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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pikmin Pack Shot




by SeanKelson

                         SeanKelson's Pikmin Walkthrough
                               [email protected]
                                 By SeanKelson

Table Of Contents
    A. The Impact Site
    B. The Forest of Hope
    C. The Forest Navel
    D. Going Backwards
    E. The Distant Spring
    F. The Final Trial
4---Other Information
    A. Contact Information
	B. Licensing
	C. Credits

                             Section 1: Introduction

    Pikmin is a game about a person who is only the height of a quarter who
crashes on a strange planet on the way to his vacation spot.  His spaceship
parts flew all over the area when he landed.  Now he must gather his spaceship
parts within 30 days.  If he does not, his life support system in his spacesuit
will give out and he will die.
    To help Captain Olimar in his adventures are creatures even smaller than
Captain Olimar.  Ths creatures all called Pikmin, and live in an onion type home
that takes off into the air during the night to avoid the fierce creatures on
the ground.
    This walkthrough covers all aspects of Pikmin.  It describes general
strategies for the game, as well as has helpful information on how to get
through the game.

                             Section 2: Walkthrough

    This section will describe how to get from the beginning of Pikmin to the
end credits.  Each segment of this walkthrough first lists general objectives
that you need to complete to get through Pikmin.  Below is listed detailed
descriptions of each objective.

                               A: The Impact Site

    1. Find the red Onion.
    2. Pick the sprout.
    3. Gather the red pellets.
    4. Move the box.
    5. Get more red pellets.
    6. Move the Engine.

        Objective #1: Find the red Onion.
    You begin the game as you wake up at the crash site of your ship, the
Dolphin.  Follow the area you can walk in from your ship and you will find a
strange thing.  It will rise from the ground and drop a seed.  Olimar will call
it an Onion.

        Objective #2: Pick the sprout.
    Approach the sprout and press A to pick the plant.  It will become a red

        Objective #3: Gather the red pellets.
    Use the controls the cgame tells you to.  Near the Onion is a flower with a
red 1 on it.  Throw the Pikmin at it and it will attack the flower.  It will
then take the red pellet that appears back to the Onion.  Explore the area and
gather all the red pellets you can.

        Objective #4: Move the box.
    You should have around 14 Pikmin total now.  Near the Onion is a cardboard
box.  Have the Pikmin move the box.  It takes at least 10 Pikmin to move the

        Objective #5: Get more red pellets.
    Beyond where the box was is your engine.  It takes 20 Pikmin to carry, and
that's more than you have.  Climb up the rock and go over the box to find eleven
more Pikmin in pellets.

        Objective #6: Move the Engine.
    Now use Pikmin to move the Engine.  Once the Pikmin get the Engine back to
your ship, your ship will lift off and the Pikmin's Onion will follow.

                              B: The Forest of Hope

    1. Knock down the wall.
    2. Get the Eternal Fuel Dynamo.
    3. Find the yellow Onion.
    4. Grow more yellow Pikmin.
    5. Explode the wall with a bomb-rock.
    6. Get the Whimsical Radar.
    7. Get the Nova Blaster.
    8. Get the Extraordinary Bolt.

        Objective #1: Knock down the wall.
    Begin by calling your Pikmin out of the Onion.  Take the Pikmin and throw
them at the wall closest to the Onion.  The Pikmin will hack the wall down.
Feel free to gather red pellets that are lying around.

        Objective #2: Get the Eternal Fuel Dynamo.
    Near the wall you just broke down is another part to Olimar's ship, the
Eternal Fuel Dynamo.  This requires 40 Pikmin to carry.  Get it back to Olimar's

        Objective #3: Find the yellow Onion.
    Right of the Eternal Fuel Dynamo is another wall.  Hack it down with your
red Pikmin.  Beyond the wall lies the yellow Onion.  Go to it and you will be
able to have yellow Pikmin in your group.

        Objective #4: Grow more yellow Pikmin.
    Pick the sprout near the yellow Onion.  Seperate him from the others with X
and begin gathering yellow pellets around the Onion.  By this time it should be
around dusk.  Make sure all the Pikmin are by Onions before night comes.

        Objective #5: Explode the wall with a bomb-rock.
    Beyond where you found the yellow Onion is a wall.  Get yellow Pikmin to the
rocks in front of the wall.  Throw the yellow Pikmin to the wall until one with
a rock is thrown.  Run from the wall and then the wall will explode.

        Objective #6: Get the Whimsical Radar.
    Use more bomb rocks you can find around to destroy the rest of the wall.
Beyond the wall you destroyed is another wall.  Before you bomb that wall, look
up on the cliff and you'll find a part of your ship on the cliff.  Throw 20
Pikmin up to carry it down.

        Objective #7: Get the Nova Blaster.
    From the Whimsical Radar, go forward and right.  Knock down the wall in this
area with red Pikmin.  Beyond the wall lies the Nova Blaster.  Use 30 Pikmin to
carry it back to the ship.

        Objective #8: Get the Extraordinary Bolt.
    Grab the bomb rocks near the Nova Blaster.  Go back to where you found the
Whimsical Radar.  Go forward to the first wall.  Throw Pikmin with bomb rocks on
top of the wall to destroy the wall.  Behind the wall grab the Extraordinary
Bolt with 30 Pikmin and return it to the ship.  Now your ship can travel
so it's time to go to another area.

                               C: The Forest Navel

    1. Find the blue Onion.
    2. Find the #1 Ionium Jet.
    3. Find the Gravity Jumper.
    4. Find the Anti-Dioxin Filter.
    5. Find the Omega Stabilizer.
    6. Find the Space Float.
    7. Find the Libra.
    8. Find the Analog Computer.
    9. Find the Automatic Gear.
    10. Find some bomb rocks.
    11. Find the Guard Satellite.

        Objective #1:Find the blue Onion.
    Go to the left from where you start.  Go to the right around the area you
start in until you come to a wall you can break down.  Follow the path until you
see the blue Onion.  Hop down to it.  Press X so your Pikmin don't follow you
into the water.  Activate the blue Onion and pick the sprout that appears.
Gather some blue pellets and turn them into Pikmin.

        Objective #2: Find the #1 Ionium Jet.
    From where you found the blue Onion, climb around to the pond to the right
of that pond.  Go down the cliff on the other side of the pond.  Down in the
water you will find your #1 Ionium Jet.  Use 15 blue Pikmin to get it back to
the ship.

        Objective #3: Find the Gravity Jumper.
    From the ship, go out the passage near the blue Onion.  Go to the field
where there are the fire breathing creatures and go to the left side.  Throw
some Pikmin up to the bridge and have them roll it out.  At the top of the ramp
you'll find the Gravity Jumper.  Pick it up with 25 Pikmin and return it to the

        Objective #4: Find the Anti-Dioxin Filter.
    There's a pond by the area where you found the Gravity Jumper.  In the lake
you'll find the Anti-Dioxin Filter.  Use 40 blue Pikmin to carry it back to your

        Objective #5: Find the Omega Stabilizer.
    Facing the pond where you found the Anti-Dioxin Filter, go left and you'll
find a field with blue lights.  In the middle of the field is a monster that is
a mushroom.  Defeat the monster.  Run from Pikmin that 144the monster uses its
fumes against; they will attack you until the mushroom is defeated.  Once the
mushroom is defeated, use 30 Pikmin to return the Omega Stabilizer to the ship.

        Objective #6: Find the Space Float.
    Walking around the course is a caterpillar monster.  Throw Pikmin onto its
back and you will harm it.  Defeat it and you will get the Space Float.  Use 30
Pikmin to return the piece to the ship.

        Objective #7: Find the Libra.
    Right of the lake where you found the Anti-Dioxin Filter is a wall.  Knock
the wall down.  Follow the path beyond the wall to find a rolled up bridge.
Unroll the bridge.  Take some blue Pikmin into the water.  Have them hack at the
thing near the wall.  It will open a geyser.  Throw 15 yellow Pikmin up to the
ledge above you.  Go up the geyser.  Grab the Pikmin and throw them up another
level and they will grab the Libra.  Recall the Pikmin and reorder them to carry
the Libra as you are at the fire geysers.  This way your Pikmin won't die.

        Objective #8: Find the Analog Computer.
    Beyond the brdige that led to the Libra is the Analog Computer.  Use 20 blue
Pikmin to carry it back.  Be sure to avoid fire geysers on the trip back.

        Objective #9: Find the Automatic Gear.
    Behind the yellow onion is a pile of logs.  Have the Pikmin attack them.
Then the Pikmin will go up the path they've created and will land on the
platform with the Automatic Gear on it.  Use 15 Pikmin to carry the gear back to
the ship.

        Objective #10: Find some bomb rocks.
    Behind where you found the Gravity Jumper is some bomb rocks on a lower
platforms.  Grab the bomb rocks and unroll the bridge going up to the platform
that had the Gravity Jumper on it.

        Objective #11: Find the Guard Satellite.
    By the field with blue lights is a wall.  Destroy the wall with bomb rocks.
You'll want to take tons of yellow Pikmin in with you.  If you don't have lots
of yellow Pikmin, there's a yellow flower nearby (use the geyser to get you up,
throw the Pikmin up) where you can throw in one color of Pikmin and yellow
Pikmin will be planted around the flower.  Once you have lots of yellow Pikmin,
go to the area behind the blown down wall and a boss will appear.  Throw yellow
Pikmin up to the main body of the monster.  Keep doing so until the main body
takes enough damage to die.  You'll find a Guard Satellite that the monster
dropped.  Use 20 Pikmin to return it to the ship.

                               D: Going Backwards

    1. Destroy the wall at The Impact Site.
    2. Find the Positron Generator.
    3. Return to the Forest of Hope.
    4. Find the Shock Absorber.
    5. Find the Sagittarius.
    6. Find the Geiger Counter.
    7. Find the Radiation Canopy.

        Objective #1: Destroy the wall at The Impact Site.
    Go back to The Impact Site.  In the box by the place you got the Engine at
are bomb rocks.  Pick them up then climb up the rock onto the box and to the
wall.  Destroy the wall with the bomb rocks.

        Objective #2: Find the Positron Generator.
    Behind the wall is a lake.  Go into the lake and to the oyster on the left.
Throw as many blue Pikmin in as you can until the upper part of the oyster is
almost at a straight line with the other part of the oyster.  Immediately call
back your Pikmin (you'll probably want to call them back a little earlier).  The
oyster will snap shut.  Once it begins to open, throw Pikmin in again and call
them back at the proper time.  Once you do enough damage to the Oyster, the
Positron Generator will fly out of the oyster.  Call back your Pikmin and use 20
to get the part back to the ship.

        Objective #3: Return to The Forest of Hope.
    For the rest of your day on The Impact Site, grow as many Pikmin as you can.
The next day, go to The Forest of Hope.

        Objective #4: Find the Shock Absorber.
    Grab some blue Pikmin and go out the front gate of the Onion area and to the
left into a small pond.  Throw the blue Pikmin up onto the ledge above the pond
and climb up the log to them.  In the area you climb up into you'll find the
Shock Absorber.  Use 30 Pikmin to return it to the ship.

        Objective #5: Find the Sagittarius.
    Grab some non-blue Pikmin and go straight from the Onion area.  On the left
of the lake is a bridge.  Unroll it.  While the bridge is being unrolled, grab
some blue Pikmin and take them across the lake to the far corner.  Throw them up
onto the piece of land with the bridge and have them begin to unroll the bridge.
Once both bridges are unrolled, cross both and you'll find the Sagittarius.  Use
20 Pikmin to return it to the ship.

        Objective #6: Find the Geiger Counter.
    Get some yellow and blue Pikmin.  Go right after leaving the Onion area and
continue until you see a wall on the left.  Grab some bomb rocks and destroy the
wall.  Continue until you reach a cardboard box blocking the path.  Dismiss your
Pikmin.  Lead some blue Pikmin across the water to the other side.  Push the
Go back to the Onions and switch your blue and yellow Pikmin for red Pikmin.  Go
back beyond where the cardboard box was and use the red Pikmin to attack the two
creatures that constantly pop out of the ground.  Once both die, you'll be able
to carry the Geiger Counter back to the ship with 15 Pikmin.  (Don't get upset
if many red Pikmin die, it's a tough combat.)

        Objective #7: Find the Radiation Canopy.
    Behind the Onion area is a wall.  Knock it down if you haven't already.  Go
through and turn right.  You'll see a pond on the left.  Lead blue Pikmin into
it and have them knock down the wall there.  Continue and knock down the next
wall on the right.  Behind the wall is an enemy.  As it inhales, throw Pikmin at
it and it will inhale one then spit it out.  It's back will then be revealed.
Throw Pikmin onto the back of the monster.  When the shell closes over the back
again, make the monster inhale a Pikmin again.  Once the monster dies, look
around the walls of the area.  You'll find the Radiation Canopy.  Use 30 Pikmin
to return it to your ship.

                              E: The Distant Spring

    1. Find the Massage Machine.
    2. Find the Repair-type Bolt.
    3. Find the Interstellar Radio.
    4. Find the UV Lamp.
    5. Find the Gluon Drive.
    6. Find the Zirconium Rotor.
    7. Find the Pilot's Seat.
    8. Find the #2 Ionium Jet.
    9. Find the Chronos Reactor.
    10. Find the Bowsprit.

        Objective #1: Find the Massage Machine.
    Go straight and a little left from the Onion area with blue Pikmin.  Cross
the water and you'll come to a piece of land.  Unroll the bridge there.  Once
the bridge is unrolled, grab the Massage Machine lying on the land with 30
Pikmin and return it to the ship over the bridge.

        Objective #2: Find the Repair-type Bolt.
    Go forward to the water and left from the Onion area without going into the
water.  You'll see a small strip of land over the water.  Lead 6 or 7 yellow
Pikmin at a time over the passage.  Throw them up to the ledge (stand a little
away from the ledge, DO NOT go around the ledge).  Once you get 20 up, they will
grab the Repair-type Bolt.  As soon as they come down, whistle to them and
dismiss them in a safe spot.  You'll lose many of your yellow Pikmin if you
aren't careful (like I was), and you'll probably still lose some if you are.
Return to the Onion area and recruit 20 blue Pikmin for the job of returning
this part back to the ship.

        Objective #3: Find the Interstellar Radio.
    From where the Massage Machine was, go right until you see a giant blue and
purple fish.  Kill the fish by throwing Pikmn up onto it.  Once the fish is
it will leave an Interstellar Radio behind.  Use 20 Pikmin to return it to the

        Objective #4: Find the UV Lamp.
    Go right (facing the water) from the Onion area.  Watch the right wall for a
large beast.  Attack it once you see it.  Behind it are some bomb rocks.  Pick
them up and go back to the Onion area.  Go to the back left (facing the water).
Throw Pikmin with bomb rocks up on top of the wall.  Six bomb rocks will destroy
the wall.  (You will need to spend more then one day destroying this wall.)
Behind the wall, go forward and up the ramp you see on the right.  Lead yellow
Pikmin to the UV Lamp resting on a higher cliff.  Throw 10 up and the will carry
the UV Lamp.

        Objective #5: Find the Gluon Drive.
    Go right (facing the water) from the Onion area  until you see a rolled up
bridge.  Use Pikmin to unroll it.  Take blue Pikmin across the water and throw
them up and have them unroll the bridge there.  Across the bridge is the Gluon
Drive.  Carry it back to the ship with 50 Pikmin.

        Objective #6: Find the Zirconium Rotor.
    Go left (facing away from the wall) from where you found the Gluon Drive
with some blue Pikmin.  Look for a wall on the left.  Knock it down.  Behind it
is the Zirconium Rotor.  Carry it back to the ship with 30 Pikmin.  (There's a
wall in the way that you'll need to destroy with bomb rocks.)

        Objective #7: Find the Pilot's Seat.
    Go left from where you found the Zirconium Rotor.  You'll find an area on
the right with the Pilot's Seat in it.  Carry the Pilot's Seat back to your ship
with 25 Pikmin.

        Objective #8: Find the #2 Ionium Jet.
    Go right from where the Pilot's Seat was found (facing to the water).  In
the middle of the large pool of water, you'll find an elevated ledge with a ship
part on it.  Throw blue Pikmin up to the lower ledge, then use the nearby geyser
to send yourself up.  Throw the Pikmin up to the higher ledge and 15 of them
will carry the #2 Ionium Jet back.

        Objective #9: Find the Chronos Reactor.
    Go left (away from the Pilot's Seat) from where you found the #2 Ionium Jet.
Hug the wall.  You'll see another ship part on top of a ledge.  You'll also see
a nearby ledge with a yellow flower on it.  Throw blue Pikmin up to that ledge.
Go up to the ledge with the yellow flower on it using the geyser in the water.
Turn the blue Pikmin into yellow Pikmin by throwing them into the flower and
then picking them.  Throw the yellow Pikmin down to the beach, then throw 20 of
them up to the ledge with the ship part on it.  Once the Chronos Reactor is back
to the ground, recall your yellow Pikmin and use the blue flower near the area
to turn them back to blue Pikmin.  Have 20 blue Pikmin return the Chronos
Reactor to the ship.

        Objective #10: Find the Bowsprit.
    Hug the wall, going away from where the #2 Ionium Jet was, from where you
found the Chronos Reactor.  On the right you will see a passage.  Grab some red
Pikmin and lead them into it.  (They're immune to the fire.)  Lead them into the
next area and you'll fight a monster.  Defeat it by throwing Pikmin at the
monster as it inhales.  It will inhale a Pikmin and you will then be able to
attack its back.  Once its back closes, make it inhale a Pikmin again.  Repeat
until the monster is dead.  Once the monster is dead, pick up the Bowsprit it
leaves behind with 30 Pikmin.  Be sure to clear the path back to the ship.

                               F: The Final Trial

    1. Unroll the bridges and destroy the wall.
    2. Move the cardboard box.
    3. Defeat the final enemy.
    4. Return the Secret Safe to the ship.

        Objective #1: Unroll the bridges and destroy the wall.
    Start by getting some blue Pikmin.  Cross the water and have them begin
unrolling the bridge on both sides of the wall.  Go back to the Onion area and
grab some yellow Pikmin.  Throw them over to teh island on the right.  From
there, get up on the rock and throw them up to the next area.  Jump down and go
up the geyser.  Grab yellow Pikmin and throw them up to the bomb rocks.  As you
call the Pikmin back, be sure to walk up to them to get them.  Don't whistle, or
they'll drop their bomb rocks.  Lead the yellow Pikmin holding bomb rocks across
the bridge that should now be unrolled and destroy the bridge with three bomb

        Objective #2: Move the cardboard box.
    Now go back to the Onion area.  (Both bridges should be unrolled.)  Switch
out your Pikmin for red Pikmin and take them to the left.  Throw them up into
the area with the fire geysers.  Go down into the water and call them.  They
shouldn't walk down to you.  Now, hugging the wall, follow the wall up to right
below the end of the second unrolled bridge.  Use the C joystick to move around
the Pikmin.  They should move the cardboard box.

        Objective #3: Defeat the final enemy.
    Get 100 Pikmin (you'll want all red, but you don't need it) and go to beyond
the bridge and cardboard box.  Knock down the wall.  Go up to the plant in the
middle of the area and the last enemy will pop out from the ground.  Throw
Pikmin onto the face of the enemy to defeat him.  Whistle to the Pikmin when the
enemy jumps up so they don't die.  If the enemy jumps very high up, run around
frantically in hopes that you don't get squashed.  It may take two waves of
Pikmin to take out this boss.

        Objective #4: Return the Secret Safe to the ship.
    Return the Secret Safe the enemy leaves behind to the ship.  Now you have
all 30 parts, and have completed the game.  Good job.

                             Section 3: Strategies

    In the walkthrough above, I just tell you where to go and what to do to
recover all 30 parts of the ship.  In this section, I will describe strategies
for playing the game, growing new Pikmin, and making the best use of the limited
time you have on the planet of Pikmin.
    If you have a strategy that you think works well, please e-mail it to me and
I will add it to this list.

        Strategy: Flower Pikmin (by SeanKelson)
    As you learn throughout the game, if you wait over time, Pikmin in the
ground will sprout into faster Pikmin (Flower Pikmin).  Flower Pikmin not only
are able to keep up with you more easily then other Pikmin, they also carry
things back to the ship faster.  In addition, when they die, they might leave
behind a seed that will become a Pikmin by the next day.
    On the first day, I waited patiently for all my Pikmin to become Flower
Pikmin before picking them.  This is fine to do on the first day as long as you
have the patience.  On days other then the first, you are pushed on time.  I
simply pick the Pikmin whenever they're ready to be picked.  I then let them
attack grass and such around the course that becomes the Pikmin's favorite food.
    This food turns them into Flower Pikmin.  I don't go hunting for this food,
I just let them follow me and eat it if they run into it.  This is because,
although Flower Pikmin are better then normal Pikmin, I don't see much of an
advantage in making all your Pikmin become Flower Pikmin.  The time isn't worth
the small benefits you get from Flower Pikmin.
    Your Flower Pikmin will most likely also be the first to enter combat, as
they are the closest to you and easiest to command.  The Flower Pikmin will die
more often.  Even if they do leave behind seeds, you will probably have gotten
the ship part from where the Pikmin died, so it would only be a waste of time to
go back and sprout the Flower Pikmin.

        Strategy: Time Management (by SeanKelson)
    You only have 30 days on the planet, and each day is around 15 minutes of
real life time.  Although the timeframe sounds large, time is not something to
waste.  When you press start, you can choose the "Go to Sunset" command.  I
would only use this command if you're waiting for the countdown at the end of
the day to finish, as it would waste too much time if you used it.
    So what do you do if all the pieces in a course are found and you have time
left?  I would begin by gathering every pellet around the area to grow as many
Pikmin as you can.  If there are parts you cannot yet get (like in The Forest of
Hope), knock down as many walls as you can to open as many shortcuts back to the
Onion area so you can carry parts back to the ship faster in the future.
    If you don't command too many Pikmin to do one thing, don't sit around and
wait for something to happen (like a wall to be knocked down).  Take your other
Pikmin and go unroll another bridge, knock down another wall, find more bomb
rocks, or gather more pellets.  When it's almost sundown and you are not
returning to the planet for a while, sprout all the Pikmin you can and return
them to their ships so creatures don't carry the Pikmin off.  (That only happens
in some courses.)  Use your radar (you get it by finding the Whimsical Radar
ship part from The Forest of Hope) to find lost Pikmin.  Green on the radar
means Pikmin that aren't sprouted.  Colors represents a lost Pikmin of the
corresponding color.

        Strategy: Battling (by SeanKelson)
    If you march an army into battle, you'll likely take some casualties.  But,
if you strategically attack the enemy, you'll have a much less chance of losing
your precious Pikmin to monsters.  If an enemy hasn't noticed you, sneak up and
attack it from behind.  If there are still monsters around, make sure your
Pikmin don't start carrying the dead body back.  That way, you have all the
troops you'll need to swiftly take out the other monsters.
    Certain enemies aren't harmed by the Pikmin attacking them at the base.  For
these enemies, you'll have to throw Pikmin onto the back or other vulnerable
section of the enemy.  These enemies will probably shake Pikmin off of them.
Whistle around the monster as soon as it shakes off Pikmin.  That way, you
recall the Pikmin that are attacking the base of the monster in vain.
    You're meant to lose lots of Pikmin in boss battles, so don't get frustrated
if you lose a lot of Pikmin.  If you feel that you have lost too many Pikmin,
feel free to press Start and choose the "Continue From Last Save" option.  It's
fine if you try again.  You suffer no penalties because of it.

                          Section 4: Other Information

                             A: Contact Information

    My e-mail address is [email protected] I am unavailable to provide help on
game-related issues due to the amount of time that has passed since the writing
of this walkthrough. However, I would appreciate hearing from you with comments
and requests.

    If you are interested in including this walkthrough on your site, please
read the next section.

                                  B: Licensing

    As of April 27, 2009, I have updated all of my walkthroughs to be licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
( This means you are free to
redistribute or build upon my work, even for commercial purposes. The only
thing I ask in return is that you give me credit for the content you use.

                                    C: Credits

    Thanks to Nintendo for the Gamecube Console and production Pikmin.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for being a great site.