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Sonic Battle

by Tony Brnada Monday

Walkthrough/FAQ for Sonic Battle (GBA) - Created by Protoman74 (Tony Brnada)
If you want it on your site, please e-mail me about it at [email protected]
You may not distribute this Walkthrough/FAQ in any way.
You may not use my Walkthrough/FAQ for your own personal gain.
You may not put my Walkthrough/FAQ on your site without my permission.
You may not take parts of my Walkthrough/FAQ directly without asking
permission from me first.
You may not put my Walkthrough/FAQ in ANY type of publication in which you or
others gain benefits from it.
However, you may print it out for your own personal use.
All content copyrighted (C) by Tony Brnada Monday, December 8th, 2003.
All characters and everything Sega owns is copyright (C) Sega.
| SSSSS OOOOO NNNN    NNIIIIIIII CCCCC                    |
|SSS   O/////ONN NN   NN   II   CC                        |
| SSSS O/////ONN  NN  NN   II   CC                        |
|   SSSO/////ONN   NN NN   II   CC                        |
|SSSSS  OOOOO NN    NNNNIIIIIIII CCCCC                    |
|  BB///BB   AAA////AA T  TTT  TT  TTT  TLLLL     EEE     |
|                                <Walkthrough/FAQ>        |

(ASCII art above made by me ((Protoman74)) do not use without my permission)

Ok, so, after doing my Sonic Advance 2 Walkthrough/FAQ (Which I still have yet
to complete, I really should get around to that) I decided to start out with
a fresh new game. Luckily, Sonic Battle had just come out (Well, at least the
Japanese version) and it called to me. Sonic Battle is an awesome game, just
like Sonic Advance 2, and so, I had to write a Walkthrough/FAQ for it. 

Also note, this guide WILL have storyline spoilers, large or small, so read at
your own risk. Do not blame me for ruining your game if you read too far ahead

Enjoy my guide and feel free to tell your friends about my awesome guide :P.

-Version 0.45-


0.45 - Updated a Glitch with information from a reader. Minorly revised some
       of my opinions of some of Emerl\'s attacks, mostly adding more to them.
       Added #15 and #17 to Emerl\'s Copy Attack list as well as #42 through
       #62 making the list 16% complete. Added three Counter Commands I forgot
       to Universal Controls. Added the best place to view the Data Shadows
       Glitch. Created some ASCII art for the guide at the top. I think it
       looks pretty good. Added the mini-game section and did Knuckles\' Mine
       Hunt. Added my Emerl Skills. (Jan 21/04)

0.38 - Added four more questions to the F.A.Q. Completed Sonic\'s story. Went
       and revised the disclaimer. (Jan 6/04)

0.26 - Added the Cream Barret \"Glitch\" to the glitch section, and started
       working on the Emerl\'s Copied Attack List. Completed Universal
       Controls. (Dec 12/03)

0.15 - Guide created and sent to Has some stuff like secrets
       and storyline added to it, but is relativly small as of now. (Dec 8/03)

|Table of Contents|

1. Storyline
2. Menu Screen Explanation
3. Universal Controls
4. Characters and their attacks - Incomplete
5. Universal Strategies - Incomplete
6. Character Specific Straregies - Incomplete
7. Walkthrough
   -Sonic\'s Story
   -Tails\' Story - Incomplete
   -Rouge\'s Story - Incomplete
   -Knuckles\' Story - Incomplete
   -Amy\'s Story - Incomplete
   -Cream\'s Story - Incomplete
   -Shadow\'s Story - Incomplete
   -Emerl\'s Story - Incomplete
8. Emerl\'s Copied Attack List
   -About Emerl\'s Copy Attacks
   -Emerl\'s Copied Attack List - Incomplete
9. Mini-games
   -Soniclash! - Incomplete
   -Fly & Get - Incomplete
   -Knuckles\' Mine Hunt
   -Speed Demon - Incomplete
   -Treasure Island - Incomplete
10. Secrets
11. Glitches
12. F.A.Q
13. Credits, How to Contact me and Where This Guide Can Be Seen


Dr. Eggman (Or Dr. Robotnik in North America) and a strange robot are seen in
his lab, with Dr. Eggman furious. The strange robot took a Chaos Emerald from
Dr. Eggman and won\'t give it back. The doctor dismisses the robot as useless
and broken, but uses his DNA to make a \"superior\" copy of him. And so, Dr.
Eggman disposes of the robot...

Back at Emerald Town our hero Sonic the Hedgehog was speeding around, bored
when he came to the beach and noticed a strange robot on the beach. The
mystery robot doesn\'t say or do anything, just sits there. Sonic, worried
about the robot, helped him to his feet and asks if its ok. The robot
activates, and looks around. It mutters some words, but they are broken up and
are incomprehensible. Sonic, figuring the robot is broken tells the robot to
follow him to Tails\' House to be repaired.

After they leave, a familiar bat named Rouge appears. She says that she is too
late and that Sonic has already established a \"Link\" with the robot.

And so, the adventure begins...

|Menu Screen Explanation|

New to Sonic Battle hm? Well, heres a short explanation of the menus you can
find within it.

Story Mode - A mode where you have a story. You fight pre-determined fights,
go along with the story (And access new stories as you beat them) and can
gain Emerl skills here. I recommend going through Story Mode first before
doing other modes, except Battle Mode.

Battle Mode - A mode where you can have a quick battle. Pressing L lets you
access the Maps, where you can select your favourite maps to fight on. They
go in the order you select them in. If you do not choose a map, the game will
select a map for you. Pressing R lets you select the rule. There are three

Survival: Be the last one standing. Fight everyone. Life means, well, how many
lives you have.
K.O: How many K.Os you need to be the winner. First one who reaches the amount
wins. K.O Count means the goal of K.Os you are trying to reach.
Time: Have the highest amount of K.Os in the time alotted to fight. Time means
how much fighting time you will have.

Tag means teams. Turn it on if you want teams. At the character select menu,
you can select what character can be on what team, either red team or blue
team. The Ally Attack subheading means whether or not you can attack your own
team mates. If you don\'t want to be able to hurt team mates, turn it off.
Interval means how much time you have to see the stats screen (At the end of
the battle). Auto Handicap means that if a character loses a battle, they will
become slightly stronger and faster. The more that character loses, the larger
the handicap will be. Finally, COM means how hard the computer will be.

Challenge Mode - Select a character and a difficulty, and go through a series
of battles, gaining a score from things like how long it took you to win, if
you were the only one to K.O, things like that. At the end, if you get a rank
depending on your score. I don\'t know if you get anything from a high rank,
but I\'ll find out soon enough.

Training Mode - Self explanatory. Choose a character, a rival, the rival\'s
action, and the map you want to fight on, the start training. You can take or
give as much damage as you like without dying, you can use this to practice
some techniques or combos.

Mini-Games - Play any mini-games you have unlocked here. Four of the mini-
games are multiplayer, and one of them is single player

Battle Record - Shows your gameplay stats, like your most and least used
character, play time and technique completion percent.

Option - You can change your language here, either Japanese or English. You
also have sound test here, and can delete your save data.

|Universal Controls|

These are controls that work for all characters.

Basic Commands:

-Direction Pad: Move
-Start: Pause
-A button: Jump
-B button: Attack
-R button: Ground Special*
-L button: Gaurd
-Hold L button: Heal
-B+B: Double Attack Combo
-B+B+B: Triple Attack Combo
-B+B+B+B: Heavy Attack Combo
-B+B+B+Hold Backward: Upper Attack Combo
-A button in mid air: Air Action*
-B button in mid air: Air Attack
-R button in mid air: Air Special
-Forward+B: Heavy Attack*
-Backward+B: Upper Attack
-Forward Twice: Dash*
-B while Dashing: Dash Attack

Advanced Commands:

=L Twice: Change camera view
=Hold L+Left of Right on D-Pad: Rotate Camera
=After Heavy Attack, Forward: Pursuit (You jump towards the opponent)*
=After Pursuit, B: Pursuit Attack

Counter Commands:

+After a successfully blocking an attack with Gaurd, push B: Counter Attack
+After a successfully blocking an attack with Gaurd, push Forward+B: Heavy
+After a successfully blocking an attack with Gaurd, push Backward+B: Upper
+After being hit by a Heavy Attack, and are going to hit a wall, hold the
direction that is opposite of the wall you are going to hit: Recovery
+After Recovery, B: Air Counter Attack

* denotes that you can push/hold up or down while using that action to use it
above you or below you.


Sonic\'s Story

You start off in the middle of the street. Head down to the white circle
labelled Emerald Beach. After you find the strange robot, Sonic says that he
and Emerl should head to Tails\' house. Head up and find the house shaped like
Tails\' head. At which point, you\'ll meet Shadow. Shadow ignores Sonic at calls
to the robot, telling it to come to him. But the robot doesn\'t listen, and
stays by Sonic\'s side. Shadow tries to take him, but Sonic doesn\'t let him.
Shadow tells Sonic to give him to robot. You then can respond either \"Yes\" or
\"No\". It doesn\'t matter which you choose, because it makes no difference. You
will have to fight Shadow anyway.


Character: Sonic
Ally: Strange Robot
Enemy: Shadow
Match Type: Survival (3 lives each)

Alright, its your first battle, and because its your first battle, Shadow is
very easy. The Strange Robot is on your team, but he doesn\'t attack. As for
Shadow, he will only attack you after positioning himself by you. He won\'t
attack for a couple of seconds when he gets by you. Use this time to attack
them with simple B button combos. Shadow will use his special attacks, so
watch out for those, especially his Air Power technique. As for choosing
specials, choose the Ground Trap and the Air Shot. Defending against Power is
a good idea. Run away and lay Ground Traps. The computer isn\'t too bright and
will run into them. If the bombs don\'t seem to be hurting him, stop using them
as Shadow set his Defend to Trap. Its an easy battle, don\'t worry about dying.
Oh, and Shadow can attack the Strange Robot, but it doesn\'t matter if he dies.
It seems that if you don\'t get hit or don\'t let Shadow hit the Straneg Robot,
you\'ll get a rare data card.


After the battle, Shadow tells Sonic that he must not be at full power and
that he must leave, but to not let Dr. Eggman get the Gizoid, and to take care
of him until he returns. Leaving Sonic with questions, he vanishes. Tails
appears, saying he thought he say Shadow outside, and he notices the robot.
Sonic explains he found him on the beach and that Tails should fix it. Sonic
dashes off, saying he spotted a familiar bar around. Head back to Emerald
Beach. Sonic meets Rouge there, when she askes him where the girl robot that
was following him was (Girl robot? I thought the robot would have no gender..)
Sonic doesn\'t know what shes talking about, then remembers the Strange Robot.
Rouge wagers that if she beats him in a fight, Sonic has to join up with him.
Sonic accepts the challenge. Battle on!


Character: Sonic
Ally: None
Enemy: Rouge
Match Type: Survival (3 lives each)

Pick the Ground Trap and Air Power, and defend against Shot. Now, Rouge is
tougher than Shadow, but still very easy. She doesn\'t take as long as him to
attack, and she can fly. But her flying can be used against her. For some
reason, whenever the computer is Rouge, when she starts to float down, she
will not move. So, plant a mine in front of her with Ground Trap or toss her
into the air with Air Power. Whichever shes is not defending against will be
fine. When she gets hit, she\'ll be tossed into the air. As she floats down,
plant another mine or keep using the Air Power to keep her in the air and
damage her. She will not attack you when she floats down. She will NEVER
attack you when she floats down throughout the entire game. Keep using your
special(s), until she dies. Rinse and repeat two more times. Doing cheap
tricks like these makes Rouge an especially easy opponent in the game :).


But Rouge won\'t give up just yet!


Character: Sonic
Ally: None
Enemy: Rouge
Match Type: Survival (5 lives each)

Exactly the same as the last battle, neither harder not easier than the last.
Oh, you can air attack Rouge as she falls down with a weak Sonic Rocket (Air
Attack), but I wouldn\'t recommend it. Too weak, and she doesn\'t jump into the
air high enough so you can keep attacking her without her touching the ground.


After beating Rouge, she retreats. Go check up on Tails and the Strange Robot
at the lab, its down-right from Tails\' House. Here you\'ll meet the Strange
Robot, or a robot who looks like him, and they attack you!


Character: Sonic
Ally: None
Enemy: Strange Robot
Match Type: Survival (5 lives each)

I recommend starting with the Ground Shot and Air Power. The Ground Shot to
knock the opponent far away, while the Air Power to simply devastate the
opponent. Hm, strange. This robot has attacks that look just like yours...
anyway, this battle is extremely easy. His attacks are beyond weak, and hes
horribly slow. He can\'t even jump very high! So take advantage of that. Jump
up on the pillars at the top and bottom of the stage. He can\'t even jump onto
it. Then jump out and surprise him and attack him with B button combos. Use
specials as needed. Its a really easy battle.


The robot is destroyed, and Sonic shouts to Tails (If he can hear him) that
he\'ll be right there. Re-enter Tails\' Lab. Tails will tell Sonic that a robot
that looks just like theirs was shown on the news and that appearently the
robot that looks just like theirs robbed many jewelry stores. Sonic says that
he had encountered a \"fake\", a copy of the robot they had, and that there are
probably more of them. Tails starts explaining what he had found out about
the robot (But doesn\'t say anything yet). You\'ll get kicked out of Tails\' Lab.
Re-enter it. Tails instructs you to do five Heavy Attacks on the robot. Do
that in this \"battle\". After, a bright flash comes from the Strange Robot.
Sonic remembers seeing that same light when he fought Shadow. Tails instructs
you to do five Upper Attacks on the Strange Robot. Do so. After, Tails tells
Sonic of his findings. 1) The strange robot is powered by Chaos Emeralds. The
more he has, the smarter and stronger he gets. 2) It can copy enemy attacks
through observation or by getting hit by attacks. It can also create new moves
based on the ones it has learned. However, the Strange Robots\'s copying
ability is limited. It can only equip attacks that when combined, do not
exceed its \"Skill Points\". Sonic decides training the robot would be a good
idea, it knows almost zero skills.


Character: Sonic
Ally: None
Enemy: Strange Robot, Tails
Match Type: K.O Battle (10 K.Os needed)

I would recommend Ground Shot and Air Trap here, but you should start choosing
your own special attacks from now on but I will make recommendations as to
what would work best with my strategy. Now, the Strange Robot is horribly weak
so attack him as much as you want, hes to slow at this stage and too weak.
Tails on the other hand is strong, but moves relatively slow. His attacks are
quick however. So if you start getting beat up, run away. Theres pillars at
the top and the bottom of the stage that the Strange Robot can\'t jump onto, as
well. While Tails and the Strange Robot can attack each other, and do quite
often, they will also stay close to each other. Use this as an advantage. Run
in and combo them with B combos, and after the last Heavy Attack in the combo,
chase after them with a Pursuit (Push the direction button which you Heavy
Attacked your opponent in) then Pursuit Attack them with B. You can heal if no
one is attacking you, but its pointless as Sonic\'s heal is so slow.


After, Sonic suggests moving over to Emerald Beach to train. Tails\' Lab is too
small. Tails also tells you that you can edit the Strange Robot\'s skills by
pressing R. So press R, go into Skill Edit and check into your menus. When
your done, head over to Emerald Beach.


Character: Sonic
Ally: None
Enemy: Strange Robot, Tails
Match Type: K.O Battle (10 K.Os needed)

Just like the last battle. Get used to these, you do a lot of them. In every
story. But the plus side is, the Strange Robot will gain more skill points and
more skills making him stronger.

Just a note, in the Emerald Beach stage you can walk on the water as if it
were sand.


Sonic mentions that Emerl is getting pretty good at fighting, and that he will
be much better when he grabs a Chaos Emeralds. Speaking of Chaos Emeralds,
Tails suggests that they should go visit Knuckles in Holly Summit. Sonic
starts calling the robot \"Emerl\" because he uses Chaos Emeralds. I think its
pretty cool.


Character: Emerl
Ally: None
Enemy: Emerl Copy
Match Type: Survival (1 live each)

Easy battle, even though Emerl is weak. Why? The Emerl Copy is weak too! And
he only has one life. But don\'t die yourself now. When choosing specials, take
note that his default specials, like all his other default settings, suck.
It doesn\'t matter what you choose, they all do barely no damage.


But the Emerl Copy is destroyed yet...


Character: Emerl
Ally: None
Enemy: Emerl Copy
Match Type: Survival (3 lives each)

Same as above.


After the battle, Emerl gets excited that he won. Tails reminds you to head
up to Knuckles\' House in Holly Summit. Head over to the top of the map, you
should see an arrow leading out, labelled \"Holly Summit\". Go there. Head over
to the Plains. If you want to train, head further up to the Ruins. Back at
the plains Sonic spots Gamma, a robot you could play as in Sonic Adventure.
They come to greet Gamma, but the robot pulls out his gun, and shouts \"Target
detected! Going into capture mode!\"


Character: Sonic
Ally: Tails, Emerl
Enemy: E-102 \"GAMMA\"
Match Type: Survival (5 lives each)

Well, its three against one. About Gamma. Hes extremely slow, but powerful.
His attacks are slow, and his initial First Punch is the slowest of them all.
It is easy to dodge if you see it, because of this. When you see Gamma move
his arm out, it will flash and change into a bigger arm. When you see this,
run out of the way up or down. Sonic\'s speed is no match for Gamma\'s. Also,
Gamma\'s heal is something to watch out for, it refills life very quickly. As
quick as Ultimate Heal! Attack him while he is healing to snap him out of it.
Emerl and Tails will always be chasing him and attacking him, unless they
pull out to heal. Oh, and don\'t forget this last part - it could cost you the
battle. Every time Gamma dies, he\'ll fall down and EXPLODE causing massive
damage to all characters. He\'ll shout something before he explodes, so when
you take off one of his lives, get away from him, fast. He is the only
character who can do this, next to Emerl, using the Gamma Style card. As for
specials, dish out the Ground Shot and Air Power. The Ground Shot can be used
to blast him far off when his life is low, keeping him far away when he
explodes. Air Power should be used to cause high amounts of damage when he
drops back into the battle, with full life. As well, press L to gaurd. Use
this on his special attacks, they take a while to use before and you can
absorb them if you time them right, filling up your energy bar greatly.


Gamma shuts down for a bit, but restarts himself, and attacks you again.


Character: Sonic
Ally: Tails, Emerl
Enemy: E-102 \"GAMMA\"
Match Type: Survivial (10 lives each)

Same battle as above, just with more lives. Hey... I just thought of
something! Instead of running away from Gamma\'s First Attack, just block it!
Its slow enough so you can block it, and gives you good energy!


Gamma runs off in defeat, and Sonic begins to think that the robot they saw
isn\'t the Gamma they used to know. Sonic suggests that you set new techniques
to Emerl with the R button before heading to Knuckles\' House, and that you
can use the Ruins to train. Train if you wish, then head to Knuckles\' House.
Its located to the left of the ruins. Oh, and as the game states, you can now
play as Gamma in Battle Mode!

At Knuckles\' House, Sonic asks Knuckles if he can borrow his Chaos Emerald.
Knuckles notices Emerl, and accuses him of stealing the jewelry from the
stores around town. Sonic tries to reason with Knuckles, but he doesn\'t listen
he decides to destroy Emerl. Sonic will give you some tips on beating Knuckles
just before he attacks you.


Character: Emerl
Ally: None
Enemy: Knuckles
Match Type: Survival (5 lives each)

Once Knuckles starts a combo, he will finish it. So, run away from him,
as fast as you can. Don\'t worry, Knuckles running speed is pretty slow. He\'ll
eventually stop and use a B combo. This is your chance. Run in and use a B
combo once hes done his, and finish it off with a good Heavy Attack (If you
didn\'t equip any yet then do so. You have one Heavy Attack for sure, Sonic\'s
Sonic Flare). He\'ll be thrown away. Try not to Heavy Attack him into walls,
the computer is good at Recovering, and will smash you into the ground if you
Pursuit him. Repeat this. As well, be careful of his Air Power and his
Ground/Air Trap. His Air Power lets him dig into the ground. While Knuckles
can move while underground, the computer never will for some reason. His Trap
is deadly. He drops a mine that digs into the ground, making it hard to see.
Don\'t stumble into it, try and remember where he placed it, if you see where
he dropped it. DON\'T LET KNUCKLES HEAL! His heal fills his life and energy
bar quite fast. So stay around him, always so he doesn\'t heal. Don\'t worry if
you lose. Knuckles is pretty hard in your weakened stage. Train at the Ruins
and get more skill points and copied skills to power yourself up. Then try


Knuckles comments on how Emerl\'s moves are so similar to Sonic\'s and starts
the battle again...


Character: Emerl
Ally: None
Enemy: Knuckles
Match Type: Survival (10 lives each)

Looks like the last battle was a warm up. Keep up the same strategy, healing
in between him dying and jumping back into the battle. I should mention
something that might be useful for this area. You probably have Emerl\'s
original jump, yes? It sucks. You can\'t jump onto any blocks with it. So with
his original Ground Shot, set yourself so your facing the opposite direction
of the block, and go right up to it. When you use Ground Shot, you\'ll spin
jump as you come backword. You can land onto a platform like this. Good luck!


Knuckles admits defeat, and Sonic asks him to hand over the Chaos Emerald. He
asks the trio to wait outside while he gets it. Re-enter Knuckles\' House.
Knuckles asks what Emerl is, but Sonic doesn\'t know. Knuckles doesn\'t beleive
him, but Tails tells him its the truth. After telling Knuckles that Eggman,
Shadow and Rouge are all after Emerl, Knuckles becomes more interested. Tails
thanks him for the Chaos Emerald. After getting Emerl, they give him the first
Chaos Emerald. Emerl\'s Skill Points increase by 10! Whoo! After some bright
flashes, Emerl mutters a few words \"T.h.a.n.k y.o.u S.o.n.i.c...\". Sonic and
Tails become surprised. Tails reminds you for the 123812903182 time that Emerl
will become stronger and his speech improves with each Chaos Emerald obtained.
Emerl murmurs \"Battle... battle... battle...\" constantly, and the screen fades

<-----------------------------EPISODE COMPLETE!!----------------------------->

Tails\' Story

As the screen fades in, we see Sonic and Emerl, saying that they\'re going to
head down to the beach so Sonic can teach Emerl some secret techniques. Emerl
gleefully replies with \"Play! Play!\". With Tails left behind, he thinks about
the events that just happened. He noticed something strange with Emerl when
he inserted a Chaos Emerald into him. Since his lab computer overloaded and
broke when he scanned Emerl last time, he can\'t use it. Tails suddenly gets an
idea. He can scan Emerl completely if he uses the Central Lab. You start off
at Tails\' House. Head down to Emerald Beach. Tails meets up with Sonic and
Emerl. He tries to tell them that he wants to take Emerl to Central Lab, but
gets cut off by Sonic. He wants to fight. And you get thrown into a battle.


Character: Tails
Ally: None
Opponent: Sonic, Emerl
Match Type: K.O Battle (10 K.Os needed)

Tails - A great character if you use his strength well. Tails attacks are
quick and powerful, while his overall movement speed is average. Armed with a
Heavy Attack that hits multiple times, an unstopable Air Attack, a homing Trap
special and several other little gizmos, Tails is a good character. While his
Dash and Dash attack aren\'t too good, you won\'t need them a lot.

|Emerl\'s Copied Attack List|

Now, if you\'ve played Sonic Battle, you should know that Emerl can copy any
attack, style and characteristics (Their running, jumping) of any character.
Now, this will have the whole list of all of Emerl\'s copied attacks - all 309
of them, as well as their Strength and Speed, and number of memory required
to equip it. Sonic sees a fake Emerl in front of Tails\' House. Tails suggests
that you should edit Emerl\'s skills. Do so if you think you should. Then head
over to Tails\' House. Sonic sees the fake Emerl and tells Emerl to go destroy
the copy. Tails questions it, but Sonic reassures him that he\'ll back him up
if Emerl starts losing.

About Emerl\'s Copy Attacks

Confused about the whole Emerl copy attack thingy? Well, it works like this.
Emerl can copy attacks by being physical hit by them, or buy observing them.
There is no special button you have to push to copy attacks, but at the end
of every STORY MODE battle Emerl participates in, he will data capture one
attack from each character in that battle. It seems which data you capture at
the end of the battle is determined randomly, but I can be wrong. Lets take
a look at a data capture card. It looks like this, and \"Sonic Run\" will be
our example. (Enjoy my bad ASCII art!)

/**** (1)      /000\\(2)        1. This is the number of memory required for
|__________________|              Emerl to equip this skill represented by
|Sonic Run(3)      |              stars. One star means that it takes up five
|------------------|              points of memory. Sonic Run has four stars.
|                  |              That means it takes twenty points of memory.
|                  |              The amount of memory you have is at the top
|       (4)        |              of the screen.
|                  |           2. The data capture card number. Shows in the
|                  |              order from lowest to highest in the Skill
|__________________|              list screen.
|_________/       /|           3. The ability\'s name.
|Power: |(5)     /-|           4. Shows a picture of the character that Emerl
|Speed: ||||||| | -|              copied the skill from doing the attack or
| (6)           | -|              action.
\\_______________|__|           5. Power represents how strong the attack is.
                                  The longer the bar is, the stonger it is.
           \\/  /  |               For other actions, like Running and Jumping
           /\\ /---|-              it means nothing, except for heal and gaurd.
          (7)     |               The more power there is to a heal skill, the
                                  faster its Charge Bar (The one above the
                                  life bar) will fill. For Gaurd, the more
                                  power there is, the more your charge bar
                                  will fill if you successfully block an
                               6. Speed means quite a few things. For attacks,
                                  it means how quick the attack is. The faster
                                  the attack, the less time there will be for
                                  your opponent to try and escape your combo.
                                  For actions like running, dashing and air
                                  action speed means how fast you move when
                                  you run, dash or use an air action. For jump
                                  speed means how high you will jump. For heal
                                  speed means how fast your life bar will re-
                               7. This number means how many times you\'ve
                                  captured the data card.

Note that many of the data cards in the \"Others\" menu have only one power and
one speed. That means they have no strength and speed, and are just add ons.
There are exceptions - Attack Support, Strength Support and Other Support.

Also, equipping data cards takes SKILL POINTS. Skill points are displayed at
the top of the Edit Menu. You can only equip new techniques if you have enough
spare Skill Points. These are vital to equipping and changing skills. You can
have a max of 500 skill points in the game. How do you gain Skill Points? When
you win a battle that has Emerl participating in it, you will gain either 1, 2
or 5 skill points, depending on how well you do. If you don\'t get hit once,
Emerl will get 5 skill points at the end of the battle. If you get hit, but
don\'t die once, you will get 2 skill points. If you get hit and die, you will
get 1 skill point at the end.

My Emerl Skills

Main Memory (1)

Running: Ultimate Run
Dashing: Chaos Dive
Jumping: Cream Jump
Air Action: Amy Double Jump
Gaurd: Chaos Gaurd
Heal: Ultimate Heal

First Attack: Girl Jab
Second Attack: Girl Straight
Third Attack: Ultimate Third Attack
Heavy Attack: Sonic Flare
Upper Attack: Sonic Up Draft
Dash Attack: Secret Spear
Air Attack: Chao Circle
Aim Attack: Girl Dunk
Ground Shot: Rock Free Fall
Air Shot: Air Pink Typhoon
Ground Power: Tails Combo
Air Power: Sonic Meteor
Ground Trap: Gift
Air Trap: Air R. Chaos

Fight Pose: Sonic Style
Attack Support: Attack Support 0
Strength Support: Strength Support 6
Other Support: No Support
Color 1: Tails Color 1
Color 2: Emerl Color 2
Color 3: Tails Color 3

All Amy (Memory 2)

Running: Ultimate Run
Dashing: Amy Dash
Jumping: Amy Jump
Air Action: Amy Double Jump
Gaurd: Amy Gaurd
Heal: Ultimate Heal

First Attack: Girl Jab
Second Attack: Girl Straight
Third Attack: Girl Upper
Heavy Attack: Magic Hook
Upper Attack: Girl Swing
Dash Attack: Girl Bomber
Air Attack: Air Girl Crush
Aim Attack: Girl Dunk
Ground Shot: Rock Free Fall
Air Shot: Air Pink Typhoon
Ground Power: Amy Combo
Air Power: Major Eruption
Ground Trap: Gift
Air Trap: Air Gift

Fight Pose: Amy Style
Attack Support: Attack Support 0
Strength Support: Strength Support 6
Other Support: No Support
Color 1: Amy Color 1
Color 2: Amy Color 2
Color 3: Tails Color 3

Pure Strength! (Memory 3)

Running: Ultimate Run
Dashing: Chaos Dive
Jumping: Cream Jump
Air Action: S. Teleport
Gaurd: Chaos Gaurd
Heal: Ultimate Heal

First Attack: Shadow Chop
Second Attack: Electric Stab
Third Attack: Ulimate Third Attack
Heavy Attack: C. Nightmare
Upper Attack: Upper E. Shock
Dash Attack: Secret Spear
Air Attack: Typhoon
Aim Attack: Meteor Punch
Ground Shot: Rock Free Fall
Air Shot: Air Devastator
Ground Power: Shadow Combo
Air Power: Air C. Burst
Ground Trap: Chu2 Bomb
Air Trap: Air R. Chaos

Fight Pose: Chaos Style (Or Shadow Style sometimes)
Attack Support: Attack Support 0
Strength Support: Strength Support 6
Other Support: No Support
Color 1: Emerl Color 1
Color 2: Emerl Color 2
Color 3: Emerl Color 3

Emerl\'s Copied Attack List

I basically list the stats of every copied attack in the game. Effectivness
is my opinion of the skill, how good it is. When I say \"This skill is second
best compared to someone elses\", I do NOT include the Ultimate attacks, as
those are obviously the best. Got it?

My game - List Completion: 56%
This List Completion: 49/309 - 16% (Approximately)

Data Number: 000
Ability Name: Sonic Run
Skill: Running
Stars: Four
Power: One
Speed: Seven
Information: \"Sonic\'s running skill. He has true blue super sonic speed.\"
Effectivness: A fast running skill. I recommend using it if you have it, its
second best to Shadow\'s.

Data Number: 001
Ability Name: Sonic Leap
Skill: Dashing
Stars: Six
Power: One
Speed: Three
Information: \"Sonic\'s dashing skill. He can close the gap with opponents using
an explosive short jump.\"
Effectivness: Slow compared to other\'s dashing skill and takes too much memory
for an average at best skill. Use something else.

Data Number: 002
Ability Name: Sonic Jump
Skill: Jumping
Stars: Four
Power: One
Speed: Six
Information: \"Sonic\'s jumping skill. He converts his super class speed into
air time.\"
Effectivness: A good jumping skill. Jumps high and you can move around mid-air
a lot.

Data Number: 003
Ability Name: Sonic Ballet
Skill: Air Action
Stars: Three
Power: One
Speed: Four
Information: \"Sonic\'s air action. He spins to increase his torque to burst
through the air.\"
Effectivness: Its good for escaping from the heat of the battle if your
getting damaged pretty bad, but its not good for starting an air attack as its
fast and hard to aim.

Data Number: 004
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 005
Ability Name: Sonic Heal
Skill: Heal
Stars: One
Power: One
Speed: Two
Information: \"Sonic\'s heal skill. Heals damage with supersonic speed.\"
Effectivness: Bad. REALLY bad. Only use it if its the only heal skill you have
but once you get another heal skill, switch it.

Data Number: 006
Ability Name: Sonic Punch
Skill: First Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Two
Speed: Three
Information: \"Sonic\'s first attack. He attacks with a straight punch.\"
Effectivness: An average first attack.

Data Number: 007
Ability Name: Sonic Kick
Skill: Second Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Two
Speed: Three
Information: \"Sonic\'s second attack. He attacks with a kick.\"
Effectivness: An average second attack. Useful in the beginning of the game.

Data Number: 008
Ability Name: Top Kick
Skill: Third Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Two
Speed: Three
Information: \"Sonic\'s third attack. He attacks with a high kick.\"
Effectivness: Like his first and second attack, its quite average but useful.

Data Number: 009
Ability Name: Sonic Flare
Skill: Heavy Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Four
Speed: Four
Information: \"Sonic\'s heavy attack. He preforms a downward kick using break
dance moves, which knocks opponents away.\"
Effectivness: One of the better heavy attacks, but it does leave Sonic open
for attack for a few seconds, because after kicking he hops backwards a bit.
This leaves him open for about four seconds.

Data Number: 010
Ability Name: Sonic Updraft
Skill: Upper Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Three
Speed: Four
Information: \"Sonic\'s upper attack. He kicks opponents into the air with a
somersault kick.\"
Effectivness: The best Upper Attack. It has a power of three like most upper
attacks, but a speed of four, much faster than other upper attacks. Gained
at the very beginning of the game, it is essential to have.

Data Number: 011
Ability Name: Windmill
Skill: Dashing Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Two
Speed: Three
Information: \"Sonic\'s dash attack. He preforms a spin kick using break dance
Effectivness: And average dashing attack. Shadow\'s and Rouge\'s dash attack is
much better. Windmill, however, knocks characters a good distance away if you
connect it.

Data Number: 012
Ability Name: Sonic Rocket
Skill: Air Attack
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Three
Information: \"Sonic\'s air attack. He attacks with a powerful kick in mid air.\"
Effectivness: Not a very good air attack. You can attack twice at max because
Sonic falls down so fast, unlike Tails or Cream who can attack several times
mid air. Its also quite weak.

Data Number: 013
Ability Name: Sonic Eagle
Skill: Aim Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Four
Speed: Four
Information: \"Sonic\'s pursuit attack. He takes opponents down with an axe
Effectivness: Like all aim attacks it is strong and fast, but Sonic Eagle is
not as good as something compared to Amy\'s aim attack, Girl Dunk. Still
effective though.

Data Number: 014
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 015
Ability Name: Sonic Storm
Skill: Air Shot
Stars: Five
Power: Five
Speed: Five
Information: \"Sonic\'s air shot. He attacks with a shock wave created by his
High Speed Spin.\"
Effectivness: Its a good Air Shot. Its powerful and fast, but it does take
quite a bit of memory. It is also hard to aim because if opponents are to
close and you use it, the attack will just fly over their head.

Data Number: 016
Ability Name: Sonic Drive
Skill: Ground Power
Stars: Four
Power: Six
Speed: Five
Information: \"Sonic\'s ground power. He tosses a ring, and spin attack towards
the ring.\"
Effectivness: Just in case your wondering, after you throw the ring you have
to press R again to Spin Dash towards it. Now then, Sonic Drive is a good
ground power, but it takes a bit of time to set up. You should stay away from
the other characters fighting for just a second, throw a ring their way then
dash towards it, or run back in, use a combo and then use Sonic Drive.

Data Number: 017
Ability Name: Sonic Meteor
Skill: Air Power
Stars: Four
Power: Four
Speed: Eight
Information: \"Sonic\'s air power. He Spin Attacks directly downwards.\"
Effectivness: One of the better Air Powers. Sonic Meteor completely destroys
enemies. It hits multiple times if connected right, is very quick and takes
almost zero time to set up. Use this if you have it. Its strong and fast, but
it does require quite a bit of memory.

Data Number: 018
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 019
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 020
Ability Name: Sonic Style
Skill: Style
Stars: Three
Power: One
Speed: One
Information: \"Sonic\'s fighting pose.\"
Effectivness: I prefer this style among others. Its like Emerl\'s Fight Pose,
but he moves faster. Its hard to explain, but you\'ll know what I mean when
you get it. Also, when you change fighting poses Emerl\'s eyes change colors.
With Sonic Style equipped, his eyes are dark blue.

Data Number: 021
Ability Name: Tails Run
Skill: Running
Stars: Three
Power: One
Speed: Six
Information: \"Tails\' running skill. His speed is average.\"
Effectivness: His speed is faster than a lot of character\'s running speeds.
Quite useful.

Data Number: 022
Ability Name: Tails Hop
Skill: Dashing
Stars: Three
Power: One
Speed: Five
Information: \"Tails\' dashing skill. He flies by using his two tails as a
Effectivness: I really don\'t like this dash. Its short range and slow, despite
its 5 speed rating.

Data Number: 023
Ability Name: Tails Jump
Skill: Jumping
Stars: Two
Power: One
Speed: Three
Information: \"Tails\' jumping skill. He does a low jump.
Effectivness: Its an ok skill. Use it if you have nothing better.

Data Number: 024
Ability Name: Tails Fly
Skill: Air Action
Stars: Three
Power: One
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' air action. He flies using his two tails as a propeller.\"
Effectivness: Its good. Good for covering lots of area fast, and is a good
escaping the heat of battle. You can also use it to drop in your opponents
from above and air attack them.

Data Number: 025
Ability Name: Tails Gaurd
Skill: Gaurd
Stars: Three
Power: Five
Speed: One
Information: \"Tails\' gaurd skill. Blocks attacks with a gaurd mech.\"
Effectivness: One of the better guard skills.

Data Number: 026
Ability Name: Tails Heal
Skill: Heal
Stars: Two
Power: One
Speed: Five
Information: \"Tails\' heal skill. Heals damage with a healing machine.\"
Effectivness: Not a very good healing skill. There are better heal skills.

Data Number: 027
Ability Name: IQ200 Attack
Skill: First Attack
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' first attack. He attacks with a straight punch.\"
Effectivness: One of the slower first attacks. Its strength is average.

Data Number: 028
Ability Name: IQ300 Attack
Skill: Second Attack
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' second attack. He attacks with his two tails.\"
Effectivness: An average attack compared to others. Good early in the game.

Data Number: 029
Ability Name: IQ400 Attack
Skill: Third Attack
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' third attack. He attacks with a powerful straight punch.\"
Effectivness: Like Tails\' First and Second Attacks, its average. It boasts
taking little memory for average power and speed.

Data Number: 030
Ability Name: Magic Hook
Skill: Heavy Attack
Stars: Four
Power: Four
Speed: Three
Information: \"Tails\' Heavy Attack. He punches with his new invention, the
Magic Hand.\"
Effectivness: This is a very good heavy attack. Its a bit slower than others,
but it hits multiple times. If you have it, use it.

Data Number: 031
Ability Name: Magic Upper
Skill: Upper Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Three
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' Upper Attack. He hits opponents into the air with his
invention, the Magic Hand.\"
Effectivness: Its as strong as other Upper Attacks, but is slow. Its too slow
for me, but you might like it.

Data Number: 032
Ability Name: Tails Cyclone
Skill: Dashing Attack
Stars: Four
Power: Three
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' dash attack. His Tail Attack knocks opponents into the
Effectivness: Its slower than other dash attacks and takes more stars... hm...
do you REALLY want to use it?

Data Number: 033
Ability Name: Typhoon
Skill: Air Attack
Stars: Four
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' Air Attack. He preforms a spinning attack in mid air.\"
Effectivness: Its slower and weaker than other air attacks yet it takes much
more memory to equip. Why? Well, because Typhoon may just be the best air
attack there is! Its surprisingly quick, even though its speed is two, can
be executed quickly and if you can push B at the right time in mid air, you
can juggle opponents by slashing them and can fly higher at the same time!
I can only see one other air attack thats as good as Typhoon, Chao Circle.

Data Number: 034
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 035
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 036
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 037
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 038
Ability Name: Air Flick
Skill: Air Power
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' air attack. He attacks with his invention, the Big Hand.\"
Effectivness: A very good Air Power. If you can hit your opponent with it, it
will do some good starting damage and toss them high into the air. If you have
a good air attack like Typhoon, Agent Eagle or Chao Circle, you can hit them
a lot of times mid air, bring your opponenet\'s life down - FAST.

Data Number: 039
Ability Name: Chu2 Bomb
Skill: Ground Trap
Stars: Five
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' ground trap. He activates his invention, the Chu 2 Bomb.\"
Effectivness: If you\'ve played Chu Chu Rocket (Another game by Sonic Team) you
will notice that the Chu2 Bomb is in the shape of the mice in Chu Chu Rocket!
Anyway, this is a good Ground Trap. It takes 25 memory, yet its speed and
power are two. Why is that? Well, the Chu2 Bomb is homing! It will follow any
enemy! So, get away from the heat of the battle for a moment, drop a Chu2
Bomb and then get back into battle. If it explodes on and enemy and you are
nearby, you can follow it up with an Upper Attack or a Combo.

Data Number: 040
Ability Name: Air Chu2 Bomb
Skill: Air Trap
Stars: Five
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Tails\' air trap. He activates his invention, the Chu 2 Bomb.\"
Effectivness: Its the same as the Ground version of it, Chu2 Bomb.

Data Number: 041
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 042
Ability Name: Knuckles Run
Skill: Running
Stars: Two
Power: One
Speed: Three
Information: \"Knuckles\' running skill. He runs fairly slow.\"
Effectivness: Just like the information said, he runs quite slow. Use a skill
thats better.

Data Number: 043
Ability Name: Knuckles Dash
Skill: Dashing
Stars: Five
Power: One
Speed: Six
Information: \"Knuckles\' dashing skill. He burst dashes by leaning forward.\"
Effectivness: A pretty good running skill, great for dashing into or away in
the heat of the battle. It also covers far distances quite fast. Its pretty
good. I would recommend using it.

Data Number: 044
Ability Name: Knuckles Jump
Skill: Jumping
Stars: Two
Power: One
Speed: Two
Information: \"Knuckles\' jumping skill. His treasure hunter experience taught
him how to quickly maneuver while jumping.\"
Effectivness: A slow jump that doesn\'t get very much height, I don\'t like it.

Data Number: 045
Ability Name: Grinder Attack
Skill: Air Action
Stars: Two
Power: One
Speed: Two
Information: \"Knuckles\' air action. He\'s an expert at gliding.\"
Effectivness: The only Air Action that does damage. If you use Grinder Attack
and you run into an opponent, you can do one or two hits damage, but the
damage is fairly low. You can cover far distances with Grinder Attack, but
once you use it you cannot stop until you touch the ground.

Data Number: 046
Ability Name: Knuckles Gaurd
Skill: Gaurd
Stars: Three
Power: Six
Speed: One
Information: \"Knuckles\' gaurd skill. Uses earth elementals to block attacks.\"
Effectivness: Pretty good, if you block an attack with Knuckles Gaurd you will
absorb quite a bit of energy.

Data Number: 047
Ability Name: Knuckles Heal
Skill: Heal
Stars: Four
Power: Five
Speed: Four
Information: \"Knuckles\' heal skill. Uses earth elementals to heal damage.\"
Effectivness: Second best heal skill (Cream\'s is the best). Even though Chaos
and Gamma heal much faster, Knuckles\' heal skill fills life at a good speed
AND fills the energy bar at an even better speed. This will help you get
Charged Specials faster. I definately recommend using this.

Data Number: 048
Ability Name: Kn. Straight
Skill: First Attack
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Knuckles\' first attack. He attacks with a straight punch.\"
Effectivness: One of the weaker and slower first attacks.

Data Number: 049
Ability Name: Knuckles Chop
Skill: Second Attack
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Knuckles\' second attack. He attacks with a downward repeated
Effectivness: Pretty average compared to others.

Data Number: 050
Ability Name: Knuckles Upper
Skill: Third Attack
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Knuckles\' third attack. He attacks with an upper cut.\"
Effectivness: Like his First and Second Attacks, its pretty average.

Data Number: 051
Ability Name: Megaton Hook
Skill: Heavy Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Four
Speed: Three
Information: \"Knuckles\' heavy attack. He attacks opponents with a hook punch
with so much momentum that he almost spins.\"
Effectivness: Its average. There are quite a few better Heavy Attacks though.

Data Number: 052
Ability Name: Enrage
Skill: Upper Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Three
Speed: Two
Information: \"Knuckles\' upper attack. He swings his fists upwards to punch
his opponent into the air.\"
Effectivness: A pretty average Upper Attack. I wouldn\'t mind using it.

Data Number: 053
Ability Name: Double Punch
Skill: Dashing Attack
Stars: Two
Power: Two
Speed: Two
Information: \"Knuckles\' dash attack. He attacks with a two handed straight
Effecivness: Pretty good, it does lots of damage. It takes maybe half a second
for Knuckles to set it up though, so it may be a bit hard to aim.

Data Number: 054
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 055
Ability Name: Meteor Punch
Skill: Aim Attack
Stars: Three
Power: Six
Speed: Five
Information: \"Knuckles\' pursuit attack. He takes down his opponent using both
of his fists.\"
Effectivness: Slightly better than most Aim Attacks. I would recommend using
this or Girl Dunk.

Data Number: 056
Ability Name: Rock Free Fall
Skill: Ground Shot
Stars: Three
Power: Six
Speed: Three
Information: \"Knuckles\' ground shot. He picks up a rock by his feet and hurls
Effectivness: Pretty good. Its pretty slow because he has to pick up a rock
and then throw it, but its very strong. It also covers a short distance, and
anything in its way will suffer great damage and get thrown far away. I just
don\'t understand how he picks up a rock in stages like Tails\' Lab...

Data Number: 057
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 058
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 059
Ability Name: Major Eruption
Skill: Air Power
Stars: Three
Power: Five
Speed: Three
Information: \"Knuckles\' air power. He digs into the ground and leaps out to
preform a powerful Upper Cut.\"
Effectivness: Now this is one of the great ones! Knuckles dives downward and
into the ground. If an opponent gets hit while you dive down, they\'ll take
a fair amount of damage. Then you can move around in the ground (Your shadow
will still be there so you can see where you are) for a while. Then you will
automatically jump up and Upper Cut where you are, doing good damage to the
opponent. While you can see your shadow, the opponent can\'t! But... the
computer will still be able to follow you somehow. There is one set-back
however. If your opponent is gaurding against Power, and you Upper Cut them
you will take damage and do none to them. So be careful!

Data Number: 060
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 061
Ability Name: ???

Data Number: 062
Ability Name: Knuckles Style
Skill: Style
Stars: Three
Power: One
Speed: One
Information: \"Knuckles\' fighting pose.\"
Effectivness: Makes Emerl moves his fists forward and backward like a fighter,
copying Knuckles\' pose exactly. It also colours Emerl\'s eyes red. I don\'t like
the red eyes, but many people do appearently.


[Knuckles\' Mine Hunt]

Ever play Minesweeper? If you have, thats what Knuckles\' Mine Hunt is. Never
played Minesweeper? No problem!


Objective: The objective of the game is to dig in the ground, avoiding all the
mines until all spaces BUT mine-filled spaces are uncovered.

Controls: A: Dig
          B: Drop a Chao Marker

How to play: First, choose a spot to dig. I recommend anywhere randomly in the
center. You can go in the corners, but usually a mine or two lurks in them.
After hitting it, you\'ll see either a number or no number. No numbers mean no
mines are around them, and if they are connected to more no numbers, they\'ll
all be uncovered at once. Now, if you uncover a number, it means how many
mines are directly beside it. A 1 has 1 mine, 2 has beside it, etc. Mines can
be right beside a number in any direction, including diagonals. Hopefully on
your first try you\'ll get lots on no numbers, making it easy to pick out
mines. If you are sure there is a mine, then press B in that spot to drop a
Chao. This means there is a mine on that spot. Keep doing, placing Chao on
places where you think mines are. If you do it right, you should have all the
mines covered with Chao, and all other spots uncovered, letting you win and
proceed to the next level. Here are some definiate, common indicators of a
mine. (X = Mine, -/| = Wall, 1/2/3 = Number, Blank means no number)
        111  222  2X  111   ----
    X1  1X1  2X2  3X  1X211  1X|
   211  111  2X2  2X  112X1  11|
             222  1     111    |

Difficulty: It can be quite easy in the earlier levels as there are less mines
(As you increase in levels, you need to find more mines). The maps are also
randomly generated, no map is ever the same.

My High-Score: 145 (Level 11)


Unlock E-102 r \"Gamma\" in Battle Mode
Earned when you beat him at the Plains in Sonic\'s story.

Unlock Chaos 0 in Battle Mode
Earned if you can beat him at the \"Crater\" area in Emerl\'s Story.

Unlock the Soniclash! Minigame
Beat Sonic\'s Story.

Unlock the Fly & Get Minigame
Beat Tails\' Story.

Unlock the Mine Hunt Minigame
Beat Knuckles\' Story.

Unlock the Speed Demon Minigame
Beat Shadow\'s Story.

Unlock the Treasure Island Minigame
Beat Amy\'s Story.

Unlock the Green Hill Stage in Battle and Training Mode
Beat the game to receive the first stage from Sonic 1 - Battle style!

Obtain the Combo Attack Data for Emerl
After beating the game, go back to Emerl\'s Story. In Central City, find the
SONICTEAM building. Enter these codes for Combo Attack Data. Special thanks
goes out to Turbokiller F.K.A who found the Tails Combo and King Edgar 0 who
hacked the ROM for the rest of the passwords and post it on the
Sonic Battle board. Please note the capitalization in the codes.

Sonic Combo: 75619
Tails Combo: OTrOI
Knuckles Combo: yU3Da
Amy Combo: alogK
Cream Combo: ZAhan
Shadow Combo: ArmIa
Rouge Combo: AhnVo
Gamma Combo: tSueT
Chaos Combo: EkiTa


Floating Corpse - One of the first glitches found. If you are Rouge or Emerl
equipped with the Rouge Flight jump ability, and are K.Oed while flying, you
will float mid air forever. Why is this? Well, the game only removes a life
from you and respawns you only when your life meter reaches 0 and you hit the
ground. When you get K.Oed while flying, you don\'t hit the ground, thus
causing the game to not take any action. This can be an annoying glitch if you
die while flying, but is not harmful.

Data Shadows - When you move from data cards in Emerl\'s menu, you can see the
previous data card for about 0.2 of a second when you move between them very
quickly. They will also have messed up palettes (colours). The best place to
view this glitch is in the Heal section. Get a couple Heal commands and move
between them quickly, you\'ll see it. This is not a harmful glitch.

Double Charged Special - Rarely, when you use a Charged Special, you will use
it, but you will not lose your charge. This has happened to me about 3 times
through all of story mode, and only worked when I missed the character I was
fighting. Oddly enough, I do not know what causes it, but its quite a
beneficial glitch, as you can use a Charged Special again if you miss! It is
not a harmful glitch.
UPDATE- Brett Satoru e-mailed me saying that if you use a Charged Special and
you get interrupted mid-way somehow, it won\'t go away! Thanks Brett!

Cream Barret - Not really a glitch but a translation error I thought deserved
a mention. If you have the \"Cream Ballet\" data capture card, check Skill List.
It will not say Cream Ballet, but Cream Barret (The Japanese language doesn\'t
have the letter L, so when translated to English, it is replaced with R. This
usually makes sentances strange because the Ls have be replaced with Rs.). But
back in Skill Edit, if you check Cream Ballet in Air Action, it will say Cream
Ballet, not Cream Barret!


Q: \"I have the game in Japanese, and I don\'t know how to change it to English!
What do I do?\"
A: Simply, from the blue text, which should be story mode, go left one menu to
the light orange menu, and press A. From here, you should be at the top of the
menu. Switch the language to \"English\".

Q: \"How can I make the combos that we get with the passwords?\"
A: You don\'t neccessarily \"make\" combos. When you put the passwords into the
SONICTEAM building, you\'ll get a combo card. To equip a combo card go to the
Ground Power menu in Skill Edit menu. They are at the bottom. When you want to
use it in battle, just use it like a normal Ground Power Special Attack, press
R. Emerl will attack several times and then do a finishing attack.

Q: \"Where can I get the Sonic Battle game pak?\"
A: As of now, it is only available in Japan. In North America, it should be
released on January 5th, 2004. There is no set release date for Europe.
However, if you REALLY want the game and don\'t want to wait, you can import
it from More specifically, this page for Sonic Battle. You
are going to have to paste the two URL lines together.

It should work on any Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP system. You\'ll
need something like Paypal in order to pay for the game.

Q: \"Is Super Sonic in this game?\"
A: No, sorry. 

Q: \"When I went into the Knuckles Mine Hunt minigame, I can\'t get out of it!
What do I do?\"
A: Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. You have to turn off your
system. Soft reset doesn\'t seem to work either. Your game should have saved
before you entered Mine Hunt.

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-CJayC, for hosting this Walkthrough/FAQ on, as well as my
 other two FAQs.
-Turbokiller F.K.A and King Edgar 0 for finding the Data Combo Attack
 passwords for the SONICTEAM building.
-Brett Satoru for telling me how the Double Charged Special is started.
-Everyone who e-mailed me.

You can contact me via e-mail at:  [email protected]
That same address can be used to add me at MSN.
If you have AIM, you can contact me at:  Metakid52

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