: 2/5
Requirement: Purple OR Yellow

There are two methods. The first requires only yellows. Throw one on the orb in
the center of the arena. The beast wakes up and moves around. Run. As soon as a
thing lowers down from his stomach hide behind something, there are tons of switches
and stuff. As long as he isnít right above you. When he is done he rests. Hit him
at this point with yellows. He shakes them off and will start shooting. Hide and
wait. Repeat until dead.

The other, faster method, as usual, uses purples. Go over to his sleeping body
and throw them all onto him. If done right, you should kill him before he has
a chance. Depending on how it works you should have him down to the lower yellow
health (about half to 3/4 health gone). Just wait for him to catch his breath and
throw the purples up. It should take three times at the max. 

The light bulb (Stellar Orb) now lights up the poorly lit dungeons. It is really
useful. You should have made 1480 Pokos alone with treasure. Along with the
beasts from this and previous dungeons, that should put you over 10000 Pokos.
A cut scene ensues and whatever day you were on automatically ends. Watch the
credits, which are actually cool. After is another cut scene. More treasure, for
you didn't think the game was over yet did you?

*-----Wistful Wild [prez]]----------------------------------------------------*
*If anyone has a better name for this section please let me know*

Now that we are back, and The President has replaced Louie, there are a few things.
One is we have about 5-8 days left. However if you want to breed Pikmin, don't be
afraid too. We still have to collect all above ground treasure at Valley of Repose
(plus Frontier Cavern), the treasure at Awakening wood (and Snagret Hole), and the
last two treasure at Perplexing Pool (and Submerged Castle). Then we can attack
the last place, Wistful Wild. That usually takes 2-3 days to clear it out and have
the last day to go in and beat all the dungeons. The last three dungeons, Frontier
Cavern, Snagret Hole, and Submerged Castle are all really hard. Im gonna go in the
order I just listed them in. Try to get to 100 Purple Pikmin before entering
Wistful Wild. It is extremely helpful. 

Day 11
+Valley of Repose+
Goal: Treasure, Frontier Cavern

Note the ship is golden. Anyway, head to Hole of Beasts. Take the path, but don't
go past where the wall was. You should see three paths, two open and one narrow.
Take some purples and go there to find a Burrowing Snagret. Kill it. Burried
underground is a ring (Pink Menace). Burred underground over in the same area
is a treasure (Spiny Alien Treat). Take them both. Head back over to the entrance
to Frontier Cavern. With some purples go up and attack the Armored Cannon Beetle
Larva. Dodge his attacks on the way up. Destroy him and take the crown ().
Backtrack to the bridge and head right. With blues only go into the water killing
the Water Dumples. Wake up the Fiery Bulbax with a leader and lure him to the water.
It will take a while. Destroy him with blues once he is in the water. Grab the
watch (Temporal Mechanism).

With yellows go back to the previous area, but instead overlook the water. Keep
going on the path. On an elevated area type thing is a path. Throw the yellows
up to get a bear carving (). 

If you can't get every treasure, don't worry. Just make sure you get into Frontier
Cavern before the day ends. I myself had troubles with the 

|-+Frontier Cavern+-|
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Requirement: 20 Red/Yellow/Blue/Purple, 15 White
Note: Bring only 15 white so you have 95 total Pikmin. You'll see why on sublevel 3.

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Essential Furnishing, Essence of Rage
Hazard: Poison

There are snowy and hair bulborbs here. Look out for the poisonous Doodle Bugs too,
there three. Underground somewhere is an ornament (Essential Furnishing) and the
gem (Essence of Rage) is also buried. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Icon of Progress, Joy Receptacle

There are some Armored Cannon Beetles added to the snowy and hairy bulborbs. Use
them to kill everything then come in and get the treasure: a present (Joy Receptacle)
is atop a center pillar, and the boot (Icon of Progress) is out in the open.
Delve Deeper. 

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Danger Chime, Fleeting Art Form, Gemstar Husband
Hazard: Fire, Electricity, Poison

A Spotty Bulbear is lurking here. Lure him behind a wall, and attack with surprise
by taking an alternate route to come up behind him. Throw 3-5 purples behind him
so they miss and stun him, and then throw the rest on him to get the Danger Chime.
Somewhere else behind an obstacle is a candle (Fleeting Art Form). Also look out 
for the Bulbmin. An infected bulborb with a leaf. Depending on how many open
slots you have (if you have 100 min then 0 Bulbmin will follow suit), Bulbmin
will follow. You should be down 5 min, so add 5 Bulbmin to your count to total 100.
Kill the leader and whistle to them. Burred somewhere is a ring (Gemstar Husband) 
Delve Deeper

Sublevel 4
Treasure: Omniscient Sphere, Innocence Lost
Hazard: Electricity

Clear out the starting area of the snitch bugs. There is a Violet Candypop Bud
here, chances are itís near you. Go out into the main area with yellows and dispose
of the Anode Beetles but watch out for more Snitchbugs. The tree topper (Innocence
Lost) and small red marble (Omniscient Sphere) are in the open. Get everything
and Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 5
Treasure: Brute Knuckles

A rest level with Caustic Dweevils, Spectralids, and Mamutas. These things attack
your Pikmin but don't kill them. Instead, they are planted as flowers. One of them
has Brute Knuckles. Now you have a deadly three combo punch system. Also here is
an Ivory, Violet, and Lapis Lazuii Candypop Bud. Throw a blue into the Lapis Lazuii
and use up some min to get Purple and White. However, make sure you have at least
11 Blue Pikmin for the next sublevel.

Sublevel 6
Treasure: Worthless Statue, Priceless Statue
Hazard: Fire, Water

Be cautious of Water Dumples and Armored Cannon Beetles. Lure there boulders
to kill the Water Dumples, the lone Bulbmin, and even the fire geysers. Also have
them kill each other. Then go in with blues only and collect the treasures and if
you want the enemies. Collect the white king (Worthless Statue) and black queen
(Priceless Statue). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 7
Treasure: Flame Tiller, Spouse Alert
Hazard: Falling boulders

Go around the level with a single Pikmin initiating falling boulders and enemies.
Come back and kill all of them grabbing the buried Yo-Yo (Flame Tiller) and 
bell (Spouse Alert). Be careful as always with the Orange Bulborbs. Finally there
is an Ivory Candypop Bud. Use it. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 8
Final Floor!
Treasure: Repugnant Appendage

This one requires strategy


Reproducing Empress Bulbax 
Difficulty: 2/5
Requirement: Purple

Same enemy, but different feat: this one is reproducing Bulborb Larva! Throw all
purples up onto the ledge and put everyone else in a corner. Now go out and look
out for the Larva. They are white and small, take one hit, but can deal immense
damage in one bite. They will be in numbers in the arena, just take them out and
avoid their bites. Then go and grab your purples and unleash on her like normal.
Fall back when she rolls, which will kill the Larva for you. Some mother she is!

The Repugnant Appendage will appear. Take it back and tah dah! Withering Blowhogs
no longer blow you away! And you can run as fast as a flower white Pikmin! 
Exit when ready. You should make 1395 Pokos here with every treasure. 

+Valley of Repose+
Let the day run out, for you probably had next to nothing left anyway.

Day 12
+Awakening Wood+
Goal: Treasure, min count, Snagret Hole

Now we should have 6 of the 7 treasures here. Take out some whites (20ish), purples
(25ish) and the rest blues. You should hear some weird noise. Remember the bridge
we built? Get over there pronto and stop the Sheargrubs from debuilding it. Then
cross it and turn left. With blues only, go in and kill the Yellow Wollywog. Then
build the bridge and kill the second Yellow Wollywog. Then come in with whites
and have them build the second bridge and destroy the poison barriers. Then, 
with your purples, head across onto land and towards the wall. A Burrowing Snagret
lurks in this ball park. Kill him like no other by bombarding him you see his
filthy head come out. Then take down the wall. Back a bit is another set of those
inflatable things that we ran into back at Perplexing Pool. Put 15 on the elevated
one (closer to the treasure), and go to the other and put 16 on. Then throw the
Pikmin up to the birdie (Air Brake). Then grab 25 Blue, Yellow, White, and Purple 
and head on back to Snagret Hole. This can be one of the more challenging caves
of the game. However if you know how to use purples to your advantage and have
a well balanced army, you can complete this with no losses. The boss is the only
insane threat. But rest assured it can be completed with loosing no Pikmin.

|-+Snagret Hole+-|
Hazard: Water, Electricity, Poison
Requirement: 25 Water/Yellow/White/Purple 
Note: Most of this cave never changes

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Leviathan Feather, Crystallized Telekinesis

This sublevel never changes. The Orange Bulborb has a yellow marble (Crystallized
Telekinesis) and up a tree root path is a feather (Leviathan Feather).  Delve 

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Combustion Berry, Taste Sensation
Hazard: Water

Home to Burrowing Cloak Nits, Sheargrubs, Shearwigs, and our favorite Min-eating
flowers. There is a water crossing at one point, so pray itís not on the LZ. Either
way go out with blue and/or purples and kill anything that moves and bring back
the strawberry (Combustion Berry) and rice ball (Taste Sensation). Delve Deeper. 

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Meat Snatchel

This is where it starts to get a tad harder. Here we have an open area with tons
of wall. Take down the nearest one and take refuge. With your purples go out and
take care of the two Burrowing Snagrets located here. One has a BBQ'd sausage
(Meat Snatchel). Also here is are an Ivory and Voilet Candypop Buds. Use them,
but make sure you have 20 blues. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 4
Treasure: Cupid's Grenade, Heavy-Duty Magnetizer, Crystallized Telepathy
Hazard: Water, Electricity

There are a few Dwarf Orange Bulborbs here. Dispose of them easily, making sure
to take out the electric gates. Also here is a pair of Watery Blowhogs. Finally
an Armored Cannon Beetle Larva. One falls down on you when below him. Be careful.
The one that falls has a magnet (Heavy-Duty Magnetizer). Out in the open are a
cherry (Cupid's Grenade) and a red marble (Crystallized Telepathy). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 5
Treasure: Emperor Whistle, Crystallized Clairvoyance

There is no real threat here. Dwarf Orange Bulborbs fall down on you though. The
thing you notice first is the treasure gauge is really messed up. And you here
a whistle type noise and it goes even more crazy. Take purples and scope the area.
You will see an Antenna Beetle. He has the power to whistle to Pikmin. Unlike in
Pikmin, they won't turn into Mushrooms and try to attack. They just follow him until
he jumps away. Use purples to stun him and then swarm him. He leaves behind a
whistle (Emperor Whistle). The gauge returns to normal after he is defeated. A
Dwarf Orange Bulborb somewhere (the gauge can lead you to him) has a blue marble
(Crystallized Clairvoyance). Eggs are also scattered. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 6
Treasure: Triple Sugar Threat, Science Project, Salivatrix
Hazard: Water, Poison

This level really gets hard compared to the previous 5. Filled with Candypop Buds
of all sorts (Ivory, Queen, Lapis Lazuii). Two Burrowing Snagrets are guarding a
Candypop Bud (different locations). Take them out with purples. After that,
turn your attention to an Antenna Beetle. He should be over on elevated land
near a water filled path. This can be dangerous because we need to get whites
over this to the other side. Lure him down if possible (he should move on his own)
and get him with purples. On the other side of the path, whistle to the whites
and take out the poison barriers. Behind one is a four leaf clover (Science Project).
Next is a Dannon yogurt lid (Salivatrix). Put all your blues on it. You need 20
at the least. If not, use the Lapis Lazuii and Queen Candypop Buds to get them.
One more treasure to get! Follow the gauge to the designated spot. Itís not buried,
a Dwarf Orange Bulborb will fall. Kill him to get a magnifying lens (Stupendous
Lens). Use all the Candypop Buds too, for you only need purples for the next
sublevel. Thatís right. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 7
Final Floor!
Treasure: Justice Alloy

Pileated Snagret
Difficulty: 4/5
Requirement: Purples

Take out purples and let him come up. Move away as he does so he goes down to
try and eat a Pikmin. Then throw the Purples so you stun him with his head down.
Now load the purples onto him and he will struggle and go back underground. Repeat.
Take extreme advantage if he struggles coming up. 

Another way is taking non-whites in and waiting for him. Every once in a while
he gets stuck coming out. This is your chance. He should be too weak when he is
out and goes back in. Now wait for this to happen again and repeat. This takes a
long while but is the safe method.

Grab the Justice Alloy and you now have stronger armor! Exit. You should make
1215 from the treasures only. 

+Awakening Wood+
Back here, you still should have time. Go around grabbing the pellet posies for
your min. Spend the day doing this, for there is literally nothing left to do here.

Day 13
+Perplexing Pool+
Goal: Treasure, Submerged Castle
Notes: This section is currently being rewritten. If you have any suggested
strategies feel free to send them in to me ([email protected])

We have two above ground treasures left to grab. Take out 40 yellows and 60 blues
and take the path near Citadel of Spiders. You should see a Yellow Wollywog. Go
kill it and build the bridge. Take the yellows over and throw them over the wall
type thing. Now whistle to them and swarm them over to the electric gate (it will
take some navigating by the leader to get over to the gate). After its destroyed
have the blues take the Ragu lid (Optical Illusion), which takes 20 blues. Put
the yellows away and any remaining blues take with a captain towards Glutton's
Kitchen. Take out another Wollywog and have them start on a wall. Put the yellows
away and take out blues in their place, you should have 100. Put them also on 
the wall. 

In this new area are two Hermit Crawmads, two Water Dumples, and a Withering Blowhog.
Take them all out. See the dungeon in the corner here? This is our target. However,
we have one more treasure to snab first. There is a series of four scales here.
Throw 20 min onto the ledge near the first one (I numbered them in order from
left to right). Now we want to get the fourth one lowered all the way. How these
work is two sets next to each other. One and three are a set, two and four are 
a set. 

Throw 1 min onto scale 4; walk on
Throw 2 min onto scale 2; walk onto scale 3
Throw 1 min onto scale 1; walk onto scale 2
Whistle 2 min from scale 2, walk onto block 1
Whistle 1 min from scale 1, walk onto ledge

In Detail:

Throw 1 min onto scale 4. This lowers it so a captain can walk on. Do this and 
then throw 2 min onto scale 2, raising scale 4. Walk onto scale 3. 

Now throw 1 min onto scale 1 thus raising scale 3 enabling you to walk onto scale
2. Throw/whistle the 2 min from scale 2 and you should raise up to get onto scale 

You should have access to the ledge now. If not, you may need to whistle the min
from scale 1. 

Grab the wide nut (Massage Girdle) and leave 60 blues near Submerged Castle. Have
20 on the treasure, and another 20 to escort the treasure to Pod, for there are
a couple of enemies (Snitchbugs, a Fiery Blowhog, and Shearwigs) to be killed along
the path. Once back to the LZ put the 40 away and then go into Submerged Castle.
It will most likely near the end of the day. You will have time though, believe

|-+Submerged Castle+-|
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Requirement: 60 Blue
Notes: The boss appears on every level after a set amount of time passes. He homes
in on one of the leaders. It can be really hard with him going around, invincible.
In this cave you need to do the levels fast; don't bother with enemy carcasses.
And if you don't get a treasure, you can always come back. 

Sublevel 1
Treasure: Bug Bait, Diet Doomer, Pastry Wheel
Hazard: Fire, Water

There is a common fire threat here; a couple of Fiery Blowhogs, fire geysers, and
a Fiery Bulbax. But wait, we only have blues! It can still be done. Lure the
Fiery Bulbax into water (on some setups he is already in water) and use the Ultra
Bitter Spray on him. You get a cookie (Bug Bait). Out in the open elsewhere is
a strawberry cookie (Diet Doomer) and a doughnut (Pasty Wheel). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2
Treasure: Comfort Cookie, Chocolate Cushion, Confection Hoop
Hazard: Fire, Water, Explosion

There are Bulbmin here. The mother Bulbmin has a cookie (Comfort Cookie). Somewhere
also is a Careening Diribug. Dispose of him. There are two paths out of the LZ.
One leads into a drain type area, and has a hill. Go up the hill into a small 
safe path (the boss can't get into here) and follow it to a Chocolate Doughnut 
(Chocolate Cushion). Take it back.

The other path leads to another treasure and the exit. There is a blockage thing
on the exit, so swarm the min to destroy it. Also in this area is a gap with the 
Confection Hoop. Throw some min over and take it home. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 3
Treasure: Succulent Mattress, Activity Arouser, Compelling Cookie
Hazard: Water, Electricity

More Bulbmin! A Withering Blowhog here has a treasure (Activity Arouser). Normally
he is guarding a wall that holds another cookie (Succulent Mattress). Be careful
of  Anode Dweevils and electricity gates. Destroy them with Bulbmin. Off on
another path behind an electric gate is yet another treasure (Compelling Cookie).

There may be an Ivory Candypop Bud here. You can get it, but I advise not too.
Because this is a water dominated dungeon whites, always valuable, can't help
here. Delve Deeper when ready, and be careful of a Wollywog patrolling the paths.

Sublevel 4
Treasure: Pale Passion, Drone Supplies, Proton AA
Hazard: Water, Poison, Explosion

There are poison barriers here, so look out. Also even more Bulbmin. Your ranks
should be up to 100 now! A gold beetle lurks here with a treat (Pale Passion).
Be really careful for falling bomb rocks and Volatile Dweevils. Out in the open
is a Deviled Ham container (Drone Supplies) and a battery (Proton AA). Take
extreme caution when grabbing it because the path to and from it are filled
with falling explosives. Also keep an eye out for any Careening Diribug that
are lurking about. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 5
Final Floor!
Treasure: Professional Noisemaker

There are a couple of eggs and two Violet Candypop Buds. Use the Bulbmin for the
Candypop Buds. When youíre ready, tear down the wall into the arena. 

Difficulty: 2/5
Requirement: 10 Purple

Make use of the purples. On the previous four sublevels, this thing was impervious
to Pikmin attacks. But purples anchor him into one dimension and he can be hurt.
Go out near the egg in the center to lure him down. When he comes down, try to 
get behind him. Remember its insta-death if a min gets ran over. Throw a purple
close to him to stun him; he turns to a solid color. Now through all 10 purples
onto him. He shakes them off quickly but is then back to his solid state. Whistle
the purples and throw them back on. Repeat.

Once all life is drained his rollers break and he runs around. Hold A and run
in front of him, throwing the purple at a good point. Same thing now happens;
throw the purples on him, whistle them back, and throw them again. Do this and
he finally dies, leaving behind no body.

Grab the Professional Noisemaker. Now whistling plucks Pikmin out of the ground.
This saves tons of time but can be very frustrating when you don't want to take
the Pikmin out of borrow. Anyway, exit and get 690 Pokos from the treasures. 
We now have the first three places complete! Its suggested to take a few days at
Awakening Wood and Valley of Repose to work up those min counts. If you want all
treasures, get 100 Purples and whites before you enter into Wistful Wild. You
need the purples, and whites are always great to have plenty of! Take as much
time as you want and when youíre ready, go into Wistful Wild.

Day 14
+Wistful Wild+
Treasure: Doomsday Aparatus, Conifer Spire
Goal: Clear the area, treasure, open paths to each dungeon

Welcome to Wistful Wild! We need to clear the area of all the enemies. This would
include a pair of dwarf red bulborbs outside the LZ. Move left into an area with
a cave (Cavern of Chaos) and kill the Snitchbugs and Cannon Beetle. Note the cave
is a total mess; do not enter yet. Once you have this cleared, retreat back to the
LZ and get 100 purples you have built up. Off to the right is a dumbbell (Doomsday 
Aparatus). If the Gatling Groink wanders over, lure him away, for it will take a
few minutes for the treasure to make it back. Itís worth it though! If the Gatling
Groink is near proceed to take him out with the purples. If not put them back and
ignore him. 

Next take out 50 blues and 50 yellows. Go right outside and along a narrow path
to a Hermit Crawmad guarding a submerged gate. Take both out and, still with blues,
and proceed to a drain. Bring over the yellows and continue forth to an electric
gate. Be wary of the Blowhogs patrolling the area and any Shearwigs. Take the
electric gate out. While the yellows are doing that have the blues start on
destroying the icky crap that prevents Spiderwort plants from growing. If you
don't get all 3 don't worry. Stop when the gate is destroyed and quickly swarm
the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva before he can fire. Then grab the treasure 
(Conifer Spire). Go back to base with all the enemies you have killed. 

Clearing Wistful Wild takes a long while and this is probably all you can clear
today. I at least only got this far due to dividing the enemies towards certain
min type. Tomorrow we attack the next area!

Day 15
+Wistful Wild+
Treasure: Armored Nut, Seed of Greed, Anti-hiccup Fungus
Goal: Clear area, dungeon paths, treasure

Take 50 blue, 25 purple, and 25 white Pikmin. Head left out of the LZ and up a
hill. A trio of Dwarf Red Bulborbs is in your way. Easily overcome them. Now taking
your blues kill the Yellow Wollywog in the water (let him jump and then swarm him
after he lands) and the Burrowing Snitch Bug near the bridge along with a Fiery
Blowhog. Once everything is dead start on the bridge. With your whites, have them
start into the poison wall. Now take your purples and blues and go into the
area off to the right. Lure the Withering Blowhogs away and take care of them. 
One of the Creeping Chrysanthemum has an acorn (Armored Nut). Take it back. When
your whites are down with the one poison wall, put them on the next.

If both gates are down and you still have some time, which you should, head back
with purples and whites and reds. In the newly opened area are the last two 
treasure. Our goal right now is just clear a path for them. With purples take
out one of the Orange Bulborbs. Take the one out furthest away from the Withering 
Blowhog. If he is a deal, throw a single min onto him and then ignore him until
he is the only threat. The one Orange Bulborb will have a large acorn (Seed of
Greed). A mushroom (Anti-hiccup Fungus) is over in the other small area here.
If time allows take them back. If not, its fine. We can grab em tomorrow morning.

Day 16
+Wistful Wild+
Treasure: none
Goal: Cavern of Chaos, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den

This is going to be a VERY long day. You will go through obstacles like no other,
and lose your min followers. Don't lose hope and don't give up.

Our first target is Cavern of Chaos. Its right outside the LZ. If you didn't get
those last two treasure from yesterday, grab them first. Then with an army of
20 of each min type, enter into Cavern of Chaos

|-+Cavern of Chaos+-|
Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Requirement: 20 Red/Yellow/Blue/White/Purple

Sublevel 1
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Explosion
Treasure: Mirth Sphere, Enamel Buster

This is a smaller sublevel. There is a Fiery and Watery Blowhog and 4 Careening
Diribugs among electric gates. A small blue marble (Mirth Sphere) and candy
(Enamel Buster) are both in the open. Be careful of lone bomb rocks. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2
Hazard: Fire
Treasure: Frosty Bauble, Gemstar Wife, Essence of Despair

At first glance this place is Sublevel 9 of Subterranean Complex all over. However
there is no Man-at-Legs. There are Snitchbugs and three Fiery Bulbaxes. This is
a huge problem considering we only have 20ish Reds. There are a couple methods
to defeat them under the circumstances. You can easily use some Ultra-Bitter
Sprays, one on each. Thatís the easy way. The next way is taking purples with you
and launching them. They will catch fire, but will stun the thing long enough
for you to whistle them to safety and bombard him with reds. Be careful if he
comes back to his senses.

The third and hardest way is just throwing reds onto his back and calling them
off before they are eaten. Then run away loosing the Bulbax, who goes back to
sleep, and repeat. 

One has a pink star ring (Gemstar Wife), a embedded pearl (Essense of Despair),
and a blue jewel ring (Frosty Bauble). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 3
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Infernal Vegetable, Child of the Earth

Be warned: This is NOT a rest level! The calming theme of it makes it only seem
like it. There are Mamutas here, but Creeping Chrysanthemums, and falling boulders
say otherwise. Take no more than 5 whites and run through the area triggering
the falling boulders. Make sure you get dead ends too. Then come in with an army
to take out the min-eating flowers. Have the Mamutas plant any leaf or bulb Pikmin
if you wish. Then kill them. The potato (Child of the Earth) is buried somewhere.
The green bell pepper (Infernal Vegetable) is somewhere above ground. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 4
Hazard: Fire, Water, Explosion
Treasure: Milk Tub, Mysterious Remains

A bigger sublevel dominated by a pair of Emperor Bulbaxes. However bomb rocks
are a common theme here. What you can do, is have one leader go in solo to wake 
up one of the beasts. Then have him lick in a couple of bomb rocks. Then come in 
with purples (or blues if he is in water) and throw them on his face. Repeat until 
dead. The one has a crab claw (Mysterious Remains). A milk tub (Milk Tub) is behind
a wall, usually near the LZ. There is a third gate somewhere on the other side
of the area. A Queen Candypop Bud falls when you walk under it. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 5
Hazard: ---
Treasure: none

Rest level! There is an Ivory, Violet, and Queen Candypop Bud here along with eggs
and some Iridescent Flint Beetles. Throw min on their back to have them drop 
nectar/sprays. There is also an escape geyser if you want to leave. If not, delve

Sublevel 6
Hazard: Water, Electricity
Treasure: Princess Pearl, Growshroom

Simply kill anything near you. This includes electric gates, Wollywogs, Anode 
Beetles, and Water Dumples. Be exceptionally careful with all. One Wollywog has
an ornament (Princess Pearl). Near the hole, across a gap of water on an elevated
hill is a mushroom (Growshroom). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 7
Hazard: Poison
Treasure: Impenetrable Cookie, Fuel Reservoir

Have your whites destroy the poison barriers. Then have your others take care of
the Puffy and Withering Blowhogs; take out the Withering ones first, for they
de-flower Pikmin. One of the Puffy's has a treasure (Impenetrable Cookie). Most
likely behind a gate somewhere is the other treasure (Fuel Reservoir). Be careful
when taking down walls for Cloaking Burrow-Nits may be lurking on the other side
waiting to attack. Take everything back and Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 8
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Fruit Guard

This is a sublevel and a half. There 2345 Dwarf Red Bulborbs and a pair of Gatling
Groinks. You can either kill them or use their mortars to kill all the bulborbs.
When going to get them, make sure you have him stuck behind a wall (lure him there
with a captain) and attack with purples. Have whites take him back since they
are fastest. Be sure the path is clear for them. Then go do the same with the
other one. Then, with purples and maybe reds, go through the sublevel clearing 
the bulborbs. In the third and final small room is the lone treasure, a fruit
can (Fruit Guard). Be sure everything is dead when you take it, for if any bulborbs
are in its path they are bound to attack and eat your Pikmin. Delve Deeper when
you've gotten everything.

Sublevel 9
Hazard: Water, Poison, Explosion
Treasure: Maternal Sculpture, Wiggle Noggin

A smaller area full of water, poison, and explosives. Note a deep pool of water in
the center. Keep non-blues away from here, for they can't be saved if they fall
in, unless your able to whistle them back via the ledge going in. Take out the
closest poison barriers with whites and any lurking enemies. Then kill anybody
in the water with blues. Take note of the Careening Diribugs here. You can use 
them to destroy poison barriers. Once everyone is dead we can collect the treasure,
a baby bottle top (Maternal Sculpture) and a bobble cat head (Wiggle Noggin) are
anywhere in this level. They are above ground though, and might be in the water.
Take everything and Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 10
Final Floor!
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Silencer


Segmented Crawbster 
Difficulty: 3/5
Requirement: Red and Purple

Only take flowered Pikmin into this, and don't take every red and purple. You want
to have a smaller army for this battle. 

Lure the beast down. Itís a crab type thing with a huge left arm and a really small
right one with a thick shell. He will beat his left arm down and then roll up 
into a ball and roll at you. Dodge his rolls and lure him into hitting a wall. 
Try to be far away when he does for boulders will drop on your position. Then run
in and throw all your Pikmin onto his stomach which is multi-colored and glows.
Be sure to use an Ultra-Spicy Spray, it really helps. Try to whistle them off
before he gets right side up again. He will shake your min off and go back into
rolling. Repeat. 

After a while of rolling and not hitting anything he will unroll and walk towards
you and then go back to rolling. 

Killing the thing leaves behind its body and a baby head (Silencer), a worthy
amount of Pokos. Then exit the sublevel. With every treasure you have made 1940

+Wistful Wild+
Head right for Hole of Heroes with the same army. Replenish any leaf or missing

|-+Hole of Heroes+-|
Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Requirement: 20 each

Sublevel 1
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Corpulent Nut

Present are Creeping Chrysanthemums, Sheargrubs, Shearwigs, Skitter Leafs, and
finally Cloaking Burrow-Nits. Purple are suggested for all. Dwarf Orange Bulborbs
also fall on you, so be careful. A large acorn (Corpulent Nut) is somewhere
above ground. Delve Deeper

Sublevel 2
Hazard: Electricity, Explosion
Treasure: Essence of True Love

Our favorite bugs are here: Snitchbugs, Careening Diribugs, an Antenna Beetle, 
and Anode Beetles on top of falling bomb rocks. The lone buried treasure (Essence 
of True Love) somewhere so use whites to get it. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 3
Hazard: Fire, Water
Treasure: Love Sphere

A pair of Watery and a pair of Fiery Blowhogs, two Withering Blowhogs, one guarding
the lone treasure (Love Sphere), and a Puffy Blowhog. This level was just one
hell of chaos for me. The Puffy Blowhog will probably let loose on you as you
work your way through the small area fighting off the other Blowhogs. The other
Blowhog is somewhere near a wall, so be careful of surprise attacks. As usual
take care of the other Blowhogs and then Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 4
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Lustrous Element

A giant familiar arena. The final floor to Snagret Hole all over again. This time
with a catch: There is quick sand like stuff that drags you towards the middle if
you get too close. There is a single Burrowing and Pileated Snagret here. One has
the coin (Lustrous Element). If itís the Burrowing, easy. Pileated... heres an easy
strategy. Find it, and use the normal technique (throw purples when its fully up
to stun it and then attack), but let yourself slide to the middle. That way you
don't have to worry about sliding Pikmin and all of them are easy access. Lure
the beast and hack away at him. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 5
Hazard: ---
Treasure: none

A nice and easy rest level with Unmarked Spectralids, Mamutas, a Queen Candypop
Bud, and some Crimson Candypop Buds. Refuel your army and Delve Deeper. Theres
an escape geyser here too.

Sublevel 6
Hazard: Water
Treasure: Nutrient Silo

Full of water and enemies including Yellow and regular Wollywogs, Wogpoles, and
Water Dumples. If you can, take your non-blue army to dry land if possible and 
then work on the enemies. Try to only take out those that need to be killed since
your limited to blues. The peanut butter jar (Nutrient Silo) is somewhere in a corner.
Take it back (you need at least 15 blues). Finally there are Lapis Lazuii Candypop
Buds if needed. I don't know how you get non-blues over to them though, for most
likely they are isolated across the water. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 7
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Joyless Jewel

A Ranging Bloyster is here along with two of each kind of Cannon Beetle. Put the
min in a safe place and then lure the Cannon Beetles into killing each other.
Then use the two captain method to killin the beast. Take back the ring (Joyless
Jewel). Be wary of falling boulders in some areas. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 8
Hazard: Poison
Treasure: none

The second rest level. There is Bulbmin here if you need them, along with some 
Candypop Buds and the poisonous Doodlebugs. Be careful if you come to one for they 
can poison any non-white min. You can escape to the surface yet again if needed.
Delve Deeper

Sublevel 9
Treasure: Dimensional Slicer

All kinds of Bulborbs: Red, Orange, Hairy and there young. A Fiery Bulbax has
the can opener (Dimensional Slicer), and finally a Spotty Bulbear and its young
(thereís five instead of the normal 3) are lurking. Lure one behind a wall and
then take the other captain with Pikmin and kill it. Be careful of its deadly
young though. You can use sprays if you want. It is possible to not use them
and still not lose Pikmin though. Take back the Spotty Bublear's body so it doesn't
revive and then Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 10
Hazard: Poison
Treasure: Treasured Gyro Block

There is some poison barriers around with the main area housing two Emperor Bulbaxes.
Launch purples at the one who has the treasure, and you can kill him before he
can attack if done right. You can leave the other one if you want. But you can
kill it if you'd like. Take the block (Treasure Gyro Block) back. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 11
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Favorite Gyro Block

The Bulborb levels are still going. This time you are facing the reproducing Queen
herself: Empress Bulbax. You start with a lovely view of her rear. Kill the Larva
for they are really deadly. Take all min to her front and take down the wall, 
and make sure to keep the larva at bay. Then start attacking her with purples.
Make sure you call them off before she shakes and then retreat into the newly
opened area. For when she hits the walls, boulders fall. This can still be done
easily though. Just know when to call them off. Defeat her, and grab the gyro
block (Favorite Gyro Block). Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 12
Hazard: Poison
Treasure: Lost Gyro Block

A rest level with a Queen Candypop Bud, Doodlebug, and a Glint Beetle has the
gyro block (Lost Gyro Block). This is the last escape geyser until the final
floor. When youíre ready, Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 13
Treasure: Memorable Gyro Block

This is the cross over level between organic creatures to mechanic. Man-At-Legs
has a symbiotic relationship with a machine and creature. He is in a moat of water
so purples cannot reach him. Lure him out and then attack with the blues. It may
be a bit harder since they can't be thrown as high as the yellows. It can still
be completed though. The method I used was with blues. After waking him up I kept
him near his sleeping position and then his at the nearest cover. Then as soon
as his gun points down sprinted out and threw everything at him, usually taking
1/8 up to 1/6 of damage away. Make sure to whistle min off before he shakes. 
Grab the gyro block (Memorable Gyro Block). Notice a pattern with the treasure
here? Delve Deeper. 

Sublevel 14
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Treasure: Fond Gyro Block

Home to the four main hazards. The area is basically a lake with some dry land
for non-blues. Take the blues and attack the Caustic, Fiery, and Munge (poison)
Dweevils. Take out the Anode Beetles by hand for their attacks can shock Pikmin
to death. Beady Long Legs is lurking somewhere. Go under him and he falls down.
You can beat him with only blues (they are your main army if you haven't noticed
due to water). Grab the final gyro block (Fond Gyro Block) and Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 15
Final Floor! 
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Remembered Old Buddy

You finally made it!


Raging Long Legs
Difficulty: 4/5
Requirement: Non-whites

Any type can attack this giant beast. Its preferred not to use whites though. Go
into the arena and first take out the Jellyfloats (stay away from the middle).
Once all four are gone lure him down with a minless Captain. He sure does look
intimidating! Possibly the biggest enemy in the game. Sit back and watch his
movements; take note of the order of how he steps. He takes eight steps and then
rests. Let him take his first two steps and go in and attack. If you have 20
purples (thatís what I used) you should finish throwing them on right as his first
foot takes it second step. Keep them on until his final foot takes its second
step for he shakes them off and takes real fast steps. Just run away and you'll
be fine. Repeat until he dies. 

He leaves behind nothing but R.O.B.'s head. The gyro blocks and this go hand-in-
hand. Exit with a total of 2195 Pokos. One dungeon and 21 treasures left!

+Wistful Wild+
With the same army head straight for Dream Den. 

|-+Dream Den+-|
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Requirement: 20 each
Note: If you are a veteran, you can take 40 purple and 15 of the others. Either
works or however you choose. 

Sublevel 1
Hazard: Poison
Treasure: Disguised Delicacy

A smaller area full of Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, two Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats,
and poison barriers. The kiwi (Disguised Delicacy) is somewhere in the open. Be
careful of bunches bulborbs. Use purples to kill them, for if they miss they will 
still stun nearby enemies. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 2 
Hazard: Explosion
Treasure: Manual Honer, Implement of Toil

A Hairy Bulborb and Snow Bulborbs along with a stationary Gatling Groink. Use him
to kill the bulborbs here. If out of range, the two captains can handle them. Then
place one captain at the base of the Gatling Groink, and have the other sneak
up behind him with yellows and attack. Make sure to get him back to Pod before
he regenerates. Last thing we need is a roaming Gatling Groink around all the
other Pikmin! He leaves behind a pencil sharpener (Manual Honer). A pencil
(Implement of Toil) is somewhere above ground, usually on the other side of the
wall of blocks. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 3
Hazard: Electricity, Poison, Explosion
Treasure: Glee Spinner

Be careful of falling bomb rocks. Littered in this area are Dwarf Bulbears, and
they aren't alone. Somewhere, a Spotty Bulbear is waiting to fall on you. Near
him Dwarf Bulbears are looking up. If you go near there, he won't fall. You need
to have Pikmin with you. First destroy hazards; poison barriers and electric
generators. Then scope the area for a path to take after luring down the beast.
You aren't going to fight him unless you really want to. Put a gap in between
you and him, and he will walk into the abyss and die. His treasure (Glee Spinner)
will appear near where his last steps where. Also present here are Careening
Diribugs, but you can ignore them. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 4
Hazard: Electricity, Poison
Treasure: Mirrored Element

This is a maze level filled with Anode Beetles, Armored Cannon Beetle Larva, and
finally poison barriers. This can be a dangerous level for Pikmin can wind up
falling into the abyss below; this can happen when the purples land on Anode
Beetle they may fall off the side, or when the cannon beetle rears back. Find the
poison barriers and use the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva's rocks to destroy them
and then if possible each other. Come in with purples and take out the enemies
one by one. Be careful with the Anode Beetles! Somewhere in a dead end is the
silver dollar (Mirrored Element). Delve Deeper

Sublevel 5
Hazard: Fire

Use reds to disable nearby fire geysers. Then with purples take out the Fiery
Blowhogs and Red Bulborbs. Be careful not to let them be thrown off! Finally
here is a Fiery Bulbax. You can use the purple strategy on him, or lure him off 
the side like you did with the Spotty Bulbear previously. Either way he leaves
behind an apple (Insect Condo). Grab it and Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 6
Hazard: ---

Another one of those areas with the sand that drags you and your army into the
middle. A Greater Spotted Jellyfloat has the treasure (Future Orb). Also here
is a Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat and finally a trio of Armored Cannon Beetle
Larva. Be careful of the sand and kill everybody. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 7
Hazard: Explosion
Treasure: Essence of Desire

This is one hell level. In this small area are two Puffy Blowhogs, four Bumbling
Snitchbugs, and four Careening Diribugs. They are dispersed differently each time.
One of the Puffy Blowhogs has the jewel (Essence of Desire). Take out the Diribugs
first and then work your way through everyone else. This is a real chaotic level.
Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 8 
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Treasure: Extreme Perspirator, Possessed Squash

Home to fire geysers, electric generators, and poison barriers. The enemies here
are 4 Caustic Dweevils, four Fiery Dweevils, a trio of Anode Dweevils, and a pair
of Munge Dweevils. The two treasure here, both randomly above ground, are a 
wobbling doll (Extreme Perspirator) and a jack-o-lantern (Possessed Squash).
Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 9
Hazard: ---
Treasure: none

The only rest level. Home to a Glint Iridescent Beetle, a Flint Iridescent Beetle,
and two Doodlebugs. You can get tons of nectars, and usually 4 Ultra-Bitter sprays
and 4 Ultra-Spicy sprays. Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 10
Hazard: Fire, Water
Treasure: Talisman of Life

The hardest possibly in the game. Home to water. Your starting on a trunk, which
may or may not lead to land. Get your Pikmin separated and grab blues. Head for
the Gatling Groink and lure him into killing other enemies. Before he does too
much though be sure to KO him. Whistle the blues off before he shakes them and
then throw them back on. Then take out any Wollywogs, Water Dumples, and Fiery
Blowhogs. Finally here is a Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat that holds the Talisman
of Life. Pray you have a good setup. 

Another thing to do is use the Gatling Groink to kill nearby enemies and then
other enemies. However this is risky because something may sneak up on your other
part of the army.

Once everything is dead and collected, delve deeper.

Sublevel 11 
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Treasure: Yellow Taste Tyrant, Boss Stone

This level has Fiery Blowhogs, Watery Blowhogs, Dwarf Bulbears, Cloaking Burrow-
Nits, electric gates, and poison barriers. Work through each obstacle at a time
and be careful when enemies are near the poison barriers. Finally, a Breadbug
is lurking. He has taken in the French's mustard lid (Yellow Taste Tyrant).
Somewhere else on a raised place is the Boss Stone. Use yellows to get it. Note
these two can be switched randomly each time you enter this level. 

Sublevel 12
Hazard: Poison
Treasure: Stringent Container, Universal Com

Thereís maybe a dozen poison barriers. Use your whites to dismantle them. Then
take out nearby enemies; there are some Wollywogs, Orange Bulborbs, and finally
an Antenna Beetle. Be careful of all and kill everything with your purples. The
Baking Powder container (Stringent Container). Buried is a ring (Universal Com).
Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 13
Hazard: ---
Treasure: Hypnotic Platter

Another small cramped sublevel with a pair of Red, Orange, and Hairy Bulborbs.
One of the Orange's has an Root Beer bottle cap (Hypnotic Platter). A rather
easy second-to-last sublevel don't ya think? Delve Deeper.

Sublevel 14
Final Floor!
Hazard: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Treasure: Master Pump, Shock Therapist, Flare Cannon, Comedy Bomb, King of Bugs
Note: You need at least 3 purple or 30 non-purple to get all the treasure back.
Do not attempt if you don't have enough.

Congratulations on making it this far. This is the last sublevel in the game.
There are a mere five treasure left in the game, and they are here. Out in the
arena you see a pile of junk, and whats that! Louie! Closer examination reveals
the Titan Dweevil, a huge ass dweevil with tons of weapons. Get ready for the
fight of your life! 

Titan Dweevil
Difficulty: 5/5
Requirement: Varies

First you need to identify his weapons and attack patterns. He walks around,
then picks up two weapons. He turns the color of the weapon (Red for Fire,
Purple for Poison, etc). Then he uses it. 

When he turns red, he is using a flame thrower (Flare Cannon). It rotates a flame 
in a 180 Degree area. This will not hurt you, but if you get hit you are stunned. 
When this happens you cannot save any Pikmin with that captain. You need to use
the other captain. Place him somewhere outside of the arena for easy access.
Near its end, it will the flame will have a wider arc and move much faster.

When he turns blue, he is pulling out a water spicket (Master Pump). This shoots 
water anywhere in the level. Take cover and whistle in the area of the non-blues 
so none of them drown. This is priority number one. Always take this out first.
Near the end, it shoots more water and at a faster pace.

If he turns yellow he is pulling out a Crooks Tube (Shock Therapist).T his
inventions generates electricity in a select field. It may go out of the arena,
but not very far. This is very dangerous and should go second unless youíre using
the yellow min strategy. Near the end the nodes it shoot out create a current
right away, before they hit ground.

Finally, when he turns purple he is pulling out a gas pump (Comedy Bomb). This
sprays three lines of poison. This too will only stun you. In this time only the
other captain may save your army. Near the end a fourth stream is added and it
goes it random directions.

Here are the strategies for the weapon removal part:

Strategy 1: Leave. You should have gotten the previous 16 treasures. Come back
with 100 yellow Pikmin. Go into battle and try to take out the Water Pump first.
Then, the flame thrower, and then the poison pump. Finally, take out the Crooks
Tube with ease. 

Strategy 2: With your army take off the Water Pump, and then use an Ultra-Bitter
Spray. In this time take the treasure back and then exit. Come back and only take
off the Crooks Tube, take it, and leave. Repeat twice more. Then on the fourth
time defeat him in the second half. This is best if you are one a Zero-Death

Strategy 3: With your standing army, defeat him on this run. Use any sized army
you want. Just make sure the Water Pump is taken off first, and then the Crooks

After he is stripped of his weapons, he is in true form, a palish yellow dweevil
with pincers. His only attack is shaking Pikmin off, and he cannot kill them.
He has a ton of health here, so use everyone to kill him. Then collect his final
treasure: Louie (King of Bugs).

You just beat Pikmin 2! You should have all 201 treasure! Give yourself a pat on
the back and watch the All treasures collected cinema. Afterwards you can still
play, but there is nothing left to get. 

*-----Map [map]----------------------------------------------------------------*

Valley of Repose
-always accessible
-Treasures: 7
-Dungeons: 3
	Emergence Cave (3)
	Subterranean Complex (16)
	Frontier Cavern (15)

Awakening Wood
-only accessible after getting the Spherical Atlas from Emergence Cave
-Treasures: 7
-Dungeons: 4	
	Hole of Beasts (6)
	White Flower Garden (7)
	Bulbax Kingdom (10)
	Snagret Hole (15)

Perplexing Pool
-only accessible after getting Survey Chart from Awakening Wood
-Treasures: 7
-Dungeons: 4
	Citadel of Spiders (11)
	Glutton's Kitchen (14)
	Shower Room (14)
	Submerged Castle (13)

Wistful Wild
-only accessible after debt is paid off
-Treasures: 5
-Dungeons: 3
	Cavern of Chaos (17)
	Hole of Heroes (13)
	Dream Den (21)


*-----Dungeons [dng]-----------------------------------------------------------*

This is just a summary of the dungeons and does not include how to beat it. See
the Walkthrough for more details on how to complete them. 

Note that the layout of each sublevel is not always the same (in some place, such
as Emergence Cave and a few others, they are always the same). Also, where the
treasure is isn't always the same. Say you have a potato treasure and a tomato
treasure in the same sublevel. The first time entering the potato may be in an
enemy and the tomato laying around somewhere. However reset or something, they
may be switched. 

	|Valley of Repose|
	# of Dungeons: 3

Emergence Cave
Difficulty: 1
Hazards: None
Sublevels: 2
Treasures: 3
Boss: None
Prize: Spherical Atlas (Sphere Chart)
Location: From the Onions, go straight and turn right. Go past the sleeping bulborb
and take down the wall. Dungeon is right there.
Note: You first get access to Purple min via Violet Candypop Buds.

Subterranean Complex
Difficulty: 6
Hazards: Fire, Electricity, Poison
Sublevels: 9
Treasures: 16
Boss: Man-at-Legs
Prize: Stellar Orb
Location: Once you have Blue Pikmin, head right from Emergence Cave and into the
water. Take down the wall then on your right is a drain. Swarm the min on it and
the water will drain. Now head onto the land, and bring an army of blue, white,
purple, and red. Head across the bridge (if not assembled, head across with 
blue and have them build it. Now head straight from the bridge, destroying the
enemies on the way. Near a Watery Blowhog is a poison gate, only White can destroy
it. Have them do so. Follow the new path and tahdah!

Frontier Cavern
Difficulty: 7
Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Sublevels: 8
Treasures: 15
Boss: Empress Bulbax
Prize: Repugnant Appendage (Rush boots)
Location: From the poison gate that lead to Subterranean Complex, overlook it and
keep going. You merge a little off to the left, and look out for Withering 
Blowhogs. Assemble a bridge and theres the entrance. 
Note: On Sublevel 5 you encounter Mamutas, kill one the Brute Knuckles (Rocket
Fist), which allows you to throw a 3 punch combo: right hook, left hook, and a 
final wind-up punch.

	|Awakening Wood|
	# of Dungeons: 4

Hole of Beasts
Hazards: Fire
Difficulty: 2
Sublevels: 5
Treasures: 6
Boss: Empress Bulbax
Prize: Prototype Detector (Treasure Gauge)
Location: Take the center path out of the LZ and at the end turn right (there is
a ledge preventing you from going straight. Turn left and then at your first chance
right and there lies the entrance.
Notes: Purple min can be found here.

White Flower Garden
Hazards: Fire, Poison
Difficulty: 2
Sublevels: 5
Treasures: 7
Boss: Burrowing Snagret
Prize: Five-Man Napsack
Location: From the end of the center path turn right and deflate the bag. You can
see the entrance from here, itís right before a poison gate.
Note: You first get access to White min here via Ivory Candypop Buds.

Bulbax Kingdom
Difficulty: 4
Hazards: Fire, Electricity
Sublevels: 7
Treasures: 10
Boss: Emperor Bulbax
Prize: Forged Scourage (Scorch Guard)
Location: From the onions, take blue and yellow min. Have the blue take out a 
submerged wall. Get the drain part too. Take the new path up a short hill and to
the right. Take yellow only up a path into a stump like thing and it is a bridge
that take you too an electric wall. Yellows can take this. Overcome it and thereís
the entrance. 

Snagret Hole
Difficulty: 7
Hazards: Water, Electricity, Poison
Sublevels: 7
Treasures: 15
Boss: Pileated Snagret
Prize: Justice Alloy (Metal Suit Z)

	|Perplexing Pool|
	# of Dungeons: 4

Citadel of Spiders
Difficulty: 3
Hazards: Fire, Electricity
Sublevels: 5
Treasures: 11
Boss: Beady Long-Legs
Prize: The Key (Challenge Mode)
Location: Head along the left path from the onions. 

Glutton's Kitchen
Difficulty: 2
Hazards: Electricity
Sublevels: 6
Treasures: 14
Boss: Giant Breadbug
Prize: Dream Material (Anti Electrifier)
Location: Head past Citadel of Spiders, taking out enemies, most notably a 
Yellow Wollywog. You will see an Electric Gate. Take it out and there lies the

Shower Room
Difficulty: 6
Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Sublevels: 7
Treasures: 14
Boss: Ranging Bloyster
Prize: Amplified Amplifier (Mega Tweeter)
Location: Take Blue min out to build a bridge in the lake to the right of the
onions. Once done, very carefully take yellows across the land bridge and then
over the new bridge and have them destroy the electric gate. After, take blues
in and have them drain the area, the drain which is the entrance.

Submerged Castle
Difficulty: 9
Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Sublevels: 5
Treasures: 13
Boss: Waterwraith
Prize: Professional Noisemaker (Pluckaphone)
Location: With blue min only, tear down the wall to the left of the entrance to
Glutton's Kitchen. Beware of a couple of Hermit Crawmads, Water Dumples, and a
Withering Blowhog. At the far right back corner is the entrance. Take only 60 
blue min, even though there are other hazards. It is impossible to get any other
kind in. 
Notes: Bulbmin, whom are invincible to every hazard, are found here, so only take
60 Blue min. Be very fast on the levels, for the boss appears on every one. Not
until the last level can he be hurt.

	|Wistful Wild|
	# of Dungeons: 3

Cavern of Chaos
Difficulty: 8
Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Sublevels: 10
Treasures: 17
Boss: Segmented Crawbster
Prize: Silencer 
Location: Follow the path outside the landing zone to the left past enemies.
Itís to the back of the wall you see form the landing zone. 
Note: Prize (Silencer) does nothing to your advantage, itís just worth the Pokos.

Hole of Heroes
Difficulty: 10
Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Sublevels: 15
Treasures: 13
Boss: Raging Long Legs
Prize: Remembered Old Buddy, AKA R.O.B.'s Head
Location: From the landing zone, head right through a small space and onto a 
Hermit Crawmad guarding a submerged gate. Take out both and then a drain. Follow
on the right wall to an electric fence. Take note of the Armored Cannon Beetle
Larva. He can be tough. Follow the path past the Conifer Spire (a treasure), down
a half pipe and there you go.
Note: R.O.B.'s Head does nothing to your advantage, itís just worth the memories
of the NES Days.

Dream Den
Difficulty: 11
Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison
Sublevels: 14
Treasures: 21
Boss: Titan Dweevil
Prize: Monster Pump. Shock Therapist, Flare Cannon, Comedy Bomb, King of Bugs.
Location: Far left of the landing zone. Head up the hill past the clearing with
Cavern of Chaos to a lake. Beware of the mass amounts of enemies. Build the bridge
and then take down the poison gate and pass the enemies. 
Note: Final dungeon.


*-----Piklopedia [pikl]--------------------------------------------------------*

Red Bulborb
Oculus kageyamii russus
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: 7
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: This large organism has the familiar mandibles and cranial 
morphology of the grub-dog family, as well as the characteristic bulging eyes. 
As with most grub-dogs, the creature's cranium comprises half of its total length
and girth. Showing a scarlet abdomen with white spots, this creature is primarily
nocturnal, choosing to prey upon smaller creatures returning to their nests. 
Originally classified as the spotty bulborb, further research has reclassified 
this species as the red bulborb. Subspecies of varied colors have recently been
discovered, but academics are divided into two rival camps over how to handle 
their classification
Louie's Notes: Plump specimens are best spit-roasted whole, stuffed with a lime
and a slab of bacon. Baste frequently to ensure a magnificently moist haunch.

Hairy Bulborb 
Oculus kageyamii folliculus
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: 7
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: This subspecies of grub-dog has a thick coat of soft white fur 
that obscures its abdominal markings. The fur also warms its vital organs, 
making this species well adapted to colder climates. However, its hair follicles
are surprisingly frail, which can result in immediate hair loss if the creature 
is surprised.
Louie's Notes: Remove all of the Bulborb's hair, wrap the beast in foil along 
with a halved lemon, and place it directly on the grill. The foil should protect
the carcass from scorching, and the lemon will give the meat an elegant hint of

Orange Bulborb
Oculus kageyamii orangium
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: 7
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: This bulborb species boasts a garish color pattern, with deep 
orange body and black spots. The orange bulborb's yellow, bloodshot eyes make it
clear that this grub-dog is excessively edgy and high-strung, making it much 
easier to wake from deep sleep than other species in the bulborb family
Louie's Notes: This bulborb's meaty flanks make for salaciously savory steaks that 
shouldn't be missed.

Dwarf Red Bulborb
Pansarus pseudoculii russes
Breadbug Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: Although initially identified as a juvenile red bulborb, groundbreaking
new research indicates that this creatures is in fact a member of the Breadbug
family. A close relative of the vanilla Breadbug ,it escapes predating through
mimicry. Unique adaption of the red bulborb's crimson coloration allows the
species to safely commingle. Such effective adaption and obfruscation by a prey
species is rare, indicating this clever creature is a master of mimicry.
Louie's Notes: For a blissful bisque, mince the entire beast finely and stir in 
with heavy cream, artichoke hearts, and a pinch of black pepper. Heat slowly 
until piping hot. Mmmmm... Rich and creamy!

Snow Bulborb
Pansarus pseudooculii frosticus
Breadbug Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: Like the dwarf red bulborb, the snow bulborb is a member of the
Breadbug family that seeks to survive through imitating the appearance and behavior 
of a bulborb. Its pale coloration and blue spots make for easy identification. 
In particular, this organism mimics the hairy bulborb, but it is of course 
unable to grow the hair that gives the hairy bulborb its name. However, as the 
hairy bulborb has been known to lose its hair in certain circumstances, the snow
bulborb is an effective mimic that is often mistaken for a member of the same 
Louie's Notes: Best grilled and served hot over a bed of fresh spinach and crumbled
blue cheese.

Dwarf Orange Bulborb
Pansarus pseudooculii orangium
Breadbug Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: Just as dwarf red bulborbs mimic the appearance of red bulborbs,
it was theorized that an orange bulborb-mimicking variant must also exist. 
Recent fieldwork has confirmed this theory.
Louie's Notes: Although difficult to prepare, this exquisite creature is more 
than worth the effort. Great in fajitas!

Spotty Bulbear
Oculus terribilis dotticum
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: 10
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: A midsize subspecies within the grub-dog family, the spotty 
bulbear's unique feeding habits set it apart from other grub-dogs. The spotty 
bulbear patrols a set path searching for prey, instead of passively feeding on 
creatures that wander into a limited territorial range. When entering bulbear 
habitat, it is wise to proceed with extreme caution until the bulbear's patrol 
path can be clearly identified.
Louie's Notes: For an unrivaled green curry, peel away the spotty bulbear's skin,
pulverize the juicy innards, and stew until curiously fragrant.

Dwarf Bulbear
Oculus terribilis
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: A grub-dog larva in its third stage of development, this creature's
body structure is nearing maturation. However, unlike mature bulbears, it has 
yet to claim its own patrol route, and thus is dependent upon its parent for 
guarding direction.
Louie's Notes: Remove innards, stuff with sage and finely aged prosciutto, and 
broil until golden brown. The ultimate crowd pleasers!

Bulborb Larva 
Oculus bambinii
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: As its name implies, this creature is a bulborb in an early 
stage of development. Its distinct bulborb coloration has yet to appear, but it
already exhibits other uniquely bulborb characteristics. It is capable of hunting
nourishment independently without the help of its parents.
Louie's Notes: This meager creature offers little meat, but its eyeballs are a 
local delicacy. Try them with okra and a dollop of sour cream!

Fiery Bulbax
Oculus vulcanus
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: 10
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: Bodily excretions of a highly flammable waxy substance interact
with the cell structure of this grub-dog's skin, causing a chemical reaction that
produces extremely high temperatures. The skin benefits from a spongy cell 
structure that diffuses the surface heat, protecting the creature's inner organs.
Due to the astonishing amount of heat produced by this beast, it should be 
observed with great caution.
Louie's Notes: No stove? No problem! This sizzling beast practically cooks itself.
Remember to thoroughly extinguish the steaks prior to eating.

Water Dumple
Ichthyosa felinis
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: 3
Weight: 5
Olimar's Notes: A resident of freshwater pools and marshes, this aquatic creature
regularly feeds on insects that land on the surface of the water. It shares a 
nearly identical skeletal structure with its close relative and terrestrial 
cousin, the bulborb. This may offer clues to its evolutionary origin and suggests
that it only recently emigrated to an aquatic habitat.
Louie's Notes: Deep-fry dumples without batter for all of the flavor with half 
the fat!

Parasiticus pikminicus
Pikmin Family
Treasure Value: 3
Weight: 7
Olimar's Notes: This loathsome creature is in fact a parasitic form of Pikmin 
that has infected a bulborb. Unlike Pikmin that nest in Pikmin Onions, this 
parasitic relative spends its life inside the body of a host, usually a bulborb.
Juveniles fall in line and mimic the actions of their parent until maturing to 
full independence. By burying its rootlike limbs into the nervous system of the
host bulborb and infusing it with natural hormonal excretions, the bulbmin is 
able to control virtually all of the host's bodily functions. However, the host's
voracious appetite seems impossible to suppress.
Louie's Notes: Grind the meat and season with allspice, salt, and ground white 
pepper. Press the seasoned meat into meat satchels, then panfry them with onions.
Prior to serving, smother the brats with dijon mustard and sauerkraut. Buns are

Fiery Blowhog
Sus draconus
Blowhog Family
Treasure Value: 4
Weight: 7
Olimar's Notes: This creature expels a volatile phosphorous compound from its 
snout that combusts upon contact with air. This fire-breathing ability is dependent
upon the air-to-fuel ratio at its mouth, catalyst reaction within the expelled
compound, and purification of the compound. Thus it is highly unlikely such a 
complex process could cause the spontaneous explosion of a fallen blowhog. 
(This process is also perhaps to avoid risk of spontaneous combustion in the 
belly of a live specimen.) However, one should still treat a fiery blowhog with
great care, even after its life functions have ceased.
Louie's Notes: Roast this flavorful beast for several hours, letting it stew in
its own succulent juices. Don't worry about overcooking this's scorch-proof.

Watery Bloghog
Sus loogiens
Blowhog Family
Treasure Value: 4
Weight: 7
Olimar's Notes: A variant subspecies of the fiery blowhog, the watery blowhog 
lacks several of the dominant genes necessary for the production of fire-producing
catalysts, and thus expels jets of the nonflammable liquid. This subspecies 
appears to have only recently evolved. However, the hereditary traits of this 
variant are dominant and highly robust, so its population is rapidly increasing.
Louie's Notes: This beast's unrivaled moistness gives it a melt-in-the-mouth 
quality that's incomparable.

Armored Cannon Beetle Larva
Granitus chukkulinae
Lithopod Family
Treasure Value: 4
Weight: 7
Olimar's Notes: This specimen is a lithopod larva. This expedition was unable to
confirm the existence of any mature lithopods, leading to concerns that the 
species was extinct on this planet, but the discovery of the creature in larval
form eased such concerns. Lithopods, like flint beetles, use internal metabacteria
to aid chemical digestion. These metabacteria can only survive in certain 
environments, such as within the body of certain insects, so lithopod larvae do
not contain any metabacteria immediately after hatching. Larvae feed on partially
digested ore regurgitated by mature lithopods, ensuring the larvae obtain 
metabacteria they would not normally have acquired.
Louie's Notes: Carefully remove every grain of sand, peel back the exoskeleton,
and slurp heartily!

Decorated Cannon Beetle
Granitus decorum
Lithopod Family
Treasure Value: 4
Weight: 7
Olimar's Notes: This creature is the larval form of a cannon beetle variant known
for a diet consisting entirely of eating stones. The decorated cannon beetle 
favors stones with high iron content, which contributes to its brilliant red 
torso. The stones these creatures launch are wrapped in a powerful magnetic 
field which causes the stones to stray from their launch trajectory when other 
objects with high metal content, such as space suits, are nearby. Extreme caution
is recommended for explorers wearing steel-plated armor in close proximity to 
this fearsome creature.
Louie's Notes: Slice the meat into tender cutlets and vigorously apply a lime 
and pepper rub. Panfry until lightly crusted. Accompany with watercress and 
drizzle with freshly prepared tamarind sauce.

Puffy Blowhog
Sus inflata
Blowhog Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This species of blowhog uses internally generated hydrogen to 
inflate a flotation bladder and hover above the ground. The creature's electrified
pulse creates a sash of color that flows along the surface of its body, making 
it a particularly beautiful blowhog species. Precisely how it is able to 
internally stabilize its highly explosive hydrogen and simultaneously generate 
electricity remains a mystery. The puffy blowhog blows leaves and grass around 
to eat the insects underneath. It maintains midair buoyancy by using its fins 
and releasing air through blowholes. This enables it to float effortlessly, even
in the breeze. In times of danger, the puffy blowhog can decompress its flotation
bladder for a rapid escape from predators.
Louie's Notes: Slice this creature's feather-light skin into triangles, deep-fry
until crispy, and salt generously. Makes the perfect scooping chip to accompany
fresh mango salsa!

Withering Blowhog
Sus decrepitia
Blowhog Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: The withering blowhog is a close relative of the puffy blowhog,
but its breath is significantly weaker. However, its breath does contain a 
petal-withering plant hormone that causes flowers to instantly lose their 
petals. Although its breath has not been studied in detail, analysis of the 
chemical compounds involved hold great promise for the biotechnology sector.
Louie's Notes: Hang this creature on a rack and sun-dry on a hot afternoon. When
suitably crisp, grind the sun-dried beast into powder. Makes a great substitute
for cayenne or curry powder!

Gatling Groink
Megaplod calibersi
Unknown Family
Treasure Value: 7
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: This beastly predator's aggressive ejection of high-speed projectiles 
makes it one of the most fearsome creatures in the ecosystem. Its body seems to
comprise of both biological and mechanical components, and represents one of the
most evolutionarily advanced specimens ever observed. The chamber within its 
torso gives it rapid-fire bio-pellet launch capabilities. What appears to be a 
tail fin is in fact the base of its counter-weight and ammunition cylinder, so 
immobilizing this appendage will prevent the groink from least in
theory. Confirmation of this suspicion remains elusive, as nobody has volunteered 
to test it.
Louie's Notes: Remove the cannon and ammo stockpile, then vigorously tenderize 
the meat with a heavy mallet. Stir-fry with caramelized onions and figwort 
sprouts. Spoon over a steaming bowl of fluffy white rice and douse with chili 

Iridescent Flint Beetle
Pilli envelopens
Flint Beetle Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: Flint beetles are nocturnal, choosing to hide in the grass by 
day and stay active at night. These creatures keep undigested food pellets in 
their stomachs to sustain them through winter, but given the right stimulus they
will spit them out. Recent research has revealed that these pellets are enveloped
in a membrane that seals and preserves them in a sterile, airtight environment.
If kept at room temperature, it seems that this pellet membrane will keep its 
contents fresh for up to six months. The membrane may be made from the same
substance that gives the exoskeleton of the flint beetle its beautiful sheen.
Louie's Notes: An essential flavor-accentuating ingredient in gumbo and jambalaya.
Also delicious in soups, broths, and marinades.

Iridescent Glint Beetle
Pilli auricus
Glint Beetle Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This variety of beetle consumes subterranean minerals. Due to 
the fact that it rarely emerges above ground, sightings of this particular 
species are extremely rare. While minerals are this beast's primary source of food,
the beetle itself does not have the ability to digest these minerals. Instead, 
metabacteria living inside the beetle's stomach chemically break down the minerals.
The resulting purified metal is discharged, but rare metals such as gold and 
platinum crystallize onto the iridescent glint beetle's shell, resulting in the
beautiful laminated shimmer.
Louie's Notes: This precious treat is exceptionally rare. I could sell it back 
at home for a fortune! Then, I could use the cash to upgrade my kitchen, buy 
galactic-class ingredients, and even star in my own cooking show... The Insect 

Pilli flatularum
Flint Bug Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: While life-forms that excrete foul musks to warn of danger are 
not rare, the doodlebug is the only species known to release flatulence when active
above ground. Interestingly enough, since it is merely releasing the gas created
by decay of the contents of the creature's intestines, it does not have a 
special musk-producing organ. This means the creature is in fact merely 
flatulating. Spectral analysis of the rank gas indicates it contains not only 
methane, but hydrogen sulfide as well, making the flatulence a Grade XIII biohazard.
Louie's Notes: Looking for a flavor that will surprise and delight your guests?
This beast's aroma may surprise your guests, but it won't be delightful!

Female Sheagrub
Himeagea mandibulosa
Mandiblard Family
Treasure Value: 1
Weight: 1
Olimar's Notes: The males of this species are purple and black creatures with 
tapered mouths, while the females are lighter in color and lack an armored 
exoskeleton. As with most mandiblards, these creatures have regressed to the 
point where they have lost both legs and wings. They can be seen crawling around
on the ground and are believed to feed on the vegetable extracts from the 
congealed fluids of expired Pikmin.
Louie's Notes: For an unforgettable quiche, slice this creature up and mix with
four eggs, two vine-ripened tomatoes, diced zucchini, and generous handfuls of
feta and swiss. Bake until crusty and golden. This beast is most flavorful if
caught and cooked just after laying its eggs.

Male Sheargrub
Himeagea mandibulosa
Mandiblard Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 1
Olimar's Notes: This specimen is a male sheargrub. Having lost both legs and 
wings, the male burrows into the soil and waits to ambush small creatures that 
pass by. This beast's mandibles can be dangerous, making creatures such as 
Pikmin easy prey.
Louie's Notes: Spread several specimens in the bottom of a casserole dish and 
layer with sliced avocado. Bake until the meat is choice and the cheese is 
lusciously browned.

Himeagea volaris
Mandiblard Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 1
Olimar's Notes: Unusual for their genus, flying mandiblards have retained their
wings. However, only the adult males of this species can fly. Females of this 
species spend most of their life span underground. They do emerge for a period 
after maturation to spawn, but never metamorphose.
Louie's Notes: Grate this beast into a zest and whisk with sugar, cream, and 
chopped dark chocolate for a lusciously indulgent mousse that's a true culinary
coup de grace!

Cloaking Burrow-Nit
Trilobitins reclusiva
Burrow-nit Family
Treasure Value: 3
Weight: 8
Olimar's Notes: The snake-eye pattern on this beast's shell is one of the most 
distinctive features of the burrow-nit family. The red pattern of the cloaking 
burrow-nit and the spikes around its mantle make it easily identifiable while 
still making it a representative specimen of the burrow-nit family. The shell 
on the cloaking burrow-nit's back also provides a frame that fixes its muscular
structure in place, and appears to give the creature its powerful needle-launching
Louie's Notes: Boil in the shell with a pinch of salt until bright red, and 
serve piping hot with tartar sauce.

Ravenous Whiskerpillar
Lepidoptera pluckieus
Whiskerpillar Family
Treasure Value: 1
Weight: 1
Olimar's Notes: As this species of insect has only recently been discovered, 
fully mature specimens have yet to be collected. No molting or metamorphosis 
has been observed during the observation period, making it unlikely that mature
whiskerpillars will be encountered anytime soon. Based on active predation by 
Pikmin, it is believed that the whiskerpillar's place in the food chain has not
changed over time.
Louie's Notes: Delicious skillet-seared or sauteed with scallions and a red 
Genovese sauce.

Anode Beetle
Scarabum electrodea
Scarab Family
Treasure Value: 3
Weight: 5
Olimar's Notes: This specimen is representative of an insect hybrid that uses
electricity in addition to glycogen for its energy. Although difficult to
confirm due to their microscopic size, tiny hairs on the creature's legs cause
the friction that generates the electrical charge. The electrical charge is
processed by the creature's internal machina battery structure, and then stored
as a deus electrifical field. As this field reaches critical levels, surplus
electricity is emitted, resulting in a low voltage current that is transmitted
between specimens. It can shock other creatures in the immediate vicinity.
Considering this process, it can be surmised that the largest impetus to pack
behavior is not so much for synergic effect of producing as a pack as it is to
take advantage of this most effective means of group preservation.
Louie's Notes: Drain the electrical charge before boiling. Although it is
possible to eat an anode beetle while it is charged, doing so may result in an
unpleasant tingling sensation.

Mitivius infiltratus
Unknown Family
Treasure Value: 1
Weight: 1
Olimar's Notes: These parasitic insects feed on eggs. Upon reaching maturity, 
they excrete a special pheromone that attracts females of particular species, 
enticing these females to swallow the mitites whole. (Pikmin, however, seem to 
dislike the scent.) After entering the host female's body, the mitites lay their
own eggs inside the host's eggs just prior to the host spawning.
Louie's Notes: Flash-fry with garlic and red chilis in a hot pan, then sprinkle
with grated gorgonzola. Some dinner guests may find the legs unappealing, so 
it's best to remove them before serving.

Hermit Crawmad
Camabarus rustica
Crawmad Family
Treasure Value: 3
Weight: 5
Olimar's Notes: Looking at the eyes and sickle-shaped legs characteristic of 
squillas, one would think this is a squilla relative. In fact, it is a relative
of the hermit crab. This species, however, has migrated from seaside life in a 
shell and instead inhabits burrows in the ground. While its legs appear 
sickle-like, they are pincers that have evolved into a fin shape. This beast 
feeds on small creatures that pass by its lair, dragging them inside to eat them.
Louie's Notes: Shuck from the shell, bake on high heat until crispy, then dip in
a pot of melted milk chocolate. Lip-smacking sweet!

Swooping Snitchbug
Scarpanica kesperens
Scarpanid Family
Treasure Value: 4
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: The scarpanids originally lived on the ground, sporting poorly 
developed vestigial wings. This species developed enlarged antennae that can be
used as makeshift wings. Scarpanids are attracted by the sight of large groups 
of Pikmin in cavalry formation and will swoop down to seize them. However, 
scarpanids do not eat Pikmin, and they will drop any seized Pikmin after a short
time. The reason for this behavior is unknown, but I look forward to future 
research in the area.
Louie's Notes: Remove the wings, marinate a well-marbled steak for several hours
in a chipotle marinade, then charbroil to perfection.

Bumbling Snitchbug
Scarpanica doofenia
Scarpanid Family
Treasure Value: 4
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: This is a variety of snitchbug. Its most interesting characteristic
is that it likes to snitch leaders. Yet barring wanton carelessness or incompetence,
leaders are not easily captured. Any leader caught by this creature is clearly 
an idiot, which is why this creature is also known as the exposing snitchbug. 
There are several known varieties of snitchbugs, but research has stagnated 
despite it being such an interesting species.
Louie's Notes: Remove the wings and discard the remainder of the beast. Enjoy 
the luxurious, wafer-thin wings with fine water-dumple caviar.

Careening Dirigibug
Flotillium circusmaximus
Diribug Family
Treasure Value: 3
Weight: 5
Olimar's Notes: This creature floats effortlessly through the air using gas-filled
balloons. Both its appearance and its nature are antagonistic. And it is the only
variant of its species in this ecosystem. It may be best to consider the possibility
that it somehow wandered into this ecosystem from an entirely alien one. 
Positive proof does not exist at this point, but that is how the creature is 
currently classified.
Louie's Notes: Pull off the balloonlike air sacs, mince the meaty abdomen, and 
shape it into small cakes. Pan-sear the cakes until crusted, but be careful not
to overcook the delicate meat. When ready to serve, garnish the plate with the 
vibrant air sacs. Even the most discerning dinner guest will be dazzled by the
colorful presentation!

Antenna Beetle
Mesmeri raiocontra
Kettlebug Family
Treasure Value: 3
Weight: 5
Olimar's Notes: This creature is able to control the Pikmin by way of the 
peculiar frequency of its roar, but its only objective seems to be defensive in
nature, as it stops Pikmin from attacking and forces them to run away. This 
beast prefers humid, dimly lit environments, and has been known to inhabit empty
and discarded containers. For this reason, it's wise to thoroughly ventilate any
specimens that are recovered. Lifting off with one of these creatures in the 
hold can lead to a rupturing of the specimen during decompression, resulting in
an explosive mess.
Louie's Notes: Extract meat from the exoskeleton and sear on all sides in a hot
wok to seal in the flavor. Top the dish off with a splash of spicy peanut sauce.

Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat
Cephalus dottalium
Jellyfloat Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This native jellyfloat is indigenous to the region. Unfortunately,
it is currently endangered, as its habitat is being overwhelmed by hostile 
immigrant species.
Louie's Notes: Similar in taste and texture to gelatin, this jiggling mass of 
jelly can be sculptured into all kinds of creative shapes. As a bonus, it also 
doubles as professional-grade hair gel. It's the perfect cool summer treat!

Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
Cephalus vortexia
Jellyfloat Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: Vivid pink coloration is the most noticeable characteristic of 
this floating life-form. This immigrant species is not native to the region, 
having appeared to have recently arrived on wind currents. The luminescent 
organ in its head attracts prey, which it then sucks up and consumes with its 
lower orifice. Unlike jellyfish, the jellyfloat's tentacles do not have nematocysts,
so there is no danger in touching them.
Louie's Notes: Like a fine cheese, the aroma of this fluid floater can be 
oppressive, but its flavor must be experienced to be believed. Also makes an
unforgettable nondairy spread!

Fiery Dweevil
Mandarachnia napalmens
Dweevil Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: Members of the dweevil family are known for carrying objects of
astounding size on their backs, then mimicking them. The fiery dweevil is one 
species in this family. Generally, this is a very gentle insect that feeds on 
grass nectars, but when faced with danger the fiery dweevil ignites flammable 
internal gasses, juts out its jaw, and spews scorching flames. As this clearly 
makes it a rather dangerous insect, it is best not to linger directly in front 
of it.
Louie's Notes: The search for a gourmet, high-protein salad-topping alternative
to bacon bits is over! Grind this spicy dweevil into tasty micro-chunks and toss
them generously over your salad to add instant flair AND flavor!

Anode Dweevil
Mandarachnia volticula
Dweevil Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: Members of the dweevil family are known for carrying objects of
astounding size on their backs and mimicking them. The anode dweevil is one 
species in this family. They seem to have no particular preference for which 
objects they carry on their backs, as they will carry anything they can lift.
They boast an internal organ that generates electrical charges, which the anode
dweevil releases when it senses danger.
Louie's Notes: Raw anode dweevil makes for an unforgettable sushi treat, but if
it is not prepared by an expert hand with exacting precision, consumption could
result in a jolting electrical explosion of apocalyptic proportion.

Caustic Dweevil
Mandarachnia sulfurnid
Dweevil Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: The caustic dweevil is one member of an insect family known for
mimicking objects by carrying them on their backs. Several points of differentiation
with other members of the species have been confirmed, such as body color and
behavioral patterns, but none of these suggest major deviations in the creature's
genetic structure. This makes it clear that it is a relative of the family. When
attacked by enemies, the caustic dweevil spits out bodily fluids in response.
Space suits corrode and oxidize when they come in contact with this highly
acidic liquid.
Louie's Notes: Inedible. Effects of consumption include uncontrollable arm
flailing and enthusiastic dishwashing.

Munge Dweevil
Mandaracnia pungetis
Dweevil Family
Treasure Value: 2
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: The munge dweevil is one member of an insect family known for
mimicking objects by carrying them on their backs. These insects often carry the
carcasses of other life-forms on their backs, but apparently this is not for the
purpose of transporting them as food, but instead is another example of their
mimic behavior. The munge dweevil produces two different chemical compounds within
its body, which form poisonous gas when mixed and expelled. This gas is used
only for self-defense.
Louie's Notes: Exposure to even extreme heat doesn't seem to rid this creature
of deposits of potent gas. It's probably best for everyone if you avoid eating
this hazardous fare.

Volatile Dweevil
Mandarachnia explodus
Dweevil Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: The volatile dweevil is one member of an insect family known for
mimicking objects by carrying them on their backs. The dweevil family exhibits
a most unusual characteristic whereby the creature's behavioral patterns actually
change based upon the object the creature carries on its back. The volatile 
dweevil has one of the most potent attacks of all species in within the dweevil
family, due to its habit of carrying explosive devices. Approach with caution 
and/or body armor!
Louie's Notes: This scorching species combusts upon contact with the tongue.
Only edible by the adventurous and asbestos-tongued.

Toady Bloyster
Molluschid minionicus
Mollusking Family
Treasure Value: 3
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: This species of creature has yet to fully evolve from shelled
mollusk to the more advanced bloyster. Compared to the bloyster, this creature
is significantly smaller. The fact that its mandibles do not protrude as
significantly as the ranging bloyster is due in part to the fact that like most
mollusks, its vital organs are located deep within the creature's carapace.
Louie's Notes: Pan-sear the herbs and oil until lightly crusted on the outside
and rosy on the inside. Complement the savory flavors with a light and buttery
creme sauce.

Yellow Wollywog
Amphicaris frodendum
Amphituber Family
Treasure Value: 5
Weight: 7
Olimar's Notes: This magnificent specimen has the brightest gold coloration and
the greatest number of lateral spots of any member in the amphituber family.
This species seems to have lost some swimming proficiency with the evolutionary
adaptation that granted it greater jumping ability. The amphituber inhabits
aquatic shallows and shows an instinctive drive to jump upon and squash smaller
Louie's Notes: Beer-batter and deep-fry for a down-home flavor you won't soon

Amphicaris albino
Amphituber Family
Treasure Value: 5
Weight: 7
Olimar's Notes: It is believed that juvenile wollywogs were once carried by
underground current into caverns, where they thrived in the dark habitat. This
troglodytic species of wollywog's coloration results from generations of cave
dwelling and lack of sunlight. Comparative differences between the size and
shape of this wollywog and other species are thought to be the result of natural
selection at work, choosing traits better suited to life in a subterranean
Louie's Notes: Wollywogs are best ground up, shaped into a patty, and flame-broiled
on a grill. Slap on tomato slices, lettuce, onions, ketchup, and slide the patty
between a sesame-seed bun for the ultimate beast-burger experience.

Amphicaris frodendum
Amphituber Family
Treasure Value: 1
Weight: 1
Olimar's Notes: The wollywog spawns in early spring, laying its eggs on
low-hanging tree branches and shrubs growing in or near lakes and ponds. Such
unorthodox amphibious behavior is a defense mechanism, protecting the eggs from
predation by blue Pikmin and water dumples. The wollywog's wild hopping near the
shoreline in early spring is thought to be a method of driving predators away
from the wogpole eggs.
Louie's Notes: Wogpoles can be eaten raw, but they're much more flavorful when
steamed or grilled. Also heavenly in risotto! Feel free to experiment with this
lush ingredient.

Lapis Lazuii Candypop Bud
Flora colbaltium
Candypop Bud Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: No matter what color Pikmin is tossed into the bosom of this
flower, it spits out the same number of blue Pikmin. This family of plant boasts
soft, fleshy leaves, the sinewy tendrils of which allow the flower to open and
close repeatedly over the course of a day.
Louie's Notes: This flower's tough texture makes it unsuitable for salads, but
its bright blue hue makes for a grandiose garnish!

Crimson Candypop Bud
Flora rufusia
Candypop Bud Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: No matter what color Pikmin is tossed into the bosom of this
flower, it spits out the same number of red Pikmin seeds. The Pikmin, the candypop
flowers, and the Pikmin Onions are not easily explained by current theories of
the xenobotanical sciences, and thus have not yet been appropriately studied and
Louie's Notes: This spicy flower combusts upon contact with the tongue. Keep
fire-retardant condiments within arm's reach!

Golden Candypop Bud
Flora aurumia
Candypop Bud Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: No matter what color Pikmin is tossed into the bosom of this
flower, it spits out the same number of yellow Pikmin seeds. Current research
has yet to produce any theories as to precisely what kind of interaction causes
the Pikmin to change color to match the color of this flower's petals.
Louie's Notes: This tart flower's acidic juices can burn a hole through a frying
pan. Eating it would be unwise.

Violet Candypop Bud
Flora puniceus
Candypop Bud Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: Research from our most recent expedition has confirmed the
presence of candypop buds in subterranean regions. Considering the
micro-ecologies this plant has been found in, one could surmise that it could be
found in any cavern, regardless of geographic region. Tossing Pikmin into this
flower results in the release of purple Pikmin seeds, regardless of the color of
the Pikmin tossed in. This variety of candypop contains robustly odoriferous oils.
If candypop flowers could be cultivated, there is no doubt that the plants would
offer multifaceted benefits to the cosmetic, medical, and tourist industries.
Louie's Notes: This convenient purple flower secretes a dark, flavorful oil that
eliminates the need for salad dressing!

Ivory Candypop Bud
Flora niveus
Candypop Bud Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: Research from our most recent expedition has confirmed the 
presence of candypop buds in subterranean regions. Considering the 
micro-ecologies this plant has been found in, one could surmise that it could
be found in any cavern, regardless of geographic regions. Tossing Pikmin into
this flower always produces white Pikmin seeds, regardless of the color of 
Pikmin tossed in. In many cases, plants with small leaves typically have limited
photosynthetic capabilities, and thus must find alternate means of obtaining
nutrients, with parasitic and predatory behavior being most common. The candypop
could be considered one such example.
Louie's Notes: This elusive flower spoils within seconds of picking, making it
unsuitable for cooking.

Queen Candypop Bud
Flora regina
Candypop Bud Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This specimen constantly changes colors. When Pikmin are thrown
into it, it shoots out seeds that match the flower's coloration the moment the
Pikmin landed inside of it. The number of seeds shot out is always greater than
the number of Pikmin thrown in. It can be said that this is a completely
baffling plant, and many mysteries remain over precisely what sort of relationship
it has with the Pikmin. It would appear that the Pikmin gain all of the benefit
from the relationship... Perhaps it is simply a different variety of Pikmin to
begin with?
Louie's Notes: Eating this flower leads to spectacular, breathtaking indigestion.

Creeping Chrysanthemum
Taraxacum rovinia
Chrysanthemum Family
Treasure Value: 7
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: Like Pikmin, the creeping chrysanthemum is a member of a group
of creatures with ambulatory root structures. This creature is known as a
"mimic," but because it is actually a form of plant, this label is not entirely
accurate. For unknown reasons, the creeping chrysanthemum's mimicry does not
fool Pikmin, perhaps because they share a similar heritage. It relies on preying
upon other creatures to provide sustenance, so it has no need of leaves for
photosynthesis. Generally speaking, the role of plants within an ecosystem is
as a producer species, and thus plants are generally found at the bottom of the
food pyramid. However, on this strange planet the line between producer plants
and consumer plants is blurred.
Louie's Notes: When thinly sliced, this predator's sizeable bulb makes a
sumptuous pizza topping.

Skitter Leaf
Rus pseudoarbicans
Skitterling Family
Treasure Value: 1
Weight: 1
Olimar's Notes: The skitter leaf is a relative of the pond skater that shed its
wings and adapted to life on the ground. With no residual traits of its airborne
past, the skitter leaf can neither fly nor skit across the surface of the water.
The wings have since evolved into the leaflike structure on its back, which
serves to hide the skitter leaf through mimicry. It appears quite effective, as
few predators can see through this clever disguise.
Louie's Notes: The superb amalgamation of juicy meat and leafy greens ensures
that the skitter leaf will be the new spinach!

Unmarked Spectralids
Fenestari prismatus
Flitterbie Family
Treasure Value: 1
Weight: 1
Olimar's Notes: When strolling through the forests of this planet, clouds of
these creatures are seen dancing overhead. Like flower petals drifting in the
breeze, the sight of flitterbies dancing in the lush green undergrowth is
unforgettable. Flitterbie collectors drool over specimen sample boxes lined up
in order, highlighting the slight color gradation changes from blue to red to
yellow. Such items fetch particularly high prices at auction.
Louie's Notes: Spectralids don't provide a lot of meat, but the exquisitely
elegant wings are surprisingly tasty, particularly when expertly prepared with
a sweet candied glaze.

Nektara fatuus
Honeywisp Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This floating life-form drifts effortlessly on the winds. Upon
death, its physical structure instantly collapses, and as the creature is
particularly elusive and difficult to catch, no sample specimens have been
acquired as of yet. If we could simply recover a live sample, research on this
species would likely proceed more smoothly...
Louie's Notes: Although the eggs are small, the yolk has a distinctly bold and
tangy flavor. Try tossing a few in a pan along with your choice of meat and
fresh vegetables and cook up a country scramble!

Unknown Family
Treasure Value: 
Olimar's Notes: The imbalanced, asymmetrical arms of the mamuta are among its
most notable features. Feeding on seeds and fruit, the mamuta is known to
actually sow and grow plant species. While other species have exhibited seed-burying
behavior for the purpose of storage, the mamuta is the only species so far known
to actually cultivate fields of plants.
Louie's Notes: Inedible. Tastes like chicken.

Pansarus gluttonae
Breadbug Family
Treasure Value: 
Olimar's Notes: The adult breadbug competes for many of the same food sources
as Pikmin, but its thick-skinned hide allows it to withstand most Pikmin group
attacks. However, some researchers claim to have observed breadbugs being
overwhelmed by massive numbers of Pikmin and reduced to food.
Louie's Notes: Breadbugs are hearty and nutritious but also bland and unimaginative.
They may be palatable in a pinch, but they hold no true culinary promise.

Pellet Posy
Amplus nutrio
Pellet Weed Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: 1, 5, 10, 20
Olimar's Notes: In the stem of the pellet posy, one can observe the muscle
fiber unique to half-plant, half-animal species such as the Pikmin and candypop
flowers, so the pellet posy is a species that can be considered a close relative.
Although the ability to crystallize nectar is unique to a small group of the
pellet weed family, the fact that these plants reach maturity so quickly and
that their pellets contain such high concentrations of the natural nutrients in
the soil explains why the Pikmin and so many of the other indigenous species are
so reliant on these pellets for sustenance.
Louie's Notes: On the quest for the perfect hors d'oeuvre? Slow cook this plant
in a wood-fire oven, but be careful to only serve the tender pellet.

Common Glowcap
Fungi luminarium
Glowcap Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: The light emitted from this rare mushroom is neither a
reflection, nor a release of stored light. It grows not only on decomposing
trees, but also on soil and rocks. This mushroom's fungal filaments are capable
of stabilizing and concentrating pure Hocotatium 111. It is none other than the
Hocotatium 111 approaching the point of critical mass that causes the glowcap's
blue luminescence.
Louie's Notes: Rapturous fresh or sauteed, this illuminating fungus will be hot
in the galaxy's trendiest restaurants.

Quattris infectum
Clover Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This is a naturalized species. These plants are extremely
persistent, and with the assistance of a symbiotic fungus that grows on its
roots, the species is able to survive even in drought conditions. Typically, its
leaves come in groupings of three, but intense impact on the leafing stem early
in the development cycle can result in an extremely rare four-leaf cluster.
Louie's Notes: Mildly poisonous. May result in nausea, headache, fever, fatigue,
chest pains, paralysis, loss of bone density, moodiness, feral rage, sauciness,
dilly-dallying, strokes of brilliance, and untimely doom.

Scrophularia xenomium
Figwort Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This plant offers an excellent example of a non-native species
introduced into the ecosystem by some unknown method. Upon introduction, it
quickly established a foothold and adapted to the new habitat. This plant's
distinct flowers usually exhibit a stunning blue color in early spring, but
recent fieldwork has recorded specimens displaying a deep red hue. Although this
may represent a sudden deviation in genetics of the species, the red coloration
is much more likely an anomaly. Additional readings suggest no significant
atmospheric or solar radiation changes have occurred in the ecosystem, leaving
open the possibility that soil composition and mineral deposits may have
affected petal coloration.
Louie's Notes: This titillating ingredient tastes impossibly fresh, but you must
cook it immediately after picking. If you don't, it'll go bad within minutes!

Taraxacum officinale
Dandelion Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This perennial grows best in locations with full sun exposure.
Its flowers boast countless tiny yellow petals packed together in a head. The
species seems to have as many weedlike variants as petals, so more detailed
research on these plants would best be left to a botanical research specialist.
Louie's Notes: Young leaves are only suitable in garden salads. Use the flower
to add color to your dishes.

Seeding Dandelion
Taraxacum ventulus
Dandelion Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: It is believed that this plant produces tufted seeds with a
parachute-like arm, which allows the seeds to ride gently on the wind. This
increases the distribution range of the plant considerably.
Louie's Notes: Dried, roasted, and finely ground, the root of this plant makes a
passable coffee substitute.

Equestrius vindico
Horsetail Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This variety of horsetail is prevalent in regions with low
nutrient content in the soil. Unlike most other plants, this particular species
propagates itself through the release of spores.
Louie's Notes: Remove and discard the primitive, scaly leaves, then blanch the
tender stock in a buttery broth.

Vulpes cauda
Foxtail Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This plant remains erect after withering and losing its color,
so we can only hypothesize about the true color of the plant's plumage. However,
local soil analysis indicates trace amounts of dormant seeds, making it not hard
to imagine that the area was thick with these plants in the summer.
Louie's Notes: Inedible. Plagues victims with potent, debilitating cramps.

Nocturnica illuminati
Glowcap Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: Although they are obviously unrelated, the glowstem bears a
striking resemblence to the street lights on Hocotate. It is highly possible
that glowstems could be a relic of some unknown civilization beyond the scope of
our imagination.
Louie's Notes: Inedible. Known effects include uncontrollable episodes of
impromptu break dancing.

Luminosus croeaus
Chrysanthemum Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This plant's delicate yellow flowers often inspire waves of
nostalgia, giving a bittersweet feeling to any who gaze upon them.
Louie's Notes: Can be eaten fresh out of the soil, but it's much more flavorful
when incorporated into a heavenly veggie lasagna.

Violinae orchestrus
Fern Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: At first glance, this plant resembles the spring used in the
ship's sub-light engine. Many of its most primitive characteristics remain
intact, including its habit of spreading through the dispersal of spores.
Louie's Notes: Sun-dry the leaves for several days, then grind them with a
mortar and pestle. The resulting herb grants an aromatic, earthy flavor to
mutton and poultry dishes. 

Unknown Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This is a young shoot of some kind, but what kind of tree
species does it belong to? What shape will it take when it matures and grows to
full height? Unfortunately, we are only able to obtain information from our
portable scanners on a select few of the countless number of species we've
encountered. But even if our expedition yields only brief observations on the
life we encounter, it will still provide a better understanding of this bizarre
Louie's Notes: Inedible. And yet strangely delicious.

Empress Bulbax
Oculus matriarcha
Grub-Dog Family
Treasure Value: 15
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: Initial observations placed doubt on the capability of the
grub-dog family to support a strong ant- or beelike social structure, but recent
studies show the family is capable of such complexity. The egg sac of the
largest female grub-dog within a given range swells to dramatic proportions in
response to environmental changes, such as the sudden depletion of prey species.
These females temporarily take on the role of pack matriarch. Also, in pack
formation it has been observed that nearly all males not involved in species
reproduction undergo natural sex changes. The characteristics of such specimens
are quite intriguing indeed.
Louie's Notes: For a sophisticated delicacy, make a pate de foie gras from this
massively obese creature's liver and spread it over a sesame cracker.

Burrowing Snagret
Shiropedes anacondii
Snavian Family
Treasure Value: 10
Weight: 5
Olimar's Notes: The majority of snagret species lie in wait to ambush and
capture prey, with a body type perfectly adapted to such sudden strikes. It
violently attacks small, surface-dwelling insects. Distributed across a relatively
wide range, subspecies of snagret suited to the varying soil conditions have
emerged, making the snagret the most geographically represented species besides
the bulborb. Visually resembling the burrowing snagret is the burrowing snarrow,
the range of which partially overlaps with the snagret's range. While the two
may appear similar, when pulled from the ground they can be distinguished by the
presence or absence of tail and wing markings.
Louie's Notes: Slice the serpentine torso into thin medallions, skewer on a
metal rod with Hocotate onions, and barbecue over an open flame.

Beady Long Legs
Pseudoarachnia armoralis
Arachnord Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: Although this creature is commonly associated with spiders, it
is actually the result of a separate evolutionary line of insectoid creatures.
Since the spherical body section supported by the creature's legs carries most
of its internal organs, there appear to be no other features that would
correspond to a head or abdomen.
Louie's Notes: Poisonous. Consumption results in prolonged writhing and
uncontrollable mirth.

Emperor Bulbax
Oculus supremus
Treasure Value: 15
Weight: 20
Olimar's Notes: The largest member of the grub-dog family is normally found
buried in the ground, with only the stalks of its eyes exposed. This camouflage
allows the predator to surprise smaller creatures and use its long, adhesive
tongue to capture prey. The thick hide and angular hump give the organism a
distinct rocklike quality. During the rainy season, moss grows freely on its
hump, making it nearly impossible to distinguish this lethal predator from a
Louie's Notes: To prep the tongue for cooking, marinate in olive oil and chop
into cubes. Stir in a pot with carrots, potatoes, and chives, cover, and simmer
over low heat for several hours. Accompany this mouthwatering, rustic stew with
a hearty roll.

Giant Breadbug
Pansarus gagintus
Breadbug Family
Treasure Value: 10
Weight: 10
Olimar's Notes: This gargantuan species of the greater breadbug family has a
torso so perfectly square that it almost seems like it was formed in a mold. For
a brief period after birth, the giant breadbug competes for food with smaller
breadbugs, but upon reaching maturity it seeks out much larger prey. This is the
primary reason that two species with similar feeding habits can coexist in the
same habitat. Hordes of Pikmin appear to pose the only plausible threat to this
massive creature's life.
Louie's Notes: Although cooking this colossal beast yields a mountain of meat,
every ounce of it is flavorless. Only suitable for intergalactic all-you-can-eat

Pileated Snagret
Shiropedes ambulatria
Snavian Family
Treasure Value: 15
Weight: 5
Olimar's Notes: This variety of snagret has the ability to both burrow
underground and walk above it. Its earthy red coloration and distinct yellow
ear and eye markings make it immediately recognizable. Despite featuring a
chimeralike merging of serpent and avian features, the pileated snagret has poor
eyesight for a bird, perhaps due to extended periods spent underground. To
compensate for this, its nose features a thermal-sensing organ common to many
snakes, making it a dangerously effective hunter.
Louie's Notes: You haven't lived until you've tasted a mint-braised snagret
shrank! Or if you're feeling especially saucy, stuff a bird with a can of your
favorite savory nectar, throw it on the barbeque, and let the juices mingle to
make a mean beverage-canister snagret!

Pseudoarachnia navaronia
Arachnorb Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: This species of the arachnorb family fuses with machinery at a
crucial point in the maturation process, giving it the ability to fire energy
bursts from the launcher beneath its orbular torso. However, the man-at-legs
itself is not in control of this weapon. Instead, the mechanical portions of its
structure appear to automatically acquire and attack targets. The man-at-legs
has a gentle disposition, and as a member of the arachnorb species, it has no
natural enemies. It is particularly difficult to understand why this species
would develop such awesome offensive capabilities, leading to rumors among the
scientific community that it was the machinery that approached the arachnorb and
proposed the symbiotic relationship.
Louie's Notes: Although the meat is a bit on the metallic side, the oil makes a
mouthwatering gravy or lubricative vinaigrette.

Ranging Bloyster
Molluschid predatoria
Mollusking Family
Treasure Value: 15
Weight: 3
Olimar's Notes: This species of mollusk has shed its shell through the process
of evolution. What appears as a flower-shaped protrusion on its back actually
functions as its gills. The ranging bloyster ensnares small animals with its
sticky tentacles, reels them in, and consumes them. Observers have noted that
this creature exhibits a keen interest in flashing objects. It often tries to
capture and ingest these objects. Researchers and explorers equipped with
flashing identification beacons should be wary when in close proximity to this
dangerous predator.
Louie's Notes: The gills are best prepared deep-fried in an herb and bread-crumb
batter. Also tasty poached and drenched with fine soy sauce.

Amphibio sapiens
Unknown Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: All that is known about this creature stems from a few sightings
deep underground. All reported sightings feature the same core set of details:
a giant, viscous form with a clear, hazy sheen not unlike hard candy. One theory
holds that it may be the ectoplasmic incarnation of a kind of psychic phenomenon,
but as is usually the case with such theories, it is very difficult to prove.
All witnesses report being suddenly overcome with fear upon sighting the
creature, approaching a state of panic and near insanity. In fact, every report
contains an inordinate amount of extremely vague details, which has led to
suspicions that exhaustion and fear have caused some simple natural phenomenon
to be viewed as a living creature.
Louie's Notes: Inedible. Known to cause mass hysteria, followed by leg spasms
and internal thunderings.

Segmented Crawbster
Parastacoidea reptantia
Creep-Crab Family
Treasure Value: 15
Weight: 20
Olimar's Notes: This gigantic beast is wrapped in a hard shell. In an atypical
evolution, the right front leg of this creature is hypertrophic, taking on the
function of an arm, rather than a leg. Its asymmetric physical development is
unique in the natural world. One unlucky explorer's incorrect conclusion that
this creature adheres to a pattern of peaceful, quiet behavior led to an
unfortunate incident. In fact, this beast exhibits intensely hostile, aggressive
tendencies, aiming at prey and ramming them at full speed.
Louie's Notes: Dessert meats are all the rage on Hocotate. When the planet's
finest chefs hear about the kind of sorbets, pies, and parfaits you can make
with the claw meat on this sweet beast, they'll clamor for every morsel we bring

Raging Long Legs
Pseudoarachnia furiendis
Arachnorb Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: Arachnorbs boast a wondrous biological composition, with a
silicon-based exoskeleton and innards coated with malleable heavy metals. However,
much about these creatures remains a mystery, as specimens regularly explode
when they are dissected. These explosions produce scorching flames that completely
melt all internal organs, leaving us with a disappointing lack of information
on the inner workings of the species. We must await the development of new
dissection processes and more specialized research before we can better understand
this enigmatic creature. However, the following observation notes have been
recorded: appears to be leveling terrain for some unknown purpose... Location of
eyes and ears not readily apparent... Freezing a specimen may yield new research
Louie's Notes: Neither boiling nor baking can diminish this creature's
overpowering musky scent. Only suitable for serving to unpleasant in-laws.

Titan Dweevil
Mandarachnia gargantium
Dweevil Family
Treasure Value: ---
Weight: ---
Olimar's Notes: The largest member of the dweevil family, this fearsome predator
carries protective components that frequently exhibit offensive capabilities,
an evolution that may be attributed to mere chance. Another evolutionary theory is
that the chemical contents of the containers carried by titan dweevils
contribute to possible gene splicing. While other dweevils do not seem to choose
the objects they carry, the titan dweevil appears to prefer shiny objects above
all others.
Louie's Notes: Eaten raw, this predator's luxurious legs are bold and full
flavored. What a satisfying crunch!


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