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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

We have 26 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance please send them in here.

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Unlock Characters

Beat the game 3 times

Beat the game 5 times

Beat the game 7 times

Beat the game 10 times

Beat the game 15 times
Mia - Chapter 7:
Speak to her with Ike
Ilyana - Chapter 8:
Speak to her with Ike
Marcia - Chapter 9:
Speak to her with Ike
Lethe and Mordecai - Chapter 10:
If they survive in Chapter 9 they will join
Volke - Chapter 10:
If you hire him at the start of Chapter 10 he will join
Nephenee and Brom - Chapter 11:
Free them and speak to them with Ike in Chapter 10
Kieran - Chapter 11:
Free him and speak to him with Oscar in ..

Unlock Bonus Maps

Complete the game and then load the 'Epilogue' file to play any of the following Bonus Trial maps after they have been unlocked. Your characters will have the level and weapons they had at the end of Story mode. Unlock the Trial maps by completing the corresponding task:
Map 1 - Hillside Battle:
On any difficulty setting complete Story mode
Map 2 - Lonely Isle:
On Normal or Difficult settings complete Story mode
Map 3 - Strange Turn:
On Difficult setting complete Story mode
Map 4 - Desperation:
Use a Link cable to connect to a Game Boy Advance with Fire Emblem or Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.
Map 5 - Escape:
Use a Link cable to connect to a Game Boy Advance with Fire Emblem.
Map 6 - Trapped:

Ch 15 Item Locations

Remember: (Left-Right direction on the map,Up-Down Direction on the map) and if there's a dash between two numbers instead of a comma, then those numbers are on the same axis (x axis and y axis).
From the top-left corner of the map starting with 0,0 as the last area you can move to in the top-left:
Coin: (0,7-9)
Guard Scroll: (1-4,17)
Silver Blade: (2-5,9-10)
Shine Spell: (7-10,6-8)
Boots: (11-13,0-2)
Coin(#2): (12-14,11-13)
Physic Staff: (16-18,7-9)
Statue Frag: (25-27,11-15)
White Gem: (26-27,2-3)
*: (25,1)
*: If a Beorc steps on this space, You will find the Vague Katti weapon. If a Laguz (Lethe or Mordecai) steps on this space, you will get the Lvl8 Swordmaster: Stefan. He is equipped with the Vague Katti. If you..


Beat the game 15 times!!!!!!!!

Unlock Stefan

Stefan is a special Swordmaster. You can unlock him on Feral Frontier. To get him you need to move Lethe or Mordacai to a square in the yop right corner.
Starting from the top right corner, move three squares to the left and one down - Stefan will appear. If you move there with one of your two laguz he will join your party.
If you move there with any Beorc he will appear and give his S-level swords called the Vague Katti. If you recruit him he comes with the sword.

Can't think of a title?

If your new at this game and don't know how to change your class you have to get to level 20 and it will say class change for ike you will have to wait though

How to get jill the wyvern rider

In chapter 11 jill will appear when that happens go to the ponit where you clear the map and then in chapter 12 when your fighting the birds jill will come.... don't kill her or attack she will go to you and talk with you and when your done defeating the birds she will join you and thats how you get her.

Retrieve Shinon and Gatrie

Okay, so in Chapter 8 you find out that Shinon and Gatrie have left your team following Commander Greil's death and Ike being left in command of the mercanaries.
You can get both of them back in your team, but unlike most characters which simply require you to have Ike talk to them you have to do more to get them back.
But, of course, you want them back since Gatrie is the best Knight (and best General when he classes up) and Shinon is the best choice for a Sniper (classed up Archer, Shinon was already classed up when you first got to use him). Here's how:
Gatrie reappears in Chapter 13 after about two months have past since his leaving the company, aboard the Begnion vessel. In the small opening cutscene you might recognise a certai..

Character classes and weapons

Here is a list of the characters in this game their beginning class (class that you obtain them with), their class ups (what they class up into) and the weapons they can use. Starting from Prologue:
Ranger (Swords) >-> Lord (Swords)
Paladin (Axes and Lances)
Lance Knight (Lances) >-> Paladin (Lances and a second weapon of your choice)
Fighter (Axes) >-> Warrior (Axes and Bows)
Priest (Staves) >-> Bishop (Staves and Light magic)
Sniper (Bows)
Knight (Lances) >-> General (Lances and Swords)
Mage (All magic [except Light]) >-> Sage (All magic [except Light] and S..

All characters

Ike - Joins automatically in Prologue (default character).
Oscar - Joins automatically at the start of Chapter 1.
Boyd - Joins automatically at the start of Chapter 1.
Titania - Joins automatically at the start of Chapter 1.
Rhys - Joins automatically at the start of Chapter 2.
Shinon - Joins automatically at the start of Chapter 3, leaves after Chapter 7. To re-recruit him in Chapter 18, you must speak to him with Rolf and AFTER you have done so defeat him with Ike. He will rejoin after the battle. If you defeat him with Ike before you talk to him with Rolf, or defeat him with any other character he will actually die instead of retreat.
Gatrie - Joins automatically at the start of Chapter 3, leaves after Chapter 7.

Kill the Black Knight

Save all of the stat upgrades until Ike becomes a lord and then use them all and level up what's not maxed out also equip Aether a occult scroll to Ike then when you face the black knight go right in front of him and aether should work better I don't know why and it will not always work and use Mist at level 20 with psychic the staff so you don't get Mist killed also ignore the extra soldiers and keep attacking the black knight Aether should happen twice for you to win.

Good luck

Band Items

Like the Metis' Tome in FE: The Sacred Stones, the bands of FE: PoR increase stat growths, but these are more specific growth rates with different sets of growth rate changes for each band. The only ones that have the same growth rate changes are the Knight + Wyvern Bands and the Archer + Thief Bands.
Archer band (+5% SPD, +5% SKL) Shinon carries it when you get him in Ch 3
Fighter band (+5% HP, +5% STR) Boyd carries it at the beginning
Knight band (+5% STR, +5% DEF) Gatrie carries it when you get him in Ch 3
Mage band (+10% MAG) Defeat the boss in Ch 7 to get this
Paladin band (+5% HP, +5% SPD) Oscar carries it at the beginning.
Pegasus band (+5% LUCK, +5% RES)Marcia carries it when you get her in Ch 9
Priest band (+5% LUCK, +5% RES) Rhys carries..

Get A Deadly Swordmaster By Chapter 8

On chapter 7 if you send Ike northward on the next turn a myrmidon named mia will appear.
She will speak to Ike, then she will join you. Keep her alive for the next chapter. At the next chapter you will have the ability to control a base.
Go to manage and give Mia enough exp. To level her up to level 19 with 95 exp. Left over.
Then go to the shop and forge a blade based on a steel sword and make the critical points go all the way up. This will cost money but it is worth it.
Equip it to Mia and start the chapter. Go to the left opening along with Boyd, Oscar, and Soren. Then kill a couple of people to get her to level 21 to change class into a swordmaster.
Also the blade you made will make her critical attack go even higher! (Not..

Characters up to Chapter 23 that I know of

Mia(Myrmidon) Talk to her with Ike in chapter 7
Llyana(mage) Talk to her with Ike in chapter 8 - She won't attack you so don't attack her-
Marcia(Pegesus knight) Talk to her in chapter 3 and she'll leave claiming she owes you one and come back in Chapter 9 where you talk to her again and she joins you.
Lethe and Mordecai (Laguz) Chapter 9 they join you in battle as allies make sure they live and they join you after the battle.
Volke (thief) in chapter 10 before your battle begins he asks you to hire him there is an important reason to say yes so hire him at the end of the battle he asks to travel with you allow him to and he is yours
Kieran ( axe knight) chapter 11 free him from his cell and speak to him with oscar
Brom and Nephenee (Brom: knight) (Nephenee:..

Avoid fighting Nasela

In chapter 19 you have to fight Nasela to avoid fighting him talk to him with Januff or Ulki and they will tell him about leanne and the forest, and when it is his turn he will go and talk to prince Reyson and then Nesala will leave and the other crows will leave to. (note: need to have Reyson alive for this hint to work, and if Reyson died and you talk to Nesala with Ulki or Januff he will not attack you, unless you attack him)

How to Beat the Game Easy on Normal or Hard mode!!!!

This requires Reyson, a good healer with 20+ mag w/ a heal staff or a healer that can use a recover staff. They must have about 15+ uses. This also calls for some strong units for protection, and obviously Ike, Ena or Nasir, and Tibarn, Giffca, or Naesala. I reccomend using this battlefield as training for your Laguz master (other than Giffca, as he's lvl 20) and Ena or Nasir. Kill every enemy on the map except King Daein AKA Ashnard. Once you get to his platform, put Reyson on a stair, and Rhys or your healer of choice diagnoly back from him. Once Ike is there, end your turn. I hope you gave Ike Aether, or you gave your healer many staves. Hope for a Aether, as it's very hard to get a critical. At the start of each turn before you attack Ashnard, place Ike directly in front of the King ..

Bonus Trial Map unlockable characters

Oliver - Beat the game three times.
Shiharam - Beat the game five times.
Petrine - Beat the game seven times.
Bryce - Beat the game ten times.
Ashnard - Beat the game fifteen times (yes, this will take a long time).
Here are the weapons they have when you unlock them:
Oliver - Nosferatu
Shiharam - Tomahawk
Petrine - Flame Lance
Bryce - Wishblade
Ashnard - Gurgurant
Yes, the same weapons they have equipped when you battle them during the game.
Here are their classes:
Oliver - Bishop
Shiharam - Wyvern Lord
Petrine - Paladin
Bryce - General
Ahsnard - King Daein

How to evolve volke to an assainen

Ok this is a very simple cheat all you need is volke andd when you get to chapter 18,19 or 20(not sure can't remember)he will ask you if you want him to kill you if you go berserk say yes.

How To Be A Beast

All you need is 2 skills:
Wrath and Resolve
This means when below halh HP you get high critical hit rate, higher speed, higher skill, and higher strength.So when you want to pwn use this tip!!!

Master Seals

When a unit is at level 20, you can use a Master Seal to have them change classes instead of using Experience. Since they are at level 20, you won't be missing out on any stat increases anyway.

Stat increasing items

When you use stat increasing items (Talismans, Secret Books etc), be sure to use them on a stat that a unit is lacking in. For example, using a Talisman on Ike will increase his Resistance, which is one stat he's lacking in. However, increasing his Strength would be a waste of time, as he's likely to max out his Strength stat by naturally levelling up.

On chapter 3, talk to marcia with Ike, and she'l..

On chapter 3, talk to marcia with Ike, and she'll join you're group but not on that chapter(Ike tells her to find safety so she wont come back for a couple of chapters)

Rescue/drop units within one turn

Requires someone with secondary movement (Paladins/Wyvern Lords etc).
If one of your units, such as a Sage, is in a bad situation and you need to rescue them, you obviously know that you have to drop them on the next turn, meaning the rescued unit will have to wait until the second turn after the rescue to be commanded again. It is actually possible to avoid this situation if the rescuer with secondary movement is nearby and there is also another unit within range of the secondary unit's secondary movement (preferably as far back as possible if your units are in danger).
Now, have your Paladin/Wyvern Lord/etc move up to the Sage/etc and rescue them, then move back to the adjacent unit and select "Wait". Now, have the adjacent unit stay where he is and select the com..

chapter 27 how to kill the Black Knight

Mist comes to join the fight the Black Knight has more power than you but keep healing yourself with Mist to survive or if you have an elixer use that when your health is low and keep attacking with Rangell it is the only weppon that can hurt him and you'll get Nasir if you win also don't let Mist die or you might lose without her to heal you and make sure you level Mist up high so she will not die (that easily). Don't run at all!!!

White Gem $100,000 and other items at the desert level

As you should already know there are items hidden in the sand at the desert chapter to get the white gem (the highest selling item in the game) go to where you find Stefan and keep searching in that corner you should find a white gem, psychic (a staff that heals from a distance) go down from the rock near the ruined shrine and to get boots go to the point in between the castle and the mountain. Keep looking by setting a guy in each column and moving them one over at a time to search for items. There is a silver blade, Stefan (right hand corner with Lethe or Mordecai), a white gem, a dracoshield, boots, psychic a lot of coins, plus other items. They change some items at times of playing/file number.
Good Hunting.

Dodge or Avoid Most Enemy Attacks

To do this, you must be Ike(it only works for him). Get into a battle with him and just when the enemy is loading his attack, hold L and R. If done at the right time, Ike is more likely to dodge/avoid more attacks. This technique works best with Bows and Javelins.

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