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Sonic Battle Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

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Find out theh best way to win virtual training without using cheats, get 19 skill points if you die and how to unlock Green Hill. We also have codes to unlock the Legendary cards.

More Sonic Battle Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 18 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Battle please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameBoy

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CodeBreaker Codes - Includes ALL Cards and ALL Extra's Unlocked

Master Code (North America)

00004CFC 000A

100201A2 0007

Enter the following CodeBreaker codes to enable the corresponding effect.

Infinite HP

33001CFF 0064

Morph into Dr. Eggman (Press Start + Select)

73001D08 000C

33001D04 0013

ALL Cards

43002230 0909

000001FF 0001

Win One Battle to End Virtual Training

820001DA 0063

Extra's Unlocked

83002188 FFFF

ALL Stories Completed

830025A0 01FF


Unlockable Mini-Games

Unlock Mini-game Fly and Get:

Beat Tails' section in Story mode.

Unlock Speed Demon Mini-Game:

Complete Shadow's episode in Story mode.

Unlock Mine Hunt Mini-Game:

Complete Knuckle's episode in Story mode.

Unlock Treasure Island Mini-Game:

Complete Amy's episode in Story mode.

SonicTeam Building Codes

At the Sonic Team Building in Emerl's story enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding.

Get the Amy Combo Card:


Get the Cream Combo Card:


Get the E-102 Combo Card:


Get the Knuckles Combo Card:


Get the Rouge Combo Card:


Get the Shadow Combo Card:

Unlock Green Hill

In Story mode successfully clear Emerl's episode in Story mode and once completed Green Hill will be available as a stage in Battle mode.

If you want to win virtual training use any one..

If you want to win virtual training use any one of your combo cards.

How to get more skill points

First chaos emeralds gives you 10 skill points, fighting a person without getting hurt gives you 5 skill points (If you do this than you have a better chance of getting a rare card.), fighting a person without losing a life gives you 2 skill points, and fighting a person and you lost a life then you only get 1 skill point

The Best Way To Win Virtual Trainig Without a Cheat.

Ok,first, you wan't to have a few things epuipped. Sonic's combo, Cream's Heal, and sonic run with the speed up lvl 1. (Or lvl.2 if you have it)

Then you do virtual training. Use Sonic's combo on everyone, and once they die, start healing. This will get your Ichokoro gauge up so you can use one hit K.O.

Then you want to do the same thing over againg until you get to 5, 10, 15, or 20. Once you do, you will get a Ultimate skill. Keep doing that until you get Ultimate Ground Shot, Ultimate Air Power, and Ultimate Upper Attack. It will work better if you have Ultimate Heal also. Go into battle amd kill them using either air power or ground shot(Ultimate). Heal. Once your Ichikoro gauge is full, avoid using any attacks that take it away. Exchange groung shot for ultimate upper atta..

19 skill points if you die

1 - Get a cheat cartridge

2 - Enter the code for the win one (1) battle to end Virtual Training (820001DA 0063)

3 - Start the game up with the cheat activated

4 - Go to tails lab and go into virtual training

5 - Die

6 - You will then get 19 skill points

Optional - if you win it is a great way to earn rare ultimates and others, I've had the cheat like 2 days and already got all the ultimates (except the dash) and I'm like 78% completion with loads of colors including chaos color 2 and e - 102 color 3

Happy Cheating

Chaos X

Ultimate runs!!!!!

If you use sonic's run,and shadow's other support (speed up Lv.2) you will be able to run faster than anyone!!!!

But.... If you want to run faster,use shadow's run skill and his other support.

Easy points

Go to shadow's story keep getting the chaos emerald and quit. It will save your skill points and skill cards.

Codes to unlock "the legendary cards"

alogK | Obtain "Amy Combo" Card

EkiTa | Obtain "Chaos Combo" Card

ZAhan | Obtain "Cream Combo" Card

tSueT | Obtain "E-102" Combo Card

yU3Da | Obtain "Knuckles Combo" Card

AhnVo | Obtain "Rouge Combo" Card

ArmIa | Obtain "Shadow Combo" Card

75619 | Obtain "Sonic Combo" Card

OTrOI | obtain "Tails Combo" card you use its power is up to not forget your dreams...

~sonic team

in short u must be REALLY skilled in order to use these legendary cards good luck!

Virtual training tips

1. There are 20 levels on it. At first there is 5, but when you beat that, the game ends. After that, it goes to 10, then 15, and you get an ultimate card for each time you beat it.

It continues until you get to 20. At 20 you always get an ultimate card

2. If your at level 15 and you get to 16, you reliaze that you only have to fight 15 instead of 16.

3. You should use sonics combo, because if your fighting e-102 and you kill him with it, you jump backwards and you can avoid the explosion.

4. You should use shadows run and as many ultimates as you can, as they are very useful.

5. Combos are EXTREMLEY important in vt. If you don't have them, good luck getting to level 3 or 4 on vt. These combos can kill 3 people within seconds. You must enter pas..

Get a lot of Knuckles skills, rare skills, and skill points!

To do this go to Knuckles story. Then get to the point in the story where Emerl and Knuckles have their 1 KO battle. You can't get less than 2 skill points for winning also. When Eggman comes and the battle starts press pause then go down to quit then when it tells you. "Would you like to try again? No will return you to where the event started." Go to no and you can repeat this as long as you like. You keep the skills and skill points too. To keep doing this just don't fight the Phi robot.

Chaos is REALLY in sonic battle!!

Use emerls story

In holly summit is a place called CRATER

Go there and choose YES

You will fight chaos

When you win............


Simple KO with Emerl

How to get fast K.O.-s with Emerl? There it is. Go in Skill Swap in Emerl's story. Go to Ground Power (Grnd Pwr) And use one of the combos of them. If you loaded it. Go to an opponet or quit and go to battle mode. Set the Power Special Attack to Ground, so Emerl will use the loaded character's 1st and 2nd attack wery quickly and his/her shot Special attack. One use and the opponet will be K.O.-ed. Good luck!

How to Get Geralds Journal

To Get Geralds Journal...

You have to beat every episode again,for example If you beat sonic episode once and you beat it again you get 1 part.

Here Is The Chart

Sonic The Hedgehog=Part 1

Miles Tails Prower=Part 2

Rouge The Bat=Part 3

Knuckles The Echidna=Part 4

Amy Rose=Part 5

Cream The Rabbit=Part 6

Shadow The Hedgehog=Part 7

Emerl=Part 8

Ultimate skills

You know when you go in Virtual Training, you get ultimate skills. When you battle Emerl as the last boss, all he has are ultimate skills(other than the colors.) I just wanted to point this out.

Just a little something for you players that are..

Just a little something for you players that are struggling in the game when you bet it you will be able to fight in a new area called Green Hill it will be in the practice area Hreen Hill is just a image of to first Sonic game. Its very cool!!!!!!

Get A Rare Card

In Emerl's story mode fight someone easy like Cream keep hitting her a lot and don't get hurt or die.After that you will get a rare card.

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