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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

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We have a collection of cheats that includes shortcuts in Bowsers castle and secret area, free Warp Flute and Level Select.

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Finding White Mushroom Houses:If you have enough..

Finding White Mushroom Houses:
If you have enough coins in certain Levels youšll find a White Mushroom
House back on the map.
The minimum amount of coins needed at the different levels are:
World 1, Level 4 -- 44 coins
World 2, Level 2 -- 30 coins
World 3, Level 8 -- 42 coins
World 4, Level 2 -- 22 coins
World 5, Level 5 -- 28 coins
World 6, Level 7 -- 78 coins
World 7, Level 2 -- 42 coins
The White Mushroom Houses in Worlds 1, 3, 5, and 7 wil give you P Wings. The
White Mushroom Houses in Worlds 2, 4, and 6 will give you Anchors.
No More Dry Bones:
Dry Bones will disappear if you make him into a pile of bones and then walk
across the screen until you can no longer see him. When you g..

Special Suit

Level Select
Defeat all 90 levels in a game to be able to play any level repeatedly. You will also have access to Spade games, Mushroom houses, Hammer brother fights and the Fortresses.
World Select
Beat the game with or without the use of warp whistles to access any world you want.
Hint: Special Suit Cheat
At a mushroom house select a chest and If it contains a suit get a game over. Then choose continue. Those levels which you have already defeated will not be re-set (only Slot machine games and the Mushroom houses).
When you continue, go back to the same mushroom house were you got the suit and you will find that whatever chest you choose there will always be a copy of the same suit. This cheat can be repeated to gain more suits.


In 1-2 you can run across the top and pass the pipe to go to 1-3 and you will have a choice of going to 2-1, 3-1, or 4-1.
In 4-2 you can run across the top and pass the pipe to go to 4-3 and you will have to go to 5-1.
In 4-2 you can hit some invisible blocks, jump on them hit the brick with the vine and climb it up there you will find surfaces that have coins on them. Run across them and you will come across 3 pipes. You will have a choice of going to 6-1, 7-1, or the last world 8-1.

WORLD 9: Warp zone (get to other worlds)

Hey if you have Super mario advanced 4: Super mario bros. 3 you can now get to other worlds from world 2!
When you have completed all the levels in world 2 exept for the castle/ship go to the pyramid, then go upwards until you can't go up any more, now use a hammer and a secret path will apear. You will now need to beat 2 fire throwing guys and once there dead you can get he flute!
Use the flute in any world other than world 8, you will then go to WORLD 9 where you can go to these places:
Use the flute in these places:
WORLD 1: Allows you to go to worlds 1,3,5,7
WORLD 2: Allows you to go to worlds 2,4,6,7
WORLD 8: You can't go any where!

The Magick Flute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the third level in the first world at the end of the level after the boomerang throwing koopa theres a red koopa on a white block. Kill the koopa then keep pressing down on the white block and you'll end up behind the bushes. Then all you do is finish the level by going behind the black backround. Once behind there you end up in a toad shop where you get a flute for free!!! That flute can bring you to any world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Select all

To select all levels complete 100% of the game

Free Warp Flute

To get a warp flute you must go to the gray castle in world 1 where you fight the brown repile, Boom-boom. Get a p-wing or a racoon leaf. On floor 1 where the last ? Is make a running jump on the beeping noise onto the ? And fly while facing and hitting the wall and you will go into a crack in the wall and keep going right til' you hear the bumping noise meaning you've hit the wall. Press the up arrow on the D-pad and you will fall and if you see a brown chest that means you did it, the flute is in there.
Get 100 coins for 1-up
On world 8 Bowser is hard
On world 7 the king of peach's castle transformed into Yoshi

Hope this helped.

Flpjfx out

Get Star almost always at end of level

You know the box at the end of the level?the one with all the items flashing rapidly fast.well,i know how to get the star 96% of the time on that.before you hit the box and get mushroom or whatever you get,run all the way until the letter "P" is liting up and flashing at the bottom of the screen.and while it is still flashing,when you get to the box,jump up to hit the box,make sure the "p" is still flashing & liting up.and when you hit it if the "P" is is still lighting and flashing you will most likely get the is how many lives 3 stars or 3 mushrooms get you. 3 stars=5 ,1-ups,and 3 mushrooms I think is.....2 or 3, 1-ups.hope I helped! :P

shortcut in bowsers castle and secret area

You will need
To be able to get bowsers castle
Good timing
First use p-wing and go to bowsers castle at the top of the stairs go all the way to the right and jump grab the 1-up mushroonm and crouch fly to where there is a gap and let go you will go through the wall and miss a bit of the stage out now fly to the furthest side away and go to the 2nd or 3rd one down 2nds easiest now go to where the thwomp is it will move from side to side now go down the U block and when your down jump to the side and get through there and when you go through the final door there will be a gap in the floor
And your at the secret area

Secret spot in world 8

In world 8 there's a secret sand spot on the sand level its the first quick sand.....

Warp whistle

OK, if you go to the first world and level 3 go through the level like normal then at the end there is a white block get on top of it and hold down for 10 seconds.
You should be behind the scenery run all the way to the right and open the chest there will be a warp whistle.

Get One Of The Warp Whistles

Get a p wing or racoon mario and fly in the world 1 castle and fly above the top of the screen past the door. Press the up button and you will see a treasure chest. Open it, and a warp whistle will be there.

Get level select

Beat the game to obtain level select.

Do NOT be lazy!

It's a good idea to complete every level in each world because once you have destroyed BOWSER in he's castle in world 8 you have to beat those levels you skipped after you have completed bowser's castle!
When you have done that you will be able to play levels over and over again but you can still get stuff mushroom houses, you can also play against the hammer and boomarang throwing guys and you can play the castles including bowser's again!
I have a inventary full of P wings!

Shortcuts and secret areas

Super Mario Bros. 3
Shortcuts and Secret Areas For Every World

Just go down the slope as normal and go through until you see the 2 piranha plants and there are 2 Floors go to the top one and go to the ramp jump there will be a red music block

Need-leaf or P-wing
Start by jumping on the goomba and going to ? Block and start running (just fly up if you have a p-wing)

Just Fly up to the right and that’s it

Jump over the pipes and get to the pipe water-fall and fly up to the lake above

Fly up ..

How to get a flute on W.1 dungeon

Once you start the leval get to the first box you should get a mushroom then go to the second box the one by dry bones smash dry bones first then get the box it should be a tail then run toward the door but dont go in turn around get enough speed to fly fly as high as you can and go to the right you will be above the screen run to the right and when you cant go any farther to the right push up then open the chest and wallah!!!!!!!!HAPPY WARPING(aspecially i f you get the one in leval 3 and the one in W.2!!!!!!!!

1. When you play the game and you reach an airsh..

1. When you play the game and you reach an airship level (perferred to be called Bowser's castle) and you lose the first time, the airship will fly somewhere in the world. When you go to the castle nothing wIll happen.

2. To get to Boom-boom directly by entering the third door then repeatedly tapping up on the control stick.
For the second code I got it from the Nintendo power magazine so trust the publisher.

Get all cards right on moving spade card

Save your game before you get the moving spade card when you are with the cards, the first card has to be a 1up card of not then just load your game again. When you get the 1up card as the first card then the next card will be a mushroom. The order is 1up, mushroom, 10$, mushroom, flower, star, mushroom, 10$, star, 20$, 20$, flower, star, 1up, flower, mushroom, flower, star.

Secret area in world2

Make sure you have a hammer (not hammer suit) and go to the top left hand corner of the screen of world 2,
Where the mound of dirt is, use the hammer.
This will reveal a secret area with a red version of the hammer bros. Beat them to obtain a warp whistle.

Skip from world 1-3 to world 4-1

Go to level 3 in world 1 and when you pass the second turtle that tries to hit you with a boomarang you should see a red turtle kill it and hold down for about 3 to 6 seconds and it should take you behide everthing and finish the level don't jump when you are behind something.
Because you wont be behind anything anymore but jump over the enimes when you are not behind anything and when you finish the level you will be behind the black spot and toad will come up and let you open the box "you have to press B to open the box"and then use the whistle and you have to go to the last tube it will show a 4 above to tube.

Keep your item

If you lose an item you really want and you just lost and in your still in a level press start and save and quit and you will still have it

Magical white blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In any level of the super mario game you see a white block. Jump/Walk on the block and keep pressing the down buton after a couple of seconds you will fall below the block. You are know in the backround and can run straight through the level.
DANGER:You still are able to be hit by any longrange attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is not much of a hint but if you have the racoon power well stop and press down then B.
And the racoon should turn into a kind of a black creature holding something. While he is transformed it will only about 5 seconds and you won't be able to move it.
This is strange I found this out when I was in world .

Double Suit!

Ok, this is my first cheat, but here it goes!If you bump a ? block and a super leaf, fiery flower, ect.( not a super mushroom) comes out, and you shrink down to the tiny Mario, don't fear! If you get the flower or leaf, you skip Super Mario and go to Racoon or Fiery Mario!!!!!!
Is that good or what?

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