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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team


how do you get legendary island?

Question asked by SuperSonic4 on
Last Modified:

how do you get legendary island?

Iv`e been doing like a ton of missions but none of them get me it can somebody help me or at least give me a wondermail code ... Lol I like to beat up articuno in my spare time XD

Comment:(Apr 27 2008) anyone?

Comment:(Apr 28 2008) well i`ll try that thx "Fallen Hero"

Comment:(Apr 28 2008) ok "Fallen Hero" everytime i beat zapdos it doesnt say if she wants to be one me team ive done it like 7 times now.

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Fallen Hero answered:

Just keep fighting them if you recruit one you get the freind area

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Guest said: 7th Dec 2012 | REPORT
u need to equip friend bow
Guest said: 11th Feb 2013 | REPORT
you have to make sure there are no other pokemon on your team besides you.
Guest said: 20th Mar 2014 | REPORT
yeah! yeah! i have a strong team mate delcatty and typlosion
Guest said: 21st Jul 2014 | REPORT
Friend bow is what you need,
And a ton of luck Smile

harrypotter19 answered:

All you have to do is fight one of the birds and then they will join your team but you have to be gold rank or higher to get them once they join you will have access to the legenddary island I got zapdos and molters first try but articuno took me about 3-4 times

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Guest said: 25th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Umm... lucario rank is better than gold rank, I belive....
Guest said: 29th May 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 6th Jun 2015 | REPORT
i searched at the internet and it says that the level that the leader is affects the recruitment. for example, the legendary birds have a percentage of 30.00% if your leader is about lvl 50, the bird's recruitment percentage will be 40%. AND the final hit need to be made by the leader.
Guest said: 4th Apr 2016 | REPORT
I recruit all the Birds...XD

chriq answered:

No I was silver rank and same wit #1 hes right

pokelover996 answered:

If they want to join team say yes and you will automatically get legendary island. Thats what happened between me and moltres


Charizard_510 answered:

Be patient have a strong Pokemon good rank and luck. Anyways what Pokemon do you use?

godnkls answered:

You must go there with no legendaries. I went ther 13 times with Typhlosion (my starter), Ferarigatr (my helper) and Latios, when my friends told me to go there without Latios. Gotcha! Zapdos joined my team.

Guest answered:


Guest answered:

hey #1 what rank were you

Guest answered:

You get one of the legendary birds on your team.

Guest answered:

To get the friend area for the legendary birds. You must capture one of the birds. You can only capture them after the storyline. I was silver rank when I captured them, it took me 3 times for zapdos 5 for articuno and 1 time for moltres. You must only have a body size of 2 in your team when you go to recruit them as each bird has a body size of 4 and your team cannot go over body size 6. Put your highest leveled pokemon as your leader. It seems your recruitment chances increase the higher your leader is.

Guest answered:

You have to have 1 pokemon level 40 or above to get the 3 legendary birds and legendary island. ( only after you have beeten the game.)

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Guest said: 26th Mar 2020 | REPORT
u dont have to have a pokemon thats level 40 to recruit any of the birds

Guest answered:

First you must have beaten the main storie line, then I think you have to be a gold rank(1500 rescue points)and must only have up to 2 people(including you)on your should wear a friend bow to make it easier.also you should not ask any body to join you or recruit anybody because you have to be the one to deal the final blow.oh and by doing this I got zapdos in1try,moltres in 1 try,and articuno in 2 try!good luck!

Guest answered:

diamond rank...Smile)

Guest answered:

i havent finish the game yet so what do you mean after the storyline? Is it when you finish the game or something? Cause Im at the point where i have to go to thunder mt. to save shiftry from Zapdoes and Im scared I might mess up and not get it to join my team.

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Guest said: 5th Jan 2011 | REPORT
just finish the story because you cannot recruit legendary if you don't finish the game
Guest said: 17th Jul 2011 | REPORT
you cant recruit zapdos at that point so donr worry about that. when they say beat the story line, thats after you beat rayquaza and go into the after game
Guest said: 11th Feb 2013 | REPORT
the story line is the first part of the game. you have to pass the first part (after the credits) and then go again

Guest answered:

Throw some yellow gummi to zapdos it's easier!
Articuno: clear
Moltres: red

It'll be easier I finished it but I havent recruit any of them....I'm on platium

Guest answered:

All you need to do, throw the right colour gummies,
-Moltras - red
Articono - clear
&Zaptos - Yellow!
If I was you, I'd start with Zaptos! Smile

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Guest said: 10th Sep 2011 | REPORT
why do i need to throw gummies
Guest said: 2nd Apr 2013 | REPORT
First Throw 1 gummie and then lots of apples and huge apples thats how I got all Three of them and im Gold rank
Guest said: 20th Jan 2021 | REPORT
Its not true you can recruit them all but need to be silver rank then fight all of the missions then go for it

Guest answered:

I used my charizard only and I recruted all of them but took me atleast 3 goes on all of them

Guest answered:

Beat story mode then give Articuno clear gummi, Zapdos yellow gummi, and Moltres red gummi(look in Magma Cavern for those). Recruit one of them and you automaticcaly get Legandary Island for free. Do the same for the other Pokemon like Groudon and Rayquaza.

Guest answered:

To get legendary island go to mt thunder and then try to recruit Zapdos. If you recruit it, you get legendary island automatically(yes, it's free). You must only have your team leader and 1 other Pokemon only and you have to give Zapdos a gummi and you have to at least be level 46 silver rank. Do the same for Moltres and Articuno. Be at least level 50 silver rank for each Articuno and Moltres. Articuno comes before Moltres and if you try Moltres before Articuno, the game will warp you out before you go to the peak.

Guest answered:

You have to be gold or higher

Guest answered:

Ok, first of all, you must finish the game. That means beating rayquaza and destroying the meteor and seeing the credits. Now that you have beaten the game, you can recruit legendaries. A few legendaries come with their own friend area when recruited such as the trio of birds. Recruiting one of them will automatically gain you their friend area, legendary island.
Here are some tips to help you recruit them:
To start off, I believe you should be at a high rank(gold or above). For example, I was at diamond rank when I recruited the legendary birds. Then, I'd prefer to give a friend bow to your own character or the Pokemon you are using as your character although this item is not needed for this task. Also make sure that the Pokemon you are using has a size of 1 to 2 stars . To check the size, check the summary of the pokemon. If your Pokemon has a body size of 1 star, you may recruit only one other 1 STAR pokemon. If your Pokemon is 2 stars, do not have or add any partners on your team. If it is anything above 2 stars, do not recruit or make that the leader of the pokemon. The reason for this is because each of the 3 legendary birds have a body size of 4 stars. Your max body size capacity for your team can only be up to 6 stars, so if you take up too much space, you will not be able to recruit them. I believe each bird is at level 52, or at least when I got them, so be prepared. But other than that, it's really simple and easy. If this does not work, try again. I assure you this will work eventually.

Guest answered:

Lvl47charizard gold rank when I got birds

Arceus is Beast answered:

The birds are very easy to get articuno I got on my first try I used firey drum to recruit moltres on the 3rd try and zapdos took me 4 times I took it out wit moltres xd

Awesome Mew answered:

You don't need the size to be 4 I was a size 1 Pokemon when I recruited the birds.

BioShock answered:

You only get that friend area if you recruit one of the three legendary birds. I recruited Moltres first but it took me 3 or 4 times.

Guest answered:

If you want to catch the 3 legendary birds you have to go in with a friend bow. My sure you save at the peak so if you kill it you ccan start it over

LuvinmyPoppingcorn answered:

In order to get Legendary Island, you have to get either Zapdos, Moltres, or Articuno to join your team. The way I did it, was I entered the dungeon without any team mates, I only had one item (Reviver Seed), and when I went to the top floors (after the save area with Kangaskahn), I found a gummi and threw it at Zapdos/Moltres/Articuno. I also had a Friend Bow. Those are also good for getting Pokemon to join your team (you can get them, I think, at Wyvern Hill, or you can go to and get the wonder mail for it.) It may take a few tries, but trust me, it works.

-Lacey the Umbreon from Rescue Team Cream Nut-

kelcon255 answered:

Get a friend bow be a high level or so go to their peak kick their ass if it doesnt work keep tring you don't need the friend area they will give it to you once you recuit them hoped this help

Guest answered:

I got reyquaza, and my rank is platinum rank..

PokemonFreak96 answered:

You need to be the silver rank.I got Zapdos beating it 3 times,Moltres 1 time and Articuno 1 time.I was Umbreon level 100 and I was holding a friend bow.You need to go alone to capture the Legendaryes.First start with Zapdos,then Moltres and the last one Articuno.Hope I helped Smile

Guest answered:

If You Want Access to the Legendary Island You Must Be Gold Rank or Higher and You Must Be Alone(I Only Used Alakazam)And Your Lvl Must Be Higher Than the Three Birds And Equip A Friend Bow I Catched The Three Birds Using Two Moves Shadow Ball And Shock Wave Then Theyll Join My Team. By The Way I'm A Diamond Rank So it's Not Hard To Catch Them For Me


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