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Teach Any Move Action Replay Code for Pokemon Sapphire

Sallad91191 posted:

Mar 16th 2007, ID#4501 Teach Any Move






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Region: Unspecified | Class: Move Codes

99 of 1st PC slot item

458DC267 EE7A6705

Heart Scale in 1st PC slot

000D4DD5 EBC33F52

Use the first two codes to get as many Heart Scales as you need. Go to the Move Tutor's house in Fallarbor, and give him a Heart Scale with only one of the following codes on. The first move should say the same thing, but the description, type, and PP will be different. Teach the Pokemon this move and when you check again it will be whatever you chose.

E388FC1F DE8B7AB7 Absorb

19D6783B 32738489 Acid

9C154BA4 41615A09 Acid Armor

4BAD95AF 7EF5A2C9 Aerial Ace

D55845E6 4E6F2EC8 Aeroblast

A612412D 33EA6B5F Agility

75E87252 6BFA5612 Air Cutter

78CD3E84 8E890469 Amnesia

C02DB776 F2A9F866 Ancientpower

5D473BA3 7800EFCE Arm Thrust

72FF3A55 8C26A567 Aromatherapy

DE09072C 1A361C3E Assist

99EF7572 8D25E025 Astonish

B62B1425 05608FAD Attract

B03D6D60 0A113D03 Aurora Beam

A86CF240 99C377DB Barrage

14E260D2 2F2E69B3 Barrier

427DC77E 8DA6BBA0 Baton Pass

8D74D387 1E4D8EB8 Beat Up

A45A30DE 765D5550 Belly Drum

6C8BC6C2 6DB9B6AA Bide

B32E853A D007993A Bind

BA43A583 E7223E4C Bite

0571A057 65ED20E3 Blaze Kick

9468C95F 5A22F895 Blizzard

A660EF66 647E846E Block

008E9F59 96670AC3 Body Slam

EEE26D5E FEBAFD61 Bone Club

A60CD47C D677A20F Bonemerang

244776CB 68F37B65 Bone Rush

A6A0F4C5 91835EEE Bounce

7347C8CD E07766AA Brick Break

7254CC10 C5938057 Bubble

D0F8EB25 26CA7590 Bubblebeam

DB53215A EA070460 Bulk Up

0E21F2C0 EAFC4363 Bullet Seed

C5B041D4 BD52F186 Calm Mind

CC627852 8FDBF7EE Camouflage

13F2FC74 FECCD092 Charge

FBA74956 6ABE181A Charm

4CD14038 2E3CCA21 Clamp

ED6813F4 93440FCC Comet Punch

D5EF18E9 9523310A Confuse Ray

38ABE6D2 036F85A0 Confusion

BC7330BD 6F06AF74 Constrict

36AED05D 5303BC62 Conversion

31CAE36A 3CCEE224 Conversion 2

7AA80236 7845CC00 Counter

F4E3793F 9A8DDE99 Cosmic Power

41E4CB08 99C56CB9 Cotton Spore

801682B5 B4348953 Covet

ACBE87CD 29FE0CD7 Crabhammer

6CC3FB92 BC8E2BB7 Cross Chop

BE1D5213 E7937E01 Crunch

B82B092D DF766748 Crush Claw

9348B327 26BD7832 Curse

8A5B89E0 93145A76 Cut

D95F35C0 F1B73BE6 Defense Curl

F17911B1 ADD1C6C3 Destiny Bond

8B50E0EC 10079236 Detect

90CA935F A6FBA317 Dig

AA4B09F8 DFCE72EB Disable

81285A06 9C6CE879 Dive

65B866D3 9A2A81E2 Dizzy Punch

503174E9 B09A9930 Doom Desire

F4D60F45 E973DFB3 Double-Edge

895D0B5B 530F71BD Double Kick

2B3F796D AE755AEA Doubleslap

3164A3B2 197825E6 Double Team

2CFF63F2 67912382 Dragonbreath

4553F84F 53B8A15F Dragon Claw

328E22D7 333BC6CD Dragon Dance

4FFF57DB AE0CF41B Dragon Rage

801F7075 28EDEC7A Dream Eater

1DB232AD E34C82CB Drill Peck

53D5F66C 49082675 Dynamicpunch

DE716BCF 2F24FDA4 Earthquake

55BA4C16 D0E8988B Egg Bomb

26F9D233 9759F720 Ember

DBBB2F82 E3FB1AF1 Encore

CCDF078D 7B610246 Endeavor

8C4FB007 EC4F4544 Endure

C5B78B45 B98B985E Eruption

E927E8F2 3A8E77FF Explosion

2C9B7058 B7262280 Extrasensory

139715E3 AD2E4DC9 Extremespeed

F02D1DF7 DDDB2000 Facade

CD7AE48C 9CEC6969 Faint Attack

181B0C03 5423441D Fake Out

9D24ACAE 081D29C4 Fake Tears

9B122D4E 627D2FE7 False Swipe

78D36ED6 CE59A6D5 Featherdance

C4A2603B 53B8FC9B Fire Blast

D481EABD 4AA681EE Fire Punch

96528A74 80A6DDB7 Fire Spin

C947346B 6AD69A34 Fissure

4A6B4905 DCE3224B Flail

1340310B 39C5C95D Flamethrower

C45ADCE1 02A20D1A Flame Wheel

5FF310E3 FF0CF581 Flash

07FBAC1E 19586F37 Flatters

38D587C2 83F32D8B Fly

46FDC842 C9E177EC Focus Energy

1F1ADFA9 28E28B37 Focus Punch

DB8FEE2E C66F6BAC Follow Me

68E61810 59F140B8 Foresight

1356DDAC 375E9583 Frustration

9909AADD 849FF5D7 Fury Attack

9962E045 1F521CD2 Fury Cutter

51071735 26D8273C Fury Swipes

EBADAD06 A8EEFB47 Future Sight

2AC74019 29C5CD78 Giga Drain

0C90B549 14A5F14C Glare

12D1D41E 83EB55ED Grasswhistle

F57D7D2D D95D686E Growl

C96CAB1D 68A80C96 Growth

647EFF7F 1A98E32C Grudge

0A281E2A DD8C0082 Guillotine


4FB66E84 7155D325 Hail

23AA8A2C F5BACB08 Harden

78AE2EF3 28E1B2FE Haze

09EE58B2 17A417EB Headbutt

76947CF9 303007C9 Heal Bell

42435C12 2CA6F4EC Heat Wave

A2E5FC2B 534C6CE9 Helping Hand

198C1C3C FFCE7ED1 Hidden Power

08D9125F 811EE3B5 Hi Jump Kick

85D3D391 31AF5602 Horn Attack

B6137887 CF149C5E Horn Drill

53E12BD9 3CB0C39E Howl

CC6C8214 10D79489 Hydro Pump

59E31050 2E77D06B Hyper Beam

D9D92304 054F490B Hyper Fang

926A71FE 5517A3DA Hyper Voice

230262D8 3254DDCB Hypnosis

124D2225 B3925C94 Ice Ball

699726B1 52FC43EA Ice Beam

6068BD85 9ABA1195 Ice Punch

52F69248 A089E8D0 Icicle Spear

C042E385 577DBDB5 Icy Wind

4252C51D A5EF8D3B Imprison

35E9A705 6911ECB4 Ingrain

A5852607 7F941282 Iron Defense

2A0839D4 707578EC Iron Tail

5B94C4C3 345BD951 Jump Kick

AC5BBEF7 CC47CB91 Karate Chop

108D49E2 43B3FD1B Kinesis

FABD659B A72E4AC9 Knock Off

D7986079 A3AB26EC Leaf Blade

A40C0B0A 8497ABF8 Leech Life

D948C8A8 DE983C95 Leech Seed

5405AE87 8A869B07 Leer

B473954F C48676B6 Lick

95C23811 50DEDA4A Light Screen

D5FE4407 679CBD3F Lock-On

C93E6DBA 4B28E841 Lovely Kiss

029F7BE8 A2E22708 Low Kick

A26DDC54 194A5E64 Luster Purge

D19ADD68 60745455 Mach Punch

5AC2745D D2357C8C Magic Coat

B735AB4E 7165BF96 Magical Leaf

A833D0EE 8DBC37F9 Magnitude

2CFE61B8 22444A7D Mean Look

54EE00B8 119C2DE7 Meditate

7F4D094D FE2558B9 Mega Drain

E3A8AA1F 0E341BF5 Megahorn

C9D6D6F4 30CDFC50 Mega Kick

9BDCEE71 94620348 Mega Punch

3AECACA2 0C781F0F Memento

37314286 A1220E79 Metal Claw

082E1D5E 2492B869 Metal Sound

A08FABAF D1934C6A Meteor Mash

5667801B 814FAF18 Metronome

4F81F713 2AEEA1E7 Milk Drink

88302F81 1D8858B2 Mimic

CB64854A 8DD4EF72 Mind Reader

631A9E94 1A70CCF7 Minimize

DD73E138 FD479F9B Mirror Coat

5F46ADEA F1D59929 Mirror Move

15C4CA31 19A5F981 Mist

1A4E5FDE FB98C822 Mist Ball

65D6920C 8DED7D5A Moonlight

3AE3CB6B A848CAEB Morning Sun

358779D1 6341DE98 Mud Shot

6C2D8BD0 24A2F122 Mud-Slap

124B483D 007647F0 Mud Sport

17D695EC B81E8292 Muddy Water

DCA60412 CB80F578 Nature Power

34311E9E A446719D Needle Arm

59BF823E D6FA496E Nightmare

28A2E191 55FBFCB9 Night Shade

914B1BFB CE645E25 Octazooka

DDA93869 A4F0D815 Odor Sleuth

1E004565 1F92D430 Outrage

D11D8B54 FDD5DED1 Overheat

6B6E7746 CF75FE9B Pain Split

9BB0DCA4 B9695CAD Pay Day

36A10EAC A609C3E8 Peck

9803970D 65975256 Perish Song

196EB186 8602FA3A Petal Dance

B18C37D0 C4F741D8 Pin Missile

8A186FE7 D1E0D18F Poison Fang

AA323EF5 CA9E63EA Poison Gas

1F6630E6 42DE85E9 Poisonpowder

9485EB5E 82C84822 Poison Tail

EF4825A1 4462F10F Poison Sting

D4793770 50ED8E62 Pound

D9E38936 9C673A01 Powder Snow

EE347CC5 0D308B08 Present

414652E1 6AEFFF3D Protect

70FC7FF4 00546D9B Psybeam

C81FA44B 75425CC8 Psychic

7B5423BC 4FC61569 Psych Up

1D9DB805 AF2B3A7C Psywave

B086CC85 399424C4 Psycho Boost

9EDC4E95 39FD64EF Pursuit

7D27C899 455EF651 Quick Attack

59A32A65 F5E57766 Rage

2D36F8A0 1A2BF201 Rain Dance

A46371B4 5A61EBB9 Rapid Spin

63F7C53F 32E69AD3 Razor Leaf

3D189BA2 C90FD363 Razor Wind

36B8F0F3 5A6E01BE Recover

2BE38E46 8966F755 Recycle

F2DF317E 8166C2E7 Reflect

FB5E1AEE B127D26F Refresh

86A30A09 501CB423 Rest

7C3BE2B3 8738D591 Return

00EF581D 5B80F826 Revenge

875F8578 BA1F89C0 Reversal

2C14CF6B 945AA88E Roar

C00CD668 ACCEB8D0 Rock Blast

2990392C 048C4A8C Rock Slide

94C0C07C 04E2F849 Rock Smash

DC8A1274 7ADF2A96 Rock Throw

B22EC1FD 3C585D87 Rock Tomb

3A81B681 978E261C Role Play

2AAAE494 D96EC1F4 Rolling Kick

C1B3F35A B65C9D28 Rollout

F3ACA73A 01BC75F5 Sacred Fire

926769BA 46D292EE Safeguard

9E7DD3BC 0FCA38AD Sand-Attack

C0F49B1A ABE99DDB Sandstorm

5A531795 D930FDC1 Sand Tomb

5CD53E01 AF4A75BD Scary Face

D138015B 107A170A Scratch

BDBDF030 006B1056 Screech

912C7E46 97562E5B Secret Power

C5042B94 D82E1160 Seismic Toss

49917DDA 1475C3BD Selfdestruct

6F24A6E4 45144F5A Shadow Ball

423D5DC2 937F432A Shadow Punch

A3D82F69 4F673BF4 Sharpen

92908DD5 522FD7E5 Sheer Cold

8BE2E875 D7CD9264 Shock Wave

F1BA4ED4 11A96518 Signal Beam

149359FB 013D3805 Silver Wind

5ADB8368 60299E1F Sing

737CABC7 2AEF2A15 Sketch

853C4292 CAB5BE52 Skill Swap

5BBF5507 62D12A8C Skull Bash

5206C3B0 4A11BCB8 Sky Attack

D4548B68 E0640233 Sky Uppercut

57B21C63 093C2D73 Slack Off

998883B5 38BF557B Slam

DB350D71 6BDEF383 Slash

FFD854FF FB495309 Sleep Talk

B9E8D993 8A50A089 Sludge

2CFA9592 44F632C0 Sludge Bomb

B25CE62D 38E69AA7 Sleep Powder

4828CB67 E17B1371 Smellingsalt

76DD7A99 1EB31F69 Smog

4DFE4CB9 2A61D612 Smokescreen

4392D426 025CAE49 Snatch

9602D0D8 56F3675B Snore

C93303B9 F9DBFFB6 Softboiled

910E2011 3A95CA04 Solarbeam

81BA15F4 01977D32 Sonicboom

4F75C354 8CBFA98A Spark

58B185D8 512D9607 Spider Web

F25853F8 74351E64 Spike Cannon

A5597B5E 8B5F08A3 Spikes

DDE4938C 73D9B9D5 Spite

3FD1A2B7 E676BBF7 Spit Up

53FCDC26 D2963D71 Splash

AB9E7DB5 33DF2EA9 Spore

4DA6F313 189F7212 Steel Wing

5C89E16C D45A86A7 Stockpile

A5B3B6C0 4E1B189A Stomp

A86412DF 99DCFA35 Strength

6F7DFBE7 3508E81E String Shot

1BA2AD84 1497D56A Struggle

2B5CE053 18D08A72 Stun Spore

88F18EC9 FEDC6B9A Submission

4BEE0625 E55A1F93 Substitute

08D280EA 54CB65FC Sunny Day

7AA2D3DA ED673047 Super Fang

D87A57C4 70EAFC62 Superpower

AC87F73D 92637A93 Supersonic

56BB0B9C 61C5A8DA Surf

64536108 032B8C24 Swagger

A8AF132B C1D806FE Swallow

793CB3FC 6EDC02AE Sweet Kiss

6D69E605 B48156DF Sweet Scent

5065139D EE20695B Swift

7113ACBF 72A56CA2 Swords Dance

88FC1159 2003F90E Synthesis

8DC854FC 1276FB86 Tackle

69E1CF1B 5DDCAF8C Tail Glow

46776612 07ABEFB7 Tail Whip

041BBE14 6C525F9C Take Down

72F9128D B4158E7E Taunt

CA422FDF F25AA52F Teeter Dance

507365D0 B82918F5 Teleport

F0CA1AC9 8393FAF1 Thief

3D27F208 4CB3F09A Thrash

1CB62324 B282DDB9 Thunder

02CFAC6F 05EE03C2 Thunderbolt

72650F6E 9C31FC47 Thunderpunch

DADCA450 69EBBE3A Thundershock

687C382E 7B07D060 Thunder Wave

4CBE5EFD 901C3754 Tickle

3C980C1A 1E6B2965 Tornment

12A33DD1 F2D922E5 Toxic

8CEB7800 29BAB87F Transform

106FFE67 544BEB50 Tri Attack

75A1D244 665AB99F Trick

6C44F36D 117F500D Triple Kick

57C14988 B35B5958 Twineedle

3E734942 928DCECA Twister

C7EA67D7 ACBBB563 Uproar

E8D43845 9FD27DA8 Vice Grip

3D1CD1D6 DC456E26 Vine Whip

03B16C10 AC163092 Vital Throw

829E749F F7A8573F Waterfall

22AE37CB 9BFF28DC Water Gun

269D21D0 91D4E5A4 Water Pulse

0C38B3DB EC0DF2EA Water Sport

A8A3811A AA233496 Water Spout

7EE8C367 F6CEA502 Weather Ball

1B848269 A5A5ADF6 Whirlpool

A6C1A6E4 0583D5A0 Whirlwind

429FD35E 204A1C76 Will-O-Wisp

C7F4A886 41B524C9 Wing Attack

FD6D4C03 7F838977 Wish

E189F53B 858ACD31 Withdraw

D1072F15 3930B543 Wrap

71CC0016 188BA7A5 Yawn

DDF36B1B 5DEA753D Zap Cannon


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