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Pikmin Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pikmin

We have 16 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Pikmin please send them in here.

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Pikmin Cheats

Challenge Mode Option:
Save then game and unlock the Challenge Mode option at the Main menu and replay previously completed sections In a time attack scenario and collect as many Pikmin as possible befoe nightfall.
Round up four Pikmin to carry you back to your base by pressing Down. A
quick fireworks display will then happen, the fireworks will also eventually
happen if you remain idle.

See the Fireworks:Press down on the D-pad to rou..

See the Fireworks:

Press down on the D-pad to round of four Pikmin to carry you back to base camp. A brief fireworks display will be held in your honor. Standing idle long enough will produce the same royal treatment.

Fireworks come out of the onion

While playing the game press down on the d-pad then your picmin will come to you and pick you up and take you to their onion and you will come back up and then you should see some fireworks come out of the onion

How to beat the emperor bulblax

(you should do this on the next day after you get past the level)Go to the wooden wall at the end of the two wooden bridges with 30 yellow pikmin and 20 red pikmin to do the fighting. Destroy it and enter the the lair of the Bulblax. Sneak past the camoflauged enemy and to the other wooden wall on the opposite side. Destroy that and take your yellow pikmin in to get bomb rocks. Make all of them get a bomb rock. Come back out and dissmiss you bomb pikmin. Call your reds and one yellow pikmin that has a bomb rock. Go near the enemy and throw one red pikmin to wake it up. Call it back quickly and throw your one yellow pikmin in front of it. When it gets ready to lick up the pikmin, call it back and the Bulblax will eat the bomb rock that the pikmin left behind. It will get knocked out for a..

OK. Don't listen to the Jump Boots cheat [Space ..

OK. Don't listen to the Jump Boots cheat [Space Boots, whatever). Unless there's a Gameshark, Action Replay or Code Breaker code for have 200 pikmin, there's no way that's possible.

Oh and, by the way, does anyone know what this means?

PAL2NTSC FIX If you do, PLEASE tell me.

OK listen up! Before you start, make a chart on ..

OK listen up! Before you start, make a chart on which part you're gonna get and blah blah blah blah blah, and on what day.

This will help you get organized and comfortable with the game. Bye!

P.S. If you have lots of time left (more then you think you should), then start on the next day's task (or the next day you go there).

Use my review schedule for a basic example. Bye!

Michael Homan.

When against the last boss, bring 100 Pikmin, be..

When against the last boss, bring 100 Pikmin, best is RED, to the door outside his lair. Then, bring in only 25 at a time.

When he opens his mouth, and starts wiggling: He is about to lick up all Pikmin in his path. Bring your pikmin to the side of his mouth, and throw them onto his face.

ULTIMATE STRATEGY: Just continually throw Pikmin onto his face, then when they fall off, summon them immediatly, and repeat. This worked for me, I have beat the game several times, and gotten all the parts, record-- 30 parts in 20 days. E-mail me if you have any questions about the game: [email protected]


Little Lifegaurds

When one of your red or yellow pikmin are drowning, yo can throw in two blue pikmin throw them back to land.
If a whole bunch of your pikmin are drownng, swarm your blue pikmin on the with the C Stick to save them (I don't remember if they carry them or throw them, but i know this works!)

Challenge mode option Save the game at any point..

Challenge mode option
Save the game at any point to unlock a "Challenge Mode" option at the main menu.
Select that option to replay previously completed sections in a time attack type scenario.
The objective is to collect as many Pikmin as possible before nightfall.
Press Down to round up four Pikmin to carry you back to your base camp. A short fireworks display appear. This will also eventually happen if you stand idle.
Get more Pikmin
Note the color of the pellets when you have the Pikmin carry them to their "Onions." The destination that Pikmin will carry objects to depends on the members of the group. If there are more blue Pikmin than red Pikmin in the group, they will bring it to the blue hive. When the same c..

Lots of pikmin

To get lots of pikmin do these things:
Blue- In the first level, and when you go there the third time, Go in the water and get the shells pearl
Yellow- Kill all the birds in the second level
Red- Kill all enimies in the 3rd, and 4th level or go through the fire in the last level and collect lots of stuff and bring it back to the ship

Taking Out Emperor Bulbax

To beat Emperor Bulbax in the Final Trial Area/Level - this is what I do...
- Take 25 Yellows and 75 Reds with you to the Emperor.
- Get all the Yellows to pick up the Bombs behind the fence/gate.
- Throw a Yellow out into the Battlefield.
- Bulbax will eventually come for the Pikmin.
- AS SOON as you see his tongue whistle the Yellow back.
- He'll leave the Bomb there for Bulbax to suck up and faint.
- You won't lose any Pikmin and when he faints get everyone to attack Bulbax.
- You won't be able to attack for long so get everyone back when Bulbax has lost about a fifth of his health.
- Repeat this process.

The Final Trial Prep

Once you start a day in Final Trial, get out 10 Red Pikmin, 3 Yellow Pikmin and the remaining 87 Blue Pikmin.
Separate all of the Pikmin, take all of the Blues to the first rolled up bridge by the stone wall and get them all going on that.
Now go get the 3 Yellows, toss them across the little stream of water on the right to the island, then take them across the island and pitch them across the other little stream to near where the Bombs are.
Launch yourself up there to where the 3 Yellows are using the qeyser/spring below the island in the water, whistle the 3 Yellows and hurl them to where the Bombs are, let them each grab one and come back to you.
Chuck them back on to the island and then make your way over to them, but to get their attention this time, hit the X-Bu..

Pikmin abileties

Yellow pikmin can jump high.Blue pikmin can go though water.Red pikmin can go though fire.

Final boos

When fighting lady buggie, hit it's mouth with the yellow. Keep going back to the ship and get more. Use little at a time. Dont be Stupid and use 100.

All you need to know about bomb rocks

Only yellow pikmin can carry bomb rocks, If your group has yellow pikmin with bomb rocks, and they start downing, they will drop their bobmb rocks and they will shrink until they are not there. If you make your bomb pikmin try to attack a wall, they will not attack it, they will only attack it if they don't have bomb rocks. To attack enemies, take a couple bomb pikmin and approach the enemy. If there are mutiple enemies, they will drop thier bobmbs and damage more than one enemy. If the is only one, and you throw your pikmin at it, it will back up and throw the bomb rock at the enemy. What I don't know is if they will drop thier bombs when they are ordered to attack a rock wall or if the pikmin will drop thier bombs when you use C-rush on an enemy. So be careful when you are doing that.

How to fly around in pikmin two

First eat a lope then eat polepo fruit after that throw 20 blue pikmin in water, then throw 10 red pikmin in fire and last 30 yellow pikmin in electricity. Press A

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