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Follow the dark path or use the light

Luigis Mansion Cheats for 3DS

Cheats and Tips for Luigis Mansion


We have 8 cheats and tips on 3DS. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube

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Hidden Secret Treasure Rooms
In the Mansion there are 2 Secret Treasure Rooms in the Mansion which when accessed, yield a lot of Treasure. These rooms are the Hidden Room (accessible starting in Area 2) and the Sealed Room (accessible from Area 4).

Hidden Room:
In the top-right corner of the Butler's Room is a mousehole. Search it with the GameBoy Horror to access this room. You will leave the same way.

Sealed Room:
Climb the right-most chimney on the roof and head inside it to access this room. To leave, uncover the mirror and use the Mirror Warp trick.

Exposing Fake Doors
Throughout the Mansion there are fake doors which will slam Luigi against the wall causing damage and make him lose coins when he attempts to oppen them. When you suspect a door is fake use the Vacuum on it, if it doesn't shake, it's fake. Alternatively, just check the door's position on the map. Fake Doors can be destroyed with the Fire Medal, though they'll respawn later on.

Amiibo Secrets
Using the Amiibo Option at the Lab there are several compatible Amiibo you can scan. Each one unlocks a special power to the Save File they are used on. If you quit the game and go back to the 'Title' Screen or shut off your 3DS, you will need to scan the Amiibo again when you begin your Save File again.

Note: Amiibo functions cannot be used in Portrait Ghost rematches in the Gallery.

Revives Luigi once if his HP drops to 0. Also makes furniture hiding Speedy Spirits glow blue when approached.

Turns ALL Poison Mushrooms into Super Mushrooms that restore 25 HP.

Shows the locations of up to 3 escaped Boos on the Map.

Talking to Toad, even if you don't Save, r..

Normal Mansion Speedy Spirit Locations
Speedy Spirits are blue Ghosts that hide in dark rooms and in furniture and will appear when you inspect it. You will be able to suck up their 10 HP and collect the Treasure they expel if you are quick enough to capture them. Listed below in the order you will find them are the locations of all the Speedy Spirits in Normal Mansion mode.

Note: If a Speedy Spirit escapes or you clear the room they will not appear again until you start the game from the beginning.

Area 1: Study
Found in the chair behind the desk.

Area 1: Wardrobe Room
Found in the right-most wardrobe.

Area 2: Breaker Room
Found in the table on the right side of the room.

Area 2: Dining Room
Found in the dish cabinent o..

Hidden Mansion Speedy Spirit Locations
Listed below in the order you will find them are the locations of the Speedy Spirit's in the Hidden Mansion. The Treasure they give you remains the same as the Normal Mansion, you will though need to catch them quickly because when they disappear they are gone until you start the game again.

Area 1: Anteroom
Found in the table in the top-left corner.

Area 1: Master Bedroom
Found in the dresser.

Area 2: 1F Bathroom
Found in the sink.

Area 2: Breaker Room
Found in an oil drum in the top-left corner.

Area 2: Butler's Room
Found in the water-filled bucket on the right side of the room.

Area 2: Conservatory
Found in the music sheet stand next to the x..

Unlocking Ranks
When you complete the game you will get a new Mansion that will change in Rank depending on how much Treasure you collected. Below is a list of the Ranks along with how much Treasure you need to collect to reach each Rank.

Note: S-Rank is only available via Hidden Mansion Mode even if you meet the Treasure requirements in Normal Mansion mode.

A-Rank: A Luxurious Mansion

B-Rank: A Large Compound
70,000,000 - 99,999,999G

C-Rank: A Two-Story House
60,000,000 - 69,999,999G

D-Rank: A Spacious House
50,000,000 - 59,999,999G

E-Rank: A House With A Loft
40,000,000 - 49,999,999G

F-Rank: A Modest House
20,000,000 - 39,999,999G

Boss Portrait Ghost Frames
Below are the HP requirements for each of the Frame types for Bosses, they are based off of how much HP Luigi has after defeating a Boss. Platinum Frames can only be unlocked via Hidden Mansion mode.

Note: You can also unlock better Frames via the rematches in the Gallery if you don't get them during the game itself.

Bronze Frame:
Luigi's HP is 49 or lower.

Silver Frame:
Luigi's HP is between 50 - 89.

Gold Frame:
Luigi's HP is 90 or higher.

Platinum Frame (Hidden Mansion Only):
Luigi HP is 100.

Gold Mice Locations
In total there are 10 Gold Mice which wne vacummed (not destroyed) with the Poltergust will cause an explosion that will result in Treasure being expelled for you to collect. There are 2 ways to find Gold Mice, randomly and with Cheese. Below are the locations of ALL 10 Mice in the order you can find them. These locations are the same for both the Normal Mansion and the Hidden Mansion.

Note: There is a 25% chance of 5 of the Gold Mice appearing in some halls and some rooms when you enter them, while the other 5 will appear when you inspect wedges of Cheese hidden in some rooms with the Game Boy Horror.

Area 1: Study:
Search the Cheese behind the desk with the Game Boy Horror.

Area 2: 1F Hallway:
Randomly appears from the south en..

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