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Follow the dark path or use the light

No Powerups Challenge

by MrL Froslass

                           THE NO POWERUPS CHALLENGE



Super Mario Brothers 3 is regarded as one of the greatest games of all time. 
However, I have played it so many times I could do it with my eyes closed. 
Restricting the use of Powerups should make things more interesting.

I am open to any suggestions, corrections, new info, questions, etc. etc. my 
email is [email protected] I will try to reply to all relevant emails, 
and I will give credit where credit is due. Anyway, on with the guide!


(01): Introductory Stuff
(02): Guide Start
(03): World 1
(04): World 2
(05): World 3
(06): World 4
(07): World 5
(08): World 6
(09): World 7
(10): World 9
(11): Other Stuff

Ctrl-F is usable.


Just a couple of pointers to remember. All of these things should be common 
knowledge to you.

Jumping: Timing your jumps to avoid enemies is pretty simple, but it is more 
vital in this case.

Cards: You get them at the end of a level. If you're running at full speed, 
you can make small variations to your jumps to get the cards you want. Jump 
earlier to get Flowers, and a late jump with a change in direction to get 
the Mushroom. The Star is in between. There may be some timing differences 
between versions.

Non-Speed Ends: A term I coined for levels where the exit is too close to a 
Pipe or something and you can't go at full speed before the Card appears. In 
these cases, the Cards listed above will be one change ahead (i.e. an early 
jump gets you a Star). I will point them out.

Enemies: Don't kill them unless you have to. Not worth risking your life.

Shells: Since you won't have Raccoon or Tanooki Mario, you will need them in 
some places. The enemies inside will eventually re-emerge, and kill you, so 
watch out for that.

Hammer Bros: They move on the World Map after you complete/die on a level. 
World 2 has Boomerang Bros. (and a Fire Bros.), and World 4 has Fat Hammer 
Bros. World 7 has Piranha Plants, and World 8 has a couple of different 
Vehicles of War, neither of which move. They give items upon their defeat, a 
couple which can be used. In fact, all usable items come from here or 
Princess Toadstool.

Coin Ships: These are rare, and can be appeared as such: Get a double digit 
coin count (such as 11, 22, etc.), and get the tens number of your score the 
same (i.e. 33 coins and 10230 points), and finish the level with an even 
number as the time (say, 204 seconds left). Ta-da, a Coin Ship will appear! 
Only applies to Worlds 1, 3, 5, and 6.

Lakitu Clouds: You will need at least two of these to complete the challenge. 
If you have the SNES version, you can abuse the game's save feature to 
restart World 4 after killing the Fat Hammer Bro. that gives the Cloud to 
make him respawn. A must for a 2 player experience.

Mushroom Houses: Utterly, Utterly Useless.

Blue Mushroom Houses: If you found one of these before playing the GBA 
version, props to you. One level in each World (8 excluded) has a hidden 
counter that requires a certain amount of coins to be collected. A Bluey will 
pop up with a free item. Odd numbered Worlds give P Wings, but they're off 
limits, however even numbered Worlds give Anchors, which stop Airships from 
moving, which can be handy.

That Sliding Game: Source of lives if you can do it.

N-Game: Appears after you get 80k points. The positions of the items are 
fixed; look them up; some items from them come in handy.

Airships: If you die, they move around the World Map. They can be stopped 
with Anchors, or, if it's possible, don't die on the damn Airship!

Castles: You enter these to get to the Airship levels. I wouldn't normally 
put this here, but you can enter these when the Airship is out and about to 
skip a Turn. Handy for World 3 and others.

WhatsHisFace: The Mini Boss of Fortesses and a few other places. Jump on him 
right after he jumps for maximum effectiveness.

/Koopalings: Half of them use the same strategy. Jump on them ASAP, but watch 
out for the Wand Blast. Lemmy is on a ball, and creates more. Wendy creates 
Rings, much like Lemmy, but they do not adhere to gravity. Finally, Roy and 
Ludwig shake the ground when they land on the ground, and you will be stunned 
if you are on the ground at the same time.


This is how the Challenge goes down.

You must not collect any powerups. If you mess up, get hit as soon as 
possible. There are 4 levels you cannot pass as Small Mario: World 6-5, World 
7-F, World 7-7, and World 8-F. Worlds 6-5 and 7-7 can be skipped; World 7-F 
and 8-F cannot. Hence, You will need Lakitu Clouds for both of these levels, 
plus one for each time you die/Game Over. Stars and Goomba Shoes are 
considered powerups.

No Recorders. They ruin the game's challenge. Nothing more to say than that.

Optional: No items. Despite the No Powerups rule, there are a few usable 
items left. If you choose to obey this, Lakitu Clouds can still be used 
(check above).

Optional: All levels completed. Besides the uncompletable levels, of course.

Optional: Speed run. Essentially, go as fast as possible, and death is not 
allowed. The ultimate challenge.

If you have any suggestions, send them to me.


Yes, you get to bring a friend on this one. Fun times ensue, I'm sure. I make 
this a section to 1: Bring it to everyone's attention, and 2: You can ditch 
unwanted Cards through Battle Mode. Each player needs the 2+ Lakitu Clouds, 
so I suggest SNES only (unless one person doesn't mind screwing around until 
7-F2 is completed by the other).


There are 5 choices in method of playing this game. There are differences in 
the games, however I will only list the relevant ones.

NES: The original and the best. My personal favourite, however I doubt many 
still have a NES kicking around.

SNES: You get to save, which is a big advantage over the NES version. Also, 
you can quit the game and have your items saved to get infinite items from 
Mushroom Houses, and more importantly, Hammer Bros. + etc.

GBA: This rendition is much like the SNES, but you don't get 2 Player. Also, 
you get to save more often. Also, That Sliding Game can give more lives if 
you can win it. There is a replay feature as well. However, while all of 
these are tolerable, there is one feature that breaks the game to the point 
where it simply can't be used for this challenge: When you get a Game Over, 
you only go back to the last level you completed, as if you only died. I only 
found this out when it happened to me on World 7-2 (shut up), and it is 
simply unacceptable. Unless it is your only choice, do not pick this version 
of the game.

Wii Virtual Console: Same as the NES, but on the Wii. It gets a plus for 
being able to exit without losing your data, so you don't need to do it in 
one blow.

Emulation: The 4 other versions, with Save States. However, the keyboard 
isn't quite like a controller (I learned that the hard way).



If you need advice on any level, good luck. However, I can still provide 
pointers on the more confusing levels, as well as Death Zones. Here is the 
format I will use:

World X-X: The World number of the level.

Difficulty: The difficulty of the level in my opinion. There are five levels.

Info: Some useless blabbing about the level, but may sometimes be helpful.

Death Zones: Anywhere that will cause trouble or else likely kill you.

Do it?: If this level isn't required to be completed, you can check here if I 
recommend doing it or not.

Also, I will provide basic info for the Hammer/etc. Bros. in the level. They 
will follow the same format above, with the omission of the last two sections.


Well then, let's begin.


World 1-1:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Not as memorable as 1-1 from SMB, but still, I can picture the entire 
level in my mind (I can do that for quite a few levels).

Death Zones: The first hole will kill you consistently. Oh wait, no it won't.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 1-2:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Another level of ease. The amount of times I've done this one...

Death Zones: Goomba Pipes sometimes annoy.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 1-3:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The location of the first Recorder. If you don't know already, there is 
an Orange Note Block to the right of the leftern Brick Blocks after you send 
the Koopa Shell through the Brick Blocks. Whew, that was longer than I 
thought it would be.

Death Zones: Er, this area will be useless for a while.

Do it?: Well, if you really want the Mushroom House, yeah, sure.

World 1-4:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Auto-Scrolling levels are a pain in the ass. This is also a Bluey 
level, however you can't get enough coins. Also, this is a Non-Speed End.

Death Zones: Nowhere really.

Do it?: Not unless you want that P Wing. Wait, can't get it, never mind.

World 1-F:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The second Recorder is here, and as such the second half of the level 
is rarely played. Still, not much of a problem.

Death Zones: Nope.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 1-5:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The first underground level, technically. Don't use the Orange Note 
Block, it's a waste of time.

Death Zones: The Piranha Plants, maybe.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 1-B:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Barebones fight with a Hammer Bro. Hit him from under for maximum 

World 1-6:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Another level to get through. Oh joy.

Death Zones: Resist the temptation to jump that huge gap.

Do it?: No Choice.
World 1-\__|:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: It's just a dodgefest. Should be a piece of, erm, never mind.

Death Zones: The entire level, I suppose, not that I expect you to die.

Do it?: Well, you don't HAVE to.


Nothing special so far. It is the first World, after all.


World 2-1:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Lots of bonus stuff in this level. I suggest you ignore it. Might be a 
Non-Speed End.

Death Zones: Don't jump off the end of the Pipe Paths; you may run into a 
Piranha Plant.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 2-2:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: A standard level with a bit of water. The Bluey is here; you will need 
to use the P Switch to get enough coins.

Death Zones: The water might annoy.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 2-F:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The fortress is kinda early here, but whatever. Go do it.

Death Zones: The Spiky Area, maybe.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 2-3:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Nothing special about this level really. Well, it's a Non-Speed End, I 

Death Zones: Resist the temptation to hit the Multiple Coin Block at the end.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 2-Q:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Ah, That F**king Sun. Killed me a lot as a kid. If you have balls, use 
a Koopa Shell to kill it, otherwise just stop whenever it goes for a sweep.

Death Zones: TFS. 'Nuff Said.

Do it?: No Choice, unfortunately.

World 2-B:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Just a Boomerang Bro. Jump on him either right after his first 
boomerang, or after his second. Look out, they come back! Oh, and I hope 
you're not silly enough to kill the Fire Bros. for that Recorder.

World 2-4:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Lots of Boomerang Bros. in this level. We get denied the secret area in 
this level, too.

Death Zones: The Boomerang Bros., maybe.

Do it?: Nah, the other one's easier.

World 2-5:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Enemies lie everywhere, so don't go too fast.

Death Zones: Near the Chain Chomps.

Do it?: Yeap, this is my recommendation.

World 2-P:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Need to use Buzzy Shells in a few places. Non-Speed End too.

Death Zones: At the big Slide after the third set of Brick Block Walls, slide 
down to kill the Buzzy Beetles, but remember to jump.

Do it?: No Choice.
World 2-\__|:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: More evasion. You can handle it, right?

Death Zones: Nowhere in particular.

Do it?: Well, you can if you want to, I won't stop you.


World 2, done. Not too hard, was it? We're just getting started...


World 3-1:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: First underwater level. Nothing particularly special otherwise.

Death Zones: Bloopers can be annoying.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 3-2:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: This should all be something you've done before.

Death Zones: Bouncing Cheeps sometimes.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 3-3:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: The first encounter with That F**king Fish. Speed is the key to this 

Death Zones: Everywhere close to the water.

Do it?: No Choice, unfortunately.

World 3-B:

Difficulty: Breeze/Cake

Info: You may notice there are Nodes in the water. These will make life 
difficult, adding one layer of water to the fight. 

World 3-F:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: You want the door before the last Thwomp.

Death Zones: Nowhere.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 3-4:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Another level where speed is the key. To get up that wall, you need to 
slide down the Slide and jump at the end.

Death Zones: The Lakitu can sometimes kill you.

Do it?: Yeah, it's easier than the other level.

World 3-5:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Not that hard, but there's a lot of obstacles.

Death Zones: Bloopers make life hard with all the Jellyfish around.

Do it?: Nah, go for the other one.

World 3-6:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Auto-Scroll. Just don't go for any extra stuff and you'll be fine.

Death Zones: Nowhere.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 3-7:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Wow, this level is annoying. Ball Spitters make for more obstacles.

Death Zones: As above.

Do it?: If you can avoid it, do so.

World 3-F2:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Underwater isn't easy, but the level is short.

Death Zones: The best way to avoid getting killed by the Boo Bars is to not 
go near them.

Do it?: Unless you forsee yourself getting a Game Over, dodge it.

World 3-8:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: TFF's cameo. The idea of the level is that while it's shifting up, you 
move forward, and while down, you get to higher ground. There are Piranha 
Vines everywhere for this purpose. Bluey is here too, but unless you really 
want that P Wing, don't bother.

Death Zones: The water.

Do it?: No Choice. Damn.

World 3-9:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: I died a lot here due to trying to go fast, so don't do that.

Death Zones: Green Retard Paratroopers are the bane of my existance. Also, 
watch out if you can't see the floor; there are Bob-Ombs everywhere.

Do it?: No Choice.
World 3-\__|:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: More Dodgefest. Stay up wherever possible. The boss is easier than 
usual due to having a flat floor.

Death Zones: No problems here.

Do it?: I don't want to say yes, as I may or may not regret saying it.


Okay, NOW we're just getting started. I hope. Come on, World 4, give us some 


World 4-1:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Giant World: best idea ever. I don't understand why there isn't Giant 
Fire Piranhas though.

Death Zones: None.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 4-2:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Another level that would be hard if it were longer. Bluey is here; use 
the P Switch.

Death Zones: The Flying Cheep area.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 4-3:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Gotta go fast.

Death Zones: Careful of the Ceiling Buzzys and Ceiling Spinys.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 4-F:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: You can go down one of the Pipes for an alternate route, but I find the 
regular one easier.

Death Zones: Watch out for the Walking Fire Guys.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 4-4:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: I believe there was a level like this in Mario Adventure. There is a 
bonus area you can only get to with Frog Mario.

Death Zones: Anywhere without a roof.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 4-B:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: It's a mind game, this one. Generally though, you can run in for the 
kill. Oh, and if you plan on farming Lakitu Clouds, have fun doing the last 
few levels repeatedly.

World 4-5:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: This level features a lot of Bullet Bills, as well as a few Homing 
Bullet Bills.

Death Zones: Damn Green Flying Retard Paratroopas. Right at the beginning, at 
the Big Blank Blocks, there's one at the top you can't see.

Do it?: NO.

World 4-6:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: In this level, you can choose between big and small. I found big easier.

Death Zones: At the end, there is two Koopas on some Brick Blocks.

Do it?: Yes, definitely.

World 4-F2:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: There's an alternate route in this level, but it's a waste of time.

Death Zones: Nowhere.

Do it?: No Choice.
World 4-\__|:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Is it me, or is this level slower than usual? Iggy is a Jumpy Bitch.

Death Zones: Nowhere.

Do it?: I'll let you decide. It's your game, after all.


I'll stop saying when it's starting. World 5 time.


World 5-1:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Is it even worth talking about?

Death Zones: Nope.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 5-2:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: If you miss at the hole, it is harder. Go one space to the right to the 
far right wall.

Death Zones: Erm, there may be areas down there, but I haven't seen it.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 5-B:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Move in for the kill.

World 5-3:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Lots of obstacles, but besides that, eh. Goomba Shoes are in this 
level, but they're powerups, I'm afraid.

Death Zones: Spinys are really close together.

Do it?: Surprisingly, no.

World 5-F:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Thwomps, lava, and Those Glowy Balls That Rotate. Still, damn easy.

Death Zones: Nowhere in particular.

Do it?: Yeah, do.

World 5-T:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: If you've done this level as many times as I have, you could do it with 
your eyes closed.

Death Zones: Nope.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 5-4:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Run at the end.

Death Zones: The end.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 5-5:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Flying Goombas and Green Retard Paratroopers litter this level.

Death Zones: Half the level. Lol.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 5-6:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Damn Auto-Scroll. Run at the end on this one too.

Death Zones: The end.

Do it?: Let me play the other level first.

World 5-7:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Got cheaply killed by a Brick Block Goomba.

Death Zones: Don't run on Brick Blocks, they hide there. Also, run at the end.

Do it?: This one's faster.

World 5-F2:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Jump over the chasm at the start. Fireballs are your biggest foe, but 
making a run for it should make you survive. I also made an awesome jump at 
the end, just avoiding the Dry Bones (I went through his head!). If I get a 
recording device, I'll put it on YouTube.

Death Zones: Whole level. Except the boss.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 5-8:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Stop at cloud 4, otherwise you will die. Fucking cheap shot, that is.

Death Zones: The Lakitu is particularly annoying here. Also, the end.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 5-9:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Despite being Auto-Scroll, this level is pretty easy. The Fire Balls 
are irritating though.

Death Zones: The Fire Balls.

Do it?: No Choice.
World 5-\__|:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: More Dodgefesting. The F**k is this?

Death Zones: Anywhere and everywhere.

Do it?: I will say yes on the proviso that you don't send hate e-mail to me 
for it.


I said I'd stop. Time for ice.


World 6-1:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Get used to ice.

Death Zones: The Spiky Ball Piranha Plants are irritating. Take your time.

Do it?: You can bypass this level by breaking a Rock.

World 6-B:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: As you were.

World 6-2:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Auto-Scroll. Ugh.

Death Zones: Nowhere.

Do it?: Yes.

World 6-3:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Nothing special.

Death Zones: Don't run across the ice with the gaps in it.

Do it?: I'm actually recommending the Auto-Scroll level.

World 6-F:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: The beginning is hell.

Death Zones: Damn Fireballs.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 6-4:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Another level that stands in your way.

Death Zones: Don't go for that 1-Up near the beginning.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 6-5:

Difficulty: N/A

Info: Incompletable. Oh nuts.

Death Zones: Death is inevitable.

Do it?: You Can't.

World 6-6:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: The lower path is the safer in my opinion.

Death Zones: The Cheep Cheeps are menacing.

Do it?: No Choice. You should have one, but you know...

World 6-7:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Stupid Auto-Scroll.

Death Zones: The Fire Balls.

Do it?: Break the Rock if you want to.

World 6-F2:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: This Fortress is ice. Lol, pun.

Death Zones: When you think it's over, prepare to jump.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 6-8:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: At this point, I'm considering scratching this guide in favour of a 
Frog Mario Only Challenge. I bet it'd be harder.

Death Zones: The Blue Brick Throwers can be deadly.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 6-9:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: I find it safer with the sea critters. No, really.

Death Zones: The Bloopers again.

Do it?: That one.

World 6-10:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Gotta go faster.

Death Zones: The Blue Brick Throwers again.

Do it?: This one.

World 6-F3:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: This level annoyed me, but it's not that hard.

Death Zones: Boo Bars, once again, should be avoided. Also, stand still after 
going through the door.

Do it?: No Choice.
World 6-\__|:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Wow, an Airship that actually has a difficulty level up. Be careful at 
the boss; take it slow or death will ensue. You can jump the first chasm and 
part of the second.

Death Zones: After Burner #2, watch out for the hole.

Do it?: I recommend against it, but whatever.


Here it is, World 7. It better deliver.


World 7-1:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Here we go. When presented with the choice of two Pipes next to each 
other, take the one on the left. At the end, there will be two Koopas walking 
from left to right, and columns creating a nice partial ceiling. Use a Koopa 
to jump up the far right hole.

Death Zones: When faced with a Red Piranha Plant in a Pipe, with two more 
Pipes with a Red Piranha Plant in the top one, there will be a Red Piranha 
Plant hiding in the Pipe to the left; watch out.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 7-2:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: You can't jump that big hole, however, there is a 1-Up hidden above the 
middle of that hole.

Death Zones: After said hole, look out. Don't take risks, take it slow.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 7-3:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: This level would be easier if we could use that Star. Oh well.

Death Zones: The Lakitu. Just run the hell away from him. You can run under 
the Green Retard Paratroopas at the end; DON'T JUMP.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 7-4:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Underwater Auto-Scroll. Eek.

Death Zones: The Jellyfish area, especially when the Bloopers are around.

Do it?: You have to.

World 7-5:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: WARNING: WASTE OF TIME AHEAD. The level itself is a maze, but shouldn't 
he hard to figure out.

Death Zones: Nowhere. I wish this level were necessary instead.

Do it?: No. Don't. Not unless you want to for some reason.

World 7-P:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Take this one slow. Also, not necessary to do this one, unless the 
Airship flies by.

World 7-F:

Difficulty: Way Too Hard

Info: There's no way in hell anyone alive can do this without powerups. It's 
unthinkable. So, Lakitu Cloud it.

Death Zones: There is nowhere safe. Even WhatsHisFace is a nightmare on this 

Do it?: Unless you have a death wish, no.

World 7-6:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: It's not that hard, but for damnit's sake, be careful.

Death Zones: After you go up a Pipe, be careful of the roof above the ! Block.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 7-7:

Difficulty: N/A

Info: Needs a Star. Cry cry.

Death Zones: Well, without a Star, what do you think?

Do it?: You Can't.

World 7-8:

Difficulty: Meh

Info: Oh crap, this level is hard. And long. It's about damn time.

Death Zones: Near the end, there is a Baby Piranha That Spits Fire. Go over 
it if you want to live.

Do it?: No Choice. There should be, though.

World 7-9:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: A maze. The code is Up, Up, Up, Left, Up, Right, Right, Down, Left, Up, 
Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right.

Death Zones: The enemies' sides.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 7-F2:

Difficulty: Annoying

Info: Ouch. This level is quite the titty twister. It probably doesn't 
deserve that difficulty setting, but this guide needs at least one. You need 
to time all your jumps, except at the Thwomps, where you need to both time 
and run at the same time.

Death Zones: The whole damn freaking level. Except the boss.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 7-P2:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: I finished this level in 21 seconds. It could be improved.
World 7-\__|:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Jump everything you can.

Death Zones: When there is the Little Airships.

Do it?: If you can bear the pain of doing so, yes.


Okay, we had some hard ones. Hopefully World 8 is much more than that.

World 8-|__|:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: This level is a cinch compared to what's in store (probably).

Death Zones: The easiest way to avoid the Bob-Ombs is to stay away from them. 
Also, watch out for Koopa Mechanics.

Do it?: No Choice. This section will be useless from here on in.

World 8-\__/:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Ugh, I always get seasick on these things. Also, don't be afraid to 
abandon ship.

Death Zones: Koopa Mechanics are a nuisance.

Do it?: No Choice.
      ||  |
World 8-|| :

Difficulty: Cake

Info: I shall deem this place Bros.Town.

Death Zones: The Fire Bro at the start. Get ready to jump.

Do it?: Hopefully not.
      ||  |
World 8-|| 2:

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Fireballs, Yum. The platforms are relatively safe.

Death Zones: The lava looks hot, so don't touch that.

Do it?: It's a free Maple Leaf.
      ||  |
World 8-|| 3:

Difficulty: Meh

Info: Flying Cheeps. AVOID.

Death Zones: The whole damn level.

Do it?: Try not to.
World 8-|_/:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: This level looks harder than it actually is. However...

Death Zones: Koopa Engineers, damn it. They were never this bad in a regular 

Do it?: No Choice.

World 8-1:

Difficulty: Meh

Info: This level is surprisingly hard. Try not to go too fast.

Death Zones: Anywhere with Bullet Bill Blasters can mean a jump to heaven.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 8-2:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: I know this level looks like a bitch, but it's actually rather simple. 
When TFS swoops in, stop moving.

Death Zones: Besides TFS, the Fire Piranha Plants are a danger.

Do it?: No Choice.

World 8-F:

Difficulty: Holy Shit There's Trouble.

Info: I cower in fear as I play this level. IT CANNOT BE DONE! This changes 
things, big time. I was playing under the assumption that 7-F was the ONLY 
level that had to be skipped. Oh no no no no no. This changes things. Yes, I 
said it again. Of course, none of you realise this, but oh crap, I'm screwed. 
Actually, you're screwed if you Game Over with no Lakitu Clouds left. Good 
Luck guys.

Death Zones: If you enter, you will not leave alive.

Do it?: Did you not read that paragraph?
World 8-|__|2:

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Like the Airships of Olde, it is a Dodgefest.

Death Zones: Like before, stay the hell away from the Bob-Ombs. Also, 
WhatsHisFace is harder to kill this time around for some reason.

Do it?: No Choice.
        |  |
World 8-|__|:

Difficulty: Meh

Info: Hopefully you know the way through here. Generally, there are two rules:
stay high, and go fast. If you've ever got to the end of Mario Adventure, 
Bowser is a Pussy, even as Small Mario, but hey, at least you can't just jump 
over him to take him out. So, kill Boswer, go through the door, and show 
Princess Toadstool why they call Mario 'The Plumber'.

Death Zones: The Laser Statues, the Walking Fire Guy, Those Glowy Balls That 
Rotate, the Fireballs, and the lava. Am I forgetting anything?

Do it?: If you ever plan on saying you've finished Super Mario Bros. 3 
without using any Powerups, you're going to have to. Sorry.


Well, it's over. Proud of yourself? I sure am.



A jumble of what's left to say and do.


Is a Glossary really necessary? Well, when you don't look up the names of 
everything, you may confuse someone along the way. Also, an excuse to shove 
in more jokes.
\__|: Airship symbol for my guide. Doesn't look too bad.
|__|: Tank symbol for my guide. Does look bad.
\__/: Boat symbol for my guide. Why does Bowser want a Boat when there's only 
one patch of water in his World, and it's a freaking lake?
||  |
  || : Hand symbol for my guide. Ah, the jokes I could make with this one...
|_/: Airship Fleet symbol for my guide. I wonder why it faces that direction?
|  |
|__|: My rather inaccurate Bowser's Castle symbol for my guide. We can't have 
giant ASCII pictures for everything.

Annoying: The second highest of my difficulty system. You will die a lot.

Airships of Olde: They don't make 'em like they used to. Actually, I think 
the new-age ones are much better.

Baby Piranha That Spits Fire: They look like those things that spawn from 
spores in Yoshi's Island. Luckily, it's only in one level.

Ball Spitter: Not the friend of the regular kind of spitter. They regurgitate 
spiky balls and throw them, saying f**k you to gravity.

Battle mode: The classic Mario Bros. experience. All you need to do is press 
A while your friend is trying to pass you in order to play the actual game 
and the fun begins. I won't go into detail, but you can lose your Cards and 
have them taken by the other player, and the winner gets to go on the World 

Big Blank Block: The best way to describe a Blank Block is what results when 
you hit a ? Block. Think that, but bigger.

Blue Brick Thrower: The small thingys that can pick up the Blue Bricks.

Bluey: Short for Blue Mushroom House. No, really.

Boo Bar: A platform that Boo heads appear and roam around on.

Bouncing Cheep: I think they only appear in World 3-2. They jump up twice, 
then a big jump the third time.

Breeze: The lowest of my difficulty system. You'll only die through blunders.

Brick Block: Don't make me say it.

Brick Block Goomba: What better way to describe it.

Brick Block Wall: Brick Blocks with enough intelligence to make themselves 
into an obstacle, but not intelligent enough to get out of Mario's way.

Bros.Town: Was this funny? I hope it was.

Bullet Bill Blasters: They fire Bullet Bills. They also are responsible for...

Burner #2: The weak point of the Airship. If we can just get some Proton 
Torpedos in there...

Cake: The second-lowest of my difficulty system. You might die a few times.

Card: Those things you get at the end of a level that doesn't end in a boss. 
Collect 3 of a kind to get lives dependent on the kind.

Chain Chomp: I can't help but feel they're a reference to something. They're 
the balls of steel that have that wacky face on them. They're chained up.

Circle Tile: Wait a minute; wrong guide.

Coin Ship: Arr, there be many piece's o' eight tharr. Although, why are they 
called that, even?

Fire Ball: They fly around, spitting fire. Then, they blow up. Just like in 
Charlie the Unicorn.

Fireball: They might be called Podoboos, but I like to play it safe.

Fireballs, Yum: Yes! I did it again!

Flying Cheep: Yet another bane to my existence. However, this one is purely 
Mario Adventure's fault.

Flying Goomba: The one that drops little Goombas and is remarkably easy to be 
hit by.

Frog Mario: If you've never seen it before, try taking on a Castle with Frog 
Mario while the Airship is there.

Frog Mario Only Challenge: Unfortunately, I will not be doing one of these.

Game Over: When you run out of lives. All levels you finished are reset and 
you return to the start. I think another player can donate lives, but that 
might just be Super Mario World.

Giant Fire Piranha: Seriously, what the hell?

Goomba Pipe: A Pipe that spits out Goombas.

Goomba Shoe: The green thing that Goombas inhabit in World 5-3. Can be 
hijacked, but it's deemed a Powerup, so resist.

Green Retard Paratroopa: An enemy of mine that can't seem to fly, somehow 
making them more deadly.

Holy Shit There's Trouble: An honourary addition to my difficulty system to 
describe my rather overreaction to the uncompletableness of World 8-F.

Koopa Mechanic: Normally castrated enemies that throw spanners that make 
Newton cry.

Jellyfish: They glow, they're square, and they'll kill your ass. If they 
moved, that is.

Jumpy Bitch: Obscure reference. Also slightly informative.

Lakitu Cloud: The thing Lakitus ride in. They can't be taken in this game, 
but it's a World Map item that lets you skip levels. It's what prevents this 
challenge from having exceptions to be completed.

Laser Statue: The eyes on that Boswer statue are rather shiny... and deathy...

Little Airships: When a mommy Airship and a daddy Airship love each other 
very much...

Meh: The middle of my difficulty system. You will die a few times.

Multiple Coin Block: They spit out coins for each time you hit them. They 
last about 10 seconds or something.

N-Game: The memory game with cards.

No Choice: Would you like to show me otherwise?

Node: Anywhere you can move on the World Map that isn't a level, pretty much.

Non-Speed End: It's explained in the beginning, go there Mr. Lazy.

Orange Note Block: They are hidden and are found like a regular Hidden Block. 
Bouncing on them takes you to a bonus that provides coins and a 1-Up 
inaccessable in this challenge. There's probably more than the 3 or so I know 

P Switch: The thing with P on it that turns Brick Blocks into coins, water 
into wine, and a bunch of other weird things. It's also not designed for 
usage for an extended period of time.

P Wing: They give you infinite flight for a level, or unless you die. 
Provides Raccoon Mario as well, and doesn't like being replaced by another 

Pipe: In here obligatorally. Did I spell that right?

Piranha Vine: They come out of blocks and create a climbable section.

Recorder: The Flute, but it's originally from The Legend of Zelda under the 
name Recorder. Mind-blowing, you might say? I wouldn't.

Ring: They save you from death and give you access to bonus levels. Wait, 
wrong game. Wendy makes them and they go around diagonally. Don't touch.

Rock: Use a Hammer on the World Map to break them.

Shell: Collective term for various enemy shells.

Slide: A patch of land that is on an angle that you can slide down on by 
holding down.

Small Mario: Mario when he's short. One hit and you die.

Spiky Ball Piranha Plant: Piranha Plants that lift a spiky ball with their 
breath. Just what is the ball made of, anyway?

Tanooki Mario: The Powerup that lets Mario fly and turn to stone. Why am I 
even explaining this when the purpose of this guide is to avoid Powerups?

That F**king Fish: Yes, I love constantly referencing that. But I do truly 
hate the bastard.

That F**king Sun: The space-dwelling fellow that's a bit irate. He does enjoy 
setting Mario on fire while he's sinking in Quicksand though.

That Sliding Game: You match the sliding pictures to get the f**king prize. 
You only get one...

The Last Difficulty Setting: I didn't get to use it. It was intended for 
levels that were so bad they made you want to quit the challenge.

The Spiky Area: A part in world 2-F where there are blocks with a lot of 
spikes that go up and down. Some have some blocks that can be jumped onto.

Those Glowy Balls That Rotate: The name isn't exactly correct. It's more like 
Those Glowy Balls That Go in 360 Degree Circles, but that seemed too long, 
even to abbreviate.

Turn: Whenever Hammer Bros. + etc. move on the World Map. Some other things 
change during this time.

Walking Fire Guy: The Guy that's essentially Fire, that Walks when you're not 
facing him, much like a Boo.

Way Too Hard: A one time addition to the difficulty system that gives a 
sufficient feel of helplessness.

WhatsHisFace: The mini-boss that appears in Fortresses and some other places, 
and gets extensive screen time on Mario Adventure.

You Can't: Would you like to show me otherwise? Wow, deja vu.


I feel my vision on this challenge was somewhat jaded. I'd like it if people 
could send their impressions on levels to me so I can get a better view on 
how hard this challenge is for the regular chum. My email is 
[email protected] if you didn't see it before.


This idea certainly spreads itself to other titles in the Mario library, and 
I plan to do another one of these. However, which game I will do I am still 
considering, but do not fear, I will return to kick ass another day!


This challenge not hard enough for you? Go look this bastard up. It's a hack 
of this game that's as hard as hell. Fun though. All it lacks is a death 


This FAQ is the 2010 Copyright of me, MrL_Froslass. This may be not be 
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V1.00: The version first released.

V1.01: Undoubtedly a typo fix.


I'm not in a giving mood today.


This challenge was fun, and I certainly don't plan on this being the last 
time I attempt to make this game harder. However, for the time being, this 
is quite delicious, and will keep me full for some time.