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Luigis Mansion Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Luigis Mansion

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We have a large collection of cheats for you to check out and includes how to kill the ghosts quicker, finding the secret key and the location of the secret room. We'll also tell you how to get better ghost pictures.

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We have 62 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Luigis Mansion please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : 3DS

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Luigi's Mansion Cheats

Gallery Mode:
To unlock everything in the Gallery you must successfully complete the game.
Extra Money and Hearts:
Clean all vases, lamps and chandelier with your vacuum as most of them contain either money or hearts.
Portrait list of Ghosts
1. Neville: The bookish father
2. Lydia: The mirror gazing mother
3. Chauncey: The spoiled baby
4. The Floating Whirlindas: The dancing couple
5. Shivers: The wandering butler
6. Melody Pianissima: The beautiful pianist
7. Madame Clairvoya: The freaky fortune teller
8. Mr. Luggs: The glutton
9. Spooky: The hungry guard dog
10. Bogmire: The cemetery shadow
11. Biff Atlas: The body builder
12. Miss Petunia: The bathing beauty
13. Nana: The scarf knitt..

secret key and a secret treause room

Ok to get the secret key go into the rec room(with the 3 punching bags) run on the treedmill and after a few seconds a key will pop out and get then you should be able to open a door without going through the courtyard.
To get to the secret treause room go into the butlers room soon(easier to find in the dark)a blue mouse will appear out of know where suck it up then another blue mouse will appear. Then where the blue mouses come from look there with you GB horror then you should see a mouse hole, then press "A" then you should hear a chime and wind will come out of the mouse hole, then you should be sucked in a secret treause room with cash and mostly full of ghosts that can only be beat by a fire element.
Sorry for the long cheat, and please rate.

Hidden Hearts:If you're running low on lifeforce..

Hidden Hearts:

If you're running low on lifeforce, get out your vaccuum and start cleaning lamps and vases. Almost every second vase has a heart hidden inside and nearly every lamp or chandelier either yields money or health.

Secret Warp Zone:

Running around from one end of the mansion to the other can be a very time consuming task. Thankfully, Nintendo has implemented hidden warps that let you zoom back to the entrance hall.

Gym Room Warp: In the gym (the room with the weights and treadmills), turn towards the mirror at the back wall. Switch to your Game Boy Horror's first person mode and examine the mirror with A. After a really trippy warp sequence, you will find yourself in the ..

Another Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) ModeRescue Mario a..

Another Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) Mode

Rescue Mario and finish the game once. You will get ranked according to how you did and receive a letter grade. Save your game. You now have the option to restart Luigi's two ways (in addition to going to the completed Gallery). The first option lets you go back to the regular Luigi's Mansion Mode. The second option, called Ura-Yashiki (Another Mansion) in Japanese, lets you restart the game -- and presumably some of the things in the mansion have been changed around.

Hidden Hearts

If you're running low on lifeforce, get out your vaccuum and start cleaning lamps and vases. Almost every second vase has a heart hidden inside -- and nearly every lamp or chandelier either y..

Get the tent

To get the tent you must complete the game with under 20,000g

Fake doors bye bye =)

First check to see if the door is real if it is not and you have the fire stone thing then get some fire and burn down the fake doors =)

Beating the first boss chaunceyAs the ring of c..

Beating the first boss chauncey

As the ring of coins suggjests the key to luering chauncy out of his crib is to vaccume the rocking horse near his bed.

When you do that he will come out of his crib and start throwing stuff at you you haved to vaccume his ball and hit him.

Now you will be in a giant crib chauncy will start by hurling rocking horses,which can be esily dodged if you keep moving(stay in the middle when he throws two).

Eventually,hell throw a bunch of balls into the crib.1 ball will stay in the crib,and you can vaccume it up and throw it at chauncy.that will finally expose chauncy's heart .a

After sucking off 20-30 GP.he,ll break free and start bouncin..

Kill ghosts faster

Ok is all you have to do is is circle the control stick around and the ghosts health goes down.hint(this works with bosses too)!!!!

hope I helped.Smile

better ghost pictures

Ok here is a nifty little trick if you catch a boss ghost in one go drain it's whole heart in one with out letting go of it then you will have a better picture of the ghost plus it will drop larger pearls the futher you get it's helth down and here is anouther up on this trick not only will you get a better looking version of the ghost it will also drop a huge pearl worth an extreme amount of money so what you waiting for get catching

To get marios star, go to the observatory and sh..

To get marios star, go to the observatory and shoot a falling star at the moon and blow it up. After you do that, a path appears to the star.

Rank A "L" Mansion at end of game

to get a rank a mansion you need ALOT of $$$.so to get a gold diamond*2 worth 20,000,000 apiece!water the flower you see before bogmire.then after every area come back to water it.then at area 4 it will look like a party ball from melee water until it spits out the gold diamond.the go to the butlers room.there will be a mouse hole on the right side of the room(look 4 it with the gbhorror).scan it and it will take you to a Hidden Room beat all the ghosts that come out of some chests(some have tresure).after you beat them another chest will appear,open it and get the boo,it is the 1 that people are stuck trying to get.if it is the 50th,it will drop the last gold diamond hope this helpsSmile

big hearts

if you already beat the baby then good. first if you are running low on health go to the baby room there will be a pink dreeser go to it prees A then a big heart will pop out leave out the room ang go in another room then get out and go back in the baby room and do it again(note)do it as much as you want

Easy with the twins!

To easily find where the twin are, try vaccuming all the boxes. The ones that shake have the twins in them! Hope I helped.


The blue (money) ghosts can be found in the following locations:
- Wardrobe Room
- Hidden Room
- Kitchen
- Dining Room
- Storage Room
- Nursery
- Study
- Rec Room
- Conservatory
- Nana's Room
- Billiards Room
- The Twin's Room
- Breaker Room
- Cellar
- Sealed Room
The golden mice can sometimes be found in the following locations:
- Study
- Tea Room
- Dining Room
- Safari Room
- Fortune-Teller's Room
- Hallway (x2)
- Sealed Room

Money Mouse

In the fortune teller's room, use your game boy horror on the cheese. (or you had to vacume it, I can't remember...) Anyways, a mouse should come out, suck it up, and a whole bunch of money should appear! (Im' not absolutely sure this will work, I just heard it from my friend.) I hope this works, happy gaming!!!

Money does grow on trees

Remember, once you are able to use the water emblem, you can water plants, not just the one in the backyard were the ghost do in but all plants. So look around for plants and water them. And also go back to the second ghost room ((The lady who sits in front of the mirror fixing her hair)) water the plant in her room and you can get an ruby. And also water the plants on the balcony, You get alot of cash from the balcony. And also the plant in the dogs backyard, remember to water it after each mayjor boss, You can receieve a Gold Diamond from it and that is worth 20,000,000. You can only get another one of those if you catch all 50 Boos. So remember to water the plants.

Secret Key

In the room where the big workout guy is, there is a treadmeal. If you run on it a key pops out, and you can use it in the hallway where that mysteriously locked door is. Now you don't have to go all the way through the courtyard. YAY!

Fake Doors

To tell fake doors from real doors, you should check out the carpet.
Yes, the carpet.
There's usually a carpet throughout every hallway, and if it doesn't break off to the front of a door, it's a fake door.
Hope this helps.

Portrait List

1 - Neville, The Bookish Father
Location: Study
2 - Lydia, The Mirror-Gazing Mother
Location: Master Bedroom
3 - Chauncy, The Spoiled Baby
Location: Nursery
4 - The Floating Whirlindas, The Dancing Couple
Location: Ball Room
5 - Shivers, The Wandering Butler
Location: Butler's Room
6 - Melody Pianissima, The Beautiful Pianist
Location: Conservatory
7 - Madame Clairvoya, The Freaky Fortune-Teller
Location: Fortune-Teller Room
8 - Mr. Luggs, The Glutton
Location: Dining Room
9 - Spooky, The Hungry Guard Dog
Location: Boneyard
10 - Bogmire, The Cemetery Shadow
Location: Cemetery
11 - Biff Atlas, The Bodybuilder
Location: Recreat..

Secret Key

On floor 1, there is a door. When you are walking down the hall past the ball room, and you take a right, there is a locked door, if you ride the treadmill for a few seconds you get a key that opens up that door

Money Boos

There Money Boos hidden all over the mansion. I think there`s about twenty or thrity one or the other. Don`t no don`t care

My Name Say it PrymeTyme

When you stand in a hallway that looks ike it go..

When you stand in a hallway that looks ike it goes through the screen,shoot a blast of any element you have with you.If done correctly it will look like luigi is trying to blast you.

Fake Doors

To tell fake doors from real doors, you should check out the carpet.
Yes, the carpet.
There's usually a carpet throughout every hallway, and if it doesn't break off to the front of a door, it's a fake door.
Hope this helps.

Where are all the blue ghosts?

- Wardrobe Room: in the right wardrobe
- Study: in the chair behind the desk
- Breaker Room: in the left table
- Storage Room: in the right chair
- Dining Room: in the left cabinet
- Kitchen: in the dishwasher
- Rec Room: in the right bike
- Nana's Room: in the right sofa
- Billiard's Room: in the table with a chess
- Twin's Room: in the bed
- Cellar: in the left box
- Sealed Room: in the right chest
- Conservatory: in the piano seat
- Hidden Room: in the right chest
- Nursery: in the cradle. the last three are in the blackout1

Get out of trouble

If you are in a spot of trouble and you see a mirror go to gameboy mode and aim it at the mirror and push A this will take you to the main hallway at the start of the game.

Sealed room

On the roof, there are three chimney's, one has the elevator, and one has the key..... But wait, what about the third, the other chimney has a plank and if you walk on it you fall into a sealed room. You can only leave by the mystical mirror.

Mario's Items

This is where all of Mario's items are hidden.
Hat: In the washing machine one room north of the Butler's room.
Letter: In the bridhouse in the courtyard.
Glove: After defeating the ghost in the billard room, go into the Shilouette room through the western door. After turning on the video projector and killing the invisible ghosts, Mario's glove will be in a chest.
Shoe: After defeating the ghost twins in the Twin's Room, Mario's Shoe will appear in a chest.
Star: This one is tricky. Grab the fire element and go to the Astral Hall. Make sure you have a lot of health for this part! Light the torches and the doors will lock. Shy Guy Ghosts will then appear. After killing them all walk through the door on the western side. Look through the telescope with "A" an..

Prymetyme on luigi`s mansion cheats

Welcome to Prymetyme Cheat Number 2 Now we I am talking about how to beat Bowser First when he shoot the balls at you dodge them then you suck them up and shoot them at Bowser`s Head then King Boo will come out then suck him up
That`s all Now Say it Say name Prymetyme

hidden baby room

Ok trust me this does work once you have donr the room with the toy soldiers in the play house room go up to the big dolls house in the middle of the room at the back and examine it the doors should now open go inside and it will take you to the very place you will fight king boo and bowser later byt for now go up the chimnys and keep walking across the plank of wood untill you fall down one now depending which one you picked will decide what is in the room there might be a ghost room or there could be a treasure room if you have found the treasure room don't worry you can still get the ghost just simply do the process so far then choose the other one now when done correctly you will be in a room go to the door inside this room go through it and you should see the baby on top of the celi..

Hidden machion

The diffrence of the hidden machion from the normel machion is your vacuim is stronger.

Extra cash

In Lydia's room and the billiards room, there's a ceiling fan; aim your vac at the fan and start sucking-the fan will start spinning faster and faster until a bunch of cash falls out.
Also, water EVERY plant in the mansion, inside & out.


When battling the second Boss, the purple ghost Bogmire, suck up all but one of the black ghosts and release them (they'll pop) then suck up the last black ghost and shoot Bogmire with it and start sucking. This way, the black ghosts won't interfere.

Gostly help

Well evryone knows luigis mansion is mediem hard and I have beaten it heres somthing to help you with:once inside the mansion with the sucking vamcuem thing go upstairs and into the door youll see that it is very dark but with two blue candles in front of you press the L button to blow them with your vacuam.
Once you done that portraits of huanted evil ghost will talk to you B00!quikly fight them off with the techniq that old guy taught you once done a key will drop or not and go in the room in front of you on the right.
Once in there ghost or no ghost will appear if there are suck them up.
Go in the next room in the left of you when do this find all ghost that are in theyre and get the key go to the left room again and meet up with mushroom head toad (..

types of ghosts

Color type life strength
Orange-punching-10 HP-weak
Pink-punching-20 HP-weak
Purple-hanging bomb-0 HP-weak
White-hanging-0 HP-weak
Yellow-rolling-0 HP-weak
Green-bananas-40 HP-normal
Blue-money-10 HP-EXPERT
Red blue mice-none-none-easy
Yellow mice-money-none-easy
Blue-crushing-30 HP-medium
White-grabing-10 HP-easy
Red-grabing-10 HP-easy
Red fish-exploding-none-easy
These are every ghost in the mansion.I'M ALSO SHADOWRAPTOR

all of(4) mario's items get all of mario's items...well not all but if you want to find mario's 4 items frist do the following.
Mario's hat:in the landry room
Mario's star:in the observatory room
Mario's shoe or glove:in the projection room
Mario's letter:in the bridhouse in the courtyard
Note:give all of mario's items to a ghost fortune teller

where are all of the gold mice?

Throughout the mansion there are ten gold mice. If you capture them you will get lots of money and a diamond. They are only found in dark rooms of the mansion. They appear 25% of the time running around in these rooms. 1st Floor Main Hallway, 2nd Floor Main Hallway, Kitchen, Tea Room, Sealed Room, The other five are found in blocks of cheese. To get the mice out, focus your Game Boy Horror on the cheese and press A. The cheese is found in these rooms: Study, Fortune Teller's Room, Dining Room, Tea Room and the safari room

When you first go in the mansion.Go to the cover..

When you first go in the mansion.Go to the cover and suck it up you will find a mirror. Scan it and something good will happen.

Toad moving Glitch

If you vacuum near the side of toad while bumping into toad,you can make a glitch making toad moveable.

Big pearl

When you fight a boss ghost,You'll see that it will pearls around. Drain 90% of the ghost health in a single time to get a big pearl which is the best pearl of all.Good luck getting those big pearls.

Another King Boo Crown Gem.

There is another place in the mansion beside the King Boo Battle where you can get the gem found in King Boo's crown. To get it, first, you have to get the water elemental medal and gain access to the balcony on the third floor where Boolossus is. Be sure to have water in the Poltergust 3000. There is a group of plants in the northeast corner of the balcony. Use the water to water the plants and a King Boo crown gem should pop out of one of them.

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