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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

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A huge collection of cheats including how to get any item you want, Nintendo Dungeons, Wonder Mail and Deoxys.

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Evolution Stones
For the male sign # is used instead
For the female sign % is used instead
For the ellipsis (...) . is used instead

These following wondermail codes are for silent chasm 1F to 6F

Fire stone
4?-C ?WY? 4P?7
K5?6 646R 10?W

Water stone
4?8C R!T? 4P64
7S?3 6?6R 20?W

4?8C M!Y? ?86F
1H?0 646R -0?W

Leaf stone
4?8C M!+? ?873
XH?0 6?6R !0?W

Moon Stone
4?8C 7KX? 4R77
8N?5 646R 10?W

Sun stone
4?-C KW+? ?PN?
M0?- 6?6R K0?W

If you want more wonder mail codes then visit

Happy cheating! Hope I helped!

Getting the Legendary: Groudon
You can only do this after you beat the game (beat Rayquaza). First, make sure you are over lvl40.Be a water type and if you want bring a Fire Type along as well. Go to Magma Caverns all the way until you get to the mid section. If you have a Legendary now is your chance to send it back with it's item without anyone bugging you. Now save and go on to Magma Cavern Pit. You only have to go down 1 floor don't worry about those Steelixs or Onixs. Once you reach the second floor make sure to hold a and b to get your health up. Then warp up to the next floor... GROUDON!!! Kill him and if he does not ask to join your team, turn off your system. It took me forever to do this because my friend bow got all sticky and I wasn't lvl40. But when I reached lvl40 and got to Groudon he asked to join my ..

how to recruit all legendaries
please cheat me how to recruit all legendaries

Easy friend bow "mission"
Fighting the tough foe was a mistake...
Wroooooaaar! Someone!
Client: Blissey
Objective: Help me.
Place: Tiny Woods B1F
Difficulty: E
Reward: 200 POKe + ? [Friend Bow]
Wonder Mail:
1?8N R30? 48?J
M3?7 64?6 K6?W

How to get Rayquaza
To get Rayquaza I highly recommend your lv50+ cause Rayquaza is lv45 and has about 700HP and also has deadly moves like ancientpower and scary face. Also when your trying to recruit him try having a friend bow cause or else its going to take you a long time to get him.Even with the friend bow it could take some time.I was a lv55 Feraligatr with a friend bow and it took me 5 tries just to get him and you have to get through 8 floors just to get to him.Here's a list moves that Rayquaza has.

Scary face
Dragon Dance

Hope I helpedSmilePlease vote

Cheat codes for joy seeds
Here are five cheats:

??9? X?Y? 4???
NF?9 F466 R???

??9? Y?Y? ????
f4?9 F466 R???

??9? Y?F? 4???
C1?9 F466 R???

??9? 4?+? 4???
RF?9 F466 R???

??9? 5?+? ????
Q4?F F466 R???

Hope you like them.

Codes For All HMs
Enter Codes at the main screen under wonder mail

Hm Cut:
4?8N W3F? 4P?2
?1?Y 64N6 4Y?W

Hm Fly:
4?-N WM0? 4P?K
51?Y 64N6 4Y?W

Hm Surf:
4?8N WQF? 4P?2
S1?Y 64N6 5Y?W

Hm Strength:
4?-N W3F? 4P?R
61?Y 64N6 5Y?W

Hm Flash:
4?8N WQF? 4P?0
S1?Y 64N6 MY?W

Hm Rock Smash:
4?-N W-+? 4P?9
J1?Y 64N6 MY?W

Hm Waterfall:
4?8N W2.? 4P?W
J1?Y 64N6 CY?W

Hm Dive:
4?-N W!Y? 4P?5
31?Y 64N6 CY?W

There you go enjoy! Smile

Mt. Moonview
5?2C 7!F? 4P?1
+5?6 64FR P6?W

This will be hosted by meganium, and to find charizard at sinister woods or silent chasm 4 floor

Go to Wonder Mail at the Main menu and enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding Bonus.

Unlock Feebas and Trawl Orb:
X?7P *?+? ?xp6 RJ?Q FJC5 ?W??

Unlock 100 Poke and Roselia:
F?4N +WT? ?+6N FR?J F?66 85?W

Unlock 400 Poke:
X??S ??X? 468? *+?? 9756 SY??

Unlock Ranks
Get the indicated number of Rescue points to achieve the corresponding rank.

Unlock Bronze Rank:
Get 50 Rescue points

Unlock Silver Rank:
Get 500 Rescue points

Unlock Gold Rank:
Get 1,500 Rescue points

Unlock Platinum Rank:
Get 3,000 Rescue points

Unlock Diamond Rank:
Get 7,500 Rescue points

Unlock Rukario Rank:
Get 15,000 Rescue points

Unlock Bronze:
Collect 50 Rescue Points.

Unlock Gold:
Collect 1500 Rescue Points.

Unlock Diamond:
Collect 7500 Rescue Points.

Unlock-A-Somethin Cheat 1
Unlocking:Loads of new starters,and recruiting a lotta pokemon.And recruting 2 legendaries,Latios and Latias.And some new exploration places..

Location: Northern Range 25F,Pitfall Valley 26F,Joyous Tower 99F

How to unlock: First you have to buy the friend area,Southern Island.Do a optional mission,or just goto Tiny Woods and bring a escape orb,escape from the dungeon.Then the next morning.You will hear something and go outside.Latios will quickly flash.You wonder what it was,then you go back inside to sleep.Your partner will appear.And you guys will goto townsquare.Skip the talking and whatever,kelceon bros will get mad because latios stole their tms and stuff.Then you would unlock northern range.Get a ice Pokemon since you're going to battle latios as a boss battle..

Easy Lucario Rank
The easy way to get Lucario rank is to make a mission in purity forest or wish cave or a dungeon with 99 floors. Make the mission a find an apple/oran berry mission that way you go to the first floor(with the oran berries or apples) and use an escape orb. It gives you around 700 to 2000 points.

Friend Bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonder Mail:

F?8K 6MX? 4P?M
H1?? 65?6 KP?W
Help!This dungeon is scary!
Where am I? Help
Client Venusaur
Objective: Help me. Mt. Freeze 1F Difficulty C 600 POKe + ?

Charizard is in Trouble!!Quick!Team (Your Team Name Here) is up
Failed to return.
I lost contact with Charizard!
Client: Alakazam
Objective: Find Charizard.
Place: Sky Tower 20F
Difficulty: B
Reward: 800 POKe + ? [Banana]
Wonder Mail:
4?-9 ?WT? 4P+P
05?6 676R C8?W
(Please,this is only for teams 35+.If you try this under-leveled,YOU WILL FAINT)

Wonder Mail Codes
Here are some Wonder mail codes for things that are hard to get. All of these Wonder mail codes are on F1 of Tiny Woods. All Wonder mail codes also include money.

Joy Ribbon:
??8N 1Q0? ?R?8
TN?3 64?6 F??W

Friend Bow:
??8N 14S? ?R?1
8N?3 64?6 K??W

Joy Seed:
??8N 1!S? ?R?+
+N?3 6466 R??W

Thunder Stone:
??8N 15S? ?R?+
8N?3 6466 -??W

Water Stone:

??8N 1H0? ?R?4
SN?3 6466 2??W

Fire Stone:
??-N 1#Y? ?R?!
3N?3 6466 1??W

Moon Stone:
??8N 1W.? ?R?S
WN?3 6466 1??W

Sun Stone:
??-N 11X? ?R?#
0N?3 6466 K??W

Link Cable:
??8N 1C0? ?R?P
0N?3 6466 %??W

Leaf Stone:
??8N 1#Y? ?R?7
3N?3 6466 !??..

Quick/Easy EXP Points for Training
Take your starter Pokemon (or another that's very strong, around lvl 50 to make it easy) and two Pokemon you want to train. Store ALL your items and money. This will make sure that even if you faint, you don't lose stuff. Now go to Makuhita's Dojo (south of Pokemon square) and face Team Hydro. Once you get to B3, switch your teammates' tactics to Get Away, and take on the Swampert, Feraligator, and Blastoise yourself. Defeat them one at a time, so that if you lose you still managed to gain some exp. If you are successful, each of your Pokemon will gain ~3,000 exp per time. And since the dungeon is short, you don't have to worry about hunger, and it takes very little time.

All of this wonder mails are from mt. Freeze ..
All of this wonder mails are from mt. Freeze
* For the male sign (♂), "#" is used instead.
* For the female sign (♀), "%" is used instead.
* For the ellipsis (), "." is used instead.

Sun Ribbon
1?8K N1X? ?R?3
X7?5 65?R 16?W

Lunar Ribbon
1?-K +3F? 4R68
C3?P 66?R 16?W

Metal Coat
4?-K T#0? F96-
H5?7 656R 2C?W

Leaf Stone
??8K F4T? F87F
PT?H 666R !5?W

Dragon Scale
4?-K 03Y? ?87S
J4?. 656R !??W

4?-K 8MT? ?9N4
P#?7 666R -X?W

1?-K RM+? 49NH
C8?N 656R -6?W

King's Rock
1?-K 6!Y? ?9P!
5!?7 666R J6?W

Wonder Mail
Here are some wonder mail that I created.

%=female #=male

I was KO'd...
I lost in a battle...
Client: Totodile
Objective: Help me.
Place: Lapis Cave B1F
Difficulty: C
Reward: 600 POKe + ? [Cut]
Wonder Mail:
4?8N Y!Y? ?R?Q
7M?9 65N6 4T?W

I was attacked!
I've reached my limit...
Please, I need help!
Client: Whiscash
Objective: Help me.
Place: Lapis Cave B2F
Difficulty: C
Reward: 600 POKe + ? [Fly]
Wonder Mail:
F?-N -QT? 486C
!T?% 66N6 44?W

Please help Nidoran%!
Nidoran% is stuck in a cave!
I'm pleading for help!
Client: Nidoking
Objective: Find Nidoran%
Place: Lapis Cave B3F
Difficulty: C

Cheat Codes For The Rest Of The World

Max/Infinite Money

Extra Belly

Max/Infinite Belly

Max/Infinite Savings

1ST Pokemon CODES:

Infinite Health

Infinite PP

Do Not Use Level Up Codes In Town

Quick Level Up (30-40)

Quick Level Up (50-60)

Quick Level Up (Max)

How to not get damaged by other Pokemon!
First you must get a pass scarf and give it to the leader.Then go to a dungeon ALONE,If you go with a partner then your partner will faint,So you must go alone.When you are fighting a Pokemon and then the enemy uses an attack,the attack will just get passed back to the enemy and you wont get damage!Some attacks wont get passed back.Now I'm going to write an extremely long list of attacks that can't be passed back-

Ember,Thunderbolt,Flamethrower,Ranged attacks,Toxic,And more. SO DID YOU UNDERSTAND?!? :P

Level up easy !!!!!
Okay, link up two moves then if you go to the training dojo and battle team Hydro if you can. If you can't then go to the fighting maze. Use the linked move once or how many times you want and you get almost double the xp then again you can go to any dungeon and use it .

Wondermail codes
I'm new but here's a few wondermail codes I have.

I'm simply no good at fighting.
Please, I need help!
Client: Charmeleon
Objective: Help me.
Place: Sinister Woods 1F
Difficulty: D
Reward: Mobile Scarf + ?
Wonder Mail:
P?2Y 7%F? 4P?7
#F?6 64S6 PN?W

I'm simply no good at fighting.
Client: Charmeleon
Objective: Help me.
Place: Sinister Woods 2F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 400 POKe + ? [Munch Belt]
Wonder Mail:
??-Y 7KX? 4P68
3F?6 6??6 JN?W

I'm simply no good at fighting.
Someone, help!
Client: Charmeleon
Objective: Help me.
Place: Sinister Woods 3F
Difficulty: D
Reward: 400 POKe + ? [Banana]

In order to get deoxys you have to first get Lugia then xatu will show up and talk and all that then blastoise will show up saying theres a cave bye mt. Thunder then xatu will talk somemore then you will get access to meteor cave (NOTE. You can only have one person go at a time and alsoonly three items can come with you)when you go to meteor cave there will be all the different deoxys forms but they will just be dummies and when you get to the 20th floor youll find deoxys. Happy cheating (also I'm representing team Pokemon ballers and team rayquaza) so join if you can bye!!!!

I keep getting email about how to evolve.And how do I do it.Well first of all beat the game meaning kill rayquaza! Yeah he's pretty strong but if you have some fighting moves best use it! Goto whishcash pond by yourself later without your partner.Go up find this big hole.Go in it.Then evolve!!! Must be required level by the way.

-Team Kabusta
The Never-Legends...~

Wonder Mail
For the male sign (♂), "#" is used instead.
For the female sign (♀), "%" is used instead.
For the ellipsis (), "." is used instead.

Failed to return.
Kadabra appears to be injured!
Help me!
Client: Haunter
Objective: Find Kadabra.
Place: Tiny Woods B1F
Difficulty: E
Reward: 200 POKe + ? [Mime Jr. Fig]
Wonder Mail:
F?-N XCF? 4P?F
K6?4 64NR JT?W

Misdreavus needs help!
Hurry, bring back Misdreavus.
Someone! Anyone?
Client: Mr. Mime
Objective: Find Misdreavus.
Place: Tiny Woods B1F
Difficulty: E
Reward: 200 POKe + ? [Weavile Fig]
Wonder Mail:
1?8N Q!T? ?R?H
-6?M 64NR J9?W

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