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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Code Fixing Guide

by nhahtdh

      CC  CC OO  OO DD  DD  EE
      CC     OO  OO DD   DD EEEEE
      CC     OO  OO DD   DD EE
      CC  CC OO  OO DD  DD  EE

                    FFFFF II XX   XX II N    N   GGGG
                    FF    II  XX XX  II NN   N  GG  GG
                    FFFF  II   XXX   II N N  N  GG
                    FF    II   XXX   II N  N N  GG GGG
                    FF    II  XX XX  II N   NN  GG  GG
                    FF    II XX   XX II N    N   GGGG

                                GGGGG  UU   UU II DDDDD   EEEEEE
                               GG   GG UU   UU II DD  DD  EE
                               GG      UU   UU II DD   DD EEEE
                               GG  GGG UU   UU II DD   DD EE
                               GG   GG UU   UU II DD  DD  EE
                                GGGGG   UUUUU  II DDDDD   EEEEEE

                Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team
                            Presented by nhahtdh
                                Version 1.0

                             Table of Contents
                    1. Information about this guide
                       1.1 Introduction
                       1.2 Copyrights
                       1.3 Version history
                    2. Basics of rescue password system
                       2.1 What is SOS Mail?
                       2.2 What is A-OK Mail?
                       2.3 What is Thank-You Mail?
                       2.4 Rescuer Code
                    3. Code separating instruction
                    4. Fixing a code
                       4.1 Fixing an SOS Mail code
                       4.2 Fixing an A-OK Mail code
                       4.3 Fixing a Thank-You Mail code
                    5. Credits
                    6. Contact me

                       1. Information about this guide
                               1.1 Introduction
OK, sometimes, you see an SOS code, you want to do the mission, but then you
are disappointed because the code is wrong. Or your friend gives you a wrong
A-OK code after saving you; and you can't contact with him after that. You
may also receive a Thank-You Mail but it doesn't work; the person who you
rescued doesn't show up afterwards. Normally, you will request the people to
post it again, but it will definitely take time to get a response. This guide
will shorten the time you wait and avoid frustration.

                                1.2 Copyrights
This FAQs is entirely my work and is protected by copyright laws. Only and is allowed to host my work. Apart
from viewing this FAQs, printing and copying with credits given, other 
activities are prohibited. This work may be reproduced for non-profit purpose
with my permission.

                              1.3 Version history
    Version 1.0 (29 Aug 2007) This very first version includes
       - Introduction of rescue password system
       - Code separating instruction
       - SOS/A-OK/Thank-You Mail code fixing guide

                       2. Basics of rescue password system
This new game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team, has introduce a
whole new way of playing. You, the main character, playing as a 
used-to-be-human Pokemon, explore and rescue other Pokemon from the
wilderness of the dungeons. But you cannot always success, you may fail a few
times, then you may call for help through the rescue system. In this guide, 
I'll focus mainly on the rescue password system.
When you faint in a dungeon, a pop up will appear and ask you if you want to
send a distress call, select Yes. You will be sent back to the main menu.
Here, select Friend Rescue, then Get Help!, then Send SOS Mail. Give the code
to your friend (don't worry about the version, password will work for both
Red and Blue) and wait. When your friend finish the rescue, he/she will send
you an A-OK Mail, type in the code. And when you are back, don't forget to
send him/her Thank-You Mail to express your appreciation. All these 3 types
of codes contain 54 characters so it sure will make some of you annoyed, or
type in the code wrongly. That is the reason of this FAQs.

                             2.1 What is SOS Mail?
SOS Mail is a 54-character code that is generated when you select to be
rescued through password system. This code contains the variety Pokemon, the
name of it, the dungeon and floor where you passed out, the ID number of the
rescue, the number of rescue chances, the information of the game owner 
(each player will have a specific code called Rescuer Code [see section 2.4]),
SOS indicator (this will indicate that the code you enter is SOS Mail),
and the data of whole dungeon to the point where your friend fainted. When you
go on the rescue, the dungeon you enter will be the same as your friend, with
the exception to the last floor if your friend fainted inside wall.
SOS Mail should be given to your friend to save you.

                             2.2 What is A-OK Mail?
This is the most important mail of all three when mentioning the function.
This code will be generated when you complete the rescue mission. It is also
a 54-character code which contains the same information as SOS Mail, with some
additions of Rescuer Code (this code is specific for each player, and will
appear in specific position in the A-OK code that the player give to his/her
friend), and A-OK indicator replacing SOS indicator.
The one who saves you shall give you this code to input. After that, you will
be able to continue your journey on the same spot where you fainted without
any Pokemon.

                          2.3 What is Thank-You Mail?
Thank-You Mail has an obvious function: thanking the person who saved you.
This is also a 54-character code which contains the same information as A-OK
Mail with the replacement of Thank-You indicator and additional information
on the reward. Note that only one of any item stored inside Kangaskhan Storage
can be sent. So no money or Used TM can be sent through Thank-You Mail.
This code should be given to who have saved you to give them additional Rescue
Points and reward if requested.

                               2.4 Rescuer Code
Rescuer Code is the code that the game gives the player from the beginning and 
it will stay constant. The code will be integrated in the SOS code that he/she
sends and will be shown in the A-OK code the player gives his/her friend in
some specific positions. Here is the map
===== =======X =====
==X=X =======X =====
=X=== ======X= =====
(=: random characters
 X: position of Rescuer Code)
This code is also used to determine if somebody use the A-OK gen to 'rescue'
other people. If this code matches the-one-who-needs-rescue's then the person
who posted the code used A-OK gen.

                         3. Code separating instruction
The most common reason for mistyping code is that people type everything in
one line. Therefore, they cannot check if the code is accurate or not. If we
want to fix the code, first, we have to separate each line of the code and
each part of them.
This part will show you the way to separate each line and each part of SOS
code. The other two are not necessary because we can use the original correct
SOS code (if not correct, how do you suppose to have A-OK and Thank-You code?) 
as a guideline.
- The second line always begins with
==??? ? (always correct)
?=??? ? (common sight)
(=: random character)
Press enter to kick this line down.
- The third line always begins with 
??=== (always correct)
??=?= (common sight)
Press enter to kick this line down.
Then separate each part of the line. Below is the instruction
- The second part of first line is usually
or less common
Press space bar to separate.
- The second part of second line is usually
or sometimes
Press space bar to separate.
- The second part of third line is always
Press space bar to separate.

                                4. Fixing a code
This is the main part of the FAQs. But before fixing any code, let's find out
which character will and will not be in any of those mail codes.
[A][B] C [D][E] F [G] H [I] J  K [L] M
 N [O] P  Q  R  S  T [U][V] W  X  Y [Z]
[é] 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  0 [:]...
 +  - [,][.] !  ? ['][']["]["] ♂ ♀ [_]
                               |  |
                             male |
Characters without brackets are valid ones. The others are NOT. But you must
have a common sense to interpret the lower case into upper case. You also have
to automatically interpret O --> 0, I --> 1. Sometimes, you see (f) or %, 
(m) or # in the code. They are characters represent female sign and male sign.

Secondly, we have to study what each character does in the code.
- Rescuer Code: As stated in the section 2.4. The X's positions are for Rescuer
Code in A-OK and Thank-You Mail
  ===== =======X =====
  ==X=X =======X =====
  =X=== ======X= =====
- Reward Code: The X's positions are for Reward Code in Thank-You Mail. It
contains information of the reward that the rescued attached and send along.
  ==X== ======== =====
  ===== ======== =====
  X==== =======X =====
  The second X on third line will be number 4 if a reward is attached and will 
be ? if no reward is attached.
  The other 2 X's will be filled with information of reward. Here is the
complete list of them.
         Item name (quatity = 1)                         Code
           Nothing (no reward)                            ??
           Stick                                          P?
           Iron Thorn                                     F?
           Silver Spike                                   S?
           Gold Fang                                      4?
           Cacnea Spike                                   H?
           Corsola Twig                                   1?
           Gravelerock                                    3?
           Geo Pebble                                     ?6
           Mobile Scarf                                   P6
           Heal Ribbon                                    F6
           Twist Band                                     S6
           Scope Lens                                     46
           Patsy Band                                     H6
           No-Stick Cap                                   16
           Pierce Band                                    36
           Joy Ribbon                                     ?7
           X-Ray Specs                                    P7
           Persim Band                                    F7
           Power Band                                     S7
           Pecha Scarf                                    47
           Insomniscope                                   H7
           Warp Scarf                                     17
           Tight Belt                                     37
           Sneak Scarf                                    ?N
           Gold Ribbon                                    PN
           Goggle Specs                                   FN
           Diet Ribbon                                    SN
           Trap Scarf                                     4N
           Racket Band                                    HN
           Def. Scarf                                     1N
           Stamina Band                                   3N
           Plain Ribbon                                   ?P
           Special Band                                   PP
           Zinc Band                                      FP
           Detect Band                                    SP
           Dodge Scarf                                    HP
           Bounce Band                                    1P
           Curve Band                                     3P
           Whiff Specs                                    ?R
           No-Aim Scope                                   PR
           Lockon Specs                                   FR
           Munch Belt                                     SR
           Pass Scarf                                     4R
           Weather Band                                   HR
           Friend Bow                                     1R
           Beauty Scarf                                   3R
           Sun Ribbon                                     ?8
           Lunar Ribbon                                   P8
           Heal Seed                                      H8
           Wish Stone                                     18
           Oran Berry                                     38
           Sitrus Berry                                   ?9
           Eyedrop Seed                                   P9
           Reviver Seed                                   F9
           Blinker Seed                                   S9
           Doom Seed                                      49
           Allure Seed                                    H9
           Life Seed                                      19
           Rawst Berry                                    39
           Hunger Seed                                    ?F
           Quick Seed                                     PF
           Pecha Berry                                    FF
           Cheri Berry                                    SF
           Totter Seed                                    4F
           Sleep Seed                                     HF
           Plain Seed                                     1F
           Warp Seed                                      3F
           Blast Seed                                     ?0
           Ginseng                                        P0
           Joy Seed                                       F0
           Chesto Berry                                   S0
           Stun Seed                                      40
           Max Elixir                                     H0
           Protein                                        10
           Calcium                                        30
           Iron                                           ?+
           Zinc                                           P+
           Apple                                          F+
           Big Apple                                      S+
           Grimy Food                                     4+
           Huge Apple                                     H+
           White Gummi                                    1+
           Red Gummi                                      3+
           Blue Gummi                                     ?(...)
           Grass Gummi                                    P(...)
           Yellow Gummi                                   F(...)
           Clear Gummi                                    S(...)
           Orange Gummi                                   4(...)
           Pink Gummi                                     H(...)
           Brown Gummi                                    1(...)
           Sky Gummi                                      3(...)
           Gold Gummi                                     ?S
           Green Gummi                                    PS
           Gray Gummi                                     FS
           Purple Gummi                                   SS
           Royal Gummi                                    4S
           Black Gummi                                    HS
           Silver Gummi                                   1S
           Banana                                         3S
           Chestnut                                       ?T
           Poké                                           PT
           Upgrade                                        FT
           King's Rock                                    ST
           Thunderstone                                   4T
           Deepseascale                                   HT
           Deepseatooth                                   1T
           Sun Stone                                      3T
           Moon Stone                                     ?X
           Fire Stone                                     PX
           Water Stone                                    FX
           Metal Coat                                     SX
           Leaf Stone                                     4X
           Dragon Scale                                   HX
           Link Cable                                     1X
           Ice Part                                       3X
           Steel Part                                     ?Y
           Rock Part                                      PY
           Music Box                                      FY
           Key                                            SY
           Focus Punch                                    HY
           Dragon Claw                                    1Y
           Water Pulse                                    3Y
           Calm Mind                                      ?4
           Roar                                           P4
           Toxic                                          F4
           Hail Orb                                       S4
           Bulk Up                                        44
           Bullet Seed                                    H4
           Hidden Power                                   14
           Sunny Orb                                      34
           Taunt                                          ?5
           Ice Beam                                       P5
           Blizzard                                       F5
           Hyper Beam                                     S5
           Light Screen                                   45
           Protect                                        H5
           Rainy Orb                                      15
           Giga Drain                                     35
           Safeguard                                      ?M
           Frustration                                    PM
           Solarbeam                                      FM
           Iron Tail                                      SM
           Thunderbolt                                    4M
           Thunder                                        HM
           Earthquake                                     1M
           Return                                         3M
           Dig                                            ?C
           Psychic                                        PC
           Shadow Ball                                    FC
           Brick Break                                    SC
           Evasion Orb                                    4C
           Reflect                                        HC
           Shock Wave                                     1C
           Flamethrower                                   3C
           Sludge Bomb                                    ?H
           Sandy Orb                                      PH
           Fire Blast                                     FH
           Rocky Orb                                      SH
           Aerial Ace                                     4H
           Torment                                        HH
           Facade                                         1H
           Secret Power                                   3H
           Rest                                           ?J
           Attract                                        PJ
           Thief                                          FJ
           Steel Wing                                     SJ
           Skill Swap                                     4J
           Snatch Orb                                     HJ
           Overheat                                       1J
           Wide Slash                                     3J
           See-Trap Orb                                   F-
           Mug Orb                                        S-
           Rebound Orb                                    4-
           Lob Orb                                        H-
           Switcher Orb                                   1-
           Blowback Orb                                   3-
           Warp Orb                                       ?K
           Transfer Orb                                   PK
           Slow Orb                                       FK
           Quick Orb                                      SK
           Luminous Orb                                   4K
           Petrify Orb                                    HK
           Stayaway Orb                                   1K
           Pounce Orb                                     3K
           Trawl Orb                                      ?1
           Cleanse Orb                                    P1
           Decoy Orb                                      S1
           Slumber Orb                                    41
           Totter Orb                                     H1
           Two-Edge Orb                                   11
           Silence Orb                                    31
           Escape Orb                                     ?2
           Scanner Orb                                    P2
           Radar Orb                                      F2
           Drought Orb                                    S2
           Trapbust Orb                                   42
           Rollcall Orb                                   H2
           Invisify Orb                                   12
           One-Shot Orb                                   32
           Identify Orb                                   ?!
           Vacuum-Cut                                     P!
           Shocker Orb                                    S!
           Sizebust Orb                                   4!
           One-Room Orb                                   H!
           Fill-in Orb                                    1!
           Trapper Orb                                    3!
           Itemizer Orb                                   P♀
           Hurl Orb                                       F♀
           Mobile Orb                                     S♀
           Stairs Orb                                     H♀
           Longtoss Orb                                   1♀
           Pierce Orb                                     3♀
           Cut                                            ?3
           Fly                                            P3
           Surf                                           F3
           Strength                                       S3
           Flash                                          43
           Rock Smash                                     H3
           Waterfall                                      13
           Dive                                           33
           Link Box                                       ?Q
- Name Code: The number's positions are for Name Code. It contains information
about the name of the Pokemon (not what variety the Pokemon is).
  3==== =====4== ===91
  6==== 8======= 5===6
  ==28= ==57==== ==1=3
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 1 character then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 1's positions.
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 2 characters then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 2's positions.
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 3 characters then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 3's positions.
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 4 characters then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 4's positions.
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 5 characters then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 5's positions.
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 6 characters then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 6's positions.
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 7 characters then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 7's positions.
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 8 characters then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 8's positions.
  If the name of the Pokemon is longer than 9 characters then there should NOT 
be a ? in number 9's positions.
  Sometimes, there might be a ? in those position even if the name is long 
enough to make ? disappear, but most mails follow the rule above.

The guide above is not complete as the other character may be intefered by 2 
factors. Thus, it is incorrect to classify them into one section.

I have no more to say, so let's get started with SOS code fixing guide.

                          4.1 Fixing an SOS Mail code
This is probably is hardest of all, because you don't have anything to base on.
You can only guess and fix some common errors.

- Error 1: Ambiguity between male and female symbol
  Some people can't even distinguish male with female symbol. So for your 
information, male is symbolized with a circle below and a pointer pointing 
Northeast, female is symbolized with a circle above a plus.

  To fix this error, simply swap these 2 characters.

- Error 2: Missing one character/some characters
  Separate each line of the code if the code is posted in one line. Read
section 3 for instruction.
  People are always missing ?, so this guide will mainly discuss where to add
? in the missing code. If the code misses character other than ?, the code can
be fixed under certain circumstances.

  There will always be a ? in position as shown below. Those ? (except the
second ? and the fourth ? in the second line) are reserved for Rescuer Code and 
Reward Code.
  I'm not so sure about the second ? and the fourth ? in the second line, if 
anyone has an SOS code doesn't have ? in those positions. Contact me.
          ==?== ======?? =====
          ==??? =====?=? =====
          ??=== ======?? =====
          (=: random character)
  To fix this error, try adding ? in the plus sign's and number positions. Try 
guessing the length of the name of the Pokemon using the guide on Name Code
above, then add ? using both the map and the guide.
          3=+== =====4++ ===91
          6=+++ 8====+=+ 5===6
          ++28= ==57==++ ==1=3
  The third part of the third line will stay constant in all SOS if the person
who need rescue hasn't left the dungeon yet. So find the SOS/A-OK/Thank-You
Mail of that people and compare.

  People sometimes missing ellipsis (...) at the end of a part, so try adding 
this. But don't count on it.

  If you are sure the missing character is on a specific position, try all
characters on the visual keyboard. It should work. Otherwise, the code has more
than one error or your guess is wrong.

- Error 3: Letter swaping
  There is no guide to fix this kind of error. This kind of error can only be
detected if the letter occupies place for ?. Try swaping these letter with its
neighbors in the same line. Otherwise, fixing this type of error will waste
your time and efforts.

- Error 4: Wrong character: Typo/"Wacky eyes"
  This kind of error mainly caused by mistyping (Shift key) or misreading the
code. Sometimes, people may type the wrong character randomly, then the code is
very hard to fix. This guide is only limited to fixing typo and 'wacky eyes'

  There are some common errors categorized as typo and how to fix:
  All character will be put in brackets, the left one is error and the right
one is the probable fixing for the error.
      [!] <--> [1] (people can mistype these 2 letter easily)
      [>] [/] --> [?]
      [(] --> [9]
      [)] --> [0]
      [Z] --> [X]
      [^] --> [6]
      [*] --> [8]
      [$] --> [4]
  There are many more. If you suspect the character is wrong, look at the real
keyboard and try changing the letter to its neighbors. E.g If you see letter E
in the code, try changing it into R or W or 3.

  These are some common errors categorized as 'wacky eyes' and how to fix:
      [V] --> [Y]
      [S] <--> [5]
      [B] --> [8]
      [T] --> [7]
      [?] <--> [!]
      [M] <--> [N]
      [5] <--> [6]
  There are many more examples. Here is a tip: think what that letter is
similar to, and then try changing that letter.

  As you can see, fixing wrong character error mainly based on the unusual
letters that does not exist in any of 3 mails. If the wrong character can exist
in a mail, the chance of fixing it is very low.

- Error 5: Too many characters
  This is also a common error. To start off, you have to separate the code 
(read section 3 for more information). The most common character that is made
redundant is ?. Have a look at Error 2 to determine which ? should be deleted.
Sometimes, people tends to press a button twice, so try omitting one if you
see two or more of the same characters. Be sure to check if the repetition
in a code is needed, as most of the time, this repetition is the cause of this 

  * Final instruction:
  Normally, a code will have one error, but sometimes, it will have more than
one, so follow these steps to fix the code.
  - Find information about the SOS Mail (name, type of Pokemon, floor, mail ID, 
etc. but normally, you will only need the name of the Pokemon). This step is
normally cannot be done as people rarely post all information. Also, try to
find any rescue from the same person, same attempt to a dungeon.
  - Separate the code, if it is not posted in a good format.
  - Check the length of the code. Try to fix error 5 and 2 first using
information you found.
  - If the problem persists, try error 1, then error 4 then 3
  - If you have tried all your best, or more than 15 minutes have passed,
request a re-post of the code. Not worth keeping trying, you will waste your
time and effort.

                          4.2 Fixing an A-OK Mail code
This code doesn't need too many effort to fix it, as we have the SOS Mail as 
a guideline to fix this code. Why am I saying this? Because A-OK Mail has some
differences to SOS Mail. Here is the map
  ===X= =XX====Y X====
  ==Y=Y ==X====Y =====
  =Y=== ======Y= =====
 (Y: Rescuer Code
  X: Other changes
  =: The same to SOS code)
  So compare this to the correct SOS Mail and see if there is any changes to 
the constant characters.
  The position of X in the second line has a special characteristic. It will
always converted into a constant character. All we have to do is study how it
  F-->0    H-->J    P-->R    S-->T    1-->2    3-->Q    4-->5    ?-->6
  These are all the common characters and how it changes from SOS Mail to A-OK
Mail. There may be more, but I just can't find any other than those. If you 
have an SOS Mail and A-OK Mail that don't have these characters, contact me.

  *Final instruction: So fast, isn't it?
  - Find any rescue that has been done by the same person to extract the 
Rescuer Code.
  - Separate the code, if it is not posted in a good format.
  - Check the constant character
  - Check the X on second line
  - Check Rescuer Code
  - Try to detect error on the other X's (this is very hard, so if you follow 
all upper steps, then ask for re-post instead of trying to fix it)

                       4.3 Fixing a Thank-You Mail code
Last but not least, here it is. First, we have to know how Thank-You Mail
different from A-OK Mail. Here is the map
==Y== ==X===== X====
===== ======== =====
Y==== =======A =====
A: This character will be a ? in SOS and A-OK Mail. In Thank-You Mail, if a 
reward is NOT attached, it will be a ?, if a reward is attached then this 
character will be number 4.
X: Character that are always change despite the existence of reward.
Y: Character that will change if there is an attached reward. If there is not
a reward, a ? will remain in these positions.
=: Letter have no change compare to A-OK Mail.
There is no way to fix those X's if they are wrong besides trying all possible
alternatives. But if you have information about the reward, fixing those Y's
is very simple. Read the Reward Code above to see if they match.

  *Final instruction:
  - Find information about the reward the rescued gave you
  - Check the constant characters (most code will be fixed after this step)
  - Check the character at position of A and Y's
  - If you know the reward, and it matches Y's position characters, but the
code is still wrong then try changing the second X into other character. 
Otherwise, request re-post.

                                 5. Credits
nhahtdh (or myself) - Creator of this guide.
My Parents - For not discourage me writing this guide.
Computer - Not breaking down while I'm writing this guide.
All user in PMD SOS Code Board - My source of SOS/A-OK. Very important to write
this guide.
SOS gen, A-OK gen - Better not give link to the site host these tools. Hate to
admit it but I cannot write this guide without those tools.

                                6. Contact me
If you have any question/suggestion to my guide or if you find and bugs/typos,
please e-mail me at [email protected] Silly question will not be answered.
Feel free to spam this mailbox, and all your mail will be reported as spam and 
never be read.